Friday, October 18, 2019

The week has flowed like a river, emptying into the Gulf of Friday, October 18, 2019. Good morning, friends! Jumping the season a bit, which a radio person would never do, Portland’s weather is in that November storm mode: Solid waves of rain, interspersed with windy, showery, and cool conditions.  A lot of us really don’t mind this!  But it’s early and fresh, and we’ll grouse together in due time. Coming off overnight lows in the 40s, we’ll bounce up to 57 or today. Sunrise  7:30 AM,   sunset  6:20 PM.

This is a stormy period at the coast. Huge breakers topping 20 feet forced the Coast Guard to close the bar entrances to Yaquina Bay, Umpqua River, and Siuslaw River. People with the time to do it are heading out to witness the overwhelming authority of nature. That’s where we truly feel the planet we live on.  People love to set up on the beach and watch, to surrender themselves to the power of the trans-Pacific wind. Yesterday folks were loving it one second…then picking up their beach chair and scampering inland the next, to watch from the kind of bars that the Coast Guard doesn’t close.

Day 11, and Owen Klinger is still missing. His family says it’s not true that his browsing history shows he’d been watching videos on train hopping.

Just when folk who need their nicotine were afraid they’d have to go back to Camels, and who didn’t stock up on Juul mango cartridges, an appeals court has blocked Oregon’s ban on flavored vapes. But just for tobacco. The ban remains for THC vapes; those folks, I guess, are smoking good old j’s. (Meantime, cigarettes kill millions, and they’re totally legal).

The Oregon Coast participated in the Great Oregon Shakeout by having an undersea quake of its own, 100 miles off Port Orford, clocking in at 4.7 and disturbing only the creatures that inhabit the depths, who have all the preparedness kits they need. The tectonic plates down there are moving as fast as the fingernails grow on the experts who scratch their heads over whether these common bumps are a prelude to the prophesied biggie, or a relief to the pressure, or nothing.

Word comes now from PDX that somebody with the measles came through the friendly international arrivals hall at our airport last Saturday (10/12), and that if you were there anytime around the lunch rush on that day and you haven’t been vaccinated, there’s a “just in time” shot you should get–but the window closes today. People who were elsewhere at the airport are at “low risk.”

Environmental activists from Portland and Vancouver have been staging a blockade on the railroad tracks at the Port of Vancouver, trying to thwart a shipload of pipe from making it to the Trans Mountain Pipeline project up in Alberta, which Canada’s progressive prime minister is under criticism for approving. Speaking of whom:

Today would have been the 100th birthday of Canadian prime minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who famously (like it’s our business) dated Barbra Streisand and Margot Kidder, and flipped off protesters; sometimes Canadians still refer to that gesture as the Trudeau Salute. His son Justin is Canada’s PM now, and he’s up for re-election on Monday.

Let’s give a Trudeau Salute to whoever paid Jack Ruby to deprive history of an explanation from Lee Harvey Oswald–who would have turned 80 years old today.

Fighting continues in Syria, despite a US-brokered supposed cease-fire. One expert on the Today Show just said, “This is approaching ethnic cleansing.”

Tomorrow’s the day of the 11th annual Regatta Run, an event to raise funds for a college scholarship created in memory of Tualatin High School graduate and Marine Corporal Matthew Lembke, who was killed in action in Afghanistan ten years ago. His parents and the THS folks involved are wonderful people. In a separate post soon I’ll link our latest interview, and they’ll be on our Tell Me Something Good at 8 AM on K103 today.  It’ll once again be my honor to handle the microphone.

The Blazers wrapped up their preseason with a loss to the Denver Nuggets last night, 110-104.

Big football game in Seattle tomorrow, as the #12 Oregon Ducks tangle it up the #25 Washington Huskies at 12:30 PM on ABC.
The OSU Beavers are Cal tomorrow at 11:30. The Cougars are at home against Colorado at 4, while Portland State is on the road against Northern Colorado at noon.

The Portland Winterhawks are back on their home ice against the Brandon Wheat Kings on Saturday Night.

The Portland Timbers are on the road against Real Salt Lake at 7 tomorrow night, and the Portland Thorns are in Chicago to the Red Stars, the team they score best against, at 12:30 PM Sunday.

Acoustic guitar master Leo Kottke’s at the Aladdin on Sunday night.

What have I missed/screwed up that we can fix?

Interesting and uplifting stories in the Cup today! I’ll post it in the main Drip instead of the comments…although that may be affecting how Facebook is placing the Drip in your news feed. I noticed a dropoff in numbers yesterday compared to whatever we did that got 600 likes on Wednesday. Who knows?

–“Utah Officer saves driver from an oncoming train with just a second to spare”

–“Boy who blurted out ‘Wow!’ in concert, invited back as a special guest”

–“Identical twin babies were delivered by identical twin nurses at a Georgia hospital”

–“Boston man disarms robber with gun on train before running Chicago Marathon”

–“Camera Records Sanitation Worker Going Out Of His Way To Help Elderly Woman”


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