Thursday, November 7, 2019

Good morning, world! It’s Thursday, November 7, 2019. Portland’s in its 12th consecutive rainless day with partly cloudy skies, cool breezes near the Gorge, and highs of 58. And despite this oddly rainless rainy season, we’re otherwise plunging into our wintertime tunnel, with under ten hours of daylight. Sunrise 6:58 AM, sunset 4:49 PM.

We did pick up a Gorge wind yesterday and that pushed some of the fumes out of our breathing air supply. Portland’s AQI crept into the “good” zone yesterday, and at this 4 AM writing it’s still there, if only barely, at 44. But because the weather pattern is essentially unchanged, the DEQ says smoky skies and stagnant air will hang around for another week, and the NWS has extended the Air Stagnation Advisory until–cough, sniff–Tuesday, November 12. That’s also a likely date for our next rain.

Thanksgiving is three weeks from today, and early signs of the cheery season to come are clicking into place…Oregon’s Christmas tree harvest is underway, for trees to be bundled and shipped overseas…..the folks at Stimson Lumber are choosing and cutting Portland’s tree, which will be hauled into Pioneer Courthouse Square one week from tomorrow.

An Arctic blast is bearing down on the Midwest….six states are under winter weather advisories for a snowy morning commute…that’ll move into New York and New England tomorrow…

Typically around now we’re on the lookout for the wicked winds of November. In fact it was on this date in 1940 that the original Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed in a windstorm, just four months after the bridge’s completion.

Speaking of Washingon transportation issues…the latest count shows Initiative 976, anti-taxer Tim Eyman’s $30 car tab measure, winning 55% to 44%. It’s not final, because ballots with election day postmarks will continue coming in, but King County’s executive is already is planning to file suit against it, saying the “impact of I-976 to transportation is – in a word – devastating.”

Thousands of Oregon tech employees would be affected by this one: HP Inc. confirms that Xerox has proposed buying the company. HP has printer centers in Vancouver and Corvallis, and Xerox’s color printing group fills Tektronix’s former campus in Wilsonville.

Here’s something that’s not going away after the Alpenrose Dairy sale: The Oregon Bicycle Racing Association says they’ve been given at least two more years of permission to host bicycle races.

The latest on Rojo, the beloved therapy llama, is that he indeed died of natural causes, rather than being euthanized, and was comfortable to the end. And it’s true…Rojo’s next stop is at the Washington State School for the Blind’s wildlife safari room in Vancouver. His owners are taking him to a taxidermist.


It’s Joni Mitchell’s 76th birthday. When folks I know gather and talk music and debate the question of who’s the greatest, the most sublime singer-songer of them all, is it McCartney? Simon? Cohen? James Taylor? Carole King? Then somebody says the word “Joni”….and the room grows quiet.

Happy birthday to local rock star Tommy Thayer (Sunset HS Class of ’78)…the lead guitar player for KISS..and a great guy. Philanthropist, a huge donor to music in schools, member of the Pacific University Board of Trustees. Speaking of Beavertonians making good…Beaverton native Paige Cognetti (University of Oregon Class of 2002, Harvard MBA 2014, Obama transition team staffer) has just been elected the first female mayor of Scranton, PA. The Electric City!

Jazz keyboard magic man Chick Corea plays Gershwin with the Oregon Symphony at the Schnitz tonight. And Grammy Lifetime Achievement award winner Booker T. Jones is playing at the Alberta Rose Theater.

The Blazers play at the LA Clippers tonight before coming home tomorrow.


Something from the Smile File!

–“12-year-old boy saves dad from burning home”

–“Firefighters rescued an injured (and highly photogenic) owl from ashes of California blaze”

–“Boss pays off his employee’s mortgage to allow him to retire early”

–“A brewery is featuring dogs up for adoption on their beer cans”

–“James Dean Reborn in CGI for Vietnam War Action-Drama”

Details in the Coffee Cup!


Today marks the midpoint of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring for folks south of the Equator. How are we liking it so far?

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