Monday, September 10, 2018

Howdy, neighbors! It’s Monday, September 10, 2018, and time for a quick reality update before we head out to the fields and see what we can harvest. Portland’s weather is under the influence of an early-autumn cold front that pulled in overnight, bringing light showers and highs around 70. Yesterday peaked at 80 for perhaps the last time this year. It’ll be showery off and on most of the week. Sunrise 6:43 AM, Sunset 7:31 PM.

The lights are on early in thousands of Clark County homes as the Evergreen School District–the county’s largest–begins its fall term, almost two weeks later than scheduled. Evergreen teachers late yesterday ratified a contract agreement, as did teachers in Longview, where school will begin tomorrow. The leaves only Battle Ground with empty classrooms, and while school is canceled again today, mediated bargaining resumes tomorrow in Olympia. Teachers will picket on Main Street from 2 to 6 PM today, then head over to what should be an interesting time at the Battle Ground school board meeting tonight.

The mystery of what happened to Diana Bober continues, in the Mt. Hood National Forest, as teams continue searching for the Gresham hiker who disappeared August 29. Her car was found over the weekend, and now we’ve learned that a mother and daughter stumbled across her backpack the day after she vanished–and search leaders are trying to get in touch with them, to find out where. That would obviously be a major clue.

Kyron Horman, who disappeared from Skyline School in June, 2010, has now missed nine birthdays. Yesterday was his 16th.

A storm named Florence is rapidly intensifying into a major hurricane, and poses a serious danger to the Carolina coast, where swells are already pounding the beaches days ahead of landfall.

Les Moonves is out as CEO of CBS, after six more women came forward with #MeToo charges. CBS will donate $20 million to organizations that support women in the workplace, and take it out of his severance.

“She completely had the right message about women’s inequality, but it wasn’t the right time to bring it up.” That’s what Martina Navratilova, winner of 18 Grand Slam singles titles, said about Serena Williams’s outburst in the U.S. Open final. Fair enough, but in any sport, the officials who do the best job as the ones you barely notice.

Apple’s next iPhone will be unveiled on Wednesday. I’m still finding new things about my iPhone 8, and it’s already obsolete?

The Trail Blazers aren’t just Portland’s team, they’re Oregon’s team. That’s the message as a team of Trail Blazer ambassadors–some former players, announcers, and mascots, but no current players that I can see– hits the road today for a weeklong tour with pre-season rallies starting in Klamath Falls, then on to Bend, Prineville, Madras, and Hood River. This is also the day single-game tickets go on sale.

Big show tonight at the Moda Center: the Foo Fighters, named for UFOs, founded by Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl after Kurt Cobain’s death, and now an enduringly popular, multi-Grammy-winning rock band. In a way, they’re back in home territory–the second show they ever played was at the old punk venue The Satyricon in Portland.

It was ten years ago today that Peoria, Illinois renamed Abingdon Street as “Fogelberg Parkway,” because that is where the true events took place in the K103 Christmas staple “Same Old Lang Syne,” by Peoria native Dan Fogelberg. Nobody knows for sure what “The snow turned to rain” really meant, but we have our theories. We need to name some streets after local rock stars here! Umm…Kingsmen Boulevard? Quarterflash Circle? Modest Mouse Way?

It’s Good News Week!


–“Hillsboro Mayor Slaps Down Racist Comment”

–“Two Childhood Cancer Survivors Marry”

–“Dementia patients ‘come alive’ in singing classes”

–“Seattle Seahawks’ linebacker Shaquem Griffin makes history by becoming the first one-handed player to start in an NFL game”

–“‘Cosby’ Actor Geoffrey Owens–last seen working at Trader Joes–Will Take Role on Tyler Perry Show”

Links here

Happy Rosh Hashanah to one and all! #5779! Where have the years gone? I’ve been on K103 since 5746! Everyone’s invited to join us on 103.3, 5-9 AM. Have a very fine Monday!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Morning! It’s Friday, September 7, 2018! Portland’s weather starts out starry and clear, and we should touch 80 degrees, but we’ll see clouds wisping in from the northwest later on, and there’s a possibility of showers late tonight and tomorrow morning. The rest of the weekend looks fine, with highs in the 70’s, but a showery and cool pattern sets up next week. Sunrise 6:39 AM, sunset 7:36 PM.

The main road from here to California remains closed by wildfire, which has exploded in size and now covers 34 square miles. I-5 is shut down roughly between Mt. Shasta and Redding.

Washougal teachers were unanimously in ratifying their contract agreement, so the school year begins there today. No progress to report in the teacher strikes in the Evergreen, Battle Ground, and Longview school districts.

Portland, Oregon, the cleanest city in America! Did you just spit out your coffee? Mayor Ted Wheeler says he hears more complaints about the trash festooning our town than any other gripe, and he hears a lot of them. So he’s set a goal of making Portland “the cleanest and most livable city in the United States.” Our trash receptacles are scattered and overflowing, and the Mayor’ll have to solve a problem to fix that: trash pickup in Portland is shared by a jigsaw puzzle of jurisdictions, haulers, and other random entities. Good luck!

One of the most talked-about faces in America turned up in town yesterday. Colin Kaepernick was here for Nike’s rollout of the 30th “Just Do It” campaign, in which he takes the lead role. The two-minute spot, filled with inspiration to challenge one’s self, and not a word about the National Anthem, debuted on NBC’s NFL game last night. It’s the product, by the way, of another Oregon company- the Portland ad agency Wieden + Kennedy.

Odd anecdote from the forthcoming Bob Woodward book: President Trump, angry about plans to spent $10 billion on a high-altitude missile defense system protecting South Korea, is quoted as saying, “‘F*** it, pull it back and put it in Portland.” A city where he got 17% of the vote.


This Sunday is Kyron Horman’s 16th birthday. Will we ever know?


Twenty years ago today St. Louis Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire hit his 61st home run of the season, equaling Roger Maris’ single-season home run record, which he would later shatter. Better living through chemistry.

On this day in 1960, JFK made a campaign tour of Portland, Salem, and Eugene

Rose City ComicCon starts today at the Oregon Convention Center with celebrity guests Val Kilmer, Ralph Macchio, and Robbie Coltrane.

Cycle Oregon starts tomorrow. It begins and ends in Baker City.

This is Sisters Folk Festival weekend.

It’s Buddy Holly’s birthday.


The Seattle Reign play the Portland Thorns at Providence Park tonight; the Timbers are at Colorado tomorrow.

On our regional Saturday college football card…Portland State pays a visit to the Ducks at 11 AM…Oregon State hosts Southern Utah at 5 PM…The Huskies entertain North Dakota at 2 PM…and San Jose State comes to Pullman to play WSU at 8 PM.

Fresh from a joyfully-reviewed concert at Colorado’s Red Rocks, Jason Mraz is on the sold-out lawn at Edgefield tonight. Everything he and his rainbow-clad 10-piece band does “represented positivity, good vibes and reminded us of the good things in life,” said 303 Magazine in Denver.

Multiple-Grammy-winning Brit superstar Sam Smith brings his “Thrill of it All” tour to the Moda Center tonight. Some tickets are available, mainly at the bring-oxygen level.

The Oregon Symphony does “Star Wars: a New Hope” tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday. We have major fans in the family who are geeking out about this. It’s why I have a play date with an almost-4-year-old tonight!

Good news here! If you’d like to know more, or share, that’s what our Daily Drip link collection is for. Click here.

–“Facebook SOS message saves 2 injured tourists after they plummet off cliff”

–“Sweden opens new road that charges electric vehicles like real-life slot cars”

–“Cat and chicken found ‘huddled together’ after deadly California fire”

–“Beer maker to replace plastic six-pack rings with recyclable glue”

–“Century-old Congolese refugee finds ‘miracles’ like washing machines, refrigerators, and Mountain Dew in Buffalo”

OK, look what I’ve done, written up a DD on my day off. Time to circle around and head for the dark at the top of the stairs. G’nite! Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Welcome to a Thursday, September 6, 2018! Here’s the Daily Drip for a lovely late-summer day, with sunshine pretty much all the way from sunrise at 6:38 to sunset at 7:38, and highs of 80 to 85. We can see a possibility of showers Friday night into Saturday morning, then a fine weekend leading into a rainy Monday.

Travelers and truckers, attention…a fierce new wildfire has closed I-5 just south of the Oregon line. Our buddy Craig Walker was driving through there as the flames erupted, and texted me, “It was incredible how fast it came down the hill and started coming towards us. I’ve seen it on TV but it’s a whole different deal in person.” He and everyone else turned around and got out of there.

New developments on the teacher strikes in Washington: Washougal tentatively settled last night, and pending a ratification vote, school opens there tomorrow. Tacoma educators hit the picket lines today. Sounds like Longview is nowhere near a settlement, with the school board filing a court injunction against the teachers. And students are still out of school in the Battleground and Evergreen districts. They’re talking, and something could pop.

The guessing game is on over the identity of the anonymous Trump senior staffer who penned an explosive op-ed in the NYT, claiming there is a “quiet resistance” within the administration actively working to thwart the president’s more reckless impulses. Trump’s anger over this is described as “volcanic”….he calls it “treason” and demands that the Times turn the writer over to the government.


A Portland woman is suing the owners of the Wimbledon Square Apartments, saying so much garbage was allowed to pile up that a whole civilization of vermin developed, and a raccoon jumped out and bit her leg.

Here’s a possibility that’s bubbling in the background: TriMet might close four of its MAX stations downtown. Kings Hill, Skidmore Fountain, and a couple on the transit mall are seen as too close to each other, and they’re slowing down the line.

Portland and Seattle are in competition for a billion-dollar Army shipbuilding project that could create hundreds of jobs for a decade. Vigor Industrial, which will build the Army’s next generation of landing craft, already has a footprint in Portland: they’re refurbishing a Carnival Cruise ship here. The company will choose between Portland and Seattle based on the incentives they are offered.

If someone in the family needs to get their Nikes into the door of Portland’s percolating high-tech sector, tonight is the 9th annual PDX TechCrawl. where you eat and drink from office to office, networking all the way. Three thousand people attended last year. Sounds like a productive way to spend $15; do a search for PDX TechCrawl for info.


This is the day in 2006 when a man armed with a claw hammer waited to ambush Portland nurse Susan Kuhnhausen as she came home from her job at the Providence ER. Biggest mistake of his life. She wrestled the hammer away and choked the life out of her attacker on her kitchen floor. Can’t wait for you to finish your book, Susan, so we can get you on the air!

One year ago today Hurricane Irma became the most powerful Atlantic Ocean hurricane in history with winds of 185 mph.

NFL Week One begins tonight, Falcons at Eagles, 5:20 PM on NBC.


Some good stuff, to balance the bad….

–“Banker picks up college tuition for entire school class … AGAIN!”

–“Mississippi family plants vegetable farm, gives half to people on fixed income”

–“Heartwarming Viral Post Shows Police Officer Buying Gas For Woman In Need”

–“‘We’re Bonded for Life:’ Woman Unknowingly Donates Kidney to Neighbor”

–“Student, 19, finds £1,000 inside shoes she bought on eBay… so sent cash back to its owner within 25 minutes”

Details by clicking here.

Exactly 33 years ago today I was fired from something I never knew existed: a radio job I didn’t love. It’s weird, I’d never been canned (as a grownup), and it felt so liberating, a commuting of a sentence, that I practically skipped out the door with my cardboard box. Because: I knew I would never again do a job I didn’t love. And I haven’t!

Taking a day off tomorrow. I have a lot of vacation days to burn, and I am committed to their immolation. The Drip will be here in some fashion. Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Hi there! A quick update nicknamed the Daily Drip, from me to you, for Wednesday, September 5, 2018. Portland’s weather will have a one-day fling with 90 today, before a sea breeze carries in cooler weather tomorrow. Sunrise 6:37 AM, sunset 7:40 PM.

Newest developments regarding the teacher situation in SW Washington school districts:

+Vancouver: Strike’s over! Contract ratified by a 92% yes vote. The Columbian reports that first-year raises average 12.5%. So the school year begins today in VSD. The first day of elementary school for the Class of 2030!
-Evergreen: Still on strike. The district’s made a proposal, but no mediator was available yesterday. They’ll talk today.
-Battle Ground: Still on strike. Educators, students, and families marched on district HQ yesterday. Union feels like things are going backward.
-Washougal. Still bargaining. Still on strike.
-Longview: Still on strike. The LEA says other unions will honor their picket lines.


Confirmation hearings continue for SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who would influence the nation’s laws for a generation if confirmed. He swears the Supreme Court is not, and never will be, a partisan entity. Committee questioning today will put that to the test.

…otherwise, the DC buzz is over Bob Woodward’s book, “Fear: Trump in the White House.” The news is bursting with anecdotes and depictions of chaos and staff defiance, too innumerable to recount here: the Washington Post has an extensive report. Woodward says the White House is “in a state of nervous breakdown.” One of his stories has the president refusing to go alone into the Oval Office because “the ghosts are here, watching.” Denials abound from 1600 Pennsylvania, and the POTUS twitter feed is volcanic.

Tropical Storm Gordon made landfall just short of hurricane status, and will pour huge amounts of rain on the Gulf Coast and inland the next few days.

It was once unthinkable, but Amazon has hit a trillion dollars in value, the second company to do so…after Apple.

A first in Clackamas County: Milwaukie is banning plastic grocery bags, aka urban tumbleweeds.

You know that huge 140-foot totem pole on the waterfront in Kalama? It’s coming down. Two weeks from today. Engineers say the wood is so deteriorated that a 40MPH wind gust could blow it over. Discussions are underway on preserving it, but for now, it’s been deemed a danger. First the cooling tower across the river, and now this.

A Portland man pleaded guilty to assaulting a federal officer…by throwing crushed Sriracha Dorito chips in his face. The super-spicy chips are sold out of jail vending machines and used to sprinkle on bland jail food–but they feel like pepper spray in the eyes.

The new head coach of Madison High School’s football team resigned after a 67-0 loss to Reynolds. Details aren’t clear, but one of his players may have gotten into an altercation with an assistant coach in the final minutes, just as the head coach was telling the ref to blow the whistle and end the blowout.

Good news? You’ve come to the right place.

–“School Janitor quietly gives out clothes, soap, and more to homeless student from her “giving closet”

–“Hero siblings lift overturned SUV from watery ditch, save couple and baby”

–“California premie nurse meets baby she helped save 28 years ago – and he’s a NICU doctor”

–“Gold necklace ‘dripping in diamonds’ donated to Goodwill.” You can bid at the link.

–“Firefighters nurse dehydrated hummingbird back to health”

Links to those stories, and the TMSG archives, right here.

That’s the news so far! We’ll be seeing you on the radio!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Good morning, friends! Whoa! Suddenly it’s Tuesday, September 4…the summer of 2018 is spread out behind us in the rearview mirror, taunting us for how we wished half of it away during the smoke and the heat, while promising us that sweet fall days are almost here. But not just yet. Today looks sunny and 84, and tomorrow, 90 degrees is within range. Sunrise 6:35 AM, sunset 7:42 PM.

A red flag warning will take hold for the Willamette Valley from 1 to 7 today: high heat, low humidity, and 25 MPH wind gusts that could send grass fires galloping over the terrain.

After a long weekend of bargaining…some fruitful, some fruitless…half of SW Washington’s teacher strikes are settled. Let’s see if we can make sense of the patchwork of teacher strikes and settlements in SW Washington; a plus indicates they’ve settled…a minus indicates they’re still on strike:

-Battle Ground…still on strike, offer on the table.
+Vancouver…tentative agreement to be voted on this morning at Skyview HS; if ratified, school begins tomorrow.
-Evergreen…still on strike, no school today.
-Washougal…still on strike.
+Camas….settled…school starts today
+Ridgefield…settled…school starts today and tomorrow.
+Hockinson starts today…
-Longview…still on strike, no school. District considering legal action.

Brazil’s elegant national museum burned down. Millions of priceless exhibits destroyed. Cause not known. They were a month away from upgrading the fire suppression system.

There’s a hurricane watch on the Gulf Coast, as Tropical Storm Gordon gains strength. Looks like a low-category landfall along or near the Mississippi coast tonight. Japan was just hit by Typhoon Jebi, its strongest in 25 years.

The Senate Judiciary Committee begins confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh today.

Golden, Colorado–the Denver suburb where Coors is made–will vote in November on lowering the voting age, for local issues and candidates only, to 16.


Now that September is here, folks are beginning to gather on the lawn of Chapman School in NW Portland, and nearby Wallace Park, to watch the annual flurry of Vaux’s swifts into the school’s chimney, where they roost during migration because the old growth trees they once flocked to are now scarce. The spectacle at Chapman of these cigar-shaped hummingbird relatives twittering into the chimney normally peaks around September 9, and the early birds are stopping by now.

This weekend TriMet rolled out the biggest bus service expansion in its history, including an all-night bus to Portland International Airport. They haven’t had buses going directly to the terminal since 2001 when light rail first touched the shores of PDX.

The face of Colin Kaepernick looks out from Nike’s 30th anniversary ‘Just Do It’ advertisements. He’s currently suing NFL owners for colluding to keep him out of the league. The message on the ad reads, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”


New York’s Village Voice has ceased operating.

The Oregon Journal folded on this day in 1982.

Ten years ago today, John McCain accepted the Republican presidential nomination.

Nine weeks until the midterms.

Today is the 30th wedding anniversary for actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, or as Paul Harvey used to say, “on their way to forever together.”

Today would be the 100th birthday of Paul Harvey.


Headlines to spray a sweet cool mist on this September morning…

–“Kansas City Chiefs running backs coach, adopted at birth, discovers biological father is his lifelong mentor”

–“Officer adopts homeless woman’s baby daughter”

–“Photo of deer hugging a firefighter near Burns Lake goes viral”

–“SC firefighters nurse dehydrated hummingbird back to health”

–“Hero pet spaniel saves toddler from choking to death”

Links here.

It’s the beginning of school for a great number of districts in the area, a day of first-day photographs that pile up with blinding rapidity, or so it seems when you have a dozen of them; just a dozen, and then it’s done…

And it’s a day of memories. I wonder if anyone can top these. First day of first grade, I clambered up onto the monkey bars and accidentally booted a kid in the mouth, drawing blood; someone threatened me with being taken to “the principal,” whatever that terrifying entity might be, and I ran crying all seven blocks home.

First day of second grade: a couple of big girls laughed and pointed at me and said my pants were on backward. I ran crying all seven blocks home. My pants were fine.

Love to hear your stories of Day One! (Looking for material for the radio…as well as chatter here)….

Radio! 103.3 and K103 on the iHeartRadio app. Bruce is back. Morning team at full strength.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Good morning my friend! Nice hanging out with you, on this Fridayest of Fridays…last day of the week…last day of the month…last day of summer, by the reckoning of many….it’s Friday, August 31, 2018, and the weather is just getting good. Perhaps a morning sprinkle today, then peekaboo sun straight on through, with highs in the mid to high seventies Sunrise 6:31 AM, sunset 7:49 PM.

It’s safe to frolic in the waters of Cannon Beach again! So says the Oregon Health Department, which adds it’s still a good idea to avoid pools, where birds like to stop and do their birdness.

The extraordinary cluster of teacher strikes has now wiped out the first week of school in Battle Ground…Vancouver…Evergreen…Washougal…Ridgefield…Hockinson…Longview…they’re all closed, as the deadlock goes on. So do negotiations; ironic way to spend the Labor Day weekend. There is a serious shortage of mediators. There will, by the way, be a show of teacher solidarity at noon today outside the Evergreen School District headquarters. The EEA calls it “Full Force Friday.”

There’s a fire burning on the Washington side of the Gorge near Carson. It’s tough to fight because it’s directly under a BPA line, and air drops can’t be used.

A bicyclist was killed by a southbound Amtrack train in Salem.

A truck blew a tire on the eastbound I-40 in New Mexico and it lost control, veering into the westbound lanes and hitting a Greyhound Bus head-on. There are at least seven fatalities on the bus, which was heading from St. Louis to Los Angeles.

It’d be joyful if it weren’t so sad…we’re in a period of memorials for two beloved figures, John McCain and Aretha Franklin. Today it’s Aretha’s turn to be honored in words and song–from the likes of Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, and so many more–beginning at 7 AM Pacific from Greater Grace Temple in Detroit. They’re calling it a “homegoing service.” It’ll be live-streamed on multiple platforms and carried live on BET. I think I’ll throw a “record” on that and watch it straight through this weekend. News networks will dip in and out. Then Saturday, starting at 7 our time, the National Cathedral in Washington will be the setting for a memorial for John McCain “focused on his national and global leadership.” It’ll be carried by every cable news channel, and if it’s half as moving as Joe Biden’s eulogy yesterday, it will be a profound American experience. Put a record on that one, too.


Today is Ted Wheeler’s birthday. The mayor of Portland was born in 1962…which makes him…the latest holder of a crummy job. Ted is a smart and kind person who deals gamely under the untethered scorn of a dozen uncompromising constituencies, then gets on his bike and rides home. For a smaller salary than the mayor of Beaverton.

Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper perform at the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater tonight. Or you could get your motor running and head out on the highway to exit 258 and the Oregon State Fairgrounds tonight for Steppenwolf! The band is now and always has been led by John Kay…born Joachim Fritz Krauledat, whose mother smuggled him out from behind the Iron Curtain in 1945. We may be born to be wild, but life has a way of taming us. Good to have Steppenwolf come around to remind us who we are.

John Lennon left England for a new life in New York with Yoko Ono on this date in 1971–and never returned.

This is the day in 1997 Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris at 36.


College football starts for us tomorrow with a docket of games that begins with Oregon State visiting the scandal-motivated #5 Buckeyes of Ohio State. Their head coach Urban Meyer is on suspension for looking the other way at domestic abuse by one of his assistants. The Beavers are five-touchdown underdogs. The #24 Ducks host Bowling Green at 5 PM….the #6 Huskies visit #9 Auburn at 12:30…and the WSU Cougars are at Wyoming, also at 12:30 Saturday. I know there are other games and other teams, and while I’m on the lookout for good stories from any level, no disrespect is intended if I concentrate on the D1 headliners. If there’s a team we should cover, you’re hereby appointed as their Daily Drip Correspondent!

High school football begins tonight. There’s no better fan experience than the Friday Night Lights–particularly if your kid is on the field! Beaverton’s shiny new Mountainside High School plays the first varsity football game in its history tonight. They’re the Mavericks, and in their first rodeo…they’ve drawn Jesuit.


– . .-.. .-.. / — . / … — — . – …. .. -. –. / –. — — -..

–“Thanks to $325,000 Lottery Win, Virgin Islands Couple Will Replace Home Lost in Hurricane Irma”

–“Microsoft will require suppliers to offer paid parental leave”

–“The Ocean Cleanup Is Starting, Aims To Cut Garbage Patch By 90% By 2040”

–“Gene Editing relieves muscular dystrophy symptoms in dogs; may work in humans”

–“Man proposes on the side of a cow”


Hey, is anybody else ready for a three-day weekend?????? We’ll pop in, as we always do, so Dripsters can talk. I think it’s so groovy now, that people are finally getting together. Next official DD on Tuesday.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Good morning to you, homebodies and travelers alike! Here’s Portland’s Daily Drip, a quick way to plug into the day, or go right back to sleep, on Thursday, August 30, 2018. We get an early fall preview today, cloudy and cooler with a chance of drizzle mainly north of Salem. But then we reinstate the sun for the Labor Day weekend, with highs in the just-right upper 70s for the valley, but just 60s for the coast, where there’s a possibility of drizzle on the holiday. Sunrise 6:29 AM, sunset 7:51 PM.

No snow swirling in the air, but here I am logging into the school closure network…Vancouver closed…Evergreen closed, Battle Ground closed…Washougal closed…Hockinson closed, Ridgefield closed….Longview closed…some but not all of these are for the rest of the week. This is remarkable. We have seven simultaneous teacher strikes in one area code. They’re still talking, but settlements are elusive, and now both sides will cancel any plans they had and spend their Labor Day weekend ironically engaged in labor negotiations. And wishing they’d knocked this out over the summer, and hoping to get things on track for an opening next week. We all do.

Oh, crap, I heard someone say…bacteria counts are elevated at some favorite spots on the Oregon Coast: Nye Beach, Agate Beach, Harris Beach…and Cannon Beach, for crying out loud. I’ll spare you the customary recitation of symptoms; just keep your tootsies out of the foamy surf, or stick to the bar.

Here comes some money for your pocket…the Oregon economy is doing so well, and collecting so much tax, that a personal and corporate “kicker” rebate is all but certain in the first half of 2020. The average will be several hundred dollars, knocked off your taxes, but for those in the six-figure range, the kicker will be in the thousands.

Oregon’s US Attorney has promised to tolerate Oregon’s legalized marijuana status–except where it’s clearly a criminal enterprise. That’s why he’s indicted six people for what he calls “two vast conspiracies to traffic marijuana grown in Oregon to Texas, Virginia, and Florida.” It doesn’t help that growers are harvesting way more pot than the market needs.

Public records released to KGW show Portland Police did, in fact, respond to calls from ICE employees during this summer’s protests at the agency’s HQ on Macadam.

The last heart transplant cardiologist is leaving OHSU, after the announcement that the program is suspended until they can recruit some more doctors. The thirty or so patients on the wait list will look to programs in Seattle or San Francisco.

Portland spends more money on its park system per capita than any other city in the nation, according to a new report. The Trust for Public Land says for every resident in Portland, the city spends $382 on parks. The national average is $83. We’re second in dog parks and second in community gardens.

A church service in Arizona this morning for the late John McCain–including a eulogy by Joe Biden–is followed by the casket’s departure for Washington, D.C. About fifteen thousand people lined up in Phoenix to pay their respects.

Aretha Franklin’s funeral is tomorrow in Detroit, with Bill Clinton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Faith Hill, Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande, and more. It’ll be televised.

The Portland Timbers are back in the win column with a 2-0 skunking of Toronto FC at Providence Park last night.

Kind-hearted people have pledged $6,000 to the wandering minstrel whose van and trailer were swallowed up by the ocean. He says in his GoFundMe plea that he’s a 62-year old veteran with health issues, trying to make his troubadour dreams come true.

Lotta folks will be stretching their arms in a semaphore starting with “Y”…the Oregon State Fair tonight features Kool and the Gang with Special Guest The Village People!

Look who’s married: Neil Young and Daryl Hannah. Friends say there was a ceremony in Atascadero, California (on 101 midway betwixt LA and SF) over the weekend, following one on a sailboat off the San Juans earlier in the summer, presumably with a mermaid of honor.

Family members say the story about a bride calling off her dream wedding because guests refuse to chip in $1500 apiece, then breaking up with her fiance because he suggested a quick trip to a Vegas instead…is 100% true.

This was the day in 2005 that Hurricane Katrina laid waste to the Gulf Coast.

The Late Show with David Letterman premiered on CBS this night 25 years ago. His first guests? Bill Murray and Billy Joel.

It’s the 100th birthday of Hall of Famer Ted Williams. Named after President Theodore Roosevelt, Williams is forever associated with the Boston Red Sox–but he was a Californian, born in San Diego. He spent lots of time in Oregon, playing against the Pacific Coast League Portland Beavers, and visiting with his best buddies and teammates Bobby Doerr and Johnny Pesky, both Oregonians.

The Beatles released “Hey Jude” in the UK 50 years ago today. I’ll always remember how the Moda Center arena shook when the crowd sang the chorus along with Paul McCartney last year.

Let’s see if we can reel in some positive headlines:

–“A blind dog named Fly was rescued by a team of lifeguards and a helicopter crew after his owner tried and failed to save him from the sea”

–“Goats Like It When You Smile at Them, Extremely Heartwarming Study Says”

–“Baby in Tiny Cap and Gown ‘Graduates’ From NICU at Alabama Hospital”

–“Boy swept in sewer sticks finger out of manhole and is saved”

–“A Wisconsin DJ is living in a DOG CRATE to raise money for local animal-related charities” I oughta do that! I’m right at home in the dog house!!

Two more days and then Labor Day weekend!