Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Good morning! and welcome to Day 100 of 2018! It’s Tuesday, the 10th of April, and following yesterday’s splendor and warmth, we take a walk on the wet and windy side, with rain and gusts to 35 MPH in the morning, then showers and highs of 59 in the afternoon. We made 65 yesterday. Sunrise 6:34 AM, sunset 7:50 PM. There’s a high wind warning at the coast. KPTV’s Mark Nelson blogs that our overnight skies are now filled with all kinds of migratory birds, racing northward and chased by a tailwind, at anywhere from one to two miles’ altitude.

Top story in Portland is that we’re at the early stages of community reaction to the police shooting of 48-year old carjacking suspect John Elifritz at a Grand Avenue homeless shelter. It’s shaping up to be a contentious issue, in the context of Portland’s history of deadly force incidents involving people with mental illnesses. Police say seven officers and a county deputy were involved, and that none will be named for now because of threats against them.

We’re watching for the next shoes that may come tumbling down after the FBI raid on President Trump’s lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen (Henry Winkler will play him in the movie). Trump thundered about the raid being “an attack on our country” and mused about firing special counsel Robert Mueller, which many voices on his side are demanding. But the Mueller team didn’t do the raid; instead, they referred evidence they’d found, which was outside their scope, to the Trump-appointed US Attorney for New York’s Southern District, and that’s who procured the warrant and carried out the search with Justice Department approval. Trump said for the hundredth time that it’s a “witch hunt” (which, as my wife says, seems to keep finding broomsticks), and “a disgrace,” and with uptight body language conveying that he was unhappy indeed, he said, “We’ll see what happens. Many people have said you should fire him.”

Facebook oligarch Mark Zuckerberg will be sizzling on the griddle of a Senate committee today and a Greg Walden-chaired House committee tomorrow, as he hears lectures from each member for allowing his creation to devolve from an idealistic tool that brings people together into a for-sale vehicle for slanderously false news about one’s political enemies, foreign intervention in our sacred elections, and our country’s despicable resurgence of hate speech. At the heart is a business model in which user (your) interests are “harvested” for the purpose of spookily-accurate ad targeting. And that applies to Google and Twitter as well.

Oregon can’t overrule the FCC’s dismantling of Obama-era Net Neutrality rules, but it’s trying to use the power of the checkbook to create a market for fairness. Governor Kate Brown yesterday signed a law withholding state business from internet service providers who sell better connections to people who can pay for them, and slower-speed hookups to the rest.

It’s Equal Pay Day. April 10 is the symbolic day, on average, when someone calculated that women’s earnings finally catch up to what men were paid last year.

The deadline to file your taxes is one week from today. There’s still time salt away money in your retirement account and reduce your 2017 tax liability while embiggening your retirement egg, a couple of worthy goals.

The Blazers dropped their fourth game in a row last night, on the road against Denver, and now they have to win at home against Utah tomorrow night, or they’ll begin the playoffs on the road. Team leader Damian Lillard said the Blazers are playing fine, but have been losing to teams that are desperate to get into the postseason.

With everyone mindful of what happened last week in Canada, the Portland Winterhawks host Everett in the second-round WHL playoffs at the Coliseum. The Winterhawks Booster Club will be collecting donations both tonight and Thursday for the Humboldt Broncos, the Canadian team that was devastated by the bus crash that killed 15 players and staff. The rest are still in the hospital.

Lindsey Buckingham is out of Fleetwood Mac…replaced by a guy from Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers and another from Crowded House. It’s been “rumoured” for a week that he’d been fired. Why, after all he and Stevie Nicks and the entire band have already survived, can’t they keep it together, now that they’re (hopefully) non-24/7-coke-snorting grownups?

Headlines…for happier hearts…

–“Twin girls asked for nothing but stuffed animals for their sixth birthday–and donated 50 of them to New Mexico for kids going through hard times.”

–“Scientists identify genetic risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease in human brain cells, as well as a gene correction for future human testing.”

–“Single parent and 8-year-old are helping the British Columbia homeless through spring with rain gear and a mobile hygiene truck.”

–“Moments before train crash, strangers rescue woman from car that was stuck on tracks.”

–“Firefighter rescues 3-day-old puppy who fell down vent in Auburn, Wash. ”

We do these on the radio, in case you’re new to the program…8 AM straight up on 103.3, and replayed at 5:30 AM the next weekday. Bruce, Janine, and I each do one story in our own style, and it usually seems to work!

There’s a new Starbucks at NW 3rd and Davis.

I delivered the sweet slap of justice to my first mosquito of the year last night on the IPA deck.

Ready to roll into a Tuesday! People seemed to find us OK yesterday..but if you have trouble, just put my name (not Daily Drip) in the Facebook search, and we’ll all pop up together.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Hello, friend! You’re launching yourself into a Monday, April 9, 2018, with fog rising from the sodden land, but sun breaking through later, and highs knocking on 70. Should be the only day of the week, and the warmest of the year so far! Sunrise 6:35 AM, sunset 7:49 PM. We’re gaining over three minutes of daylight every day.

The windstorm we hunkered down for turned out to be just a really frisky all-day breeze, but it blew out the lights for a few thousand people, and 300 or so are still bumping around in the dark in Oregon City. And lots of cars are just absolutely coated with blossoms. The weekend’s real damage was to the practice schedules for dragon boat teams, because the Willamette River alongside downtown is not where you want to be paddling around for the next day or two. And, for a similar reason, we need to avoid Tryon Creek. Ew.

A homeless shelter on SE Grand Avenue was the scene of a fatal police shooting on Saturday night, as officers fired on a man who witnesses say was waving a knife. An Alcoholics Anonymous meeting had just begun when the man, who had allegedly carjacked a Honda CRV earlier in the day, entered shirtless and shouting, according to witnesses, evidently in a mental crisis. Some witnesses say police did what they had to do, while others say the man was clearly needed help. Police chief Danielle Outlaw issued a statement promising a transparent investigation, adding, “The Portland Police Bureau values human life and accepts the authority to use lethal force with great reverence.”

Police dogs helped bring an end to another volatile situation near NE 89th and Fremont last night. Some guy was threatening neighbors and had a machete, sword, hatchet, and replica guns, but he was subdued with no one being hurt. Except the guy himself, with “non-life-threatening” dog bites.

No confirmation or ID yet, but it looks like the body of one of the missing Hart teenagers was found near the site of the SUV crash two weeks ago. Searchers will be out there again today.

Governor Kate Brown signs Oregon’s Net Neutrality law today at Mt. Tabor Middle School. It’s an attempt to keep alive the notion of an equal-for-all internet, despite the Trump FCC’s reversal of the Obama FCC’s rules prohibiting different internet speeds for customers based on their ability to pay. The Oregon law says public entities in the state can only contract for internet service with ISP’s that maintain the standards of net neutrality.

Days after President Trump said the US would be pulling out of Syria, that country’s dictator bombed a rebel-dominated suburb of Damascus with poison gas that killed dozens of civilians. Now Trump is hinting at retaliation against Syria, as well as its sponsor Russia. And Syria and Russia are claiming that Israel has attacked a Syrian military base.

It’s John Bolton’s first day as National Security Adviser.

There was no sprinkler system in the Trump Tower apartment where a man was killed in a Saturday night fire on the 50th floor. It was built just before sprinklers were required, which Donald Trump, as the developer, lobbied hard against.

Today’s the day Facebook will notify 87 million people that their “likes,” shared pages, and locations were swept up by the political data firm Cambridge Analytica, which worked for the Trump and Brexit campaigns.

Bill Cosby’s retrial begins today in Pennsylvania.

Last night was the final performance of “Hamilton” at the Keller. The lights came down and the crews went to work, loading out for their next stop in Salt Lake City, where the curtain goes up on Wednesday.

The Portland Trail Blazers’ final road game of the regular season is tonight at 6 against the Denver Nuggets. They’re at home for Fan Appreciation Night on Wednesday, and then it’s playoff time!

Let’s see if we can round up some good news, to help get the day off on a positive foot:

–“Thanks to a computer chip, Florida man reunites with cat lost 14 years ago in Hurricane Jeanne”

–“Austin girl, 7, is youngest ever to climb Mount Kilimanjaro; does it in honor of late dad”

–“Australian paraplegic climbs Mount Everest in a wheelchair”

–“A rare owl badly injured in a road accident has been given the gift of flight after a double wing transplant”

–“Squirrel with Easter egg stuck on its head rescued from tree by Kansas firefighters”

–“Suspect feels guilty, returns stolen guitars to Nashville owner. Owner lets the guy go, under the agreement he gets treatment.”

Dripstock is only five days away! It’s a time for folks who are part of this smart and friendly community to meet each other in the real world. Nobody’s told me we’re full…so….hop over to K103’s Facebook page and RSVP.

And let’s see if we can get outside and enjoy ourselves some Monday!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Happy stormy Saturday!

Opening up a weekend Daily Drip thread for weather-related matters, and anything else that pops up. We had some heavy rain roll through between 4 and 5 this morning, leaving a few thousand power outages. Now (at almost 8 AM) radar is showing cells of showers moving north through the valley, and some look pretty heavy. At the same time, a searingly bright sun just broke through the clouds to the east.

Let’s ask the National Weather Service what’s on tap for Portland:


* WINDS…South 25 to 35 mph with gusts 40 to 50 mph. (Note: that’s down from earlier predictions of 55 peak gusts. Other forecasts still say 55. We’ll see). Coastal gusts could still pop 75, but they haven’t yet.

* TIMING…Windy conditions from this morning through early
evening. The strongest gusts will likely occur late morning
through early evening.

* IMPACTS…Strong winds may damage trees and bring down branches and power lines. Localized power outages are possible. Travel may be difficult, especially for high profile vehicles. (I wouldn’t be driving the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile over the Glenn Jackson Bridge today).

Even before the strongest winds begin, PGE reports over 3,000 customers are out of power, with Washington County leading the way at 2080. Looks like a chunk of Tigard may have lost the juice at 5 AM.

Lots of people are flying home today, as Washington’s spring break comes to an end. You’ll experience some choppiness up in the sky; as the NWS puts it…”A strong low pressure offshore will bring an increasingly unstable airmass and windy conditions to the region today.” Bouncy! Be sure to check the flight status. Quite a few flights are running late.

Also from the NWS: Snow will be dumping in the High Cascades later today and Sunday, with snow levels lowering to around pass level tonight. Roads may be slick at times, with periods of reduced visibility possible.

So if you encounter anything you’d like to share, please do!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Hello Friday People! Today is April 6, 2018, a day that starts out showery and grows wetter and windier as time goes on. A high wind watch is posted for late tonight through tomorrow evening for western Oregon and southwest Washington, with gusts expected to peg 75 on the beaches and headlands, 65 in the coastal towns, and 40 to 55 in the valleys where most of us live. We can expect falling trees, power outages, and dangerous crosswinds. As it happens, one year ago tomorrow we experienced a windstorm that put 170,000 PGE customers out of power. Sunrise today comes at 6:41 AM, and sunset 7:45 PM.

A rotten way to end Spring Break on the coast…an Orkin man was spraying pesticides at the Tillamook Shilo Inn…and guests started feeling sick. Four were hospitalized.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s tweets have become world news sound bites as she explains her refusal to allow the Guard to be deployed to the Mexican border by saying, “I will not let our Oregon National guardsmen and women be used as political pawns to distract from the incompetence and chaos of the Trump administration.” It may be moot; she hasn’t been asked.

The Dow Jones industrial average closed above 9,000 points for the first time exactly 20 years ago today. Today we’re starting out at 24,505, but that’s been bouncing like a microbus on a potholed Portland street, mainly because of the tariff snarling between the US and China. Remember that those are only proposed tariffs: both sides are playing poker with the global economy. But it’s nail-biting time for Oregon agriculture: China is their #4 international market, and the tariffs would target hazelnuts, apples, berries…and wine. And Oregon is far from alone. GOP Senator Ben Sasse from the farmland state of Nebraska writes, “This is nuts….he (Trump) is threatening to light American agriculture on fire.”

The Register-Guard reports that two KVAL-TV anchors in Eugene refused to read a statement assigned by the station’s owner, Sinclair Broadcasting, that accused other media of alleged biased reporting. No word on consequences.

Latest developments in the Hart family tragedy: the Mendocino County Sheriff’s office says it incorrectly stated that the two mothers had their seatbelts on while the children did not. In fact, nobody was belted.

With zero fanfare, the Salem Nordstrom closes forever tonight at 6. The Statesman Journal reminds us that the opening, way back in March of 1980, was a major festival including hot air balloons and clowns and a contest for a trip to Mexico. But the corporate office explains that since the Salem Nordstrom was the company’s lowest-volume store in its smallest market anywhere, that’s the way the brick and mortar crumbles.

The Portland Trail Blazers bench staged a furious fourth-quarter comeback against the Houston Rockets, rallying from 17 points down to tie the game with seconds remaining. But then Houston won it. Still, a team confidence-builder for the playoffs.

A bald eagle landed on Seattle Mariners pitcher James Paxton during the national anthem at the Twins’ home opener in Minnesota yesterday. He didn’t flinch. Instead, he pitched scoreless ball into the sixth, but gave up a couple of runs, and the Mariners lost.

With the Masters underway in Augusta, golfer Jason Day’s second shot hit a tree, bounced off a fan’s shoulder…and splashed into his cup of beer. The fan chugged the beer and handed the ball to Day.

Knowing when to fold ’em, 79-year old music legend Kenny Rogers has canceled the rest of his farewell tour because of “a series of health challenges.”

Best joke from late-night TV: Facebook is under investigation in Australia, where, Jimmy Fallon says, “Facebook’s stock actually goes down the toilet in a counterclockwise direction.”

Dripstock is one week from today! Lots of people have signed up, but until I hear from Ye Powers That Be, there’s still room for you!

Tee Mee Ess Gee!

–“The number of plastic bags found on the seabed has plummeted, suggesting efforts to combat plastic pollution are working”

–“Teen girl buys every cupcake in bakery..depriving another customer behind her who rudely and loudly fat-shamed her”

–“Father still brings daughter’s toy to work every day after 18 years: She gave him the plush ‘beluga’ so he could take it out when he misses his family, nearly two decades later he still does.”

–“Four people are fortunate to be alive after being rescued from the sea off the coast of North Yorkshire by a human chain”

–“Indian women fought tiger with a stick, survives, then took selfie.”

I have a fun and challenging day ahead: it’s time for the all of the state Geography Bees, leading up next month’s National Geographic Bee, and Oregon’s competition will be at noon at Western Oregon University in Monmouth. I’ve been the moderator since the 1990’s, and every year is a renewal of my impression that young people are incredibly smart. I haven’t seen the questions yet, and the pronunciations are sure to be daunting. But I’ll scurry down to Monmouth and speed-prep as best I can. That means I’ll leave it up to you to self-patrol the DD…a few elbows got a little sharp yesterday. So let’s be friendly out there!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Morning, friends! Here’s the Daily Drip for Thursday, April 5, 2018, and it’s time to haul out the rain gear, with plenty of rain starting in the early morning at the Coast and late morning Inland, and then even more for the weekend. Saturday has the potential for a springtime windstorm with 50 MPH gusts that could blow down branches and knock out power. There’s already a high wind watch for the coast and the coast range from Friday night to Saturday night. Our high today will be around 60. Sunrise 6:43 AM, sunset 7:44 PM. Today we’ll have 13 hours of daylight–the same as Labor Day.

The weather will deteriorate along the Mendocino coast today, diminishing the chances that Hannah, Devonte, and Sierra Hart will be found. Yesterday’s intensive, multi-agency search didn’t turn up anything. But there is a photo of their mother Jennifer buying food at a Safeway in Fort Bragg two days before their car went over that cliff. I wonder if they can recreate the sales tab, to see if they were feeding six hungry teenagers–or just three? (There’s a bunch of bananas on the counter. It looks like at least six).

A young man involved in a family argument is accused of aiming a bow and arrow at his sister, and then at Clark County deputies who responded. The SWAT team arrested him.

A man in Milwaukie was attacked by another man with a machete.

A Parkland shooting survivor is finally home from the hospital. Anthony Borges is the student who barricaded a door, taking 5 bullets but saving as many as 20 people inside his classroom.

President Trump last night signed a proclamation directing the deployment of National Guard troops to the US-Mexican border, but gave no details. Oregon Governor Kate Brown tweets the following: “If @realDonaldTrump asks me to deploy Oregon Guard troops to the Mexico border, I’ll say no. As Commander of Oregon’s Guard, I’m deeply troubled by Trump’s plan to militarize our border.” She’s getting high praise from the Left, and harsh blowback from the Right.

It was a surprise to her Beaverton neighbors that the 45-year old single mom known as Zolja was really a convicted Yugoslavian war criminal who took part in the massacre of Bosnian Croats back in the 1990s. Now the US government is moving to strip her of her American citizenship, saying she was admitted to the US claiming she was fleeing atrocities that, in fact, she herself had committed.

Big “oops” by a construction crew in Hillsboro, which cut into a power line, plunging the Sunset Esplanade into darkness, from Joann Fabrics to Ross Dress in the Dark.

Portland may be the sneaker capital of the world, but this was sneaky in a bad way….a local man’s been convicted of buying fake Nikes direct from counterfeiters in China, and peddling them on websites to unsuspecting bargain-hunters in America. He’ll do prison time, and pay six figures in fines and restitution.

Next time you’re ready to board a flight from PDX and wish you had a book to dive into while you’re in the sky,  there’ll be a handy Powell’s kiosk right there on Concourse B. They’ve had a store in Clocktower Plaza for 30 years, and now they’ve expanded into the post-TSA secure area. It’s open from 5 to 5.

Have you seen those PSA’s urging drivers to slow down? They’re paid for by $300,000 in cannabis tax revenue.

Seattle is considering charging a toll for driving in the downtown area. Just like they do in London.

I love this: the Oregon Humane Society is teaming up with the Rose Festival as the official charity. You can enter your pup in a contest to be in the first ever Rose Festival K-9 Court, and be K-9 Grand Marshal at the Rose Festival Parade.

Pope Francis has generated considerable buzz by supposedly saying that “hell does not exist” and that unrepentant souls in mortal sin simply “disappear.”  The comment was made to an atheist journalist in Italy; no denial from the Vatican.

The Blazers visit the tough Houston Rockets tonight, minus All-Star Damian Lillard. He’s got a sprained ankle. Save him for the playoffs!

From the Headlines for a Happier Heart department:

–“Canadian PhD student makes a discovery that may effectively prevent the spread of cancer”

–“College students rescue injured dog from railroad tracks, as train approaches”

–“High speed rail from London to Amsterdam launches today with £35 tickets and 3.7 hour travel time”

–“Grocery store PA soundcheck singer gets accepted to Berklee College of Music”

–“Restaurant Employees Surprise Coworker With A Plane Ticket To See Her Family For The First Time In Six Years”

–“Hotel gives out environmental friendly sunscreen to protect Hawaii’s coral reefs”

That’ll wrap it! Thank you, stay dry, but shake it off if you don’t, and we’ll see you on 103.3!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Good morning my friend! It’s Wednesday, April 4, 2018, and before anything else, we want to observe that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated fifty years ago today. Faith leaders, including the Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon and the Albina Ministerial Alliance, are leading a march from the downtown waterfront, over the Steel Bridge, to the statue of Dr. King at the Oregon Convention Center. In the words of the event flyer, “We’re calling on all people of faith in the common good to gather, march and re-dedicate themselves to the unfinished work of the original Civil Rights Movement and Poor People’s Campaign.”

All right! Portland’s weather changed overnight as a weak system is brushing the area with light rain; we’ll get to 58º f, 14º c. It’s good if you can squeeze in a little midweek yard work, because heavy rain is on track to arrive in the days to come. Sunrise 6:45 AM, sunset 7:42 PM.

California authorities are using a brief break in the weather during this morning’s low tide to conduct an all-out, multi-agency search covering an expanded area for the missing Hart children. The Coast Guard is providing computer models of where the currents may have taken them since the crash over a week ago.

A rare female shooter with a grievance to settle opened fire inside YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, not far from San Francisco International Airport, wounding three people before taking her own life. It’s believed she was angry at YouTube for censoring or deleting videos she had posted.

Multnomah County’s Republican Party is taking on the Portland Public Schools, claiming that teachers are “brainwashing” children with anti-gun views, and filing a public records request for emails and other documents showing that teachers and administrators, and not students, organized the March 14 protest. High school kids interviewed by KGW say no, actually, their views are their own. “Watching people our age getting killed in our schools, that scares us. It’s not our teachers pushing us. We are afraid, we are scared. We led that walkout,” one said.

The Blazers lost to the lowly (this year) Dallas Mavericks on the road last night, but more importantly, Damian Lillard injured an ankle. The team is not saying how severely.

The Portland Winterhawks won the seventh game of their series against Spokane, and advance to the second playoff round against Everett,

We anticipate a joint announcement today of a canine nature from the Portland Rose Festival and the Oregon Humane Society.

Cirque du Soleil opens at the Moda Center today–with its first show set entirely on ice. From the show’s description: “Follow Crystal, our lead character, on an exhilarating tale of self-discovery as she dives into a world of her own imagination. Feel the adrenaline as she soars through this surreal world at high speed to become what she was always destined to be: confident, liberated, empowered.”

I’m not sure why we’re not having a Bicentennial moment over this, but two hundred years ago today, Congress adopted the flag of the United States with the brilliantly flexible concept of having a star for each state (twenty, at the time), and another star to be added whenever a new state is admitted to the Union.

Somebody (probably a newsperson. Maybe at KATU!) has decided that today is Hug a Newsperson day.

Not the way to pass the test: A student driver crashed a car into a Connecticut DMV during a license exam, injuring one person.

From our Department of Non-Disgusting Headlines:

–“Parents find daughter after 24-year search” (It’s quite a story. The little girl and her daddy were separated in a marketplace crowd. He spent these decades trying to find her, by becoming a cab driver to meet as many people as possible. Last year a police sketch artist produced a rendition of how she’d look today, someone saw it and a connection was made and verified with DNA. Turns out the lost little girl was taken in and raised by a kindly couple. She’s now married with children. All of China is celebrating the reunion).

–“One-armed teen baseball catcher inspires millions, including professional athletes”

–“One-in-a-million’: Joliet, Illinois woman had son, then twins — and now has given birth to triplets”

–“NYPD Rescues Nuns Who Locked Themselves Out Of Car On Way To Easter Mass”

–“Hunting dog named Reuben, stolen from man’s truck in Vancouver area, found, reunited with owner.”

Hey, thanks, everyone who has, for signing up for Dripstock! I know we still have room, and we’d love to meet as many as we can. Lots to talk about!

Let’s wrap with a few MLK quotes.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

“The time is always right to do what is right.”

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

Those ring so true today. In his short life, the man cast a tall, tall shadow. Happy Wednesday, and let’s spend some quality time together on radio 103.3!