Good news for Monday!

Philippines: Taal volcano residents turn ash and plastic waste into bricks


Nervous ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant receives overwhelming support from former contestants


MLB’s first woman coach: Giants hire Alyssa Nakken, former Sac State softball player


She started climbing trees as a kid. Then this ecologist helped create scientist Barbie.


Harriet Tubman is already appearing on $20 bills whether Trump officials like it or not



Thursday good news

NFL player Brandin Cooks–who starred at Oregon State– surprises single mom with furnished home

Kiwi dad finds $5000 , returns it to ‘gobsmacked’ man as lesson to his kids

California man mourns his beloved dog — until he gets a shocking phone call

After 95-Year-old is Swindled Out of $16,000 in Life Savings, Town Gets It All Back By Serving Spaghetti

Garrison Keillor’s latest: The art of love in the far North