Friday, April 5, 2019

Happy Friday, friends! Here’s the Daily Drip, discretely delivered to your Facebook feed on this April 5, 2019. Portland’s groanworthy weather alternates between moderate and heavy rain, with highs of 60 at best, and then this cheery sentence from the National Weather Service: “An unusually strong jet stream for so late in the season will remain aimed at Oregon this weekend” bringing “a solid shot of rain.” While it may be aimed between Salem and Eugene, Portland will get plenty. And there are high surf advisories pretty much all weekend at the coast: “The surf zone will be very hazardous due to strong currents and breaking waves. Very large waves may run-up much higher on the beaches than normal and could catch beachgoers by surprise. These powerful waves can sweep people off jetties and other exposed rocks and can easily move large logs and other beach debris.” Bright side? Perfect weekend to knock out your taxes or other chores, then see what’s on Netflix. Sunrise today 6:43 AM, sunset 7:43 PM.

First thing: Go Ducks! The whole Northwest is behind you! Oregon vs. Baylor in the NCAA Women’s Tournament, 4 PM, ESPN 2. First Final Four appearance ever! Bet a lot of folks will be knocking off early and heading for a watering hole to radiate good green energy in the direction of these strong and powerful women. Whatever the outcome, we will honor you when you return.

Year-round Daylight Time marches on in the Oregon Legislature, as the Senate passed SB 320 by a vote of 23-4 and moves it ahead, like a clock in spring, to the House. If approved, it’ll take effect only if California and Washington do the same, and it’ll require an act of Congress. Not impossible though: as sponsor Kim Thatcher pointed out, this is one issue where both Kate Brown and Donald Trump agree. (One objection: people of faiths that involve prayer at sunrise will be doing so at 9 in the morning in the winter).

The latest effort at bridgebuilding over the Columbia doesn’t have funding or a design, but it has an acronym and that’s a start. Gov. Brown is now calling it the IBR. Sounds like something you’d order at a brewpub, but it stands for Interstate Bridge Replacement. No more CRC, because that’s now code for “boondoggle.”

The guy who said he escaped from kidnappers who’d held him for years turns out to be a 23-year old convicted burglar newly released from prison, and not the boy who disappeared in Illinois six years ago that he claimed to be. How incredibly cruel to the boy’s family. Still, the National Center for Missing Children says there are cases where kids turn up years after disappearing. But not this time.

One of the people killed in that Ethiopian jet crash turns out to be the grand-niece of Ralph Nader…who says Boeing needs to do much more than implement a software fix to the 737 Max 800 series. The planes, says Nader, must be recalled.


The weekend weather will be fairly foul, but it could be worse. Today’s the anniversary of the 1972 storm that charged out of the Coast Range and into Portland around lunchtime, then dramatically and unexpectedly worsened when it hit the Columbia River, sucking up water and turning into a furious category F3 tornado that brought death and chaos to Vancouver. With no warning it ripped down power lines, sending blue sparks skyward and showering hail the size of eggs, then ripped the roof off Peter Skene Ogden Elementary School, which was packed with terrified kids, injuring 70 but killing none of them. Amazing job by the staff, moving the students around as the tornado’s angle shifted. Good thing the tornado lifted the roof off and crashed it in the playground, instead of collapsing it on the people inside. Next, the twister plowed into the Sunrise Bowling Lanes where it killed a woman, then the Waremart Discount Store where it killed two more. In all six people were killed, hundreds were injured, and property damage topped $5 million, which is $30 million today. Tornados here were considered unheard of back then–media reports called it a “thunderstorm gone wild”–but it remains the deadliest tornado in the history of Washington.

The crew at the Moda Center will be on the scramble all weekend. Check it out: tonight they have Canadian crooner Michael Bublé. Tomorrow it’s the nerd-rock band Weezer. Sunday it’s the Blazers and the Nuggets, in a rematch of a game tonight in Denver. Monday it’s Pink. I mean, P!nk. All of this requires a perfectly-executed overnight turnaround from one setup to the next. Each event has a different configuration, each star has crews and roadies and egos to feed. And each will fill the place with tens of thousands of humans to be screened, seated, fed, sold merch to, and cleaned up after. That place will be zoological. If you’re going to any of those events…be extra kind to the workers…and please consider yourself a reporter filing for the Daily Drip!

General sales for Cher’s November 19 concert begin today.

“Wicked” is coming back to the Keller July 10-28. Ticket pre-sales begin today, and K103’s web site has details.

Do you know that PDX still has some of that iconic and thoroughly hyped old carpet in place? Check out the E concourse. A, too. Maybe down toward the end. They’re expanding the concourses, and it made sense not to install new carpet only to rip it out.

We hear that colors are finally starting to pop at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival!


Let’s pop open some good news headlines. Details in the DD Coffee Cup, first item in the Comments.

—“An infant did not have any hospital visitors for five months. So this nurse adopted her.”

—“Popular NZ prime minister pays for groceries of a mum who forgot her wallet”

—“Couple find winning lotto ticket in book”

—“Instead of Going Out This 4th of July, These People Comforted Scared Shelter Animals During Fireworks”

—“Sheryl Crow gives Elon Musk advice on Twitter after her Tesla gets stuck in a parking lot”


Thanks for being part of the Drip community! BTW Bruce Murdock is deservedly burning some vacation days, so Janine Wolf is playing first chair in our little ensemble. She’s a natural. Tune in 103.3, 5-9 AM, and K103 on iHeartRadio!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Good morning, sunshine! It’s Thursday, April 4, 2019, and that sunshine will have to be within us, as showers increase through the day becoming a steady downpour by nightfall. Highs around 60. Sunrise 6:45 AM, sunset 7:42 PM.

Before anything else: Fifty-one years ago today, civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in Memphis. Our deepest hope is that good will continue to triumph over evil, as Dr. King’s life is magnified shining through history, while the hatred that took his life cowers in shame.


No idea how it happened, but a two-year-old girl suffered a gunshot wound in south Salem last night, and was Lifeflighted to Portland where she is receiving treatment right now.

Authorities will use DNA to check out the story of a 14-year-old boy who says he escaped from kidnappers in Kentucky, and that he is, in fact, Timmothy Pitzen, who was kidnapped in Illinois when he was six. If true, you have to know that loved ones of Kyron Horman will find encouragement in their ongoing efforts to find their child, who vanished in Portland in 2010.

The New York Times reports that some members of the previously leak-proof Mueller investigative team are taking exception to Attorney General Barr’s summary of their findings, and they have summaries of their own that are less exculpatory to the president. We all know there’s one way to find out who’s right: read the report for ourselves, and then decide.

The “Portland Rally to Release the Mueller Report” will take over the north end of Waterfront Park at SW Ankeny St. from 5 to 7 today.

A Portland baggage handler has admitted to stealing guns from the luggage of passengers at PDX. He stole six pistols from five different bags during a month-long period last summer.

This is why we’re short of cops: Portland has 120 police vacancies. Sixty people applied. Only three made it through background checks. A lot of that is because of cannabis consumption: anyone who’s toked up, or whatever they call it now, in the past year automatically fails, because marijuana is still illegal under federal law.


People who care deeply about cars are drawn like iron to a magnet to the PIR Auto Swap Meet at Portland International Raceway, which starts today, and the unrelated Portland Swap Meet at the nearby Expo Center starting tomorrow. Thousands of grilles, acres of chrome, fender upon fender, taillights galore…and that’s just in the traffic jam getting in. Need a hood for your ’65 SuperSport? Hey, this is where the hoods hang out! It all starts at 7 AM.

There’s no evidence of it, but President Trump told the National Republican Congressional Committee dinner that the sound from windmills causes cancer. He also predicted that the contents of his speech would be leaked to the media, while it was being carried live on C-Span.

Happy birthday to Los Angeles, incorporated this day in 1850.

It’s been announced that Celine Dion is coming to the Moda Center on April 13, 2020. To sing.

I must share with you an item in my inbox which says today is Free Burrito Day all Fuego food carts between 11 AM and 2 PM. You can find their carts in Montgomery Park, Pioneer Courthouse Square, The Pearl, Lloyd Center, Keller Auditorium, SW 5th and Salmon, and SW 2nd and Morrison.


And while we’re sharing, let’s post the day’s good news headlines, with links posted in the DD Coffee Cup!

—“Schoolboy, 12, carries his disabled friend to school every day”

—“Colorado deputy drove through the “bomb cyclone” to help save a newborn’s life.”

—“Unused cafeteria food turned into take-home frozen meals for kids”

—“Officer throws bullied boy a party after no one shows up to his birthday”

—“Once thought to be the last of his species, he’s found a mate”


Many thanks to the Royal Rosarians and their guests who turned out at the Doubletree by Hilton for the Newsmakers of the Year Banquet, which Bruce Murdock and I MC’d last night for the umpteenth year. It may have been the most inspiring ever, as all of the city’s TV news stations along with the Pamplin Media Group introduced us to the heroic individuals behind stories of good deeds and high achievement ranging from the first responders who saved a choking baby at a mall, to the DACA recipient who became the first of his family to attend college and is now student body president at PSU. We had a chance to thank a veteran of WWII in the Pacific, and met a onetime star football player who hit rock bottom on the streets of Portland and who now extends a helping hand to others, like the one who saved him. All kinds of K103 listeners and Daily Drip readers dropped by to say hello, and we extend our best wishes right back.

And now, with a little extra caffeine on board, let’s have a bright and positive day!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Hello, shipmates! Welcome to the midweek lowdown from exurban-Portland’s Daily Drip for Wednesday, April 3, 2019. Local weather is showery and windy, with a 5500-foot snow level, and highs of 60 in the valley, 55 at the coast, and 45 up yonder mountain at Government Camp. Sunrise 6:47 AM, sunset 7:41 PM.

Both sides of the great gun divide showed up at the Oregon Capitol for a hearing on the omnibus Senate bill that carries a package of measures; a crowd spilled over into three hearing rooms. Leadoff witness was Governor Kate Brown, who highlighted the storage requirements under the bill: “Just as it’s important to wear a seatbelt or a helmet, it’s critical that people keep their guns safely stored when not in use, particularly when children are in the home.” On the other side, CEO Joshua Underwood of gunmaker Radian Weapons said more regulations won’t keep guns out of the wrong hands, and that “the public would be greatly impaired in their ability to protect themselves and their unarmed citizens around them.” And 2nd Amendment activist Kevin Starrett accused the bill’s sponsors of “hatred toward those wanting to exercise their constitutional rights.” The Senate Judiciary Committee votes next week. A separate bill in the House would require anyone convicted of domestic abuse or named in a protective order to hand over their guns.

Another sizzling potato is landing on Governor Kate Brown’s desk, as both houses of the Oregon legislature have now passed a bill that takes a 100-million-dollar chomp out of the “kicker” tax rebate that otherwise would go back to taxpayers’ pockets. There’d still be over half a billion dollars of unpredicted revenue that’ll be split between the people on their 2020 tax returns if the latest revenue predictions hold true. The kicker is a unique Oregon law, and the thought of paring it back to spend on other state needs–schools, for example–has launched a fusillade of bitter comments on news sites like OregonLive. “Socialist hogs,” said one, about the legislature. And it gets more toxic from there. It’s up to the governor whether to sign the bill.

Gov Brown says the time has come to step on the gas to replace the ancient Interstate Bridge, which she calls “a seismic risk, a freight bottleneck, a barrier to effective public transportation and a source of some of the worst gridlock in the nation.” She’s ordered the state Transportation Commission to open a joint office with Washington, where the legislature is set to OK what Vancouver lawmakers call a “down payment” on restarting the project that Washington itself killed five years ago because of irreconcilable differences over light rail.

Fire investigators say the blaze in Wilsonville’s Villabois development does not appear to have been criminal in nature, but they have not arrived at a cause.


A protest demanding the release of the Mueller report is scheduled from 5-7 PM tomorrow at the north end of Tom McCall Waterfront Park, as part of a National Day of Action. A House committee today will vote to issue a subpoena for the so-far-secret document.

There’s been a security breach at Mar-a-Lago, where a woman from China was arrested for sneaking in while the president was in Florida last weekend. She said she was there to go swimming, but didn’t have a swimsuit. What she did have were two passports, four cellphones, one laptop, an external hard drive and a thumb drive that contained “malicious malware.”

A total of four women are saying that Joe Biden touched them in a nonsexual but inappropriately lingering way during encounters over the years. Nancy Pelosi is saying that women should “pretend they have a cold” when they meet Biden. And Donald Trump seemed to reference his own history of (quite different) charges from women, when he said, “Welcome to the world, Joe.”


The Blazers are back from their road trip tonight, playing the Memphis Grizzlies at 7 at the Moda Center.


Let’s ditch the newsy grind and see what’s dripping into the Coffee Cup of hope, light, and people doing good things!

—“Two days after her dog was presumed to have perished in fire, owner revisits site and hears barking coming from the rubble.”

—“Fighting Sex Trafficking at the Truck Stop. It’s not ‘the world’s oldest profession..It’s the world’s oldest oppression.'”

—“13-year-old boy trades in Xbox, does yard work to buy his single mother a car”

—“Teacher’s skirt covered in kids’ doodles is the hit of the art show”

—“Amazing Rescue: Rangers free 6 trapped baby elephants in Thailand”


With that, we head together into a Wednesday. Tonight my pal Bruce Murdock and I will be MCing the Royal Rosarians’ “Newsmaker of the Year” banquet, hearing interesting and inspiring stories from the city’s major media outlets, and staying out late to do it. So tomorrow morning’s DD may be a bit unpredictable. But who knows?

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Greetings! Tuesday, is what this is, April 2, 2019; yesterday’s rain that was promised for Portland decided that it likes the Valley better, leaving the city warmer than expected at 69, but it crept north overnight, and today we’re left with scant showers and random sunpops and highs around 60. A gray day, but think of it as a silvery backdrop to the cherry blossoms and flowering plums that have erupted all over, as allergy sufferers know. But so gorgeous this year! Sunrise 6:49 AM, sunset 7:40 PM.

As fire investigators dig through the ash for the cause of the fire in Wilsonville that burned 20 rowhouses and condos and 14 vehicles and put two dozen people out of house and home, we want to lift up a fundraising event being held today for the folks affected. It’s a bake sale and raffle being hosted by Lux Sucre Desserts in Charbonneau from 4 pm to 7 pm. They say “Our case will be stocked with treats with ALL of the proceeds going to the families in need. Help us SELL OUT! This is a CASH ONLY EVENT! Additional donations of Food, Pet Supplies, Children’s Items, Clothing, & Toiletries will be accepted on Tuesday from Noon until 7 pm.”

Regarding the fire itself….they still don’t know how it started. The fire began in units that were under construction and had neither gas nor electricity yet or sprinklers, then spread to occupied homes in the densely-built upscale neighborhood. Residents have sent their security video to investigators, and if somebody was prowling around that night, we might be seeing that footage on the news soon.

A major cleanup begins today of the camp debris strewn in the gully along I-84, Sullivan’s Gulch it was called in the Depression, and so it is today.

Somebody accidentally triggered the emergency lockdown system at Wilson High School. Scared the willies out of people, but everything’s OK.

Gun laws are front and center in Salem this morning as the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee hears SB 978, an NRA-infuriating package that includes requiring safe storage; imposing liability on owners if their gun is stolen and used to commit a crime; banning untraceable guns; empowering local governments to regulate firearms in public buildings; and requiring hospitals to report injury data to the state. The NRA has sent out a “Take Action” alert, urging members to show up for this morning’s hearing.

Portlanders love for their views to be heard, as well they should…and if you have opinions about the budget for the next year, tonight is the first town hall forum, 6:30 to 8:30, at 10301 NE Glisan.

Today is the Urban League of Portland’s 2019 Career Connections Job Fair, 10 AM to 3 PM, at Lloyd Center, in the space that used to be Sears. And the Oregon Professional Educator Fair is today and tomorrow at the Oregon Convention Center. It’s a job fair too; recruiters from districts all over are there. I’m a big fan of the notion that if you’re less than fulfilled or rewarded in your work, it’s up to you to find a place that deserves you.

The matchup is set for the Ducks in the Women’s Final Four: Oregon (33-4) will take on the overall-#1 Baylor Bears (35-1) on Friday at 4 Pacific on ESPN 2.

The Blazers beat Minnesota on the road 132-122, moving into a tie for the third playoff spot in the West. It won’t unbreak his leg, but the GoFundMe effort to put up a billboard for Jusuf Nurkic blew right past its $8000 goal, collecting nearly 12K, and the folks behind it announced yesterday the sign will go up on Weidler a block east of I-5 by May 13. It says, in English and Bosnian, saying, “We Love You Jusuf Nurkic.”

A whistleblower says the White House insisted on security clearances for about 25 people despite their background checks. The whistleblower, who has dwarfism, says she was retaliated against…by having files placed out of her reach.

Interesting revelation from Deborah Norville, the anchor for “Inside Edition”…she got an email a while back from a viewer who said she’d noticed something on her neck, and it turned out to be a lump that morphed into thyroid cancer, for which she’ll undergo surgery. A sharp-eyed viewer and high-definition television may have just saved her life.

This was the day when the Lewis and Clark Expedition camped out at what is now Cathedral Park in Portland, as they explored the lands that the government subsequently seized from the native inhabitants, opening the door to all that modern civilization would bring. That site was the scene of Portland’s latest Naked Bike Ride.

Let’s warm up the coffee cup with some good news!

–“April Fool’s Fail: When you introduce a ‘fake’ burger, but people actually want it”

–“The Egyptian Egg Ovens Considered More Wondrous Than the Pyramids”

–“Billionaire Rewards Grandmother Who Walked 10 Miles To Help Cyclone Victims”

–“Breaking news: somebody was nice on the road”

–“I Learned How To Speak My Toddler’s Language & It Changed The Way I Look At Life”

And that’s the first look at the day from here. We’re on-air from Portland at 103.3 from 5-9 AM Pacific, available everywhere on the handy iHeartRadio app. Your turn!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Morning, all! We’re flipping the calendar to a new month, on Monday, April 1, 2019. The weather in Portland-town? Ooh. A 70% chance of rain, up to a quarter of an inch, with highs of 60, and either straight rain or occasional showers every day this week. Thursday and Thursday night could be extremely wet. Must be Spring Break in Washington! And there is a sneaker wave warning in effect on the south Oregon Coast from Florence to the California line. Sneaker waves have killed 22 people in Oregon since 1990. Sunrise 6:51 AM, sunset 7:38 PM.

Let’s begin with some great news. Confetti flew at the Moda Center as the University of Oregon beat top-seeded Mississippi State to claim the Ducks’ first spot ever in the Women’s Final Four. MVP Sabrina Ionescu scored 31 points, splashing down a three-pointer that gave her team a decisive six-point lead with a little over a minute left, and the Ducks finished an 88-84 win in the Elite Eight. Their opponent will be determined tonight.

Investigators are hoping home security video will help lead them to the cause of a ferocious fire at an apartment complex under construction in Wilsonville’s hilltop Villebois development. The three-alarm fire after midnight Saturday night destroyed not only the construction site but twenty nearby homes in the dense neighborhood, and blew out windows and bubbled siding on dozens of others. Some lost everything they owned, but I am so glad to say that nobody was hurt.

A woman started menacing people near Saturday Market with a gun that turned out to be fake. She was arrested.

It’s the first day back at school following Oregon Spring Break, and the beginning of Spring Term for community colleges around the area, Including PCC, CCC, and Mt. Hood Community College. Chemeketa too.

Today is April 1…are your studded tires off? If not, this may turn out to be a “fine” day! The snow level, by the way, is between 5 and 6000 feet.

If the morning commute from east Portland is even more fretful and throttled than usual, it’s because the inbound Burnside Bridge traffic is squeezed into just one lane–from now until Christmas.

Salem’s ban on plastic shopping bags at larger stores kicks in today. Bring your own reusable bags, or you get to pay a nickel for paper bags.

The bill to lower the blood alcohol definition of DUI in Oregon to .05% appears to be dead in the legislature. Same with the bill to legalize fireworks sales during several holiday periods, in addition to the 4th of July.

Say, the Market of Choice at Terwilliger and Taylors Ferry is closing in two weeks. That’s sad. Nice store. It took the place of another store whose owner burned it down in the days following 9/11, out of fear that business would tank.

President Trump is threatening to close the southern border this week, and has cut off aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Pope Francis said that ” those who close borders will become prisoners of the walls that they build.”

What to make of the accusation that Joe Biden kissed a woman’s head without her consent, and sniffed her hair when she was running for Lt. Governor of Nevada five years ago? Perhaps pretty much what they both said. Her words: not sexual assault, but rather “an invasion of my personal space” and “a clear invasion of my bodily autonomy.” His words: “we have arrived at an important time when women feel they can and should relate their experiences, and men should pay attention. And I will.”


The Blazers finish up their week on the road at Minnesota tonight at 5.

University of Oregon Ducks license plates go on sale today. There’s a $40 surcharge, and it goes to the alumni association.

Apple Computer was founded on this day in 1976. And now their products are at the core of our being.


A little sweetness and light for your Monday? Right here:

—“Father and Daughter go to law school together, take bar together, and now sweat out the results together”

—“Girls earn plumbing merit badges for the first time as part of Boy Scouts”

—“Japanese sushi chain CEO literally lowers the piracy rate in Somalia by mass-training Somali pirates to become fishermen”

—“How real men settle who will get the parking spot'”

—“‘Google brain’ implants could mean anyone will be able to learn anything instantly”


So it’s April Fools Day. I can pull a pretty good prank…long ago I tricked members of my news staff into grimly but gamely eating dandelions from my lawn, telling them it was a salad I’d made for them…and I used to pre-record the weather and play it back on the air while lip-syncing, then getting up and walking away in mid-sentence as Craig Walker gaped through the studio window. Now I have a great aversion to misleading people, but there are some great April Fools pranks out there. In London, where this is an art, the Duke of Portland (really!) won a bet with his friends when he claimed he could fill a performance hall by advertising that a man would squeeze himself into a wine bottle, and sing while inside it. The day came and the house was packed and when nobody appeared on stage, the poor duped people rioted. Are you particularly proud of a prank that you pulled, or chagrinned at having fallen for one? Share!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Good morning, friends and neighbors, the Daily Drip is on the air! It’s Friday, March 29, 2019, the weather is partly sunny, highs will be 60, and the weekend will bring good weather for, say, building a swing set for the kids on Saturday, before a chance of showers on Sunday. It’s the last weekend of March! This month has sped by twice as fast as February, it seems. Sunrise 6:56 AM, sunset 7:34 PM.

First: midnight struck for the Cinderella team, and the Oregon Ducks men’s basketball team comes home from the dance following a cold-shooting 53-49 loss to Virginia. And now It’s game day for the two outstanding women’s teams from our state in the Sweet Sixteen, as the Oregon State Beavers battle Louisville at 6:30 PM.followed by the Oregon Ducks and San Diego State at 8:00 on ESPN.

We’ll do our family-carpool listeners the courtesy of bleeping it on the radio, but President Trump last night told a campaign rally in Michigan last night, “The Democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous bullshit, partisan investigations, or whether they will apologize to the American people” in reference to what he called “the Russia hoax,” although the still-unreleased Mueller report confirmed Russian interference in the election, according to the Barr summary of it. The full report, by the way, runs 300 pages, and the Justice Department says it will take weeks to finish redactions and vetting before the public is allowed to see it.

The White House has reversed the call to eliminate funding for Special Olympics, with Trump saying that he had “overridden” Education Secretary DeVos’ plans, though she herself said she was not involved in the decision to zero out the budget for the popular organization.

The last American troops left South Vietnam on this day in 1973. Therefore it’s Vietnam War Veterans Day, proclaimed by President Obama in 2012 and renewed by President Trump in 2017, and if those two agree, we can all agree that it’s worth supporting the men and women who were there. Celebrations are scheduled today at the Portland and Vancouver VA facilities, and today’s a good day to hoist the American flag whether it’s the red or the blue that you salute.


Traffic alerts! The Burnside Bridge shuts down at 11 tonight and stays that way all weekend. And when it opens in time for the Monday morning commute, it’ll have just one westbound lane heading into downtown, and that’s how it will stay until December. Sounds like a good time to break the Burnside Bridge habit. And: the Arch Bridge between Oregon City and West Linn closes at 7 AM Saturday for electrical work, but it’ll open in plenty of time for lunch at Mi Famiglia.

City Hall has caught OHSU digging a tunnel between buildings…without a permit. They’ve been busily burrowing a pedestrian tunnel connecting clinics and labs on the South Waterfront campus, but work has stopped until permits are dealt with.

At least one and maybe two projects are filming in Portland right now, says The Oregonian’s Kristi Turnquist. For sure there’s a pilot for an ABC show titled “Stumptown,” about a private detective played by Cobie Smulders. And there might be a “Fast and Furious” spinoff shooting here, but they haven’t contacted Oregon Film about available incentives.


The Dow closed above 10,000 for the first time in history only twenty years ago today. This morning it opens at 25,717.46.

Looks who’s playing casino gigs in Oregon this weekend!

–Grand Funk Railroad–with two original members including Don Brewer, who wrote “We’re an American Band” will play tonight and tomorrow at Chinook Winds. Kinda doubt they’ll run afoul of the hotel detective, but who knows?

–By contrast…Johnny Mathis is at Spirit Mountain tomorrow night.

And we have an interesting concert announcement at 7 AM on K103. I am sworn to secrecy.


Hey, good news, everybody!

–“Family heirloom turns out to be the world’s largest pearl”

–“Soccer team creates a field of dreams for refugee kids”

–“Inspiring 3-year-old twins with Down syndrome have become social media stars”

–“International Space Station beams special message to kids in hospital.”

–“Cat Helps Struggling Puppy Get Through The Gate”

Links will be in the DD Coffee Cup at the top of the comments, I have faith.


So a couple of days ago I sprinkled a little La Croix sparkling water onto my MacBook’s trackpad, and the whole computer lost its mind. The next day I brought it to a repair shop in Milwaukie, which has done work for me before, and I was fully braced to lay down a hundred just to have it looked at. Not needed, said the guy. Give it a couple of days and it’ll dry out on its own. Maybe shine a hair dryer on it. So I did…and I’m writing this on that computer right now. They could have charged me money for work I didn’t need…and they didn’t, knowing that I’ll come back next time I have a problem. They are due some love via word-of-mouth. Done. The shop is Nerds-to-Go Computer Service in Milwaukie.

Today I’m navigating to the bucolic college town of Monmouth to act as moderator (and pronunciation murderer) at the Oregon Geography Bee, wherein the 100 best middle school geography students in the state find their way to Western Oregon University, and the top 10 of those face daunting scripted questions from me, and from the likes of me in the 49 other states, about corners of the globe some of us barely know exist. But these students do, and the best one of them will represent Oregon in the National Geographic Bee in May. I’ve been doing this since the 90s, and to this day I am amazed and heartened by the work ethic and intelligence of these young folks.

Have a great soon…

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Good morning! Here’s what drips from the heavens of news on Thursday, March 28, 2019. Portland’s weather envisions partly cloudy skies emerging from patchy morning fog. with a chance of showers and a slight chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs around 58. Sunrise 6:58 AM, sunset 7:33 PM.

The furious little late-afternoon squall that crossed our communities created thousands of power outages, since restored, and it made for a rollicking ride for air traffic flying in and out of PDX. Dozens of flights were delayed and a couple were cancelled, as a wind shear advisory was posted for the airport, and while outgoing flights sat out the storm, incoming pilots were warned of intense rainfall through the Gorge and clear up to touchdown. Pilots along the way shared information to help each other. I spent that hour monitoring air traffic control in addition to a flight tracker map and doppler radar, and the professionalism exhibited by both the tower and the cockpit was reassuring but unsurprising. Passengers may not have had the smoothest rides of their lives, but they were in good hands all the way.

There was a poetic moment in a Clark County courtroom yesterday, as Tay’lor Smith, who last summer pushed her friend Jordan Holgerson off the Moulton Falls Bridge, was sentenced to jail. Surprised and stunned, she asked the judge if she could turn herself in at a later date, because “I’m not ready.” Which is basically what 16-year-old Jordan said in the instant before she was shoved into the abyss, falling five stories and suffering smashed ribs and experiencing PTSD to this day. Knowing this, the judge said, “You’re going to jail right now.” The term is only two days, which is two more than the prosecution recommended, but Ms. Smith will also get to wear an orange jumpsuit plucking up beer cans and used Huggies along Clark County roads for weeks.

So back in jail we have the TriMet sex abuser too-jocularly dubbed the TriMet Barber. This slug was arrested again for touching someone on a MAX train.

No explanation yet for the violence in the Lake City area of north Seattle, where a man fired a gun randomly into traffic, killing two drivers, then stealing the car of one of his victims and getting into a wreck, killing a third person. The attacker is in custody. He also opened fire on a Metro bus, but the driver, despite being wounded, managed to heroically back the bus out of the area and escape any more bullets; not one of the passengers was wounded.

Let’s send a Daily Drip feel-good to Portland rock star Art Alexakis, frontman for Everclear, who announced that he’s been diagnosed with MS–and that he’s had it for decades. With medication, he’ll be fine. And another message of good wishes for Portland State Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer, who yesterday underwent surgery for thyroid cancer; lawmakers wore purple in solidarity yesterday. And the whole community is proclaiming the sentiment on a billboard that Blazer fans are attempting buy, through a Go Fund Me account: “We Love You Nurkic!” Jusuf N continues to recover from an unspeakable injury suffered against Brooklyn the other night; Blazers PA announcer Mark Mason, a good man whom I often see lumbering up the iHeart Industries stairwell as I’m scampering out, told me it’ll stay in his nightmares for a long time.

By the way the Blazers schooled the Chicago Bulls in their own yard 118-98 last night. Before the game, the whole Portland team did a group Facetime with Nurk.

It’s Sweet Sixteen game night for the Oregon men’s basketball team, as they play favored Virginia at 6:57 PM on TBS. The Ducks are the white-hot Cinderella team in the tourney, though the media narrative has turned in a pumpkinish direction. Freshly-indicted attorney Michael Avenatti, accused of trying to extort millions from Nike or else he’d reveal damaging information, tweeted that the Beaverton athletic wear giant had illegally paid substantial sums of money to Bol Bol, the NBA-bound freshman who played only a few games for the Ducks before being injured. And he’s made other charges. There are denials all around, but it’s a topic at the tournament tonight.

At Major League Baseball parks across the land, today is Opening Day!

Portland police were handing out plenty of tickets yesterday in a crosswalk sting at 54th and Powell. Wish a cop could have seen the quick step I executed to avoid getting clipped by a driver at 7th and Main in Oregon City around 11 AM. She didn’t see me, but I saw her, as well as the phone she was gazing at in her lap.

A man walked in and stole the photograph of Neil Goldschmidt from the foyer of the Portland Mayor’s office.

Somebody hacked a construction sign in Portland yesterday to read, “Zombies Ahead.” Happens a lot. You’d think City Hall would fix our zombie problem, but no.


A star was born this day in 1986. It’s Lady Gaga’s birthday.

The Three Mile Island nuclear accident happened forty years ago today.

This is the 50th anniversary of the death of President Dwight D. Eisenhower..



–“‘Job well done’: Virginia police dog needs just 15 minutes to find
two lost children”

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Off we sail toward the last weekend of March. Who’s got something good to tell?