Friday, April 26, 2019

And the happiest of Happy Fridays to you! Portland’s weather is staying nice, as we hoped it might, with highs of 65 today–a slight decrescendo from yesterday’s 74–and only a 20% chance of a Saturday shower providing a negligible imperfection to the weekend. Today is April 26, 2019. Sunrise 6:06 AM, sunset 8:11 PM.

Quick sports note–San Antonio and Denver are going to game seven tomorrow night, and the winner plays the Blazers on Monday. Knock your selves out, guys!

Say ‘bye to plastic bags at the grocery checkout counter, maybe…the Oregon House passed a statewide ban 42-18, and now it’s the Senate’s turn. We’d become the third state to prohibit these cluttering, fluttering suburban tumbleweeds that clog drains and choke wildlife. Some local communities–Portland, for one, along with Salem, Corvallis, and Silverton–have already made the move.

Welp, those electric scooters are back today darting around Portland for a year-long pilot project, with tighter regs, after a 4-month audition in 2018. City Hall likes them because they have the potential to reduce pollution and congestion; pedestrians don’t like having to flatten themselves against buildings as they zip by illegally on sidewalks. Riders say they sure beat the bus.

A brawl broke out in Holladay Park near Lloyd Center last night, injuring two women, and forcing police to shut the park down for the night.

Police have arrested in the suspect in the hit and run death of a woman in the Garden Home area last week. He was burglarizing a home in North Portland.

Aw, man, just when the measles outbreak was this close to being declared over, three more cases were confirmed in Clark County, bringing the total to 63. Meantime quarantines are in place at UCLA and California State in Los Angeles, where hundreds of students and staff may have been exposed to measles.

Conservation groups are appalled by Governor Kate Brown’s appointment of a big-game trophy hunter, who’s posted photos of himself with hippopotamus, crocodiles, and other animals he’s shot, to the Oregon Wildlife Commission. Opponents of James Nash’s appointment said the Governor promised to name a “science-oriented” slate to the panel; her office replies that the commission should represent a mix of rural and urban voices.

A shout out this morning from your radio daddio and his on-air buddies to the students and staff of Chief Joseph Elementary, home of this month’s K103 Honor Roll Award Winner. She’s 4th-grade teacher Dayna Strozinsky, loved and respected by all, who’s in her 27th year there.

The Washington state senator who claimed that nurses “probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day” has been getting decks of cards in the mail–1,700 decks so far. I’m betting she regrets making that crack against some of the hardest-working people anywhere.

This was the day of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear meltdown, which spread radioactivity across Europe and western Asia.

Author Bernard Malamud was born this day in 1914. He taught English to undergrads at Oregon State University, which is now a great baseball powerhouse–where he wrote “The Natural.” (Hollywood took liberties with the story; in the book, Roy Hobbs strikes out and dies alone).


Let’s jump into some good news right here:

–“Shelter dog who loves his food bowl gets adopted after story goes viral”

–“Rodney Robinson, Who Teaches Civics to Students in Juvenile Detention, Wins 2019 National Teacher of the Year”

–“Girl who escaped child marriage in India scores 90% in exam”

–“Coffee grounds could replace palm oil, saving rainforests”

–“‘Water is life’: unexpected rainfall revives Iraq’s historic marshlands”

Just find the coffee cup for the story links–first item in comments, which may require some scrolling up!


A couple more things: tomorrow’s the day of the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade, celebrating “Roses in the Heart of Portland.” It starts at 9:30 AM by Eastport Plaza, heads north to Yamhill, turns west there and finishes at 78th Avenue. Then all day, folks are invited to celebrate Cambodian, Lao, Thai and Burmese New Year at Glenhaven Park at 82nd and Siskiyou all day long.

And tomorrow night, the K103 morning team including this guy will be having a very fine time at iHeartRadio Portland’s first annual CORKS + CARTS, at The Redd on SE Salmon Street, featuring all the good things that come from corks–namely, Oregon wine—and carts, namely…food! We’ll enjoy hearing the featured performing artists, McMinnville’s own We Three, stars of America’s Got Talent, and with an album of their own. I don’t know if any tickets are still available, but check the K103 web site. I guarantee it’ll be a hoot!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Good morning, Blazermanical people! It’s Thursday, April 25, 2019, and the weather here in Rip City is fan-tastic. Sunny with a high 72, before we lapse into cool and showery days and nights for the weekend. Sunrise 6:08 AM, sunset 8:09 PM.


It was dark in the University of Portland’s Chiles Center arena, with just a spotlight illuminating the red, white, and blue-adorned casket of Justin DeRosier, the Cowlitz County deputy whose life ended at age 29. Stories were told of the young officer’s buoyant personality, his humor, eloquence, and great physical strength, his unshakeable love for his wife, baby daughter, and all of his family and friends, and his lifelong commitment to the profession of law enforcement. We learned from Woodland Police Chief James Kelly that he was the one tasked with delivering the devastating news to DeRosier’s parents. Chief Kelly was Justin’s T-ball coach when he was 5. Thousands of people including law enforcement officers from across the Northwest and Canada were there, and they left the two-hour service as the chaplain urged them–with heads held high, and tears perfectly okay.


With this tweet, and an accompanying video, Joe Biden made his presidential announcement today: “The core values of this nation… our standing in the world… our very democracy…everything that has made America — America –is at stake. That’s why today I’m announcing my candidacy for President of the United States.” He’s the front-runner in the polls, for sure, though his support is heaviest at the top end of the demographic spectrum, while the younger end skews to Bernie Sanders. Biden is the 20th Democratic candidate, and the others have plenty of time to loom brighter or fade.

So…I’ll bet you’ve watched Damian Lillard’s highlight-of-the-decade shot about thirty times. It’s got to be the most-played video on network and cable TV over the last 24 hours. Headline in Slate today: “One of the Most Incredible Buzzer-Beaters in NBA History Happened Tuesday and It Is Going to Inspire a Lot of Future Airballs.”

Tweet from Mayor Ted Wheeler: “@Dame_Lillard I hereby declare you with the zero authority I have to do this, King of Rip City.”

We could find out tonight if Portland will play Denver in the next round of the NBA playoffs: the Nuggets are up 3-1, and if they beat the Spurs tonight in San Antonio. then Denver it is.

TriMet has let it be known that for the duration of the NBA playoffs, MAX and bus operators can wear Blazers gear if they choose. Nice. Love the community that we become during a deep playoff run!

Fun fact: Today we’ll reach exactly fourteen hours of daylight, and we’ll add nearly two hours more by the Solstice. It may seem odd, but our fourteen hours of daylight today is longer than tropical cities get on their longest day of the year. Honolulu, for instance, will have around 13 hours of sun at the Solstice. It just doesn’t change much, closer to the equator. But up here at the higher latitudes, we’re in a land of extremes, so we go from wayyy short days to wayyy long. Second fun fact: Portland is the northernmost city with an NBA franchise. Farther north than Minneapolis. Farther north than Toronto. Not farther north than Seattle, but, ooooh. Sore subject. Nice to have Seattle fans rooting for the Blazers especially against OKC, those franchise thieves. Stay aboard–the Blazers , like the Seahawks and Mariners, are the Northwest’s team!


TriMet’s board has voted to extend the MAX Red Line to Hillsboro; it currently terminates in Beaverton.

You can add Beaverton to the school districts that are closing for the Wednesday, May 8 Oregon Education Association Day of Action. Portland, Gresham-Barlow, and North Clackamas are doing the same. Hillsboro’s thinking about it.

For its entire history, Portland’s Freightliner truck manufacturing story has been one of change and evolution: it began in the 1930s because Consolidated Freightways needed trucks that were powerful enough handle the steep mountain grades in the west; it nearly died in ’08 when 800 workers lost jobs as manufacturing shifted to Mexico. But now the future is glowing like a light bulb as parent company Daimler Trucks North America announced yesterday it will begin building electric Freightliner trucks in Portland starting in 2021.

Good news from the Coos County Sheriff, who says Odin the German Shepherd is back at work as a police dog, after taking a muzzle full of porcupine quills.


Kenny Loggins plays the Cowlitz Ballroom at Ilani Resort and Casino in Ridgefield tonight. He wrote “House at Pooh Corner” during finals at the end of his senior year in high school. “We were coming on graduation,” he reminisces, “and it reminded me of the last chapter of the book House at Pooh Corner, where Christopher Robin is about to head out and leave the Hundred Acre Wood behind.” We’re at that time of year in households all over. If you’re lucky, they come back!

Three great radio people were born on this day: Guglielmo Marconi, an inventor of radio, in 1874; Edward R. Murrow, an inventor of radio news, in 1908; and my Dad in 1928. He founded the radio station at Grinnell College in Iowa and glued me to stories about his college radio days, when I was nine and was laid up all summer after wrecking my future as a pitcher for the Cubs by jumping off a high swing and jamming my arm straight into the ground. The truth is, I’m living his dream and mine too. Happy birthday and thanks, Dad, wherever you may be!


Here’s the good stuff!

–“Hospital Patient’s Plea For Pizza Answered — 18 Times”

–“Men eat dinner with elderly woman who was sitting by herself at restaurant–and they had no idea what a special day it was.”

–“Parkinson’s results beyond researchers’ wildest dreams”

–“Man saves over 20,000 animals with custom-made prosthetics”

–“Man offers to sell his car to save his dog’s life before community comes to the rescue”

Details in the Coffee Cup! Have a wonderful day, friends!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Hi there, friends! Time for your morning Daily Drip update for Wednesday, April 24, 2019, a beautiful Spring day with sun outlasting the clouds, and highs of 65. Tomorrow will be a peachy warm 72! Sunrise 6:10 AM, sunset 8:08 PM.

OK, let’s start with the Portland Trail Blazers!

So the Blazers were down 15 midway through the fourth, but then a special cheerleader showed up on the Jumbotron: a wounded Jusif Nurkic walked in on crutches. The house went nuts. And soon the game was tied at 115 with the clock draining down when Damian Lillard calmly dribbled off the last 15 seconds and made a shot from 37 feet out that swished through the net and sent the Moda Center into an are-you-kidding-me, he-did-it-again frenzy. A series-winning bomb from downtown, just like he did to the Houston Rockets in 2014. Damian’s 50 points is a franchise playoff record. The Blazers took Game Five 118-115, waving bye-bye to the Thunder, and propelling themselves to the next playoff round against either Denver or San Antonio, date and time TBD. Tickets go on sale at noon today.


The memorial for Cowlitz County Deputy Justin DeRosier will be held today at the University of Portland. Television channels will carry live coverage of the procession through Kelso and Longview as well as the service at the Chiles Center.


You know the bill to impose a first-in-the-country statewide ban on Styrofoam takeout containers that failed on a tie vote in the Oregon House on Monday? Well, a couple of folks had a change of heart, and the bill passed narrowly on a revote yesterday. It heads next to the Senate.

We’ve seen what happens when kids don’t get their shots…and now a bill that would eliminate non-medical exemptions from mandatory vaccinations comes up for a hearing in Salem this morning.

There’s a bill in the Oregon House (HB 2191) that would recognize mental health issues as a legitimate reason to stay home from school.

The “Daylight Time, All the Time” bill has now passed the Washington legislature and requires the following steps before we can ditch the switch: Governor Inslee has to sign it; Oregon’s House needs to pass it (it’s in the Rules committee); California’s legislature needs to pass it (the state’s voters already have); and Congress must authorize it, following by a presidential signature. And Trump says he likes it.

The Amber Alert that sent phones buzzing across the Northwest was canceled about 6 hours after it went out yesterday morning; the shocking events that led to it are that a man in the Spokane area stabbed his wife who’d just served him with divorce papers, and he took off with their five-year-old son. The woman should survive, the boy is safe, and the man was found deceased after a standoff.

Friday is the day the scooters return to Portland streets. “Some,” is all the city will say when asked for a number. But the current pilot program calls for 2,500 in the first few months–and as many as 15,000 by January. This time, the city promises they really will enforce the rules against riding on sidewalks, etc. Really.

Let’s wish a continuous recovery to Odin, a German Shepherd member of the Coos County Sheriffs Department, who was in pursuit of a suspect when he was confronted by a porcupine….which launched over 200 quills into the poor dog’s face. Latest word is that Odin’s feeling much better, will be back at work soon, and appreciates everyone’s thoughts and cookies.

Joe Biden will launch his candidacy tomorrow.

Stories of positive and uplifting nature, to nudge us over the hump….

–“Colts linebacker changes woman’s tire on Easter Sunday morning…and it’s his former teacher”

–“Firefighters Free Fifi the Dog with Jaws of Life”

–“Woman wakes up after 27 years in a coma”

–“Hiker discovers cute ‘abandoned puppy,’ gets big surprise”

(I had another one, but the link was bad).


That’s what’s a-happening! Have an excellent day!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Morning, Earth buddies! It’s Tuesday, April 23, 2019, and here’s the Daily Drip back from a long weekend of rest and restoration. We’ll get a minor bit of rain today, with highs in the low sixties, before returning to partly sunniness and highs of 65 tomorrow. Sunrise 6:11 AM, sunset 8:07 PM.

First thing–let’s see our guys close it out tonight! Blazers vs. Oklahoma City, Game Five, at the Moda Center where our buddy Mark Mason’s voice will soar above the roar every time Damian hits a “THREEEEEE!” The game tips at 7:30 and you can watch it on TNT, or hear it old-school on the radio, as we did during all the great Blazer playoff runs of yore. AM 620, Rip City Radio, is where you’ll find it. How’s that for a promo for me mates down the hall?

Portland police arrested 11 protesters who blocked railroad tracks where oil trains carry Canadian tar sands to a Zenith Energy terminal along NW Front Avenue. The demonstrators had dumped topsoil on the tracks and planted a garden with a scarecrow and a little house.

Tomorrow is the memorial for Cowlitz County Deputy Justin DeRosier, 1 PM at the Chiles Center at the University of Portland. A procession to Portland moves first through Kelso and Longview, and many, many people will turn out; there will also be a live feed of the service available at New Life Church in Longview and Kelso High School. A statement from the family says they couldn’t get through this without the support of the community.

A Sunday drive on Mt. Hood turned into an ordeal for a 27-year-old Gresham woman and her Mom from Tennessee, when their Hyundai Ioniq hybrid wasn’t up to the snow on Lolo Pass Road near the junction with the Pacific Crest Trail. They were reported missing when they didn’t show up. Turns out they spent the night in their car, hiked up the hill to get cell service in the morning. let the authorities know they’re okay, and arranged for family members with a more snow-friendly vehicle to drag them out.

The Oregon House, on Earth Day, fell one vote short of passing a statewide ban on styrofoam containers.

You can still take a nice little six-minute ride, but it looks like the vintage full route of the Zoo Train through Washington Park is toast. The president of Metro said at City Club that her agency, which runs the Zoo, is going along with the City of Portland’s plan to build a trail along the route, although the Zoo’s web site indicates that restoration of the trackway is still on the table. It’s been six years since a landslide and infrastructure deterioration put a halt to the famous old train.


The defense minister of Sri Lanka claimed today that the attack on Sri Lankan churches and hotels was carried out by a Muslim supremacist group in “retaliation” for the Christchurch, New Zealand shooting. But also we’re learning that ten days before the attack, Sri Lanka’s security services were warned that a radical Islamist organization was targeting churches. But no action was taken.

The Supreme Court will decide whether the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination based on race, religion, national origin and sex — guarantees protections for gay and transgender workers. The Trump Administration says it doesn’t.


Firmer KGW-er Joe Donlon started at Chicago’s WGN one year ago today. He should write a book on settling into a new home. The guy has been an absolute grad student at getting to know the city’s geography, politics, and people. WGN’s promotion department made sure he was practically a household name before he even hit the airwaves, and he’s a celebrated face now everywhere he goes in Chicagoland. He made a telling comment in an interview with the Chicago Tribune: “People in Portland weren’t as engaged I guess or didn’t really care. It was just, ‘Oh, there’s the guy on the news.’” Portland’s that way. Always has been. Anyway, Joe’s doing wonderfully well. His WGN co-anchor told the Trib, “He is a Chicagoan now.” I know he checks in here sometimes. Your old town says Hello Joe!

Legacy rocker John Mellencamp is at the Keller tonight. The night opens with a video showing his early aspirations of being a painter supported by his side-hustle of music; his Johnny Cougar years which he hated; the “Jack and Diane” years that made him a star; and then his legacy as co-founder of Farm Aid along with Willie Nelson and Neil Young. He sings now with some of Tom Waits’ gravitas and gravel, which works fine with his rootsy heartland focus.


Good news? Right here!

–“Thief apologizes to deaf 7-year-old after stealing hearing device”

–“Florida firefighters paint home of blind World War II veteran, 89”

–“Blue Angels gear up for new era in F/A-18 Super Hornet”

–“Man Recovering From Surgery Wakes Up To Find A Random Cat Cuddling Him”

–“Gorillas Pose For Selfies With Anti-Poaching Rangers In Congo”

Details in the Coffee Cup…just find the top of the Comment section.


I spent part of the time away learning guitar riffs that are way over my head, and reading the Mueller Report. Not finished, but I have a paperback copy arriving today. You won’t find me among the media people saying, “Here’s what it means.” I urge you to find the time to read it for yourself. It’s accessible and exceptionally well-written.

Back on the radio, 5-9 AM on K103. We’re easy to find, wherever you are. Just ask Alexa!

Friday, April 19, 2019

Well, hi there, friends! It’s Friday, April 19, 2019. Today we expect a slow-arriving front to finally show up and bring light rain and much cooler weather, topping at 62, down from yesterday’s officially wonderful high of 76..and then it’s back to a springy mix of sun and fluff and Easter Egg candy for Saturday and Sunday with highs around 65. Nice! And way up there, a full Moon looks down and says “oooooh.” Sunrise 6:18 AM, sunset 8:02 PM.

Today is Good Friday, tonight begins Passover, and Sunday is Easter. The observant will observe and most everyone will feast and that’s good. Everyone needs good times.


My eyes are crossed and maybe yours are too with swirling visuals of nefarious deeds and legaleze, so I won’t trouble you with my take on the Mueller report. Read it yourself; parts of its are fairly gripping. And there’s some excellent reporting out there, including regarding the pachyderm in the parlor: what the Russians got away with. Not a hoax, no sir. The Russian government sabotaged the 2016 presidential election in a” sweeping and systematic fashion”—or as the New York Times puts it: “The report laid bare that Mr. Trump was elected with the help of a foreign power.” Mueller declined to either prosecute or exonerate Trump, and added, “The president’s efforts to influence the investigation were mostly unsuccessful, but that is largely because the persons who surrounded the president declined to carry out orders or accede to his requests.” There’s a lot in the Mueller report to unpack, and Congress will have some hard choices.

A crime that dominated Oregon headlines thirty years ago is back in the spotlight after a federal judge ordered either a new trial or the release of the man convicted of murdering Oregon Corrections Director Michael Franke, during a car break-in in Salem in 1989. The judge ruled that Frank Gable’s lawyers failed to protect their client’s right to due process, and that important evidence pointing to another killer was excluded from the trial.

It’s the 24th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing, carried out by domestic terrorists. Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of Columbine. Wish our media could manage, on significant anniversaries, not to rip open the wounds with gritty replays. I was at Columbine High School four days after 4/20/99, guided by my brother who was a music teacher in that cluster. We climbed the hill behind the school where crepe paper from a vigil still fluttered in the chainlink fence, while crews in the building below worked to expurgate the horror. As if they ever could.

Headline from the Newsweek Twitter feed last night: “Notre-Dame hero priest Jean-Marc Fournier, who rescued Christ’s Crown of Thorns, is Afghanistan vet.”


Channel 8 led last night’s 6 PM news with a report that all over the country, including here, sunroofs are exploding.

That creep with a hair fetish has been banned for life from TriMet, now that they have the authority to do it. Only eighteen arrests.

There’s a bail hearing today for the Portland romance novelist accused of murdering her chef husband last year for reasons unknown.

Somebody stole eight flutes, three saxophones, two clarinets, a trumpet and a bass guitar from Liberty High School in Hillsboro.

The Hardy Plant Society of Oregon is putting on a big ol’ plant sale, called Hortlandia, tomorrow and Sunday at the Expo Center, 10 AM to 3 PM both days. It’s free to get in, but you get to pay 8 bucks for parking.

Oh, hey! Game Three tonight, Blazers at Oklahoma City, 6:30 Pacific. TV on ESPN, radio on Rip City Radio 620! How could this be the last story? It should have been the lead! I hereby suspend myself for one day.

And through it all, there’s good news!

–“Woman Carries Baby for Twin Sister Battling Cancer”

–“Canadian who had heart attack while jogging in Florida saved by stranger — from his hometown”

–“Johnny Cash to replace Confederate statue on Capitol Hill”

–“Notre Dame’s first female leprechaun: ‘Who says the Fighting Irish can’t fight like a girl?'”

–“Meet the kids choosing to forego birthday gifts to raise funds for charities”

The link to the Coffee Cup is always in the first comment, under the main body of the Drip. I do that to avoid angering the Facebook algorithms. When there are a lot of comments, you need to click “View previous comments” until the Cup comes up. Or ask me, and I’ll repost it down deeper when I can.


Friday!!! I’ll be burning a day on Monday, friends, but we’ll gather here just the same. Let’s do something good today!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Hello, friends near and far….and welcome to the unredacted Daily Drip for Thursday, April 18, 2019. Portland begins with our compulsory morning cloudiness, but the sun will shine whenever it’s ready and the mercury won’t stop climbing until it rings at least the 70-degree bell. 73 for Portland, 75 Salem, and 77 in Eugene. They’ve added a slight possibility of afternoon rain in Portland. Sunrise 6:20 AM, sunset 8:00 PM. We won’t see another pre-8PM sunset in Portland until August 26.

Well, OK, this is the day the Justice Department comes out with its redacted version of the 400-page Mueller report. The day sets up like this: Attorney General William Barr holds a news conference at 6:30 AM Pacific, which Congressional Democrats say is for the purpose of pre-spin-doctoring. The redacted report is delivered to Congress on CDs. Then it’s posted on the Special Counsel web site.  Reporters, along with partisans on either side, will scour the document for morsels exculpatory or condemnatory. The White House legal team has been fully briefed on the document, so they’ll be ready with a rebuttal. And remember that Robert Mueller delegated to outside agencies several investigations that are still very much pending. So whatever happens today will be dramatic and interesting, but the final aria has not been sung in this opera.

Unbelievable. New York police say a 37-year-old philosophy student was arrested for entering the 200-year-old St. Patrick’s Cathedral…with two gasoline cans, two cans of lighter fluid, and a pair of lighters. He claimed he was taking a shortcut to his van which was out of gas. But it wasn’t out of gas. No charges yet.

Church bells across France are ringing in tribute to Notre Dame. And Maundy Thursday, the day of the Last Supper on the Christian calendar.

Passover begins tomorrow evening.


The Washington Senate has passed a measure that would make Daylight Saving Time the year-round reality; it’s already passed the House, and now goes back for approval of Senate amendments. The same basic bill passed the Oregon Senate and was assigned this week to the House Rules Committee. This could be a happening thing, friends–after passage here, it’s up to Congress. I say..let’s give it a try!

That new Good Neighbor Agreement for the Portland Timbers prohibits fans from camping out to get the best seats for a match–until 24 hours before kickoff. I’m hearing grumbling from fans who say, hey, homeless folks are camping all over the place, why can’t we?

Today’s the day Portland police Lt. Jeff Niiya moves to his new desk job, having been yanked from his role as the crowd control liaison on the Rapid Response Team He was portrayed in the media as being a bit too chummy by texting with Joey Gibson, leader of the Vancouver ultra-right group that likes to visit Portland to provoke the provokable Antifa. Some say Lt. Niya was just doing his job.

A report from the Safewise home security company says the safest city in Oregon is…ta-da….Lake Oswego. Followed by Sherwood, Monmouth, Corvallis, and McMinnville. The report adds that Oregon is well below national rates for both property and violent crime, which contradicts a general impression around here.

Folks on Hawthorne say there’s a yellow van in the neighborhood with zigzag stripes on the side designed to look exactly like Charlie Brown’s sweater. Sure enough, there’s a sign in the window that says “Psychiatric Help 5 Cents.” At last some affordable mental health care.

This was the day of the 1906 Great San Francisco Earthquake, a 7.9-or-so-blow that burned down the town and killed over 3,000 people. Folks felt it here in Oregon, and old-growth lumber products were soon sold and shipped in great quantities to help rebuild the flattened city.


Good news? Here.

–“Good Samaritans thwart kidnapping in San Francisco”

–“Notre Dame fire: Disney pledges $5M to help rebuild the ‘Hunchback’s home'”

–“FedEx Driver Spots Fallen American Flag & Doorbell Cam Catches Sweet Reaction.”

–“Identical Twins Earn Full Rides to College Together”

–“What do you do when five baby squirrels accidentally tie their tails together?”


On this day in 1930, the BBC reported there was no news, and filled the hour with piano music. I’ll be leaving the keyboard now….join us on the radio, ‘kay? 103.3?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Greetings, everybody! It’s Wednesday, April 17, 2019. Portland’s weather could bring a smidge of rain today, not much, with a high in the mid-60s, and tomorrow is back on track to be sunny and 70, perhaps 75. Sunrise 6:21 AM, sunset 7:59 PM.

Well, that was sweet! Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum ran a clinic on the Oklahoma City Thunder, shushing Russell Westbrook so thoroughly that he retreated to the locker room well before the final buzzer in the Blazers’ 114-94 win before a seismic crowd in the Moda Center. Our guys take a 2-0 lead on the road, with the next game Sunday at 6:30 in OKC. Rip City is in a good mood today!

Here’s a score we don’t much like….the environmental group American Rivers has ranked our Willamette the 5th most endangered river in America. Their summary: “The US Army Corps of Engineers must immediately improve 13 dams to save wild chinook salmon and steelhead from going extinct.” The Corps says it’s spent hundreds of millions improving fish passage, but they need more–while the Trump budget instead proposes to slash funding. Those dams saved us from some serious flooding just last week.

At the same time, there’s a report from NOAA saying migrating juvenile salmon that travel, rest, and feed along the west banks of the Willamette are exposed to such high levels of DDT in the industrially-contaminated North Portland Superfund site that many “do not survive the journey downriver of Portland Harbor.” Their DDT levels are as much as 35 times higher than the young fish lucky enough to choose the east bank. The report adds that “… downtown is safe. It is the Portland harbor, particularly the west bank, that is contaminated to fish spending extended periods in the water.”

A 4-year-old boy was badly hurt when fell out a second-floor window onto hard concrete in the Bethany neighborhood,

Portland school officials are at a loss to explain how a $790 million school renovation project will wind up costing a billion dollars. The school board has to decide whether to scale back the project or come to the voters for more.

School’s been called off in Portland on Wednesday, May 8, because of an anticipated one-day teacher walkout.

Twenty schools in Denver are closed today while authorities search for a woman who is obsessed with Saturday’s 20th anniversary of Columbine. She’s purchased weapons and made threats.

The white supremacist ex-prison gang member who ran over and killed a black man with his Jeep in Gresham three summers ago–while his girlfriend egged him on–has been sentenced to life in the penitentiary with a 28-year minimum. The family of victim Larnell Bruce gathered in the park across from the courthouse and released helium balloons into the sky to symbolize the five lives he saved by donating his heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys.

TriMet vows to be done with diesel by the year 2040. They now have one electric bus–and that’s a start. Starting today the battery-electric bus will be in regular service on Line 62, between Sunset Transit Center and Washington Square.

Oregon makes a return appearance in a Netflix documentary, following the Emmy-winning “Wild Wild Country.” This one is called “Grass is Greener,” it’s about cannabis, and it drops on April 20 for some reason.

Did you know that when the Portland Timbers’ home stadium finally opens on June 1 (against LA) from their big expansion, it will have 4,000 additional seats that will bring the capacity to 25,000, attracting an estimated 1,120 more cars to the neighborhood on game days? Great for the Timbers, not so great for Goose Hollow, so all sides have been hammering out an updated Good Neighbor Agreement which will be presented today to the City Council. Features of the agreement include extra MAX trains after the games, discounts for Smart Park garages (underused on game nights, which is not so smart), and special zones for Uber/LYFT dropoffs and pickups.

We lost Barbara Bush one year ago today. The classiest of people.


Uplifting stories worth reading…fun videos worth watching…all at the Daily Drip Coffee Cup, the first item in the comments below!

–“Dog Saves Dog From Getting Hit By Car”

–“Blind Man Falls On Tracks Seconds Before Train Arrives & Hero Commuters Jump To Save Him”

–“Couple stranded on fishing trip in crocodile-infested area for 26 hours rescued after etching “HELP” in mud”

–“Cellist Yo-Yo Ma Plays Bach In Shadow Of Border Crossing”

–“Surfing is Now One of the First Sports Requiring Equal Pay for Women – Lawmakers Are Following Suit”


Ah…I hear the FedEx flight overhead, vectoring in to its 4 AM landing in Portland. That means it’s time to sign this off and hit the road. Talk with you on the radio!