Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Good morning, Dripsters, visitors, and folks looking for an excuse to read for five minutes before rolling out! Today is Tuesday, October 15, 2019, and Portland’s weather is about to go straight in the tank: the NWS is tracking a plume of subtropical moisture coming straight from Hawaii, followed by remnants of Typhoon Hagibis, which flooded Japan last weekend. Today is the transition day: cloudy and breezy with highs of 62, a good time to wrap up outdoor tasks, because rain rolls in late tonight and continues at various levels of intensity, well, gee, every day into next week. Sunrise 7:26 AM, sunset 6:25 PM.

Going on nine days…and still no sign of Owen Klinger. The search for the 18-year-old University of Portland student is getting national news attention, and tremendous local volunteer support; there’ll be another organized effort tomorrow. The young man seems to have turned off his phone. His parents are baffled.

The San Francisco Bay Area was shaken up around 10:30 PM by a 4.5-magnitude earthquake epicentered near Walnut Creek.

Do you ever drive by and check out the house you grew up in? A woman named Teri, who grew up in the 50s in the peaceful, edge-of-town Rockwood neighborhood, did just that, while driving around with her 6-year-old grandson Jack. She found her old house, hopped out of the car with the motor running, and was having a nice chat with the new owner, while Jack was strapped in the back seat playing on her phone. Suddenly a guy jumped in the car and goes roaring off, Jack in the backseat. The carjacker went a few blocks, then stopped in front of an elementary school and yelled at the kid to get out, which he did, unbuckling himself from the seat taking Grandma’s cell phone with him. He called his Dad, family’s all reunited, the thief abandoned the car and disappeared, and people everywhere are reminding themselves not to leave the car running anytime, anywhere, and especially in a neighborhood that’s changed a LOT since you grew up there.

That GOP effort to recall Governor Kate Brown–who won the office by 120,000 votes just a year ago–failed to attract enough signatures by yesterday’s deadline.

It’s the last date to register to vote in Oregon before the November 5 (2019) election.

Quick update on the N. Going Street bottleneck, caused by a train wreck hitting the bridge supports back in September, leaving just three lanes open to carry thousands of cars and trucks to and from Swan Island each day. PBOT has determined that reversible lanes would be too dangerous, since they’d be managed by barrels and cones that could easily get shoved around, so it remains two lanes westbound, and one jammed-up lane eastbound. They’ve changed the timing of the traffic signal at Port Center Way, giving folks a 30% longer green light when they’re driving home at the end of the day.

Paul Allen died one year ago today.

KOIN-TV Channel 6 went on the air on this date in 1953; then as now, Portland’s CBS affiliate.

Fifty years ago today, peace demonstrators staged a nationwide moratorium against the Vietnam War, consisting of marches and sit-ins and lots of singing.

American was pranked 10 years ago today by a false report that a 6-year-old boy was flying away on runaway balloon in Colorado. It drew serious wall-to-wall cable news coverage, like the baby in the well a few years earlier, and it was a total hoax. The kid was never in the balloon; his parents made him hide in the garage. But the ruse was unmasked when he was asked on live TV why he stayed in the garage while people were looking for him, the kid blurted out to his parents…with Wolf Blitzer filling in for Larry King on CNN… “You guys said that, um, we did this for the show.” Dad did 90 days in jail, and the family now travels around renovating homes, and selling back-scratchers for $25 online.

Here’s today’s journalistic equivalent of a back-scratcher. Good news in the Coffee Cup!

–“Game-winning field goal kicked by…Kaitlin!”

–“Fisherman In Middle Of Lake Makes An Adorably Unexpected Catch”

–“Idaho Farmers Unite To Help A Neighbor Harvest His Potatoes Hours Before A Deep Freeze”

–“Airline’s Act Of Kindness Saves Teams’ Disney Trip”

–“Seemed like a good idea.. Birds taught to say “Howdy” are set loose in Texas A&M atrium.”


Happy Tuesday, all!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Hello and good morning on a Full Moon Monday! It’s October 14, 2019, a day should turn out sunny with highs in the low 60s. The weather moods becomes stormy indeed by midweek, with rainfall that could total two inches in the valley by the weekend. And sailors beware: waves could tower 20 feet by the end of this week, the tallest seas since last winter. Sunrise 7:25 AM, sunset 6:27 PM.

It’s now been over a week since 18-year-old UP student Owen Klinger put on a hoody, grabbed his backpack, hit the ATM at the campus bookstore, walked up N. Portsmouth Avenue to Lombard–and just vanished. A volunteer search party fanned out from the historic bandstand at Peninsula Park yesterday distributing flyers and scouring parks; they also went with his Dad to Skamania County and searched the forest where the family has a cabin, covering a good eighty acres. His Mom, Mary, said she is amazed at “the love and the light from so many hearts who want to know that his heart is okay.” I am amazed at her courage; I’d be a crushed wreck. Today, by the way, is the first day of a week-long fall break at UP. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he just got the date confused, left a week early, and came back today wondering what all the fuss is about?

Mystery surrounds the death of 23-year-old Portland activist Sean Kealiher, who was hit by an SUV and killed as he walked home after leaving Cider Riot, the left-wing hangout at NE 9th and Couch. It happened two blocks away at NE 8th and Davis, just outside the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Oregon. Somebody fired shots into the vehicle; the driver was not found, and though social media are full of rumors, police are asking the community to hold off on speculation. They are not saying if they believe Kealiher’s death was related to Antifa and anarchist political activity.

The White House is disavowing any knowledge of a graphic video that was shown to Trump supporters at a Florida conference, showing a Trump-like figure violently assaulting critics and news media.

Carrying signs like “Jail to the Chief”…A March for Impeachment headed through downtown Portland and circled the Heathman Hotel, where people banged drums, played tubas, and chanted “Gordon Sondland tell the truth!” In fact the Portland hotel owner and current US Ambassador to the European Union. Sondland intends to testify to the House under subpoena on Thursday, despite Administration orders not to, and reports say he’ll swear it was Donald Trump himself who ordered him to say there was no quid pro quo involved in his phone call with the Ukrainian president, and that Sondland himself doesn’t know if that’s true or not.

We’ll see something today we haven’t seen in twenty years: a Portland mayor kicking off a re-election campaign. If Ted Wheeler wins, we’ll have our first multiple-term mayor since Vera Katz.

Today is the Federal holiday named for the explorer who opened the door to the European takeover of the continent we now occupy. But instead of calling it “Columbus Day,” Oregon along with four other states and around 100 cities and towns observe this as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. City Commissioner Amanda Fritz, filling in for the mayor (who was in Denmark for a climate conference) signed the proclamation–and, noting that she was born in England, apologized to all native peoples for the deeds of her ancestors. There is no mail delivery today, and many federal employees and bank workers are off, but parking meters must be fed.

Let’s see…Duck fans are happy with how the team laid waste to the Colorado Buffalos…Beaver fans endured a similarly lopsided loss to Utah…PSU looked solid blanking Idaho 24-0…the Seahawks came back to beat Cleveland to move to 5-1….

Having finished the regular season in a scoreless deadlock with the Washington Spirit at sold-out Providence Park, the Portland Thorns begin the NWSL playoffs next weekend at Chicago.

The Portland Winterhawks lost to Edmonton yesterday, but scored a point, and they now stand alone atop their division. The lads now have a week to rest up from the road trip before playing at home on Saturday night.

The Manhattan Transfer, the wildly talented jazz vocal quartet that was started by folks who met the founder through his day job as a New York cabbie, is at the Revolution Hall tonight.

On this day in 1964, 55 years ago, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize. And President Eisenhower was born on this day in 1890–the last American president born in the 1800s. Who was the first president born in the 1900s? The answer is hidden in the postscrript below..


Let’s pour something sweet and warm into the Cup!

–“Local pet businesses come together to raise funds for emergency pet care in community”

—“Boy reuniting 1000 commemorative bricks from demolished football stadium with their owners”

–“Prisoners Take Care of Orphaned Lambs to Assist Drought-stricken Farmers and Learn Trade Skills”

–“Dog Refuses To Leave Mom’s Hospital Room After Saving Her Life”

–“University football player Nile Harris also plays Cello in orchestra”


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Or…Joyeux Action de Graces! Let’s Be Joyous!

Friday, October 11, 2019

We’re flipping on the lights on Friday, October 11, 2019. Welcome, friend! If you’re lucky enough to be in Portland or anywhere near it, we promise you a day full of sunshine and highs near 65 degrees. But the Gorge wind is blowing, and away from the wind it’s cold in the predawn, when the early birds of the world are getting a jump on that yummy worm. Temperatures range from the 30s in wind-protected areas to 51 at breezy PDX. The sun punches in today at a leisurely 7:21 AM, and punches out at 6:32 PM.

If there’s a public school student under your roof, chances are they’re happily snoozing in–because it’s an In-Service Day! Vancouver…Portland…seems like virtually all of the public school districts in our area are out today.

Day five, still not a trace of college student Owen Klinger. He hit a cash machine, and vanished, a month or two into his freshman year at UP.

A major wildfire is burning in the Sylmar area of northern LA county, driven by the very winds that caused utilities to shut down power to hundreds of thousands of customers across the state. A PG&E office was vandalized and one of their trucks was shot at on I-5.

Neal Keny-Guyer resigned as head of Mercy Corps; see OregonLive or yesterday’s DD for the context. They’re a force for good in a world that needs it badly, and they must recover from this stumble.

PSU’s board promised soul-searching after campus cops shot and killed an intoxicated Navy veteran outside the Cheerful Tortoise who was trying to break up a brawl when a gun fell out of his jacket, and what they decided was to keep the armed patrols after all. The interim president said these are violent times; people feel more comfortable if cops are ready to respond to whatever happens. Better training will help. Activists right away called for a boycott of PSU, which seems to consist of telling prospective students not to go there.

In a minor casualty of the impeachment imbroglio, Salt and Straw–Joe Biden’s go-to Portland ice cream spot–has severed its room-service ties with Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s hotel chain, where you could apparently sit in your $250 room and order up some Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache or Cinnamon Snickerdoodle ice cream. No more. Not even Peach Crumble?

A year ago tomorrow was Tracy Barry’s last day at KGW. Have we told her lately how we miss her?

Portland’s Tillicum Crossing will be poignantly illuminated tomorrow night for the Light the Night Walk, to benefit the work of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. My brother and friend to all Craig Walker and his wife Barbara are, as you know, deeply involved, quite understandably–and grateful to the many members of the Drip community who have helped the cause.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the 1995 opening of the Rose Garden Arena. The Blazers–nine of whom, on the current roster, weren’t even born yet–have a preseason game there tomorrow night against the Phoenix Suns at 5 PM. And after the game, you can hop a westbound MAX to Providence Park, where the Portland Thorns host the Washington Spirit in their regular-season finale. They’ve already notched a playoff spot but would love to win the third seed.

Some big football games in the valley this weekend: the Ducks host Colorado (dear old alma mater) at 7 tonight on FS1, then the Beavers have Utah in Reser Stadium tomorrow at 5 on the Pac 12 Network. And the PSU Vikings with their juggernaut offense (average 38 points) host Idaho at 2 PM in Hillsboro.

The snowstorm is over, moving south to the States…and the Winterhawks tonight are at Red Deer, Alberta–a booming oil town, set amid aspen-rich rolling hills–and they wrap up their long Canadian road trip at Edmonton Sunday.

Divinely gifted songwriter Jimmy Webb is performing tomorrow night at Pacific University in Forest Grove. He rolls out lovely chords on a grand piano and warbles all of the achingly beautiful songs he wrote…Art Garfunkel’s “That’s All I Know”…Linda Ronstadt’s “Adios”…Glenn Campbell’s “Wichita Lineman” and “Galveston” and “By the Time I Get to Phoenix”…and I think he also attempts the wildly misunderstood “MacArthur Park.”


Positive–compassionate–folks doing the right thing…it’s Good News for Friday!

–“Rick Steves is putting a $1 million “self-imposed carbon tax” on his travel company”

–“Chick-fil-A employee climbs down storm drain to save customer’s phone

–“Love In The Trunk: Miami Beach Cops Play Along With Proposal”

–“Was driving by and saw a dog barking at me, turns out one of her puppies was stuck”

–“Woman behind ‘Verna Needs a Kidney’ billboards finally getting a new kidney”

Details in the Cup!


Everything that happens this weekend will be under the Hunter’s Moon…which is officially full on Sunday. Have a howling good weekend!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Morning, news buddies! Here comes Thursday, October 10, 2019. We’re waking up on a clear and frosty morning, with a frost alert that extends until an hour or so past dawn. Four AM temps show just how autumny we are: PDX 40, Vancouver 39, Salem 35, Hillsboro 32. But the sun shines all day long, and the highs should be around 60 in the afternoon. But tie down that load: winds could roll in with 35 MPH gusts in the eastern reaches of the city. Sunrise 7:20 AM, sunset 6:34 PM.

Those winds took down a big ol’ tree in the Gorge, shutting down the Scenic Highway for several hours into the evening. Took out some power lines, too.

The word from ODOT is that Highway 30 is reopened between St. Helens and Rainier; it was closed all day yesterday because of a shooting at a gas station.

The baffling disappearance of Portland college student Owen Klinger is into its fourth day; the family has brought in drones to search for clues by air, yet there’s still nothing.

It feels almost apocalyptic for the million-plus California people affected by what Pacific Gas & Electric is calling “safety shutdowns.” Phase Two of the widespread intentional power shutdowns is underway, affecting areas in the East Bay, South Bay and in Santa Cruz. Food will have to be thrown out; traffic is gridlocked because signals are dark. The company is sending out info to people who follow them on Twitter @PGE4ME.

The Turkish military has begun airstrikes and a ground invasion of the stretch of northern Syria occupied by the Kurds, who were protected by the United States until this week.

Tough couple of days for local hotels….first came news that the African-American man who, despite being a paying guest, was rousted from the lobby at Doubletree by Hilton for “loitering” last December, is suing the chain for $10 mil…and now Portland Congressman Earl Blumenauer is urging a boycott of the hotels owned by Portland’s Gordon Sondland–among others the Heathman, the Sentinel, Hotel deLuxe (the former Mallory, where KGW people would crash during ice storms)–over his refusal to cooperate with the House impeachment probe. Sondland’s up to his chin in those rising waters, because he’s the Ambassador to the EU who’s had some text exchanges of great interest to the House Intelligence Committee. And I hear there was a “March Against Obstruction of Justice” outside the Heathman yesterday afternoon, but it was put together on really short notice. Anyway, Sondland’s refusal to testify comes on orders from The Boss, who’s got some hotels of his own.

Remember the car prowler who provoked chuckles when he was surprised wide-eyed by a dashcam in Beaverton? The laughing has stopped: he’s been arrested on attempted murder charges for shooting up two apartments in Southeast Portland in June.

Portland road crews have had to tear out ten speed bumps in St. Johns because the channels cut in them to allow firetrucks to speed through are too narrow. PBOT’s owning up to the mistake; taxpayers will pay $75K to replace.

KGW reports that a Salem travel agent is under the hot lights for allegedly taking clients’ money, but never booking trips.

The Winterhawks shellacked Swift Current 8-2 last night in front of the smallest crowd of the year, just 1900 people. I was thinking about how homesick those kids must be, now 763 miles from Portland as the hawk flies, and a lot farther on that bus. Then I remembered that 7 out of the 13 guys on the roster are from Canada, so maybe they’re getting some home cooking after all. Anyway, now they have a six-hour drive in the snow back into Alberta for a game against Red Deer tomorrow.


So, what about today in history. Oh, here’s one!

1973 –Vice President Spiro Agnew resigns after being charged with evasion of federal income tax. Now, there was one crooked guy. Took bribes from his Maryland governor days all the way into the Veep’s office.

David Lee “Hot for Teacher” Roth is 65.
Brett Favre turns 55 today.

And on this day in 1826, William Ladd was born. He was Portland’s fifth mayor, co-founder of the Portland Public Schools, and builder of the Ladd Carriage House, which stands at the corner of SW Broadway and Columbia, now the home of the Raven & Rose Restaurant. where $34 will buy you Grass-fed filet of beef , mushroom gravy, Yorkshire pudding, blue cheese butter. $34 seems steep, but that’s Ladd’s addition for you.

Lifer rock star Peter Frampton plays at the Ilani Resort Casino in Ridgefield tonight. He’s on his Farewell Tour. He’s not in the HOF, nor has he been nominated, but he’s toured with Deep Purple and Black Sabbath and tonight he’s playing at a venue just up the road.


Do You Feel Like I Do? Then you could use some good news!

From our Department of Good News:

–“Delta flies 120 girls to NASA with all-women crew in bid to inspire female aviators”

–“Iranian women allowed to watch football at stadium for first time in decades”

–“Post office employee finds two missing children in two weeks”

–“WWII story: Bride weds Groom…wearing dress made from the parachute that saved him”.

–“Photographer gains trust of squirrels and publishes amazing pictures”

Links here.


That’s the DD! Enjoy your Thursday!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Good morning to you on “Imagine Day!” It’s Wednesday, October 9, 2019, and today is John Lennon’s birthday! Portland’s weather sparkles like Lucy’s diamonds in the sky, with pure sun and highs of 55, and then a cloudless view across the universe tonight, with lows down to 30. The NWS this morning calls it “pumpkin patch weather.” Temps are in the 30s west of the Cascades and 20s to the east, as I sleepily type this at 0400. Sunrise 7:19 AM, sunset 6:36 PM.

It’s Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement.

How quickly the weather changes! Yesterday a rainstorm brought down trees that closed Highway 26 in the Coast Range; tonight, we may be able to view a meteor storm in a clear, cold autumn sky, as the annual Draconid shower is near its peak.

Also near its peak is the struggle in Washington, DC between the impeachment movement and the prospective impeach-ee. The courts need to get in there and show that the Constitution is still the boss. There’s excellent coverage online, in print, and on the air, and our time is well-spent absorbing it. I echo Lennon: All I want is the truth.

We continue to hope for a happy outcome in the search for 18-year-old University of Portland freshman Owen Klinger, who was last seen Sunday night, saying he was going to a lacrosse team meeting. Detectives picked up a ping from his cell phone at a TriMet bus stop at the edge of campus, and they’re working with TriMet to review video for clues. Meanwhile Gresham police report that a missing 25-year-old man, Jorge Leonardo, who functions at a 12-year-old level, is home and safe.

A bombshell story appeared on The Oregonian’s web site yesterday afternoon, reporting that a founder of Portland’s global relief charity Mercy Corps had abused his daughter for years, and that the group’s board of directors knew of the abuse and yet treated the victim dismissively–allowing her abuser to remain in power, covered in humanitarian virtue until his death over a decade ago. It’s a hard story to read and certainly a difficult one to report; one of the team of journalists says she was forced to seek counseling. But none of that compares to what the young woman endured, or to the courage it took for her to go public. It’s compounded by the fact that when, as an adult, she reached out to Mercy Corps last year, she was rebuffed again. CEO Neal Keny-Guyer has apologized and requested an independent external review. The founder’s name, plaques and memorabilia have been removed from the organization’s walls, a longtime board member who investigated the original charges in the 1990s has resigned, and a charity that has done and continues to do a world of good around the globe has been tarnished by its own blindness to the deeds of its founder.

Today the mayor and City Council of Portland will unanimously proclaim October 14th, 2019 to be Indigenous Peoples Day. Not Columbus Day. Portland and other progressive cities have been doing this for years. The resolution reads, in part, “The City recognizes the fact that Portland is built upon the homelands and villages, and traditional use areas of many tribes and bands in this region, without whom the building of the city would not be possible.”

The preseason is underway for the Portland Trail Blazers, who lost to the Denver Nuggets 105-94 in last night’s nostalgia-rich game in Veterans Memorial Coliseum. But it was wonderful to see the 90-year-old Hall of Fame broadcaster Bill Schonely take the mic at center court and say, “This year, we’re going to have a lot of fun. Rip City, baby!”

The Portland Winterhawks, on a Canadian road trip in the middle of a snowstorm, fell to Medicine Hat 4-2 last night. Today they’re riding the team bus 135 miles east on an icy Trans-Canada Highway for a game at Swift Current, Saskatchewan, named for a creek that flows into a river which flows into a lake which flows into a river which empties into Hudson’s Bay. A long way from home.

If you hear a roar overhead at night this week, you can comfortably reassure that family and the pets that the Oregon Air National Guard’s 142nd Fighter wing is merely doing night training missions, and they promise to be done by 10:30.

100 years ago today, in 1919, the Cincinnati Reds won the World Series, defeating the Chicago White Sox–eight of whom accepted at least $5,000 from a gambling syndicate to intentionally lose.

And it was 10 years ago today, in 2009, when first-year President Barack Obama was unexpectedly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, based on hope.

On this date in 1940, the immortal–well, sadly, not literally–John Winston Lennon of the Beatles was born in Liverpool, England. The “Winston” comes from Winston Churchill.


Rinse your eyes out with this!

–“Arab plumbers refuse to charge client after learning she’s a Holocaust survivor”

–“A dog saved his owner from a devastating house fire by nudging him with his nose to wake him up”

–“Schoolgirls use plastic bottle to save child from drowning”

–“Bee population recovering due to regenerative farming”

–“Field Goal Contest Winner Donates Prize to Rival Coach Diagnosed With Cancer”

There are some beautiful stories in the Coffee Cup this morning, and we need to remind ourselves of the tremendous positive energy in the world, even though we’re confronted with their polar opposite. We all know of acts of kindness–maybe we’ve committed some ourselves–that are done in secret, never to be reported. It’s all part of this complicated world where good and bad is engaged in a never-ending struggle, and we choose to believe that goodness has the upper hand. Or at least.. imagine.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A tap on the shoulder from me to you, and we’re bouncing into a Tuesday, October 8, 2019! Today looks chilly and unsettled, with sunpeeps and showers and highs of 55. Sunrise 7:17 AM, sunset 6:38 PM. Total daylight down three minutes from yesterday.

You who are on the road should be equipped with the knowledge that light snow accumulations are expected on the Cascade passes all day today, morning through evening. Possibility of 1 to 3 inches of snow at elevations around 4000 to 4500 feet. Just enough to slick things up.

The Oregon Legislature took a swing and a miss on a climate change bill this year, and now supporters of aggressive action are going straight to the voters. The Renew Oregon coalition filed three proposed ballot measures that aim to impose hard limits on greenhouse gas emissions and require electric utilities to move to 100 percent renewable energy during the next two decades. A spokesperson for the coalition says polling shows 60 to 70 percent of Oregon voters want something done now on climate change, and if lawmakers won’t take action in 2020, the people will.

Heathman Hotel (among others) owner Gordon Sondland–the Trump-appointed Ambassador to the European Union–is simmering in the impeachment stew today, as he testifies to Congress on what he knew about the president’s alleged demand for investigative favors from Ukraine in exchange for congressionally-approved military equipment to hold off the Russians. Mr. Sondland is well-known around here, and he’ll be well-known around the country by the end of the day.

The initial reviews were raves, but there was a weird glitch along the new Portland Marathon course. Down by the Ross Island Bridge, the leader was so far ahead that the 15 or 20 excellent runners behind him lost sight of the escort–and, not seeing a sign, they took the advice of a woman who was out riding her bike and who apparently pointed them That-a-way! When they should have gone This-a-way! They realized they had strayed from the course when they found themselves in the Barbur Boulevard tunnel with cars whizzing by, way over the 35 MPH speed limit. Some got back on the course and finished a 28-mile marathon. Others just bagged it. That’s really a shame; they trained for months, and needed a great time to qualify for Boston next spring.

A 65-year-old man who was riding an e-scooter without a required helmet hit the railroad tracks at NW 9th and Naito Parkway, and fell; he is in critical condition.

Today the US Supreme Court will consider whether existing federal law forbids job discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. It’s one of the most important cases in this new term.

Starting anew after their deepest playoff run in two decades, the Portland Trail Blazers Blazers play their preseason opener tonight against the Denver Nuggets, the team they beat in seven games in the Western Conference quarterfinals last May. Tonight’s game is at the scene of the franchise’s greatest glory days, good old Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The action will be on ESPN, and on Rip City Radio 620–with the debut in the permanent play-by-play chair of our friend Travis Demers. If you haven’t seen it, read the story about him in Forbes. It’s the lead item in the Good News Coffee Cup!

The Portland Winterhawks play tonight at Medicine Hat, a faraway railway town along the Trans-Canada Highway in Alberta. The town’s named for the eagles-feather headdresses worn by First Peoples’ medicine men, who lived on the land as far back as 1500 BC. The modern village sits on vast natural gas reserves, and is nicknamed “The Gas City.”

On the celeb birthday list today, Matt Damon was born in ’70…and Sigourney Weaver IS 70.


Good news today!

–“The Story Of New Blazers Radio Announcer Travis Demers Shows You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take”

–“Probiotic pills could bring an end to malnutrition”

–“Puppy found alive in rubble one month after Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas”

–“Biker Spots A Fire In His Neighborhood, Snaps Into Action To Save A House From Burning Down”

–“Newborn baby’s face light up when she recognizes her father’s voice, moments after birth”

Links here.


Tuesday is on! Love it and live it!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Happy Monday! (And may not that be a contradiction in terms!) It’s October 7, 2019, and wasn’t that a peach of a weekend? Perfect weather, and wins for the Ducks, Beavers, and Timbers! Today starts out with an autumnal coolness–with temps in the 40s everywhere of the Cascades–and rain rolls in after lunch. Highs around 65. Sunrise 7:16 AM, sunset 6:39 PM. We have another month before we lapse back into Standard Time.

Farmers and firefighters from around the Valley teamed up to fight a hay fire that spontaneously erupted in a barn in St. Paul. They stopped it from spreading to another building full of livestock. Good moos!

Jimmy Carter took a fall at his home in Plains, GA, requiring 14 stitches on his head, but he and Rosalyn showed up in Nashville anyway for a Habitat for Humanity project named in their honor.

That victory for the Timbers brought joy to the Army in Providence Park, with Timber Joey slicing off three chunks from the log as clouds of green smoke erupted from the stands. And it put the lads into the playoffs for the fifth time in eight seasons; they will face Real Salt Lake in Round 1 of the MLS Cup playoffs in a couple of weeks.

Congrats to OSU QB Jake Luton, named national Player of the Week for his 6-TD performance against UCLA!

People seemed to like the new Portland Marathon course, which swept through 20 neighborhoods with families cheering from porches, and rolling hills but no steep climbs, on a bright Sunday. And nobody was stopped by a freight train, unlike last year. High-fives to our KGW friend Laurel Laural Porterr and her daughter for finishing the Half-Marathon! Likewise, congrats to Mayorr TedWheeler, who ran the full one in 4:16:52.41.

MAX is back between Gresham and Rockwood this morning. Folks in the eastern burbs have been trooping to work in a bus the last two weeks during a spiff job on the light rail system’s oldest stretch.

The Westside commuter may be a rough one as TV Hwy at the 178th and 185th Ave. intersections are down to one lane and controlled by flaggers.

It came as a big surprise to the local authorities in Eastern Oregon, but a new marijuana dispensary in the border town of Ontario celebrated their opening by bringing Snoop Dogg and Jim Belushi to town for a free block party that started at 4:20 Saturday afternoon.

Gov Brown has imposed a ban on the sale of flavored vapes for 6 months–but that’s short of the full vape-product moratorium that health officials believe is needed.

Oregon is watching closely as the US Supreme Court, beginning its fall term, hears arguments on a Louisiana law that allows prosecutors to win convictions even when the jury isn’t unanimous. Critics deride the law as silencing minority voices. Every other state requires unanimous juries for a guilty verdict. with the exception of Oregon.

The Portland-based ICE operation gets a deep dive in a New York Times piece about how “ICE Picks Its Targets in the Surveillance Age.” I found a completely unrelated and much happier story in the NYT that I link to in the TMSG segment below.

Cream’s Ginger Baker, one of the most revered drummers in rock history, if not the friendliest person on the planet–he famously punched out a reporter from Rolling Stone, who went on to write a laudatory story anyway– has died at the age of 80. He was one of rock’s founding drummers, taking percussion from its boom-ch-ch, boom-ch-ch routine to a much more complex melding of jazz and African influences that very few drummers could pull off.

The Winterhawks played at Calgary Sunday and fell 5-2. They’re on the road all week in Canada.

This was the first day of creation, under the Hebrew calendar of old, in the year 3761 BCE.

Hat tip to Garrison Keillor for this one: Today is the birthday of Desmond Tutu (1931), who said, “Peace comes when you talk to the guy you most hate…that’s where the courage of a leader comes.”


An interesting collection of stories in the Cup o’ Good News today!

–“Secretly wealthy Wisconsin man leaves behind a small fortune…to be split evenly among everyone at his memorial”

–“Drug traffickers rescue police officers from sea after high-speed chase”

–“Deputy pulls over speeding car, delivers baby”

–“Superhero bus driver helps save a life for the third time in her career”

–“Let’s Meet Again in Five Years” (A must-read story in the New York Times)


Let’s wrap it up, and dig into a Monday. What was the best thing that happened to you this weekend?