Friday, December 6, 2019

Let’s open the cage on a Friday, OK, and see what scampers out? Today is December 6, 2019, the 340th day of the year with a scant 25 waiting their turn. Portland’s weather takes a pivot, with rain picking up late in the day and highs of 48. But nothing like the dunking California’s been getting. Sunrise 7:35 AM, sunset 4:27 PM.

If you’re still selecting today’s sartorial blandishments: lots of us are wearing our Ducks gear today, as the team and a whole slug of fans heads to Levis Stadium in Santa Clara for what is sure to be a struggle against the powerful Utes of Utah for the Pac 12 championship. Utah is favored to win by a touchdown, but the weather favors Ducks, because it is Fowl, with a Pineapple Express slinging pretty much all of California with hard rain and gusts to 50 MPH. Expect a wobbly windblown kickoff at 5 PM on Fox 12.

The price of registering your wheels in Multnomah County will pop to $56 from $19 beginning in 2021. The money is earmarked for the Burnside Bridge quake-readiness project.

Today’s rain–much lighter in Portland than in the state that generously keeps us replenished with population–should knock some of the soot out of our O2 supply today. But shallow air is stubborn, and the air stagnation advisory now scheduled to expire at 4 PM today may have to be extended. At the moment (0400), the Portland AQI is a moderate 68.

Portland will say a long goodbye to its 300 gas-powered, smog-emitting leaf blowers. City Council’s voted to phase them out starting a year from now.

Portland-area students stage another climate walkout today, confronting mayors and such in Portland, Beaverton, and Lake Oswego about what they’re doing on the local level to help the planet–inasmuch as the federal government’s policy is to deny that there’s even a problem.


Say the Christmas Ships have hit the river! What a great Portland tradition. According to their Twitter feed, “Tonight, 12/6, we have a combined fleet parade on the Columbia River (no Willamette Parade). The parade starts in the Saltys/Gleason Boat Ramp area and goes down through North Portland Harbor.”

An autumn’s worth of Friday Night Lights ends Saturday at noon when Central Catholic plays Lake Oswego for the Oregon Class 6A football state championship at Hillsboro Stadium. A couple of great schools and great programs.

The Blazers host the too-hot Lakers at the Moda Center tonight.

Chip Davis’ Mannheim Steamroller rumbles into the Schnitz tonight with its Christmas rock show.

Portland’s world-famous Dandy Warhols, with my Schoolhouse Supplies Celebrity Spelling Bee pal Zia McCabe at the main keyboards (left hand) and bass keyboard (right), rock the Crystal Ballroom tomorrow night at 8.
Also underway this weekend is the Providence Festival of Trees, a feast for the eyes under the twin spires of the Oregon Convention Center, and a benefit for all the good things Providence does for children who require intensive care.

Happy birthday to Channel 8 super-anchor Laural Porter! Long may you prevail!


Good news links for Friday 12-6!

–“Stray dog found sheltering five kittens from the cold”

–“This School Is Ditching Homework For Acts Of Kindness”

–“Boy Kicks Cancer’s ***, Gets New Leg, And Starts Playing Football Again”

–“Dad Spends 1,200 Hours Renovating ‘Back to the Future’ Car So He Can Use it to Pick Up His Kids From School”

–“Kind Scandinavian lady saves a moose trapped in ice… …with an axe”


From the Daily Drip of one year ago today:

Ex-Michigan football player Jerry Ford became Vice-President of the United States on this day in 1973, upon the plea-bargained exit of the corrupt Spiro Agnew. Ford was one of the Greatest Generation good guys. I had a conversation with him once when he was campaigning in Portland in May, 1976; he gave a news conference at the Red Lion Lloyd Center, followed by a meet-and-greet photo op, and I happened to be first in line for that. Press Secretary Ron Nessen’s camera jammed, and Ford and I were left to make chitchat while he fixed it. I too directly asked Ford how he could pardon Nixon after all he’d done; Ford winced and said he had to do it so the country could move on. And that he hated to talk about it. So to make conversation while Ron fixed his camera I told the President about my Dad, who resembled him so strongly that someone at a store wondered what POTUS was doing in the express checkout line at King Soopers in Arvada. Ford laughed, we shook hands (he about broke my fingers, payback for the hardball), the picture was taken, and my Dad chuckled for years over both the photo and the story. Which was much more important to me over the years than hassling Ford about the pardon.

I’ll explain all of this delving into the archives…early next week!

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Morning, friends! Welcome to Thursday, December 5, 2019. The weather in Portland and the surrounding valleys is cloudy, foggy, and smoggy, too, with no rain, and highs 50. Sunrise is pushing later to 7:34 AM, while sunset remains stalled out 4:27 PM.

An air stagnation advisory runs like a big orange smudge on the map from Castle Rock clear down to Cottage Grove, as cold air is hugging the ground below 1500 feet elevation, and all the noxious output of cars, trucks, buses, leaf-blowers, and fireplaces is sealed in one mass where we people are huddled. It’s tolerable for most folks, but bothersome and even hazardous for others. That’s why we’re asked to keep our pollution footprint as low as possible for the next couple of days until some relief blows in. Portland’s latest Air Quality Index, at 0400, is a grim 127, which comes with this Health Message: People with heart or lung disease, older adults, and children should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion.

Southern California’s getting belted by heavy rain; LA and San Diego could experience flash floods, and debris flows on burn-scarred hillsides.

Just days ahead of December 7, an American sailor opened fire at Pearl Harbor, killing two civilian workers and wounding a third before taking his own life.

A chill went through the hearts of many of my neighbors, on word that a 16-year-old student at Oregon City High School brought a handgun, ammunition, and a knife to school yesterday. Somebody smartly tipped off the cops that the kid had a gun in his waistband; he was quickly found and detained. Police don’t think he meant to hurt anybody, but they haven’t figured out why he did what he did.

A final vote is scheduled this morning by the Multnomah County Commission on tripling vehicle registration fees–from $19 to $56–to pay for improving the Burnside Bridge so it won’t do a bellyflop into the Willamette River when the big one hits.

This is the day our town comes together to bid farewell to Gert Boyle, whose Columbia Sportswear products have kept us warm for decades. A celebration of life begins at 10 AM at Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Just one year ago today was the funeral for President George H.W. Bush. The DD’s coverage ended with the words of his son George W. Bush: ‘“So through our tears, let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you, a great and noble man, the best father a son or daughter could have.’ And the younger President Bush sobbed, and America understood.”‘

Today is Walt Disney’s birthday. Born in 1901.

The US Capitol Christmas Tree was illuminated last night. And the famous red nose on the Oregon sign’s been on for a week. It’s lit every year on the day before Thanksgiving. I remember one year when K103 carried the lighting live, with Bruce and me on the waterfront, ready to give the signal to a kid with a fake switch that would cause the guy on the rooftop to hit the button. We coordinated with Channel 8 (since my wife was on the desk), and their helicopter came and hovered with a live camera trained on the sign…and the designated moment came…but one of our dignitaries was speechifying and speechifying…the TV anchors were padding, and coming up on a network join…KGW was telling me, come on dammit! So, boom! we just hit it. Merry Christmas, Portland!

Spotted this while reviewing old DDs for a purpose I’ll reveal soon. One year ago today: “What a zoo at PDX, where construction crews severed a water line at 2:45 PM, cutting off water to the entire Portland International Airport for 3 hours. No bathrooms! No restaurants! No water fountains. But mainly…no bathrooms!!”

This was cool…Singer Alanis Morissette and TV’s Jimmy Fallon shocked a New York City subway when they went undercover as buskers and sang “The Little Drummer Boy”….then whipped off their disguises and performed her hit “You Oughta Know.”

The Blazers beat the Sacramento Kings last night 127-116. And from the Winterhawks’ web site: Portland netted three power play goals on Wednesday night to help mount a 5-4 overtime comeback against the Prince George Cougars.


Good news stories for Thursday!

–“Group of hikers find missing wedding ring on mountain”

–“Officers Make Correct Decision To Let Dog Take Over Search For Missing Hunter”

–“Pro Golfer Forgives Fan With Down Syndrome Who Yelled During Crucial Putt”

–“Scientists can now teach birds to sing new songs”

–“India farmer paints dog to look like tiger to protect coffee crop from monkeys”

Details in the Coffee Cup!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Happy Wednesday! Here’s some Daily Dripness for December 4, 2019. A flock of high clouds flew over us like migrating birds during the night, squirting a tiny bit of rain, and today there’s a 20% chance of precip with highs of 50. Sunrise is at 7:33 AM, and sunset comes at 4:27 PM–the earliest sunset of the year, and here it will stay for the next 13 days before becoming ever-so-gradually later!

Portland’s air quality sank to a moderate level and worse, so Multnomah County’s Health Department used its powers to ban fireplaces. That’s still in effect until noon today, but as of 0400, the AQI is still a moderate 70. By the way, pellet stoves are included in the ban. They can be quite efficient, some can greatly contribute to poor air quality.

Speaking of the tenuous state of the air quality here: Portland’s School Board along with House Speaker Tina Kotek are saying “not so fast” to ODOT’s plan to widen I-5 at the Rose Quarter bottleneck without a full review of the environmental impacts on the neighborhood it cuts through–especially at Harriet Tubman Middle School, which already suffers from the nearby freeway exhaust.

And: the acrid roar of gas-powered leaf blowers may be muted in Portland, soon, as the City Council votes today on a directive to all City bureaus to use only electric or battery-powered blowers instead. Neighbors for Clean Air are big supporters of the switch, noting that “Running a leaf blower for one hour was deemed to create the equivalent pollution as the 1100 mile drive from Los Angeles to Denver.”

The Oregonian followed up on the deaths of three men in a collision in Corvallis last week, reporting that they were among a group of thirteen Guatemalan migrant laborers coming off a long shift harvesting Christmas trees. Others remain hospitalized. Oregon’s Christmas tree industry, one of the largest in the country, is heavily dependent on migrant labor.

A family in Vancouver is wondering what they’ve done to deserve the repeated slashing of their tires on the quiet street where they live. The family is Hispanic, and they’re questioning whether that’s why they’re being targeted.

The impeach train moves today from Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee to Jerry Nadler’s Judiciary Committee, with a hearing featuring four law professors that begins at 6 AM. Coverage on your cable channel of choice; I doubt that it’ll pre-empt GMA or the Today Show.

OPB reports that Knute Buehler, a Republican who’s considering a run for Greg Walden’s seat in Congress, is regifting to charity about 22K that was donated to him by Gordon Sondland; Ted Wheeler did the same when Sondland’s involvement in the Ukraine mess first hit the news cycle.

Bloomberg News reports that bad weather has damaged the potato crop in the US and Canada–and the result may be a shortage of french fries next year.

The Blazers come home to battle the Kings tonight, after being clubbed 117 to 97 by the LA Clippers last night.

Very cool dude Jeff Bridges has been abiding for 70 years today!


Looking for something good? You’ve come to the right place!

–“Cheerleader with Down syndrome ‘accepted by all’ at high school”

–“Getting in shape is a family affair”

–“Ex-Seahawk Richard Sherman Surprises Middle School With Check To Clear All Student Lunch Debt”

–“6th grader saves student’s life, honored for heroism”

–“A Kentucky mom couldn’t find a Christmas story about a brown boy. So she wrote her own”

Monday, December 3, 2019

And here’s the Daily Drip, hopping into a glittering Tuesday, December 3, 2019–sparkly from the frost on the landscape, with 4 AM temperatures of 34 at PDX, 29 in Hillsboro, and 36 in windy Troutdale. And sparkly later on, from the sun, taking its short 9-hour ride, hung far low across our southern sky. Sunrise 7:32 AM, sunset 4:28 PM..which is within a minute of the earliest sunset of the year.

The very same monster storm that turned Thanksgiving into a harrowing drama for travelers on I-5 between Oregon and California has now completed its deadly march across the nation and is now pummeling New York and New England, where it was just announced that Portland schools are closed. Portland, Maine, of course.

A two-alarm fire destroyed a home and damaged another on Oriole Lane in Lake Oswego overnight. Other homes were evacuated, in the neighborhood near SW Stephenson just north of Mountain Park. No injuries, but one dog is unaccounted for.

A recycling truck backed over the legs of a Portland man as he slept under a tarp near the Eastbank Esplanade. The man is in the hospital with serious injuries.

A deep dive on traffic stop data reveals that Portland police searched African Americans who’d been pulled over at twice the rate of white people. Sen. Lew Frederick told OPB’s Think Out Loud program, ‘“This is confirmation of the racism that we’ve seen for decades here. There’s no other way to describe it.”

The Trump administration is nosing around the mothballed Wapato Jail as a potential pilot project for housing the homeless.

Sad to learn that Pearl Bakery has closed; its last orders are being delivered today from its longtime (since 1997) HQ near Powell’s City of Books.

Now that we’ve tapped our cash for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday–which rang up over $9 billion in sales yesterday, 19% more than last year– is there anything left for Giving Tuesday? Hope so, because good causes abound, and if you have one that means a great deal to you, please free free to plug it here! I try to help the Meals on Wheels people, because the folks they bring nourishment and companionship might be somebody’s lonely Mom or Dad. But we would love to know where you’re sending your very-much-needed dollars.

Jimmy Carter is having his struggles, in this phase of his wonderful life, and now it’s a UTI that has him in the hospital. The guy is such a relentlessly energetic doer of good that he’ll be pounding up drywall next week. First ballot saint.

One year ago today: a piece of metal the size of a car bumper came flying off the Portland Aerial Tram, plunged 130 feet, and clunked a 21-year-old woman on the head as she was crossing the pedestrian bridge–and she had only a minor injury! That’s incredible. That could easily have been fatal. It’s also extremely lucky the chunk didn’t come hurtling down onto I-5. City crews found a broken carabiner–some people call them D-hooks–and all the carabiners and hooks were replaced.

The Blazers are on the road against the Clippers tonight, then host the Kings tomorrow. This town’s really embraced Carmelo Anthony, who yesterday was named Western Conference Player of the Week!

The Seattle Seahawks win over the Minnesota Vikings on a great MNF game last night sets up a classic playoff battle with archrival San Francisco; the Hawks and Niners are both 10-2, and play each other in the final game of the regular season.


A bit o’ good news for your Tuesday!

–“Tiny Colorado town opens its arms to 700 stranded travelers”

–“Pop star goes incognito and pays for peoples’ stuff”

–“Crowd Welcomes Home Woman Who Found Kindness Nationwide”

–“Grandma’s text mix-up turns into Thanksgiving tradition”

–“Navy Sailor Pulls Off Prank On His Brother With A Little Help”

Details in the old treasured Coffee Cup!

Friday, November 22, 2019

Morning, pilgrims! Here we are on Friday, November 22, 2019, a frosty cold morning with predawn temps in the 20s and low 30s, but sunshine in store and highs in the 50s. We’ll get a helping of rain starting Saturday night. Sunrise 7:19 AM, sunset 4:34 PM. We’re a month away from the December Solstice, with still half an hour of daylight to lose, and then we start the swing back toward the bright side.


No words…but many questions…about the drowning death of a Liberty High swim team member in the Shute Park Aquatic Center in Hillsboro. Fourteen-year-old Nabila Maazouz, who attended Oregon Episcopal, was found in the water under a pool cover after a swim team practice Wednesday evening.


From CNN: With the impeachment hearings over, all eyes are on the Supreme Court showdowns over President Trump’s financial records.

From NBC: Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was indicted on Thursday on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Today, there are calls for his immediate resignation.

We seem to be having our first minor snow scare of the season! If you see snowflakes on your weather app late next week, or if you read the PBOT News Release headlined: “Commissioner Eudaly, transportation agencies share winter plans, advise the public to get ready for winter travel,” be comforted by the prediction from weather models that the snow level should stay above 1000 feet. The NWS this morning predicts “possibly even a few flurries reaching down to the lowest elevations.” But snow in the mountains is a sure bet next week, with perhaps a foot at Government Camp, and a wintry ride over the Siskiyous as well. And since low-elevation snowy surprises are a Northwest tradition, I’ll be warming my hands over the vacation days that I’m burning next week, but ready to fire up the Daily Drip Storm Team if conditions warrant.

It took over a year, but cops arrested a man accused of “beating the living daylights” out of a Lexus, in the words of the car’s owner, during a street protest in downtown Portland. The suspect, was had a stun gun with an “Antifa” sticker when arrested, allegedly used a metal rod to pound the car, which was pushing through a group of demonstrators at SW 4th and Salmon. Video went viral, and became part of the national impression that Portland is a haven for radical street mobs.

Somebody stole a car in Forest Grove and crashed it into a home in Aloha, then fled on foot to another home where he barricaded himself until police fired in a Mace-like substance, “using a chemical to encourage him to come out.” The homeowner’s OK but her kitten is missing.

Portland’s City Council has greenlighted the Portland Street Response pilot program, which will send an EMT and crisis worker–instead of cops–to some mental health and homelessness-related calls. Good idea.

KGW’s Kyle Iboshi reports that the cash-strapped Portland Bureau of Parks and Rec has been dumping hundreds of printed color catalogs into recycling. The city explains that catalogs were outdated extras, and are recyclable, and made from recycled products.

Like today, November 22, 1963 was also a Friday. Will we ever know, absolutely and for real, why John F. Kennedy was taken from us? I fervently hope so. Suspicions have dogged our national conscience for all of the 56 years since that shocking day.

The Blazers, who.lost to the Milwaukee Bucks last night, continue their road trip tomorrow at 5 at the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Big football weekend! The Oregon Ducks (9-1) play on the road at Arizona State (5-5, and itching for an upset) Saturday at 4:30 PM. Oregon State (5-5) is at Washington State (5-5) Saturday at 6.

It’s quarterfinal weekend in Oregon 6A high school football…including a rare re-match of the local Civil War between Lakeridge and Lake Oswego! We also have upstart Mountainside at Barlow, West Linn at Central Catholic, and Tualatin at Jesuit. LOVE Friday Night Lights. Loved doing PA for Lakeridge all those years.

If hockey’s your stick, Everett plays the Portland Winterhawks tomorrow night at the Coliseum, and Saskatoon at the VMC Sunday, before hitting the highway for another Canadian road trip.

Portland’s unique and inspiring Singing Christmas Tree has the first of nine performances tonight at the Keller Auditorium.

The Black Keys play at the Moda Center tonight.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra plays two shows at the Moda Center tomorrow.

Sunday night is Blues Mania, a benefit concert to celebrate the late Steve Pringle, a beloved blues authority and radio personality on KMHD, KINK, and KGON, at the Roseland Theater.


Let’s wrap up the week with some good news. The last one’s my favorite. Details in the Cup!

–“Baby Abandoned Near Dumpster After Birth Is Now CEO of Company Valued Over $62 Million”

–“‘Robin Hood of McNuggets’ admits to giving everyone an extra nugget at McDonald’s”

–“Community responds when veteran & family lose home in fire”

–“Coldplay to pause touring until concerts are ‘environmentally beneficial'”

–The Mr. Rogers movie hits the big screens today. Here’s the trailer!”


Today, November 22nd, is my sister Janice’s birthday. Many of you met her at Dripstock III two weeks ago. Happy day to you, sis! And I’ll be ducking out all of next week plus the following Monday as well–I’m serious about using 100% of my vacation days–but we’ll pop up here on a regular basis and carry on the dialog. Shalom!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Good morning Drip City! It’s Thursday, November 21, 2019, a time of year that’s normally as dank as a dungeon and wet as a sponge, and yet here we are, enjoying nine hours of sunshine (because that’s all there is) and highs in the 50s. It’s a cold 34 on my deck and 32 in Salem and Hillsboro at 0400, so there may be widespread frost as you roll out, and a stiff Gorge wind to lean into late in the day. But the weather stays bright and crisp until rain finds its way back by Saturday night. Sunrise 7:17 AM Sunset 4:34 PM.

Thanksgiving Day is just a week away!

It’s not impossible..based on expected global geomagnetic conditions…that we could catch a glimmer of Aurora Borealis on the northern horizon.

Journalists are using terms like “affable” and “unflappable” to describe Portland’s Gordon Sondland after his day under the hot lights of the impeachment inquiry. Here’s the lead sentence from The New Yorker: “On Wednesday morning, an obscure millionaire from Portland who was such an amateur at international diplomacy that one of his colleagues compared him to a car careening down a mountain road without a G.P.S. or guard rails, came as close as anyone has yet to blowing up the Presidency of Donald Trump.” We’ll see about that; he definitely laid a glove on POTUS in the quid-pro-quo department. But today he’s back at work as Trump’s ambassador to the European Union.

Who saw the Democrats’ debate, and who would like to weigh in? I watched most of it, and thought it settled nothing, but I’d rather hear what you think. Laugh line of the night came from tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang, who was asked what he would say in his first conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin if he were elected. Yang said he would tell Putin, “I’m sorry I beat your guy!”

Oregon’s been hit with a blockbuster billion-dollar verdict by a Linn County jury, which ruled the state breached its responsibility to fourteen rural counties by not cutting as much timber as they should have, depriving the counties (including Linn) and schools and other taxing districts of critically needed revenue over the past couple of decades. Nice venue-shopping by Davis Wright Tremaine. The state, which is sure to appeal, says it’s been managing the forests for the good of all, not only the timber counties, and factoring in clean air and water, recreation and wildlife habitat.

Oof…the measles are back in Clark County…an unvaccinated child has been confirmed with the disease, and may have shared it with unsuspecting people at Portland International Airport’s E Concourse on November 14..along with Peace Health Medical Center that same day…and Randall Children’s Hospital on November 14.

If your caloric needs are not being met, there’s a new Voodoo Doughnut shop opening this year…in Oak Grove, of all places! It’ll be in a former Starbucks at 14620 SE Mcloughlin. Just eleven blocks south of the Bomber!

Odd headline on CNN this morning: “NASA has found sugar in meteorites that crashed to Earth”

The Blazers are on the road against the Milwaukie Bucks today at 5. Still no Damien.

The Portland Winterhawks (from their web site) “wrapped up their regular season series with the Vancouver Giants on a winning note, beating them 3-1 at Veterans Memorial Coliseum to improve to 13-5-1-2 overall.”

Look who’s turning 50 today: Ken Griffey Jr., Hall-of-Fame slugger and outfield wall-climber for the Seattle Mariners. Junior becomes a Senior!


In the Cup full of Good News:

–“USPS launches site to adopt letters to Santa from low-income kids”

–“Breakthrough discovery in plants’ DNA may lead to slowing aging process in humans”

–“Prison Sees Change In Prisoners After Shelter Cats Are Brought In”

–“13-Year-Old Feels ‘Entitled’ And Makes Fun Of Poor Kids, Mom Makes Him Wear Goodwill For A Week”

–“Stolen Prius found with full gas tank, tires filled and Crocs stolen”


That’s all, folks! One more day to the weekend….then I’ll be off all next week, completing my 2019 resolution to leave no vacation days on the table!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

And a friendly Wednesday hello to you, on this 20th day of November, 2019! Sunny, mid 50s, windy near the Gorge, and widespread frost tonight, is how the weather elves see it; on my deck we have a cool 43 degrees at 0400, several dark hours away from sunrise at 7:16 AM and sunset 4:35 PM.

Who saw Cher last night? Share!

Portland hotel magnate Gordon Sondland, surprised as anyone to find himself bubbling in the impeachment stew, takes his turn before the House Intelligence Committee today. His has been a tale of two stories, quid pro versus no quid pro, and he’ll need to settle on one. Protesters marched between Sondland’s downtown hotels yesterday demanding that he “tell the truth” to Congress…which is good legal advice. Just look at where Roger Stone is. The hearing starts at 6 AM Pacific, though preliminary gabble by partisan combatants will delay that for a few, or more, minutes.

I have personally investigated this, and can verify that Joe Biden was born on this date in 1942.

The next Democratic presidential debate is tonight at 6 on MSNBC and the Washington Post’s web site.

A news release from the Port of Portland, a seaport that fumbled away its entire container service four years ago, jumped up and said, Hello! Check it out: “The Port of Portland announced today that South Korea-based container carrier SM Line will be bringing weekly container shipping service back to Portland….This service will help reduce the number of trucks on the road and decrease regional environmental impacts of freight movement…The first journey is expected to arrive in Portland in January 2020.” This is good news indeed. And as the Port’s press release points out, “The announcement follows Governor Kate Brown’s recent trade mission trip to South Korea, where the Governor and Port representatives met with SM Line executives.” That’s what a Governor’s supposed to do.

Portland cops swarmed like bees to the area around 1st and Morrison downtown, on a report of a woman with a handgun who might be an active shooter. Several square blocks were cordoned off, strangling traffic and transit, and she was safely taken into custody.

Portland has been ordered by a Multnomah County judge to quit charging ridiculous fees for routine searches to fulfill public records requests. The city charged one activist over $200 to perform a document search that an analyst knocked out for $12.

OK, that inflatable eyesore is gone from Portland’s Living Room, but now there’s a new scatological calamity: a fire in a boiler has paralyzed the laundry at Tidee Didee diaper service on SE Foster. The family-owned company services the output of at least 500 local babies, plus local Montessori and other private preschools, supplying clean fresh cloth dipes whilst collecting the dirties, which are piling up by the hour….and the geschtunkenness is on its way watering eyes for blocks around. Meantime, hundreds of formerly cloth-bottomed babies are being Pampered until further notice.

Folks tooling around the valley are posting photos of helicopters swooping in to collect Christmas trees. But with Oregon’s harvest well underway, some growers are having trouble meeting the demand, in part because the hot summers of 2017 and 2018 killed off many young trees. Growers say they have to find ways to adapt to a changing climate by mulching and shading–and by planting different species of trees that are resistant to the heat.

A Portland man has reunited with his cat Sasha, who mysteriously vanished five years ago and recently turned up alive and overfed in Santa Fe, New Mexico. How Sasha vanished isn’t known and she’s not talking; his owner assumed a coyote had made a meal of his purry friend. but thanks to a microchip, Sasha was ID’d and sent home for good.

Happy birthday to Portland musician, pop star, educator, and Dripster Valerie Day! Following her arena-packing days with NuShooz in the 80s, she’s performed and recorded across a variety of genres, taught vocalists as an adjunct faculty member at PSU, shared her expertise in an insightful and practical blog for vocal performers–and lent her caress to the logo for Hot Lips Pizza!

With Damian Lillard out with a back spasm and Carmelo Anthony in, the Blazers lost to the New Orleans Pelicans 115-104 last night. Anthony, who scored 10 points but had some turnovers, too, in 24 minutes of play, is wearing #00, which the late friendly giant Kevin Duckworth wore back in the Clyde-and-Terry days. Carmelo is totally welcome here, but that’s Duck’s number, no? (OK, Enes Kanter wore that too last season. Still).


Good news links, including some that might make you go….what?

–“Police officer adopts dog he found abandoned in stolen car”

–“School Turns Leftover Cafeteria Food Into Frozen, Take-Home Meals To Give To Students In Need”

–“Super Dog Helps Firefighters Rescue Injured & Orphaned Koalas During Australian Bushfires”

–“Art Therapist Collects 14,000 Keys From Wildfire Victims and Transforms Them into Powerful Metal Phoenix Sculpture”

–“Mama went out and my baby refused to take it in bottle”, says DAD OF THE YEAR!! (Reddit video link)


Have a wonderful Wednesday!