Thursday, October 18, 2018

Happy Thursday! It’s October 18, 2018, another perfect day in paradise, with highs in the 70’s and no rain ’til Tuesday. And that could be a fair dunking, in the half-inch-plus range. Sunrise 7:31 AM, sunset 6:19 PM.

Classes are back on schedule in Kelso today after somebody reported a gun in a locker at Huntington Middle School yesterday. The school was evacuated, frightening students and parents who thought the worst–but it was a false alarm.

Didja get your ballot? We didn’t. Watching the box, though.

A few days ago, we reported on The Oregonian’s endorsement of Knute Buehler in the gubernatorial (funny word, when you think of it) election; today it’s Willamette Week’s turn. They pick Kate Brown. The headline summarizes WW’s view: “GOP candidate Knute Buehler is running on not being Kate Brown. She, in turn, is running on not being Donald Trump. We find her argument more compelling.”

The president thinks otherwise, but US intelligence officials say they have growing circumstantial evidence that powerful Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia was behind the murder of the dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

It’s the Great American Shakeout, today, when you are invited to drop, cover, and hang on for dear life at 10:18 AM. Just about every school around here is part of the occasion; every classroom in Portland has a bucket of emergency supplies, and every teacher has a designated spot on the playground or football field where their class is expected to gather after the shaking is done.

“The best thing we can do is play in his honor.” With those words, star Damian Lillard will lead the Portland Trail Blazers into the 2018-19 NBA season tonight at home against LeBron James and the LA Lakers, just three days after the death of owner Paul Allen. You can bet PA announcer Mark Mason–my colleague at iHeart Radio’s 1190 KEX–will use those mighty pipes on a wonderful pregame tribute to Paul. Then let’s get red hot and rolling, guys. Tipoff at 7:30 on TNT and Rip City Radio 620. (Dripster Bette saw the Lakers helping the Portland economy last night by chowing down at The Ringside).

Something new, to us, this coming ski season: Mt. Hood Meadows will vary its lift fees according to demand. “Dynamic Pricing” is what it’s called. It’s what airlines do.

Say, the campaign to bring big-league baseball to Portland just picked up another pro: former Cub, Beaver, Southridge Skyhawk, and current free-agent Darwin Barney has signed on to the Portland Diamond Project as both an investor and an advisor. Dale Murphy’s one, too.

KGW’s new anchor Dan Haggerty makes his debut tonight, alongside Laurel Porter, who spent the day yesterday touring him around Portland, helping him with difficult pronunciations, such as “WILLA-met.” She’s one of the most gracious people you’ll meet, and will help him enormously.

Let’s hear it for neighbors taking it to the streets…and cleaning them up! I spotted this post on Portland Reddit: “On my drive home the other day there was a guy on Belmont, in the 20’s somewhere, with an industrial-sized bag STUFFED with trash and a grabber arm thing and he just had a huge smile on his face, After that, so did I.” Others say they’ve seen people doing that on 82nd, and there’s a Monday night ad hoc cleanup on Sunnyside, just neighborhood folks pitching in, to the trash, all the fast food wrappers and random junk that people toss out in the window.

Fifty years ago today the U.S. Olympic Committee suspended two American sprinters, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, for delivering a fist-high Black Power salute during a medal ceremony in Mexico City.

On this day in 1775, King George’s Royal Navy burned down the New England port town of Falmouth as punishment for the locals’ revolutionary activities. Following the war, the town was rebuilt–and named Portland. Maine.

France, at the vanguard of the space race, launched the first cat into space, and returned her safely to earth, on this day in 1963. She was a black and white stray named Félicette.

Tell me something tasty?

–“Mmmmmm. Doughnuts. Clearwater police find stolen Krispy Kreme van, doughnate contents to homeless”

–“Zimbabwean Waiter Uses His Tips To Run A Free Soccer Academy That Helps Kids Get Off The Street”

–“Mystery donor gives £100,000 so a four-year-old boy can to go to the US for potentially life-saving treatment”

–“Supermarket shopper saved a total stranger’s life. Facebook helped the two women connect”


–“Radio Daddio gives in to Dripster demands and posts super-top-secret recipe for Bacon (actually BLT) Tacos” We liked it! It was a little labor-intensive, by my culinary standards anyway. It involved more than one pan.


Heading out the door, now, and hoping to see you on radio 103.3. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Good morning! We’re taking the first breaths of another beautiful day here in the golden Northwest, on this Wednesday, October 17. 2018, where the sun will make the most of its short under-11-hour transit across the sky: we’re expecting 75 degrees, with six more days of freedom from the puddly mud we normally see in the deepening autumn. The next rain arrives on Tuesday. Sunrise 7:29 AM, sunset 6:21PM.

Voting time is upon us! The Oregon Elections people are hauling to the Postal Service big burlap bags stuffed with ballots addressed to every voter in the state, and yours should arrive by the weekend. At our house, we vote immediately and send it right back; no chance of losing the ballot in the pile of political junk. I used to let my kids sit in my lap and vote with me, but that stopped being fun when they got into their 20s. But now it can be told: one of Bill Clinton’s votes in 1992 came from a 9-year old in Oregon.

Mayor Ted Wheeler’s getting plenty of kickback on his complex proposal to crack down on violent protests by regulating the time, place, and duration of demonstrations by groups who’ve engaged in political brawls. The ACLU doesn’t like it, Wheeler’s fellow commissioners want to slow it down for a hard look, and one element is planning a “Shame On Ted” march at the Mayor’s home on Saturday night.

Police, in the meantime, have dialed back some of the details of the gunmen-on-the-rooftop example cited by Wheeler as evidence of the need for a crackdown. Police say that on August 4 they found four people with three unloaded rifles in cases at the top of the parking garage at SW1st and Jefferson; they called themselves a “quick extraction team” in case any of their Patriot Prayer brothers got injured. Cops told them to lock up the guns and keep the ammo separate, and they complied, according to police. So, not so much of a “cache” of weapons.

The otherwise laudable mentoring program for African-American youth called Self Enhancement, Inc. has been suspended for a week from Jefferson High School while PPS investigates charges of inappropriate relations between SEI staff and students.

Tomorrow is the day of the big earthquake drill, but today is the anniversary of 1989’s magnitude 6.9 Loma Prieta earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area, responsible for 67 deaths and nearly 4,000 injuries. It might have killed even more people, but the 5 PM traffic was lighter than normal because the World Series was just starting.

We’re monitoring developments in the disappearance and apparent killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey, in which the Saudi royal family has given conflicting spins. President Trump claiming it’s a case of “guilty until proven innocent.”

It’s still a maple leaf on the flag, but recreational use of marijuana is legal in Canada as of today. The specifics vary by province. British Columbia will have only one legal pot shop–in the town of Kamloops. Oregon’ Sen. Ron Wyden greeted today’s legalization with these words: “Canada has recognized what Oregonians already understand: cannabis prohibition is a failed policy that wastes resources and destroys lives.”

Let’s try some medicinal headlines, here:

–“Dave Grohl–the nicest guy in rock– lets 10 year-old play Metallica onstage, then gifts the kid his guitar”

–“New York City Goes an Entire Weekend With No Shootings for the First Time in Decades”

–“Louisiana deputies perform heroic rescue of kitten trapped in drain.”

–“Bill Gates and Ban Ki-moon are recruiting mayors, heads of state, and finance pros around the world on a last-minute quest to save us from catastrophic heat, drought and flooding”

–“Supermarket sets up “talking tables” to combat loneliness”

–“Radio Daddio’s Sweetie Makes it Home from 4200 mile Road Trip, is Rewarded with Bacon Tacos”

Final item:

The Main Street town of Portland, Michigan, population 4000, wants everybody who’s jumping down their throat lately to know that “We’re not the Portland in Oregon” after their Facebook page was slathered with messages like, “You should be embarrassed for what you let happen to the citizens of your city when Antifa was blocking traffic and harassing drivers,” and “The Portland Police department is unsurprisingly but still disturbingly giving material support to Nazis by selectively protecting bigots.” That’s the kind of social media scorching and worse the police and mayor of Portland, Oregon get by the truckload, especially when Fox News features our fair city. The news in Portland, Michigan today is that its picturesque downtown is being vibrantly decorated for Halloween. And a street will bear the name of a popular person who’s retiring.

Let’s have a Portland, Michigan kind of day! (Let’s rename the winding road from Lewis and Clark College to Tualatin “Tracy Berry Ferry!”)

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Good morning Northwest people, wherever you may be on this chill Autumn morning! It’s Tuesday, October 16, 2018, just another remarkably sparkly day, and highs near 75. Next rain? Next Tuesday, maybe. Sunrise 7:28 AM, sunset 6:23 PM.

We’ve noticed Portland Trail Blazer flags popping up at homes and office cubicles, on news of the death of Paul Allen. The latest is coming up, but first…

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, saying the public has a right to be alarmed by the right vs. left brawls that occur with regularity on city streets, announced that he plans to crack down on demonstrations by groups on both sides with a history of political violence. Then he made a revelation that floored reporters: we now learn that heavily-armed members of the Patriot Prayer group stationed themselves on a downtown Portland parking garage rooftop with a cache of guns just before a protest on August 4–and the mayor, like the rest of us, is just now finding out about it. Police contacted the group on that day and took their guns, but returned them because they had concealed carry permits. No arrests were made. Why weren’t the public or the mayor–who is the police commissioner–informed under months later about the possibility that rooftop snipers were in position? “Hindsight is always perfect,” said Police Chief Danielle Outlaw.

Today is the last day to register to vote in Oregon for the mid-term election, which is just three weeks from today. Oregon ballots start flooding the mail tomorrow.

A deer hunter near Mt. Hood says a trio of cougars advanced on him, growling with teeth bared and ears back, so he shot and killed one of them; the other two ran. It happened near Badger Lake, about 20 miles southeast of the summit.

After denying it vehemently to President Trump, the Saudi government is reportedly preparing a report acknowledging that missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi is dead as the result of “an interrogation that went wrong,”


It was such a shock to hear the news of Paul Allen’s passing, at just 65, only two weeks after the announcement that the cancer he’d beaten had come back. So much to say on the passing of a person who’s had a profound, multi-layered impact on our lives, both here in our Portland community and in the big world beyond. He always seemed like the all-time-best answer to the question: if you won both the current Megamillions and Powerball jackpots, not once, but twenty times….what would you do? Buy an NFL team? check! NBA? hello Portland! Now what? Front a rock band. Create a rock museum! Buy and sell KXL in Portland. And: much more importantly, do good works. Billions of dollars given to humanitarian causes, the environment, wildlife, education. He donated $100 million to fighting Ebola in Africa. He founded the Allen Institute for Brain Science. The Institute for Cell Science. The Institute for Artificial Intelligence. He funded exploratory missions on the high seas, retrieving long-lost artifacts from World War Two. He gave millions to the search for intelligence in deep space. There was no end to the man’s generosity, nor will there be: he was an early signer of his Microsoft partner Bill Gates’ Giving Pledge, promising to donate at least half of his wealth to philanthropic causes. And that wealth is substantial: over twenty billion dollars, by one estimate; the 46th richest person in the world–which he has left much better than he found it.

By the way…we have to ask…what happens to the Blazers? The teams Paul Allen owned are the property of his estate, and his family didn’t share his fascination with sports. So. The Blazers and the Seahawks are for sale. Their respective leagues say they will work with the estate to find owners who will carry on in their communities, and the conventional wisdom is that there’s no danger of, say, some billionaire in some NBA-starved city like…Seattle…swooping in and taking the team away. Doesn’t seem like the NBA is Jeff Bezos’ thing, but…perish that thought. Think positive. Let’s see if Merritt Paulson feels like stepping up and doing for Blazer fans what he’s done for the Timbers Army: brought them a winner. He’d be a great NBA owner.

A 16-year old Boy Scout from Corvallis was killed in a fall during a troop expedition near the Willamette Pass Ski Area.

We now know that the Sears store at Washington Square is shutting down by the end of the year, along with the store at Willamette Town Center in Salem. The Kmart on Murray Blvd. in Beaverton is closing as well, as the parent company, Sears Holdings, is in chapter 11 bankruptcy. I bet you have memories of Sears! Loved the catalog when I was a kid…from the days when my grandma, who ran a cash register in ladies’ things at the Sears in the Chicago loop…to the 80s and 90s when the Washington Square store is where I bought my first lawn mower, every pair of wingtips I’ve owned, plus a vacuum we still use…Sears was always around. Wonder what Washington Square will do without it.


Let’s find the good stuff!

–“Famous rapper goes undercover as Lyft driver to raise money for Chicago Public Schools”

–“Researchers have restored memory in mice with Alzheimer’s disease”

–“Bear cub’s head freed from jar after three days”

–“A mysterious good-guy hacker has broken into 100,000 computers and patched them so bad-guy hackers can’t in”

–“Gay penguin couple have been given an egg to look after”

Edie Brickell & New Bohemians play at the Crystal Ballroom tonight! Wonder if hubster Paul Simon will come along, now that he’s retired from touring, and visit the town where he wrote “The Boxer?” Nah. He’s on The Today Show this morning.

“Doonesbury” creator Garry Trudeau was scheduled to speak at the Schnitz tonight, but the event was canceled. Not sure why.

The Cuban missile crisis began on the date in 1962, when President Kennedy was informed that spy plane photos had revealed the presence of Soviet missile launch sites in Cuba. Most scared I’ve ever been.


Let’s close with some insights from Paul Allen, the WSU dropout who convinced his high school co-nerd Bill Gates to bail out of Harvard and come home to Seattle and start inventing the software to enable regular people to use computers, which they sold to IBM, but nonexclusively, at Paul’s insistence, thus guaranteeing a competition in the coming personal computer industry that would make the technology available to all, and change the world.

–“The possible is constantly being redefined.”

–“Each failure contains the seeds of your next success”

–“Any crusade requires optimism and the ambition to aim high.”

–“When it comes to helping out, I don’t believe in doing it for the media attention. My goal is to support.”

Paul Allen, 1953-2018.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Testing, one, two, is this thing on…(feedback squeal)…

OK! Pretty rusty, I am, but maybe you are too…because following a jaw-dropping autumn weekend in the Northwest, we’re all facing a Monday, October 15, 2018. Although it’s a cold predawn–sections of the Willamette Valley and SW Washington away from Portland are under a freeze warning–our string of beautiful days extends into next week, each one a sparkling treasure of dazzling sun, storybook leaves, and highs near 75. Sunrise 7:27 AM, sunset 6:24 PM.

So, what’s happening? You’re probably in a better position to tell me, than the other way around! I’d truly had enough of the current smarmy partisanship and gave the headlines no more than a cringing glance, during my liberated week, but nosing through my trusted sites and sources, I’ll give it a try!

It was so windy yesterday that dust and ash blew from the top of Mt. St. Helens, drifting it westward in the skies..leading some to wonder if the ol’ girl is up to her old tricks! Happily, no, but airplanes were advised to vector around it. Roger, Victor! But in my neighborhood, the wind peeled a thick branchy shard off an old maple tree and plopped it onto the road where I live, and I stumbled onto it while listening to a podcast about Sasquatch, which, as you may know, I might believe in. I tried to bigfoot the tree out of there myself by just muscling it off the road. Without warning, a branch snapped and sent me lurching head-first into a ditch, but my people are thick of skull, and as I lay there amid the tree limbs conducting an inventory of my own, I realized I’d suffered injury only to my delicate feelings. I fetched a saw and finished off the tree, with the help of some curious neighbors at the end.

You might have your Oregon ballot by the weekend, and Washington’s only a day or two later. Election day, here in the land of the kitchen-table voting booth, isn’t actually November 6; that’s just the deadline. Election day is whenever you tear open the envelope, flip through the Voters Pamphlet, find a pen, and wield the mighty power of the vote, and none of the reptilian gargoyles in leadership positions can tell you what to do with it. I notice that The Oregonian endorsed Knute Buehler for Governor; people have been canceling subscriptions over that, but we need the journalism, whether we align with the management’s editorial positions. In the last election in 2016, The Oregonian endorsed her, but warned, “Brown should know that Oregonians will look for decisiveness, out-front leadership and evidence that the money part of state government is being set right.” We shall see. The latest polls give Kate Brown a few-point lead, but within the margin of error. Your vote might be the deciding vote. Tomorrow is the last day to register.

We had another of our infamous downtown rumbles between violent hotheads from the right and left, as “Patriot Prayer” came to town demanding law and order–by disrupting it–and Antifa donned hoods and blocked their way outside Kelly’s Olympian at SW 4th and Washington. Fists sailed, knuckles met noses, bear spray filled eyes, and cops in riot gear rolled up with blaring bullhorns and fired off the non-lethal weapons in their arsenal. As of this writing, there have been no announced arrests, though police are watching all the video that’s been posted, and they often do make arrests after the fact. Both sides assert that the other side is a lawless angry mob, and entirely to blame, and are trying to make political hay accordingly.

Westside commuters need to know that MAX won’t be running for the next two weeks before the Fairgrounds stop and the end of the line in Hillsboro. They’re replacing a bunch of 20-year old track. (It was interesting that the 20th anniversary of Westside Max went pretty much unnoticed, except here. Westside Max, teamed with the Urban Growth Boundary, is having a huge influence on the shaping of Washington County. Where’s the institutional memory, media?).


Remember when Sears was the king of the retail world? Now we wake up to the news that that company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. There will be more closures–

The Ducks beat the Dawgs! And are now rated #12 in the AP rankings, while Washington slips to #15. That makes Oregon the top-ranked team in the Pac 12! During my subterranean respite, I scanned the AM dial on Saturday night and heard a network guy somewhere saying that he thinks Oregon could line up against Alabama before this is all done. But you know AM Radio. There were other people talking about Bigfoot. Next week, our feathery football friends waddle into the lair of the WSU Cougars, ranked #25, and riding a two-game winning streak just like the Ducks.


Let’s fire up the good-news radar and see if we get any echoes!

–“Mother who shielded baby from hail stones during supercell storm in line for bravery award”

–“37 dogs, 9 puppies rescued from the path of Hurricane Michael by Humane Society Naples”

–“Hive with 10,000 honeybees saved after historic downtown Charleston tree removed”

–“Dogs join their owners on an end of season swim at pool”

–“New “Googly-Eye” Optical Illusion Will Prevent Airline Bird Strikes”


Well, that’s the Daily Drip, as well as I can remember how to write it. I endeavored to make this last week worthy of the word “vacation.” I walked for miles in the sand; the ocean in Oregon is so welcoming and supportive; the waves sound like applause. I discovered a long-lost journal from the 90s, and read a lot of venting about things that griped me off at the time but mean nothing in the greater scheme. I’ll edit it, before anyone else can see it. My guitars are mainly for my own entertainment, but they got the job done in a big way; I learned the same tuning that Keith Richards uses, and played “Start Me Up” while my 2-year old granddaughter danced and danced on the deck. I moved my turntable to a spot where I can listen to vinyl whenever I want, and did. I helped my wife find the snow-free routes to and from St. Louis, where she’s been showing our girl Silver in national and regional competition, and she’s happy because she’s coming home with ribbons, and I’m happy because she’s coming home.

Home! This feels like home, too. Please join us on the radio, 5-9 AM on 103.3 in Portland and KKCW on iHeartRadio elsewhere on the blue and red marble we live on, as best we can.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Good morning and yay!! We’ve achieved a state of Fridayness! Today is October 5, 2018, and the rain for which our town is renowned will make a splashy entrance today, pouring near an inch into the parched ground, then scooting out on Saturday. Gale warnings are already flapping in the coastal breeze. We may not reach 60 degrees today for the first time this fall, and when the clouds clear, Mt. Hood will be wearing white. Sunrise 7:14 AM, sunset 6:43 PM.

A Portland mom went to pick up her child at Jason Lee Elementary in Northeast Portland…and the gun in her purse discharged. Nobody was hurt, she was arrested, and police have not said on what charges.

Really disturbing: guards are heard on a video laughing while an inmate is seen convulsing from a drug overdose at the Clackamas County Jail. The guy died at the hospital, his family is suing the county, and the sheriff says he’s disciplined the officers involved.

This town is sad to learn of the passing of Will Vinton, the Claymation animator who for decades was a creative force in Portland.

We’ll be watching the Senate’s preliminary vote starting at 7:30 Pacific this morning on the Kavanaugh nomination. The whole country is holding its breath. His would be the vote that sets the balance of the court for a generationn…during which Roe will certainly be revisited, the issue driving much of this passion. Opinions are at a boil on both sides, and there’s an uncrossably wide river between them. I recommend reading today’s Washington Post editorial  along with Kavanaugh’s own Wall Street Journal op-ed, in which he vows to be independent and impartial as part of a non-partisan court, in contrast to his words spoken in anger a week ago. (I think WSJ dropped its pay wall for his piece).

A local note regarding the above: both Governor Kate Brown and her challenger Knute Buehler say Kavanaugh does not belong on the Supreme Court. The Republican Buehler tweeting, “I strongly believe that President Trump should withdraw the nomination and put forth a candidate who appeals to both parties. This is a time to heal our nation.”

OK, this one isn’t going to wind up on Tell Me Something Good. A Portland EMT on her way to work at 5 AM stumbles upon a wrecked car on Barbur Boulevard. So she pulls over, jumps out, renders first aid to the injured driver moaning behind the wheel…when suddenly he jumps out and steals her car, in which she’d left the keys. She calls the cops, they arrive and ID the wrecked car as stolen. Halfway across townon 122nd somewhere, the guy wrecks the EMT’s car too.

Portland cops did a serious crackdown on traffic violators along the high-accident stretch of NE Sandy between 57th and 108th…in a four-hour period yesterday, with the help of a photo radar van, they wrote 112 tickets…and gave out only two warnings.

Oregon legislators may make life just a little easier for low-income folks who get parking tickets…by waiving the bond you currently have to post before you can contest the ticket in court. There’ll also be a bill that would stop driver’s license suspensions for unpaid tickets. The idea, says Rep. Jeff Barker, a former Portland cop, is to stop sending people who don’t have much into a spiral they can’t get out of.

Burgerville is on the griddle of a class action lawsuit filed by a Portland lawyer who says the company could have mitigated the damage of its credit card data breach if only they’d notified customers in August, when they first learned of it, rather than waiting until this week. Burgerville has an explanation for that: they were busy sealing off the hackers’ entryway to the system, and needed to do so without alerting them that they were onto their scheme.

There’s a King Tut exhibit about to open at OMSI. Preview for OMSI members tonight, then public opening tomorrow. It’s here through January. My understanding that’s all really excellent replicas, but not the original jammies.

Happy 60th to pop-star astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, always an illuminating joy to watch on TV, and a bit of a cuss in person, I’ve heard, but who isn’t?

Let me see if I have this straight: Ducks have a bye week, to gird up for Washington. Oregon State will try to tackle better at home against Washington State at 6 tomorrow night on the Pac 12 network and 1190 KEX. The Huskies are at UCLA, 4:30 Saturday on FOX, is that right? The Vikings play the Griz in Missoula at 1 PM Pacific, with coverage on Rip City Radio 620. The Portland Timbers are at Salt Lake City tonight at 6:30 on Root TV. The Winterhawks are on the road against Kamloops tonight at 7, and at Everett tomorrow night.

The Blazers’ preseason home opener is Sunday night at 6 against the Utah Jazz, with live play by play action on Rip City Radio 620.

And I’m told there’s some baseball. It takes a dedicated fan to chase it around the channel lineup. The Yankees and Red Sox clash in the first-ever first round matchup of 100-win teams; they’re the top two teams in baseball, and I think the winner of that series wins it all.

Lindsey Buckingham plays at Revolution Hall on Sunday night. IMHO he more than anyone was responsible for the musical achievement of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours,” taking simple, two-chord songs like Stevie’s “Dreams” and producing them into complex, creative works. His solo work is edgier, and nobody is nimbler on the Fender Stratocaster.

Let’s take a sip of something good, what say?

–“Deputy pushes stranded woman’s wheelchair one mile to her home”

–“‘Don’t sit in the chair or you’ll go to seed’ – Trailblazing over-55s who are following their dreams”

–“$4000 3D-Printed House Could Provide Shelter To The World’s Homeless”

–“We ‘hire all of God’s children’: Restaurant posts sign after complaint about special needs employees”

–“Here Comes the Future! First Hyperloop Passenger Capsule Unveiled”


And there goes the last DD before a weeklong break, during which I’ll guard the home front while my sweetie’s on the road taking our Silver show dog to the national breed competition near St. Louis. I have a small mountain of books and articles to get through, and some writing to write, and I hear there’s baseball on TV. I promise to pop up here though; a few words, maybe, about Tracy Barry’s imminent departure, and more. Have a wonderful Friday watching the rain from somewhere dry!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

G’morning friends, and welcome to the Daily Drip for Thursday, October 4, 2018. The weather is 10-4! Partly cloudy, light winds, and highs of 65. Then tomorrow it’s an all-day rain, with a potential for street flooding, as a system described as potent for early October races toward the Northwest. Rainfall amounts tomorrow could reach half an inch in the valley, with wind gusts of 25 to 35 MPH. Sunrise today 7:12 AM, sunset 6:45 PM.

We change to standard time one month from today.

The FBI delivered its special inquiry into the sex assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh to the White House, which in turn handed the secret document over to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill overnight. Senators are reading it in a secure room, with Republicans and Democrats taking turns. There are no plans at present to release to the public. What does it reveal? The White House will only say that it is fully confident that Kavanaugh will be confirmed, and that nothing in the report corroborates the allegations made by the first two accusers. Critics say the review was far too narrow, did not interview Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh or any of the people identified as witnesses by Deborah Ramirez, and did not look into the Swetnick charges. A preliminary Senate vote is scheduled tomorrow, followed by 30 hours of debate, with final confirmation on Saturday.

Portlanders opposed to the Kavanaugh nomination are planning a “Kava-nope” rally at the front of the Multnomah County Courthouse at 4 PM today, part of a series of walkouts across the country.

Ted Wheeler is elbowing back against the union for ICE workers, which yesterday demanded a criminal investigation into the Portland mayor’s hands-off directive to local police during the summer protest at ICE HQ. Says Wheeler, “Make no mistake. They are coming after me because I am a vocal opponent of the administration’s policy of separating kids from their parents.”

The after-action reports are coming in from yesterday’s test of the “Presidential Alert” system. About three out of four phones got the message. There are skeptics who make good points, and comedians who make good jokes, but I believe it’s vital that emergency management officials, not politicians, have a hacker-proof, screwup-proof, political influence-proof ability to warn people immediately of impending danger. They just have to do it right–with zero blunders like the one that scared the whee out of Hawaii. That may be too tall an order.


Think back: at any time in the past year, did you pop into Burgerville and pay with plastic for, say, an Apple Spice Milkshake, and some of their crispy-outside, creamy-inside Sweet Potato Fries? Well, bad news, buddies: Burgerville got hacked by Ukrainian cybercrooks, and your crerdit numbers may have been sold. It’s a good idea to check your bank statements for weird things…that you didn’t purchase.

I don’t see the word “retirement” in Tracy Barry’s Facebook farewell, although that’s how The Oregonian banners the surprise announcement. The trusted and respected anchor who’s spent half her life at the KGW news desk will sign off for good just a week from tomorrow, on October 12. Coincidentally, Tracy’s last day is exactly two weeks after the husband-wife team of Dan Haggerty and Cristin Severance said their goodbyes on the CBS affiliate in Dallas, telling Facebook followers they were both heading to KGW where he would be “the main anchor.” and she would be “part of the investigative unit.” I haven’t seen any such announcement from KGW. Somebody needs to get to the bottom of this. I know: better call Kyle!


While American teenagers danced to Elvis and learned to read from Dick, Jane, and Sally, Sputnik I was launched this date in 1957, starting the Space Race and changing history. The size of a beach ball, Sputnik orbited a startled earth emitting a beep that shortwave radio buffs picked up for 21 days before its batteries died. Sputnik burned up in the atmosphere two months later, but the message was clear. America had lost Round One of the Space Race, And if the Russians can accurately launch a satellite into orbit, they could easily guide a missile with a nuclear payload 5,000 miles into your hometown. Hop under the desk, kids!

Happy 55th birthday to Portland-native, Benson alum NBA iron man A.C. Green, who played in more consecutive games–over 1,100, between 1986 and 2001–than any player in history. The initials stand for Amanda and Chester–his parents’ names. He continues to lead a youth foundation extolling the virtues of abstinence.

Let’s see if we have any good news in the pantry…

–“Charges dropped against woman who sheltered dozens of animals during Hurricane Florence”

–“Dog missing for 5 years reunited with family”

–“Carlsberg glues beer cans together becoming one of the first breweries to abandon plastic rings”

–“A global tipping point: Half the world is now middle class or wealthier as poverty fades”

–“College Student Becomes Youngest Legislator in State History”

Links here.


Two days until Fall Vacation for this radio daddio. Enjoy this final dry day before the deluge!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Good morning! We’re blinking into a Wednesday, October 3, 2018, and it looks like we’ll squeeze in another dry day or two, with highs in the mid 60’s, before Friday–when this run of sparkling fall weather comes to a full sop. Sunrise 7:11 AM, sunset 6:46 PM.

Bombshell testimony in a college basketball corruption trial implicates the University of Oregon in a bidding war for the talents of a highly-pursued recruit. Lawyers for an Addidas executive accused of paying players said in court that “Oregon, a Nike school, offered Brian Bowen an astronomical amount of money if he’d go to Oregon.” U of O says it takes the claim seriously and will monitor the trial for further developments.

Based on “a massive trove of confidential documents,” the New York Times has produced an 8-page, 14,000-word financial investigation which concludes that thanks to his parents, Donald Trump was pulling in $200,000 a year when he was 3 years old, and a millionaire by age 8; hundreds of millions would follow from his father through “dubious tax schemes and outright fraud.” While the New York Taxing Authority says it is vigorously pursuing the reports, a Trump lawyer says “The facts upon which The Times bases its false allegations are extremely inaccurate.”

News today is full of sound bites of Trump mocking and imitating Dr. Christine Blasey Ford while the crowd cheered during a rally in Mississippi. The FBI inquiry into the case could wrap up today.

Credit the era we live in for this: the discussion of sexual assault in high school is front-and-center among kids of that age now. Students at Portland’s Madison High staged a walkout over the administration’s handling of an off-campus assault on a female student-athlete. The details are in dispute, but what’s clear is that young women are more emboldened to speak up, and they are.

You know the wildly unpopular “leaf fee” that City Hall’s been charging residents ($15 annually) and businesses ($65) in Portland’s nice tree-canopied neighborhoods? It’s gone. Commissioner Chloe Eudaly, newly in charge of the Bureau of Transportation, took the rare step of eliminating the fee, and says leaf removal will go on as scheduled starting November 9, with the cost coming out of the snowplow and pothole budget.

Mayor Ted Wheeler today will proclaim next Monday to be Indigenous Peoples Day, Portland’s annual cultural retort to the federal holiday of Columbus Day.

The late Les Schwab was born 101 years ago today. He built a hell of a business and earned a happy re-tire-ment.

Lindsey Buckingham turns 69 today. The guy who played lead on most every major Fleetwood Mac hit is out of the band now, but does a solo show at Revolution Hall in Portland on Sunday night.


Did you experience an internet outage? The Portland Public Schools’ web site crashed late yesterday, and when it returned, they tweeted that it was part of “an external issue affecting areas up and down the West Coast.” Which reminds me: today’s the day of the nationwide emergency alert test. If it works, we’ll all be blasted out of our socks at 11:18, for a rehearsal of a system that someday may give us a very short warning before a very big earthquake. That leads me to ask: if you had 10 seconds before the ground cracks beneath you, what would you do?

My old hometown Chicago Cubs missed opportunity after opportunity, and finally gave up a game-winning single to a .170-hitting backup catcher in the 13th inning, as the Colorado Rockies took the NL wild-card game and move on in the playoffs. The Yankees play the (I wish) future Portland Athletics in the AL wild-card game tonight at 5 on ESPN.

The Winterhawks are on the road against Kamloops tonight at 7. The puck drops on the NHL season tonight.

Good stuff, coming right up!

–“Paris to build memorial for WWI animal heroes”

–“Toys R Us revival in the works??”

–“General Mills Brings Back Iconic Fruity-Shaped Trix Cereal”

–“Surgeon operates on boy, then sews up his teddy bear”

–“Self-proclaimed ‘Old Coots’ offer life advice at farmers market. Their slogan: ‘It’s Probably Bad Advice, But It’s Free.’”


On this day in the year 1226, St. Francis of Assisi–the Patron Saint of Ecology–died at age 44 while singing the 142nd Psalm. His most famous words:

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy.”


All I’ve got. Early forecast is that next week may be Dripless…I have vacation days to burn. Think I just might visit Portland!