Thursday, August 15, 2019

Morning, friends and family and everyone who’s tripped across this morning update! Today is the day of the full moon. This entire week has felt full-moonie. What I know for sure is that it’s Thursday, August 15, 2019, with a possible touch of morning drizzle, then sunshine and 82, a nice dip from yesterday’s 87. Air quality is solidly in the good zone. Sunrise 6:11 AM, sunset 8:18 PM.

Saturday is two days off, but they’re already in town, folks: the Florida radio guy, one Bo Jiggs, who’s been rounding up the far-right troops to come and show Portland, Oregon what it thinks of us. He and a pal are pictured pre-functioning in I don’t know which bar, jabbing forefingers at the camera, and the Facebook robot that knows and reveals all says, “Bo Jiggs is in Portland, Oregon.” And his the caption reads, ‘Two of America’s most wanted in the same (m-fing) place at the same (m-fing) time…downtown Portland.” And his fan comments include: “Have those phones ready to record the snowflake meltdowns”…”That’s the hive brothers. Be safe”….”Joe do you have your favorite weapon ? That zapper on a club ! How many voltz ? Can you post it again I WANT ONE (Ferguson baby)”… and so on. So they’ll be here, along with the news crews who’ll be instantly sharing every taunt, jab, flash-bang, and milkshake.

It was kind of amazing to see the cross-section on the risers in the sun at Pioneer Courthouse Square, standing in unison at the Mayor’s behest in favor of nonviolence on Saturday. Faith leaders, elected officials, Timber Joey and the Unipiper all put in their appeal for peace. But they were divided in terms of the target. US Attorney Billy Williams, who works under the Trump DOJ, pointed left: “The actions of a few, who include masked cowards and marauding thugs, have tarnished the reputation of Portland.” But others, like Rabbi Debra Kolodny, directed their gaze at the groups like Jo Biggs’s fans, and added; “Creating false equivalencies between violent white nationalists and those willing to defend our city against their violence is unacceptable. Pandering to a climate that accuses Portland of being soft on Antifa is unacceptable.” And Commissioner JoAnn A Hardesty‘s message on Twitter is this: “Let’s be clear: the white supremacist threat to our communities is real, there are no 2 sides to this issue. Hate & inaction against hate are unwelcome here. I unequivocally support those standing up against white supremacy, racism, bigotry, Islamophobia anti-semitism, & fascism.”


How’s your 401K? Don’t look. We won’t know until later whether yesterday’s 800-point skydive in the Dow has a bungee cord attached, but the real message is that there are clouds on the economic horizon that bear watching. A highly reliable predictor popped up in the bond market, where, imagine this… two-year treasure notes were paying better than ten-year notes. Which seems to say that those knowledgable investors like our prospects in the short term, but not so much down the road. For the last fifty years, it has always meant a recession is coming. We just have to faith that the people in charge know what they’re doing. (Pause for involuntary reflex).

Okay, let’s give this another go. The Interstate Bridge isn’t getting younger, or less prone to malfunction, or more able to carry 21st-century traffic, or withstand the inevitable earthquake. Washington left Oregon at the altar years ago and wasted hundreds of millions of dollars in the process; if they hadn’t, we’d likely have a new Columbia River Crossing by now. But now under new leadership, Washington has been wanting to rekindle the replacement effort, and so now Oregon’s legislative leaders have appointed a bipartisan Interstate Bridge Committee: four Ds, 4 Rs, from all around the state, and just one from Portland proper, our esteemed friend Sen. Lew Frederick. It’ll take time and a whole lot of money, and it has one metaphorical and literal job: bridgebuilding.

Police arrested a man on charges of putting Molotov cocktails into the yards of two of his southeast Portland neighbors. It’s being investigated as a hate crime.

A Beaverton School District employee who was doing maintenance on the roof at Westview High School feel to his death in a courtyard yesterday.

The gunman accused of wounding six Philadelphia police officers finally surrendered after a bullet-riddled 8-hour standoff. No lives were lost.


The Woodstock Music and Art Fair opened on this day fifty years ago. Half a century since Woodstock! They called it “An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music.” Question: were any Dripsters there? Stories to tell? (It’s OK; statutes of limitations have long run out).

Napolean Bonaparte was born 250 years ago today.

The Wizard of Oz premiered 90 years ago today.

Scott Brosius was born in Hillsboro this day in 1966. He played high school ball at Rex Putnam’s field, which now bears his name, hit a home run in his first MLB game, was MVP of the 1998 World Series, retired after 11 seasons, then coached at Linfield College for 8. Great baseball guy.

The Piano Guys play at the Oregon Zoo tonight.


We REALLY need something good from the universe. So, here!

–“Hero dog Bubba credited with fetching lifesaving help for owner”

–“Taylor Swift sends woman $6,386.47 to pay her university tuition”

–“New Oregon law mandates cage-free eggs by 2024”

–“Man Flies 33 Family Members to Hawaii for Free Using Airline Points”

–“Man Plays Rock-Paper-Scissors With Tarmac Worker at Atlantic City Airport”


That’s all I’ve got! I have a serious case of…two days and I’m gonzo!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Well, I see that our host planet’s taken another whirl, and suddenly it’s Wednesday, August 14, 2019. Portland’s weather will be sunny with highs in the upper 80s, even 90 in spots, and then a little push from Alaska will comfortize us to the 70s as the week winds up. One year ago today, we were sweating through our 28th day of the year above 90. So far this year I believe we’ve had 7. Sunrise 6:10 AM, sunset 8:19 PM.’s fine now, but the Portland Air Quality Index lapsed into the “moderate” category yesterday afternoon, and all because of ozone…just as NPR was reporting that ground-level ozone may be behind an increase in emphysema among non-smokers. And that it’s part of our changing climate.

School begins in Portland two weeks from today! How’s that rosebud collection coming along?

Hate-crime investigators are checking into reports that Molotov cocktails were found in the yards of two separate homes on SE 104th south of Powell–and one of the residents received texts about their sexual orientation.

Portland has three days left to get ready for a regrettable globally-watched Saturday clash between right-wing groups riding in from out of town, spurred by a Florida radio host who’s hoping to sell the point that Antifa are terrorists, and left-wing locals who dress in black and wear masks and have been fighting far-right toughs since Portland was Skinhead City in the 90s, according to the Washington Post. Today’s the day Mayor Wheeler plans a 10 AM event at Pioneer Courthouse Square in which “we’re bringing together elected officials, business folks, institution leaders, faith leaders, civil rights leaders and others” to “send a unified message to the rest of this country, which is that we do not accept violence in this community.”

(Tom McCall would have put on a country-rock concert in a remote park. Longtimers know what I’m talking about).

One year ago today, family members were gathering at a gravely ill Aretha Franklin’s bedside.

Say, if you’re taking a redeye in or out PDX…you (or your ride) should know that the I-205 Glenn Jackson Bridge will be totally shut down from 11:59 tonight until 5 AM tomorrow. (I got curious about Portland’s status as a redeye airport and found there’s a series of flights departing in the 11 PM hour, the last of which is American’s 11:55 nonstop to Dallas, but then arrivals begin around 4:30 AM from Alaska, and lots of people have night shifts at the airport, so, anyway. No 205 bridge from midnight to 5 AM).

The Oregon DMV was bitten by a glitch preventing eager prospective drivers from taking their “knowledge” test from those little kiosks until they were fixed around 3 PM yesterday. Nothing worse for someone itching to get their permit than cramming from the driver’s manual about stopping distances and the meaning of sign shapes, only to have Patty or Selma tell you to come back some other day.

I’m not sure where this is happening, but somewhere around here tonight, the Portland-filmed Hulu comedy “Shrill” will be shooting its own version of the World Naked Bike Ride. They’ve been signing up extras, who will be paid $12.50 an hour, plus an extra $50 for not requiring the services of the costume department.

If you made it to the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert at the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater back in July, you saw one the band’s last concerts, at least for a while. They’ve postponed the rest of their Farewell Tour so Garry Rossington–the only remaining original member, whose work on “Sweet Home, Alabama” we briefly dissected on the July 26 edition of the Daily Drip, can recover from heart surgery.

The Dow opens this morning at 26,279.91, after a 372 point gain attributed to the president’s announcement that he was backing off some of his tariffs on cell phones and laptops and other made-in-China items, and thus saving Christmas.

Happy 60th to Eugene-born MLB umpire (and former KBDF jock) Dale Scott, now retired after taking enough fastballs to the facemask.

Also turning 60 today: Magic Johnson. Modern medicine can work miracles.

On this day in 1945, President Truman announced that Japan had surrendered unconditionally, ending World War II.

This was the day in 1933 when loggers in Gales Creek Canyon were dragging a giant old-growth Doug Fir, and the chain rubbed against a snag, creating a spark that blossomed into a fire that burned for 22 days. It was finally doused by rain on September 5, but by then it had laid waste to 350,000 acres, and we remember it as the first fire in the series known as the Tillamook Burn.

We know that Dripster Timber Joey will be revving up the chain saw as the Portland Timbers play Chicago tonight at 8 at Providence Park!

Headlines from the Bright Web. Links in the coffee cup.

–“Police officer carrying 2 girls for a mile during heavy floods in India”

–“Man paid elderly couple’s bill, had no idea it was their 50th anniversary”

–“John Legend Surprises Dayton Victims’ Families With Concert”

–“Teachers paint positive messages on bathroom stalls”

–“73% of Kids Want to Spend More Time With Their Parents; And Here Are 20 Things They Want to Do”


Sometimes, a casual word can make a big change in someone’s life. I just want to mention that the Oregon Humane Society announced that they have many shelter residents of the feline persuasion, and through this Sunday all cat and kitten adoptions are 50% off. They add: “Come to OHS and fall in love with one of our kitties.” Would somebody please do that, and report back, and we’ll make a celebration of it here?

And have a wonderful day, all!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Good morning to everyone who’s successfully found the Daily Drip (Facebook’s futzing with us again)! It’s Tuesday, August 13, 2019, and today looks like the hottest day of the week–a high of 88 degrees in Portland, 71 in Seaside, 86 in Hood River and 74 at Government Camp. My dog and I came in from an afternoon ball-toss with our tongues hanging out from the muggy 83-degree heat, yet it’s so much cooler than recent summers and the air is kinder, too–Portland air quality is steady in the “good” range, with no sign of the dirty orange shroud of the past two years. Sunrise 6:08 AM, sunset 8:21 PM.

Anyone see the Perseids last night? Pix? And who’s picking roadside blackberries, and finding them just a bit too bitter yet?

Mystery at the Oregon Zoo…where the body of a man was found in the new rhino habitat under construction. No rhinos were involved; they haven’t moved in yet.

It must have looked like fun, but a 58-year-old California man’s attempt to swing from a rope into the Molalla River ended up with a broken leg and a technical rope rescue. Clackamas Fire rescue personnel got the job done, and he’s in the hospital mending.

The Hong Kong Airport is shut down for a second day by pro-democracy demonstrators. World travelers are scrambling for new routes; I know two who are trying to get to India, and they found a connection on the Portland to Amsterdam flight.

All this week Portland is doing what it can to avoid becoming another Charlottesville, as fringe elements are coming from a long way and ready to do battle. Kells Irish Pub has canceled its annual Summer Smoker Boxing Match, to keep from getting its 500 patrons involved in our Troubles.

It didn’t take long for Oregon’s new felony-level bias crime law to find a customer, as a 58-year old man is charged with going off on at three Latino men as they left an Old Town gay bar at closing time, telling them to “go back to your country,” then punching all three in the face. According to police documents, this guy kept up the racial and homophobic language and threatened continued assaults–even as he was being taken into custody. As of July 15th, it’s a felony for someone to hurt another person because of their race or other protected factors; until now, in order to be a felony, it had to be committed by two or more people.

President Trump’s administration is now targeting the legal immigration of people in poverty, claiming the nation needs a “merit-based” immigration system. They’re enacting a rule which would deny Green Cards to immigrants who use food stamps, housing assistance or Medicaid. The Oregon Food Bank is shoving back: CEO Susannah Morgan says “No family should have to decide between putting food on the table and securing long-term stability for themselves and their children. This rule is just the latest in a series of attacks from this administration on immigrants of color and people experiencing hunger and poverty.”

There’s been a train wreck in Oregon’s high desert, where a pair of large boulders fell onto the BNSF tracks, causing five locomotives of an 80-car freight to skip the rails. They all stayed upright and nobody was hurt, but 4000 gallons of diesel squirted into the environment.

A sign of the times in densely-built Portland: more and more people are using garbage cans and traffic cones to stake out the parking slot on the curb in front of their house–even though it’s public property and anyone can legally park there. Violators are sometimes met with obscene messages taped to their windows.

Woodburn, Oregon-born Dorothy Olsen, one of the last surviving female pilots who flew in WWII, has died at the age of 103. Twenty-five thousand women applied to be WASPs, but only a thousand made it, and she was one. And they didn’t get full VA benefits until 1977.

The great Boz Scaggs is at Portland’s Revolution Hall tonight. He’s got a new album–“Out of the Blues”–and says he feels like he’s finally found his voice.

The Clackamas County Fair and Rodeo begins today in Canby.

Happy birthday (in 1947) to Portland-born TV pro Gretchen Corbett! We devotees of “The Rockford Files” remember her dearly as Jim’s very good lawyer and occasional and fetching squeeze Beth Davenport. Her name’s also familiar because she’s the great-granddaughter of early Portland pioneer, tycoon, and US Senator Henry Corbett, who had a farm at the west end of the Columbia Gorge. That’s how lovely Corbett got its name.

The NBA season schedule’s been rolled out, and of local interest, the Blazers get red-hot-and-rolling at home October 23 against Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets. Didn’t we just see (and beat) these guys? In all, 20 Blazer games will be nationally televised, the most in a long time. This team has a lot of eyes on it.


It’s day two of Good News Week! (So named because I’m on final approach to vacation)!

–“Ford restores beloved Mustang for Dad who sold it to pay for wife’s medical bills”

–“Christians protect Muslims as they pray while Muslims protect Christians during mass.”

–“Indigenous Women Are Publishing the First Maya Works in Over 400 Years”

–“First-ever British-Russian orchestra celebrates friendship between WWII composers and friends Britten and Shostakovich”

–“Guy Creates Images That Show How Earth Would Look If Cats Were A Lot Bigger”


Links here.


Busy day! Hope it’s a good one for all!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Monday, is how it feels, and Monday is what it is, as we hop to it on August 12, 2019. Portland’s weather looks sunny and warm, with highs of 80, but we enjoy, or not, another little taste of rain Thursday night into the weekend. Sunrise 6:07 AM, sunset 8:23 PM.

I want to start by showering confetti on the Portland Thorns..who sold out Providence Park for their Sunday game, setting a new single-game NWSL attendance record of 25, 218…and proceeded to defeat the North Carolina Courage 2-1 to seize first place in the race for the NWSL Shield! Timbers won, too. Great weekend for Soccer City USA!

Did you get drenched on Saturday afternoon? It totally missed a lot of us, but a torrential cloudburst extended from Sauvie Island to the NWS station near PDX, and Portland officially measured .80 inches, which–bizarrely for August–was the second rainiest day of the year, behind only a January Friday. It was more rain in an hour than we normally get in the whole month of August. Saturday’s rain was enough to cause a rare summer sewer overflow into the Willamette River halfway between the St. Johns Bridge and Sauvie Island—near a Linnton head shop called House of Pipes.

A twisty little finger of clouds corkscrewed down from the sky above wine country, in the Newberg-Dundee Hills. No sign that it hit the ground, or damaged any of the 2019 Pinot Noir grapes that’ll be ready for harvest very soon.

Today is the two-year anniversary of the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, VA. Portland City Hall is afraid that this Saturday’s right-left clash could descend into something similar, and they’re intent on not letting that happen. Let’s hope it turns out like so many of our impending snowstorms and roadwork shutdowns–a week of foreboding media coverage, followed by Pfft!

A guy who yelled racial slurs at two kids last December, and antisemitic slurs at the Portland cops who arrived, will be sentenced today for intimidation, menacing, and unlawful use of a weapon.

Say, they caught the man who drove his van into the Clackamas River at Barton Park last week–with his wife in the passenger seat. She swam for it, and survived…and he was found two days later along Highway 224, about 3 miles downstream, in “disheveled condition” and begging to go to the hospital.

They’re back at work now, but the Burgerville Workers Union staged a one-day walkout at three stores supporting its contract demands, including a $5/hr. pay raise.

I hear that an attendant pumped two gallons of gasoline into a diesel-powered car over the weekend…the owner called a tow, and will be filing a claim against the company…and grumbling about the no-self-serve law…

Thousands of people wheeled their way across bridges that are typically not bike-friendly, for the 24th annual Providence Bridge Pedal. People had a wonderful time.

It’s been pelting the planet with stardust for a month, but the Perseid meteor shower reaches peak popcorn late tonight. It’s competing with an almost-full moon all night long, but if you can escape from the city, it’ll still put on a show. Skies should be clear. OMSI is hosting star parties starting at 9 at Rooster Rock and Stub Stewart State Parks.

Single-game tickets go on sale today for OSU Football’s August 30 opener against Oklahoma in Corvallis.

Finger-picking wizard Mark Knopfler began his walk of life in Glasgow 70 years ago today. He’s on tour; he’ll be at the Keller a month from tomorrow.

Something good? Coming right up–in the Cup!

–“This FBI agent rescued a kidnapped baby in 1997. They met again on Friday.”

–“Lady Gaga to fund 162 classrooms in Dayton, El Paso and Gilroy”

–“Arkansas State Police troopers rescue escaped miniature cow, let her ride shotgun”

–“Smithsonian Scientists Are Using Ginkgo Leaves to Study Climate Change—They Need Your Help”

–“Teen gets piglet pet…Dad scores major points…”

–“I don’t post a lot of proposal videos…but this one’s pretty sweet..nice job by the guy’s wingman./”


Let’s scramble into a Monday and have a fun and productive one!

Friday, August 9, 2019

Friday! sweet Friday! Let’s light out together on this August 9, 2019, and frolic ‘neath the morning fluff, gleeful in the awareness that a year ago we were suffering under our 25th day of 90-plus heat. Today could see an early shower, and we will max at 77, then expect showers tonight and tomorrow, though the thrust is heading south of Portland. But our air quality–which last year was represented on the smog maps by a scarlet smear–is clean and green. Sunrise 6:03 AM, sunset 8:27 PM.

A couple of developing local stories:

–Two Washington County Sheriffs Deputies were shot and wounded–one seriously–by a theft suspect in the woods near Hagg Lake. The suspect was also wounded, and his condition is unknown. He was wanted for stealing a gun from a home in Gaston.

–A man intentionally drove his van–with his wife aboard–into the Clackamas River at the Barton Park boat ramp. The woman escaped and swam to shore; the man floated downstream and has not been found.


The city’s been hinting at this for months, and now comes the news that “Better Naito” will be “Better Naito Forever.” From now until the apocalyptic trumpet sounds, northbound Naito Parkway will have one lane for cars and trucks to share, and a separate lane, protected by raised cement medians replacing the spiky plastic posts, for bikes and pedestrians.

Good guys one, pervy creeps zero….deputies nabbed a 38-year-old guy who’d been (allegedly) grabbing women in the Clackamas Town Center Barnes & Noble bookstore. Turns out he (allegedly) did the same at the Happy Valley Library.

Oregon scores a “W” in a states’-rights battle with the Trump regime, as a federal judge ruled that the president wrongfully threatened to claw back funding from sanctuary cities and states like ours. Judge Michael McShane held that this “…is precisely the type of affront to state sovereignty which the Tenth Amendment forbids.”

So far it’s only words, but words can contain hope…Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate will take up measures aimed at gun violence when they come back from break (and he comes back from his broken shoulder) in September… including red flag laws, expanding background checks and addressing assault weapons. Quote: “What we can’t do is fail to pass something. The urgency of this is not lost on any of us.” Words. We await deeds.

The lawyer for the Montana man who (allegedly) body-slammed a 13-year-old boy to the ground for refusing to take off his hat during the national anthem at a rodeo–possibly fracturing his skull–says he believed he was acting on orders from President Trump. Army vet, had a head injury, mental check is next.

Crews found a missing hiker safe on Mt. St Helens on Thursday morning. Mike Hayman and two pals got lost after summiting the volcano on Wednesday. The others were located earlier. That’s got to be a scary place to be alone all night in the deep Sasquatchian forest; can you hear the rumbling of the falling rocks in the crater?

Clark County Public Health has lifted the closure of the swim beach at Vancouver Lake. No swimming in scum, and no drinking lake water.

Tough day in Taiwan: in the middle of a severe typhoon, they were hit by a 6.0 earthquake.


Didja catch any of the Seahawks preseason game last night? The Broncos ran all over them in the first half, but Paxton Lynch pulled ahead of Geno Smith in the backup QB battle by throwing for a touchdown and rushing for another in the second half, and the Hawks won the 22-14.

Rose City gets loud on Saturday night as the Vancouver Whitecaps dare to enter the lair of the Portland Timbers. Then the Portland Thorns host, and not too delicately, the North Carolina Courage on Sunday at noon.

Traffic will need to make way for the 24th annual Providence Bridge Pedal Sunday morning, when you can bike across the top decks of both the Fremont and Marquam Bridges (and hear some excellent music along the way, I’m told…I have a buddy in the marimba combo on the Marquam Bridge). Hey, I have an idea! Better Marquam Forever!

Later on Sunday the India Festival is happening in Pioneer Courthouse Square. My favorite food in the world. In fact, we have a multitude of festivals to celebrate this weekend. A few others…

Oregon’s Pan African Festival is tomorrow at Pioneer Courthouse Square, while the Festival de la Salsa is happening on the Eastbank Esplanade. The 22nd annual Alberta Street Fair is Saturday, while the Lents Fair, happens on Sunday, broasting I mean boasting Portland’s only chicken beauty contest!

Something cool for the artiste in the family happens tomorrow and Sunday…it’s called La Strada dei Pastelli Chalk Art Festival, described as “an immersive, large-scale street painting experience wherein professional chalk artists will be working on larger-than-life, bold images directly on the asphalt. Young and old are invited to take part in multiple hands-on activities from chalking their own masterpieces to making take-home gifts” This is all happening from 11 to 6 both weekend days at Cedar Hills Crossing in Beaverton. (Which used to be an airport. Closed 50 years ago).


And now, some good news for yourself!

–“Medford Moms make sure no child returns to school without a big smile and a fully stocked backpack.”

–“Grandson takes 89-year-old grandma to 29 national parks after she says she’s never seen mountains”

–“Los Angeles Chargers replace high school’s football gear lost in fire”

–“When Little Boy Fell From Sixth Floor Balcony, His Neighbors Saved Him With a Blanket”

–“A hungry kid called 911, so cops brought him a pizza”

Details in the steaming coffee cup.

Dripstock III is only three months from today! Get your tickets now! Just kidding. No charge. No host food/drinks, at the Willamette Ale and Cider House. We’ll have updates as the day draws closer.

Also drawing close is yet another vacation, for which I’ve become notorious where I work. One more week, and we’ll have a period of relative Driplessness until Labor Day!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Well, we’ve knocked out most of the week, and now it’s Thursday, August 8, 2019. Yesterday morning’s clouds took their sweet time clearing out, and Portland reached only 73, way short of the predicted 82. Today the cloud surge looks even heavier, so it might not clear at all. Looks for highs of 75. Might be a morning shower at the coast as well as the Cascade foothills, and possible lightning zipping around in the Cascades and points east. Sunrise 6:02 AM, sunset 8:29 PM.

Mayor Ted Wheeler is all over YouTube and Twitter with “A message to anyone who plans on using Portland on August 17th to commit violence and spread hate: We. Don’t. Want. You. Here. Stop using our beautiful city and our home to spread fear and disrupt our lives.”  Worth watching.  His level of concern is indicative of how nasty that day could be.

It’s reported that the mother of the El Paso shooter contacted police worried about her son buying a gun. Police told her that he’s 21, and has the right.

Our friends at KOIN report that a half-dozen Vancouver-based WSP troopers are suing Ford Motor Company, saying their patrol vehicles gave them carbon monoxide poisoning. The suit claims Explorer model years 2011 through 2018 have a defect which allows exhaust fumes to be sucked into the passenger compartment, and that some troopers have suffered permanent neurological damage.

KGW reports that the refurbished Grant High School will reopen with a really nice new baseball field, which is great–but no softball field at all, which is not. It was cut from the budget. The Grant girls will instead take the bumpy and fenceless field at Wilshire Park, where Little Leagues play. You’re in for a Title IX fight, PPS. Ask Lakeridge.

Forty-five years ago tonight, President Richard Nixon–knowing that he’d been caught obstructing justice and was ripe for impeachment–delivered a speech announcing his resignation, which took effect the following day.

The Salem Airport–McNary Field–was dedicated on this day 90 years ago. Though it currently has no commercial flights, I remember only a decade or so ago, you could catch a Delta nonstop to Salt Lake City there. United, Horizon, and the late SeaPort Airlines also flew from Salem. Now? National Guard choppers, charter flights, and cargo planes use its runways.

The Portland Timbers fell 2-1 to Minnesota in the US Open Cup semifinals, while the Portland Thorns lost 1-0 to the Seattle reign.

The most storied Blazer in history, Bill Walton, is America’s tallest Deadhead, and today he’s the regularly-featured guest percussionist of a Grateful Dead tribute combo that will perform at San Diego’s Petco Park ahead of a Padres game. Bill’s group is the Electric Waste Band, and showtime is 4:20 PM.

Hey, I see that former Oregon State Beaver ballplayer Michael Conforto–who’s now a starting outfield for the New York Mets–just hit major league career home runs number 100 and 101! I believe that puts him just behind Jacoby Ellsbury for most MLB home runs by an Oregon State Beaver…but I might be forgetting someone. I remember when he was in the Little League World Series in 2004. Practically yesterday!

The Little League Softball World Series is underway for the next week at Alpenrose in SW Portland. A year ago, the kids were playing under orange and smokey skies. This year it’s almost perfect. Air quality today looks excellent.

The Seattle Seahawks play their preseason opener against the Denver Broncos at CenturyLink Field tonight at 7 on Fox 12!


Good news in the Coffee Cup?

–“A quirk of copyright law means that millions of books are now free and easily downloadable”

–“Winston is one lucky pooch”.

–“Supertramp Singer ‘Gives a Little Bit’ Inviting Teens With Autism on Stage to Perform with 39 Piece Orchestra”

–“Bitcoin expert scams a scammer, donates the money to charity”

–“Garrison Keillor’s Birthday Message. A little PG13, but why not?”


And now…into a Thursday! What do you think about stuff?

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Check it out! Three weeks until school begins in Portland! Good morning to you, and welcome to the Daily Drip for Wednesday, August 7, 2019. A deep layer of clouds from the coast will cover the valleys in the morning hours. But we emerge blinking into the sun in the afternoon, with highs reaching the low 80s. Sunrise 6:01 AM–our first post-6-AM sunrise since April…and sunset right at 8:30 PM.

If you’d like to circle a date to stay the heck out of downtown, try Saturday, August 17. The hotheaded trolls from the far-out right and left wings are making noise about staging another of their destructive rumbles, and this time, City Hall says the police will have none of it. We might see suburban cops on the DMZ lines, and they’re even talking about bringing in the Oregon National Guard. Portland’s police chief Danielle Outlaw is telling protesters intent on violence: ‘Don’t come. We don’t want you here. I don’t care what side you’re on.’ This is going to be her show, with Mayor Wheeler looking over her shoulder. You can bet this will be on the national media radar, too.

Air Force One flies to both Dayton and El Paso today as President Trump brings his presence to communities that are staggering from the latest mass shootings. In the meantime, tales of heroism are coming to light, with the Today Show telling the story of Walmart employee Gilbert Serna. He may have saved dozens of lives by leading a hundred people out through a fire exit and then hiding them in a shipping container.

Panic broke out in Times Square late last night after a motorcycle backfired, causing people to flee what they feared was a possible active shooter.

CBS points out that “The House passed a gun control bill calling for background checks. But it’s been sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk since February.” NBC reports that with the new school year quickly approaching, sales of bulletproof backpacks are soaring.

Senator Elizabeth Warren says “Our elections should be as secure as Fort Knox. But instead, they’re less secure than your Amazon account.”

BTW Clark County’s election was yesterday, and rather than me digging out how the Yacolt levy turned out, go to the Columbian’s nicely done new web site–which is free through Thursday. As of late last night, the school and EMS levies were leading by wide margins.


The Weather Service in Pendleton is warning of thunderstorms with “abundant lightning” (nice phrase; they must have an English major on staff) across that side of the region the next several days, and so a fire weather watch takes effect this afternoon in eastern Oregon and Washington. Any wildfires that develop will spread like, uh, wildfire. Hey, I’m an English major too.

Saying that contract talks are in the ditch, the unions for folks who work at Kaiser Permanente begin voting today to authorize a strike that would begin in October, after the expiration of the current labor agreement.

A homeowner caught a burglar rummaging in his garage in the neighborhood across 205 from Eastport Plaza. The burglar had a machete, but the homeowner had a gun, and fired a couple of shots in the ground to prove it. The burglar held very still until cops arrived and booked him.

Car alarms started jangling before dawn yesterday at the Sylvan Heights condos on Barnes Road, where multiple vehicles were found to have their trunks and doors wide open. A neighbor saw a skinny guy running away carrying a duffel bag. A K9 tracked him down: deputies inventoried the duffel contents as “stolen cartons of baked goods, a Mountain Dew, a glass bong, several candy bars, a bag of chips, various tools, toilet paper, a GPS device, and miscellaneous electronics.” Basic provisions.

A tourist from another state, visiting the geothermally-rich Breitenbush area (named for a one-armed Dutch hunter in the 1800s), was bitten by a rabid bat.

A small but suspicious-looking cardboard box was found at a recruiting center in Salem. The bomb squad was scrambled. Turns out it contained eggs.

Clackamas County is tinkering with the idea of building a no-cars bridge over the Willamette River between Lake Oswego and Oak Grove. Right now, it’s a ten-mile drive. It’d still be a ten-mile drive…but a ten-minute bike ride.

A tantalizing fact about Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, who died Monday at the age of 88: Her publisher confirms that she was working on a new novel at the time of her passing. Will the unfinished manuscript will ever be published? Unknown.

In the cup o’ good news today:

–“Newlyweds asked guests to bring school supplies to their wedding in place of gifts”

–“NASA worked out how to make food out of thin air – and it could feed billions”

–“New hope for people with “irreversible” deafness”

–“Guy saves a skunk!–but then gets caught littering.”

–“911 called on lemonade-selling kids in Gig Harbor. Deputies make purchases, not arrests”

Heading in! Have an excellent Wednesday!