Thursday, April 19, 2018

Hello, group! It’s Thursday, April 19, 2018, and here comes the Daily Drip, just filled with goodness from the world of news. First I’ll put on my Saleski wig and wave my arms in front of a green screen and tell you how nice the weather is. It’s Nice! Sunny, we’re thinking 65 today, and close to 70 tomorrow. Sunrise 6:18 AM sunset 8:02 PM. We gain exactly three minutes of daylight today.

Before anything else…let’s give a thought to our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico, which now is coping with an island-wide power failure. Their grid had been almost fully restored after the hurricane, and then an excavator dinged a line, and that was enough to black out the whole US territory. There was a major league baseball game there last night, Twins against Indians, played under lights powered by generators.

The FAA has ordered inspections on engine fan blades like the one that snapped off a Southwest Airlines plane, leading to the death of a woman who was partially sucked out the window. This comes one year after the manufacturer recommended the inspections, and a month after they were ordered in Europe. No rush, right?

I love being able to use this word in a news story: there was a “peaceful” end to a four-hour standoff between Portland police and a man wanted for several felonies. Schools were locked down, parents and neighbors were worried, but this is how we want these things to turn out. Way to go, cops, and guy.

Following up on the UP tennis player who stunned an end-of-year awards ceremony with a Hefner-esque travelogue of his college years: Goutharam Sundaram penned an apology in yesterday’s UP Beacon, part of which read: “When I wrote the script for the Wally’s, I hoped to use self-deprecation and irony as a tool for sharing a few stories about my immigrant and diaspora experience. I realize now that it does not matter what was written in jest or what was said in sarcasm; the crux of the content was grossly inappropriate, and I am unquestionably in the wrong for that.” Unquestionably. But the speech–which the university’s president witnessed from the front row, and did nothing–is gaining national notoriety; a piece in today’s USA Today is headlined: “University of Portland failed in response to misogynistic speech by tennis player.”

Portland’s Trail Blazers are up against a tall wall in New Orleans tonight, where the Pelicans are strutting with an unexpected 2-0 lead in a playoff series, with all of the wins in Our Gym, dammit. The New York Times, fascinated with all things Portland, has taken an interest in the Blazers’ imminent demise, and says the problem is they don’t pass the ball; no team had fewer assists during the regular season than the Blazers, and NBA defenses are really intense in the postseason. When the ball is moving, and everybody is involved, defenses have to work much harder. Nine of the last 10 NBA champions ranked in the top half of the league in assists. Portland ranks third from the bottom. Sounds like a matter of coaching style. If the Blazers make another early playoff exit, bet there’s a change.

The people behind the push for baseball in Portland say they have more than just the two potential stadium sites that have been made public, and that whatever they build will be “not only iconic, but first class.” And it will definitely have a retractable roof. Said spokesman Mike Barret, “Portland has one of the lowest rainfall totals of any major league city during the season. But you do have April and you do have October. So yeah, we’ve come to the conclusion that that’s the way it’s going to have to be. It’s going to have to be retractable. What we’ve come up is unlike anything you’ve seen before.” He also gave no indication of whether the team would be an expansion franchise, or relocated from another city, say Oakland. But count me as an Athletics supporter.

Say goodnight to another favorite Portland restaurant: Meriwether’s is going away after Mother’s Day. Not for forever, though; the owners say they’ll build a 5-story office building–with a new incarnation of Meriwether’s on the top.

Willamette Week says a panic has set in among Oregon’s cannabis industry, as growers are producing three times as much weed as consumers can inhale, or whatever they do these days. The pot glut has sent wholesale prices into a free-fall, though some customers say they’re not seeing it at the retail counter.

There’s an outbreak of breakins of work vans in outer southeast Portland. Craftspersons are bringing their tools in at night.

The Washington DOT is apologizing for an electronic reader board message on I-5 that said “U suck.” They blame it on a training error. Washdot does not think U suck.

The American Revolutionary War began on this date in 1775, with the battles of Lexington and Concord.

This was the date in 1995 of the Oklahoma City bomb, an act of domestic terrorism.

President Trump opened a news conference with Japan’s PM Abe by paying tribute to Barbara Bush, saying “we send prayers to her husband of 73 years,” then ad-libbed, “I’ll never beat that record.” Bet not!

Headlines to take our minds off the headlines…

–“At 3, he lost his dad in a drive-by shooting. At 19, he’s mulling Juilliard for opera.”

–“Tennis champ Sloane Stephens is rebuilding tennis courts in Compton and encouraging kids to live healthy lifestyles”

–“Determined cancer survivor completes Boston Marathon after midnight”

–“Defiant Canadian teen printed her bully’s hateful message on a t-shirt because ‘those words don’t define you’”

OK! Sorry if these seems jumbled up and jerky…my Macbook “updated” itself overnight, and now the formatting is all messed up. Fabuloso. Time to scramble out the door. Enjoy this lovely Thursday!


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Good morning and welcome to a busy day! It’s Wednesday, April 18, 2018, and Portland’s weather is a spring salad of sun showers, fluffy clouds, and highs of 60. Sunrise 6:19 AM, sunset 8:01 PM. Sunsets will be after 8 PM from now until almost Labor Day.

Americans always liked Barbara Bush, no matter how they felt about “her Georges.” She said what she believed. A clear-eyed pragmatist on homelessness, teenage pregnancy, education, and AIDS. Pro-ERA. Pro-choice. Loved and fiercely defended those in her household with other views. Dedicated her post-White House life to advancing literacy. America’s Mom, in the four years between Reagan and Clinton. That gentle lady is gone at 92, but remembered with love, and with flags flying low in her honor.

Some parents were furious–to the point of talking about a May levy boycott–that the Beaverton School District hadn’t swiftly fired Deputy Superintendent Steve Phillips for retweeting a crude post claiming that “one of the biggest causes of death in America is Illegal Aliens” who “should be banned.” But word came late yesterday, in a district statement pointedly posted in both English and Spanish, that Phillips has “resigned.”

CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who’s trying to get confirmed as Secretary of State, traveled secretly to North Korea two weeks ago and met personally with leader Kim Jong Un, to lay the groundwork for an anticipated summit between Un and President Trump.

The NTSB will figure out why an engine exploded in midair on a Southwest Airlines flight from New York To Dallas, killing one passenger–an Albuquerque mother of two who was nearly sucked out a window–and injuring seven. The pilot who steered the crippled jet to safety, Capt. Tammie Jo Shults, was one of the first female fighter pilots in the Navy’s history, and the first woman to fly the F/A-18.

Your Portland Trail Blazers are down two-zip in the seven-game playoff series against New Orleans, following a night at the Moda Center when Damian Lillard was neutralized by an exuberant Jrue Holiday…. next game is Thursday in New Orleans. If you’d like to be in the company of Blazermaniacs, there’s a watch party at McMenamin’s Bagdad Theater.

We’ll find out a lot more today about the Portland Diamond Project and how they plan, as one option, to break the hearts of Oakland A’s fans, who just last night celebrated the 50th anniversary of the team’s move from Kansas City. Though last night’s Oakland crowd of 46,000 was robust, it’s because everybody got in free. Normally they pull 10,000 at most. That venerable franchise is ripe for a revitalizing rebirth in a town like Portland, young and on the move. And though many people don’t care at all about baseball, this town will fill up a 35,000 seat stadium night after night. The Timbers Army, squadrons of boomers like me, we’re there. By the way…on the subject of a team name? Call them the Athletics (not A’s). It’s one of baseball’s eight foundation franchises, starting as the Philadelphia Athletics in 1901..becoming the Kansas City Athletics in 1955 and Oakland Athletics in ’68. Instead of getting cute with a tree or a fish or a reference to the rain, let’s adopt the Athletic legacy as our own.

The Simpson family of Springfield–a real family in the Oregon town, not the cartoon folks–was saved from their burning second-floor apartment by two nightshift workers at a forest-products chemical company across the street. The men saw the flames, ran over and pounded on doors to awaken residents, then heard screams for help from the second floor, where the Simpsons were trapped on the balcony. They dropped a toddler into the arms of one of the men. They lowered their dog and they grabbed him too, and one by one, each family member was helped to the ground. In all, police say the workers, Matthew Jackson and Chris Young, saved fifteen lives. Including The Simpsons.

That’s got to be embarrassing for the IRS, having to delay the deadline for a day because their website crashed. Wonder if there’s some monkey-busineski. Anybody have an unexpected Happy Hour last night?

Portland City Council today is expected to okay a hike of $2.55 in the average monthly garbage and recycling bill.

This was the day in 1906 of the San Francisco Earthquake. At magnitude 7.9, shaking was felt in Oregon, and Oregon mills provided much of the lumber used in rebuilding the city.

Sad to hear that Carl Kasell, longtime rock-steady, old-school news anchor on NPR (on morning-drive-Eastern, so he was my companion for decades), has died at 84.

Tell me something good, to make for a happy heart or something, OK?

–“81-year-old Japanese man leaps into river to save drowning 86-year-old woman.”

–“Youngest person to receive the Presidential Medal in Technology and Innovation develops bra capable of detecting early stage breast cancer.”

–“Teen takes Mom to prom: ‘My mom had me at 17, so she didn’t get to experience prom.'”

–“There’s a giant unicorn island floating off the shore of the Philippines *Books plane ticket immediately*” (That’s from Cosmo)

–“Costco’s Hot Dogs Will Probably Never Go Up in Price. It’s been $1.50 — with a soda — for over 30 years.”

Let’s end with a Barbara Bush quote, one of many from that great American First Lady. “Somewhere, there may even be someone who will one day follow my footsteps, and preside over the White House as the president’s spouse. I wish him well!”


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hi there! It’s your wakeup spritz of news and information, from me, the drafter of the Daily Drip and mangler of the language (I was justly busted for a doozy that I missed in editing yesterday), for this Tuesday, April 17, 2018. Portland’s weather wavers indecisively between showers and sun, not too much of either, with highs again near 50. Tomorrow leans toward the dry side, and Thursday may be the day for which our soggy souls cry out. Sunrise 6:21 AM sunset 7:59 PM.

We’ll get to the day’s chaos in a moment, but first:

This baseball talk is starting to get real. Oakland is seriously worried about losing the A’s to us. Let’s at least keep an open mind. A company has been created called the Portland Diamond Project, headed by a retired Nike executive, with the intention of bringing Major League Baseball to Portland. The Portland Diamond Project says it will have an announcement tomorrow. I read an SEC filing in which they’re looking for $5.5 million in private investors. Hey, I’m in for a grand! The Oregonian quotes a spokesman as saying the company is “in the midst of land-related transactions,” which sounds like they’re working on a stadium site. (John Canzano says it’s either the current PPS HQ, which needs a bulldozer anyway, or somewhere in Milwaukie). They’ve met with Ted Wheeler, whose spokesman told the paper that “the mayor at this point has not been asked nor is he prepared to offer any public incentives.” I think they know that wouldn’t fly here, and it may not have to. Portland is exactly what MLB wants. And what if there’s a Nike connection?

OK. Other news.

In the words of the late poet George Harrison,

If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.

It’s Tax Deadline Day! Whoopee! For those of us who so generously gave our various levels of government an interest-free loan by having too much withheld, here’s the answer to the question of when we get our damn money back. For State: If you e-filed, you should have your Oregon tax refund within 4 to 10 business days. But if you did it old-school, on papyrus with a quill, it could be eight to twelve weeks. For Federal, they say 21 days. But you can get a free app called IRS2Go that should tell you specifically when your refund will show up. And for the accountants among us: one…more…day….

There’s nothing that burns us up as much as adults who prey on children. Today…only 24 hours after one man who took advantage of disabled children in Oregon City was sent to federal prison for 28 years…the 19th annual Child Abuse and Family Violence Summit begins at the Red Lion Hotel on the River (the Jantzen Beach one). That man’s despicable case will be studied, along with many others, by attendees representing a variety of disciplines from all over the country. Welcome to Portland, folks; thank you for what you do.

The worst turns out to be true for the California family that vanished on the homeward leg of a Spring Break trip to Oregon, as three members were recovered from Mendocino County’s Eel River, along with the car. The search goes on for the fourth.

People got up and walked out on an embarrassingly inappropriate speech at the University of Portland’s end-of-year sports banquet, during which a senior tennis player made “violent and misogynistic” remarks (the words of another athlete, who wrote about the speech) detailing his sexual pursuits during his years at that respected institution.

We learned, randomly, that President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, whose files were carted away under warrant by the FBI, is also a lawyer for Trump spokesmodel Sean Hannity.

Overruling his advisers, President Trump rejected new sanctions on Russia, a day after the American ambassador to the UN said the US would impose penalties on Russian companies that helped Syria’s chemical weapons program.

A Russian journalist who wrote about Russian mercenaries in Syria has died after falling mysteriously from his fifth-floor apartment.

Kendrick Lamar has become the first rapper to win the Pulitzer Prize for music.

Actor Harry Anderson, who played the judge on Night Court, has died at 65.

The Rose Quarter will be rocking hard tonight for Game Two of the Blazers-Pelicans playoff series at the Moda Center….while right next door, the Veterans Memorial Coliseum hosts a venerable British heavy metal band. If you’re in a jam getting out of the parking lot, and you say to yourself, “Judas Priest!”, you would be exactly right. Hope everyone goes home happy!

Curtis Tigard celebrated his 109th birthday the other day. The grandson of the suburb’s founder credits his longevity either to lots of red wine and naps, or “eating and drinking sensibly and taking life easy.” Different ways of saying the same thing.

Ford unveiled the Mustang on this date in 1964. All you want to do is ride around, Sally!

Headlines for a Happy Heart! (I rotate this feature’s name all the time. Suggest one, and I might use it too):

–“Desiree Linden splashed her way through icy rain and a near-gale headwind to win the Boston Marathon, the first victory for an American woman since 1985”

–“On the male side: Japanese High School Administrator Yuki Kawauchi just became the first amateur runner to win the Boston marathon in decades. He has to go back to work tomorrow.”

–“Boy with autism builds 26-foot replica of the Titanic completely out of Legos.”

–“Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles”

–“Restaurant guest tips $100 to each of 17 kitchen workers”.

–“Anonymous donor, identified only as Suzanne, leaves $10 million to Seattle independent radio station KEXP, one of the largest bequests in public radio history.”

–“Yale Is Letting Anyone Take Its Most Popular Class Ever Online for Free. Psyc 157: Psychology and the Good Life is everything you ever wanted to know about how to truly be happy.”

Well OK!


Monday, April 16, 2018

Hello, sleepy people, of whom I am one. It’s Daily Drip time! We’re coming alive on a Monday, April 16, 2018. A wet mass of cold air that took its sweet time moving through the region is finally east of the Cascades, but lagging behind it is a trough full of showers, hail, thunderstorms, and snow down to 2500 feet. Today’s high should struggle up to 50. Our sunrise today comes at 6:23 AM, and sunset’s at 7:58 PM.

First off…best wishes to the Bush family…as former first lady Barbara Bush, in failing health at 92, has opted to end medical treatment, leave the hospital, and receive comfort care at home. Respected by all, she held views that sometimes differed those of her President husband and President son, whom she referred to as “my Georges,” and chafed against some of the trappings of office. She was afflicted with an autoimmune disease though her current ailment is undisclosed.

The cold April snow will keep blowing in the mountains for at least a day more, as a winter weather advisory for the Cascades remains in effect until 8 AM Tuesday. Studs were supposed to be off cars yesterday.

It’s rained in Portland 14 of the 15 days so far in April. The misery of others should never be a consolation, but parts of the country are having much worse weather than we are, with a foot or more of snow in Sioux Falls and Minneapolis, almost two feet in Green Bay, and freezing rain from Michigan to New York. PDX? Lemme check the reader board….OK. A couple of Minneapolis flights are canceled, and there’s a long list of delays.

A third of yesterday’s MLB games were rained or snowed out. But baseball hopes are popping up like daisies in Portland, where an unnamed ownership group has been meeting with the mayor and others, and The Oregonian’s John Canzano expects some kind of a progress announcement by midweek. Major League Baseball openly covets Portland’s young, progressive demographics. The Oakland A’s are up for grabs. There’s an MLB player salary tax already written into state law to help pay for a stadium. Our hearts have been broken before, but if this actually happens…we’re season ticket holders from year one.

The Portland Timbers and the Portland Thorns both won their home openers in a packed Providence Park.

Over the weekend the Portland Winterhawks were eliminated from the WHL playoffs. And the Portland Trail Blazers earned the Burnt Biscuit Award for stumbling out of the gate in playoff game one against New Orleans, with the second game tomorrow night.

Right in the middle of the Saturday night Blazer game, there was a 3.1 earthquake in the Willamette Valley.

Be on the lookout for a red Cadillac Escalade that was seen driving away from Bar Fly’s on Lancaster in Salem after 2 AM Saturday. Two men were shot to death and a third was wounded.

Starting today,  you and I will be able to tour the USS Portland for free at Portland Marine Terminal #2, 3556 N.W. Front Ave. Tours will take place 2-5 p.m. every day but Thursday. The massive craft floated into Portland Saturday to the delight of thousands who lined the Columbia and Willamette banks, though it apparently steamed in early to beat the weather, and some folks showed up at Cathedral Park just after the big boat passed by. “No ship, Sherlock,” texted my sister.

James Comey’s book comes out tomorrow, and the former FBI director will be in Portland plugging it this weekend. ABC’s interview with him aired last night, maybe you watched, it was too late for me, but I found the transcript, and this jumped out. Said Comey: “I liken President Trump in the book to a forest fire. Going to do tremendous damage…But a forest fire gives healthy things a chance to grow that had no chance before that fire.” He also called Trump a “serial liar,” said he was morally unfit for office, and said Americans “are duty-bound to vote him out of office.”

A quick “what were you thinking?” to the Starbucks in Philadelphia, where the manager called the cops on a couple of African-American businessmen who were waiting to meet an associate, and had the temerity to ask to use the restroom even though they hadn’t ordered anything yet. Cops came and handcuffed these gentlemen just as their associate, a white guy, showed up. Starbucks has apologized, and the CEO is flying to Philly today to personally meet with the men who were arrested, and released without charges.

Saturday Night Live did a sketch about Rajneeshpuram, as the Netflix series about Oregon’s 1980s ordeal has revived a national fascination. Any time now we expect to see Ma Anand Sheela on Dancing With The Stars.

Tonight on PBS there’s a 3-hour airing of the Antique Roadshow’s smash hit (ooh, sorry about Grandma’s vase) visit to Portland last summer.

For those who saw Sixty Minutes last night…Allegiant Air does not fly into Portland. And its stock is down 8% ahead of the open. The network reported that the low-cost, high-profit airline that flies out of Las Vegas is plagued by mechanical problems from skimping on maintenance to save money.

Crazy scene on a San Antonio street as four baboons escaped their cages at a biomedical research facility, and staff members chased them down.

It’s Pizza Week, according to the Portland Mercury, whose website lists dozens of local shops where you can get a tasty slice for two bucks.

Two voices that carried America through troubled times, and still echo in our heads, made major debuts on this very day in 1962: Walter Cronkite took over the CBS Evening News. And Bob Dylan first sang in public “Blowin’ In The Wind.” Same day, 56 years ago today.


–“Tearful mom describes joy of seeing colorblind son experience ‘everything in Technicolor’ thanks to special new glasses.”

–“Foundation turns shelter dogs into first responders”

–“When the airport was fogged in, a pilot diverted his aircraft to a non-fogged airport, rather than returning to the airport of origin, to ensure 15 Irish patients en route to Wales for vital cataract surgeries would not end up back on the waiting list.”

–“Lost dog survives two weeks in crocodile infested mangroves to reunite with family in ‘miracle'”

–“After 76 years, children Holocaust survivors reunite”

–“Morning commuter helps family escape house fire”

Thanks to all those who came to our gathering at the Daily Drip Lounge in Tigard on Friday. Good times! We will do it again! OK Monday!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Let’s get into a Friday state of mind! It’s April 13, 2018 (a superstition-free zone), and you have found the Daily Drip on Dripstock Day! Portland has a 100% chance of light rain, highs a mere 50, and another two to five inches of wet cement snow at pass level in the Northern Oregon Cascades. That’s less than earlier expected, because the primary slug of moisture has slithered north into Washington, and appears to only clip the farthest part of northwest Oregon today. Studded tires are required to come off by Sunday, though the snow level continues around 3000 feet through next week. Sunrise 6:28 AM, sunset 7:54 PM.

A tip ‘o the Drip hat to Oregon State Trooper David McKenzie, who came upon a stalled bus full of passengers on I-84 out past Arlington…arranged for help…and realizing the people might be there awhile, went back to town and returned with bags full of sandwiches, cookies, and bottles of water that he paid for out of his own pocket.

Ted Wheeler was in feisty mode as the mayor delivered his State of the City address. He pounded the lectern as he vowed “even if I have to go to jail” to fight for Portland’s Sanctuary City status, ripped the Trump administration on immigration, climate change, and gun control, and said Portland needs a whole lot more police officers “whether you love them or hate them,” as shown by the fact that a carjack victim had to wait an hour for a cop to show up.

Done deal. No shelter. The Wapato Jail, which Multnomah County taxpayers built for $58 million dollars, is being sold for $5 million to a developer who will turn it into a warehouse.

Let’s give a big “Ahoy!” to the USS Portland, as the mighty Navy ship is about to put on a show on arrival in her namesake city. She’s a majestic sight; if stood on end, she’d tower 15 stories higher than Big Pink. Capable of serving in humanitarian missions as well as war, she’s built as a landing platform for 800 Marines using 21st-century technology, include a stealth shape to minimize her radar signature. The USS Portland’s entry to her town will be a sightseeing event tomorrow along the Columbia and Willamette, and here’s the timeline: she’s in Astoria today, then hoists anchor, 8 AM Saturday, and what a huge anchor she must have, for the trip up the Columbia River. She’ll be coming around Kelley Point where the Willamette and Columbia meet by about 3 PM, then passing Cathedral Park in St. Johns at around 4, arriving in minutes at Terminal 2, where I have on the very best authority that they will be greeted by the Royal Rosarians, a sure sign of a big welcome to Portland.

The Times of London reports that “The US is amassing ten warships and two submarines in the Mediterranean and Gulf region,” ahead of a possible “significant military action” against the Russian-backed Syrian strongman Bashar Assad.

A little 70’s deja vu in DC…as the Washington Post reports that Trump lawyer/fixer Michael Cohen was widely known to have made tape recordings of business as well as political conversations–and those tapes may now be in the hands of federal investigators who executed a search warrant at his home and office this week.

Ex-FBI Director James Comey’s memoir “Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership”–which he’ll be in Portland to promote next weekend– is out now, and excerpts are all over the media Comey portrays President Trump as someone who is “unethical, and untethered to truth and institutional values,” and “ego-driven and about all personal loyalty.” the RNC has set up a “Lyin’ Comey” web site in rebuttal.

Welcome words for lovers of the Oregon and Washington coastline from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who suggested we don’t have to worry about oil exploration in the waters off the Pacific Northwest despite the Trump call for a vast expansion of drilling. “There is little or no resources of oil or gas off the coasts of Oregon or Washington,” Zinke told a House hearing. “There is no infrastructure to support an oil or gas industry off the coast of Oregon or Washington. And there is passionate opposition to do so.”

Now to the DD Sports Desk..nice seeing ya again everyone…the Portland Winterwinterhawks lost a thriller in the Moda Center last night, and must win on the road in Everett tonight to stay alive in the WHL playoffs. And–

It’s opening weekend for the Portland Timbers (Saturday) and the Portland Thorns (Sunday), and Providence Park, which these popular sibling franchises share, is undergoing a seat expansion project that will continue all season long. The Timbers Army will need to thread some detours, particularly on the stadium’s east side, and early arrival is smart.


–“Immigrant from Liberia who became a NASA engineer saves a passenger jet when he spots a fluid leak from his window seat on the wing.”

–“Police Identify Missing Husky By Seeing If It Will Sing Along to Its Favorite Tune.”

–“Overcoming obstacles: Homeless Girl Scouts hold 1st cookie sale in New York City.”

–“India’s Supreme Court will set-up a daycare center for its staff, which advocates said will increase the number of women in the workforce by setting an example for others to follow.”

–“An anonymous citizen paid the bill for more than a dozen sheriff’s office members enjoying a birthday breakfast in Sarasota.”

–“Becoming the real you: psychologists say we become more authentic as we get older.”

Dripstock 2018 is from 5 to 7 PM today at the iHeart Lounge at 13333 SW 68th Parkway in Tigard, 4th floor. Big white building along I-5, hard to find without GPS. No camping allowed, but the line is forming already. Not really. There’s room. You can bet there will be pix and video. See you there! And also on the radio!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Morning, Daily Drip crew! Here’s a new day, named Thursday, April 12, 2018! it’s a little showery, a tad windy, a bit bouncy for folks in the air, and highs of 50. Maybe a little more sun than yesterday. But it’s cold! All of 42 degrees on the deck here at Drip Central. The winter weather advisory continues in the Cascades until 7 tonight, with the snow level a Januaryish 2000 feet. Sunrise 6:30 AM, sunset 7:53 PM.

Let’s lead off with the Portland Trail Blazers! They beat the Utah Jazz last night, won the NW Division title, and begin the playoffs against the New Orleans Pelicans Saturday night at 7:30 at the Moda Center. Playoff time–especially when the team goes deep–is when Portland really gets into the Blazers. Rip City, baby!

It’s time for justice to be served on a Portland guy who pulled up alongside a traditionally-dressed Muslim couple, ordered them back to their f-ing country, called them terrorists, then mimicked shooting them three times. He pleaded no contest to second-degree intimidation and will be sentenced next month. This happened just two days after that white supremacist (you know what) killed two men who stood up to defend two Muslim women on a Max train. This guy was very apologetic, and blamed it on the political toxins he absorbed from Facebook.***

Tweet-of-the-day (so far) from President Trump: “Never said when an attack on Syria would take place. Could be very soon or not so soon at all! In any event, the United States, under my Administration, has done a great job of ridding the region of ISIS. Where is our “Thank you America?””

They’re searching the powerful Eel River, but California authorities have not found the car that may have been carrying a family of four along the Redwood Highway on a homeward-bound road trip from Portland last Friday. The Eel is an incredibly dynamic 200-mile river–low in the fall but raging in the spring–and it’s a tough river to search: it carries the highest load of suspended sediment of any river in the United States because of landslides in the Northern California coastal mountains. Plus it’s in the direct path of powerful Pineapple Express storms, like the one that came pounding in off the ocean over the weekend.

Today the Multnomah County Commission decides whether to proceed with the sale of the outrageously never-used Wapato Jail to a developer for a fifth of the $58 million it cost taxpayers to build. There are alternative proposals to convert it to a facility for homeless people.

The climbing community in Bend is mourning the death of 20-year old Alexander Reed, who fell 200 feet at Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon. A friend remembers him on Facebook for “his open mind, purely kind heart, dorky jokes, fierce determination to crush his dreams….We love you Alex, hope they have your favorite Meatloaf albums up there.”

A newcomer is unpacking his trunk at the Oregon Zoo: it’s Samson, a 19-year old Asian elephant, who’s here to perhaps do the baby elephant dance with currently single Rose-Tu.

Distracted Driving Awareness Week continues with an event today at Portland International Raceway, where several distracted driving race courses are set up for reporters to embarrass themselves on-camera. I’ve seen some pretty terrible road behavior lately, and not just by drivers. One guy literally ran two stop signs, and when I pulled up next to him at a light, he was staring intently at his phone. Downtown yesterday (for Komen’s annual luncheon), I waited patiently at a green as the following pedestrians moseyed across against the light: one PSU student, three chattering millennials, and four Portland firefighters.

Oregon author Beverly Cleary, whose character statues still grace her old neighborhood’s Grant Park, is 102 years old today. She lives in a retirement home in the Carmel Valley. (Though Ms. Cleary is an Oregonian by birth and upbringing–on NE Hancock in Portland, not Klickitat, where some of her stories are set–she and her husband eloped to California after her Presbyterian parents disapproved of her Catholic fiance).

An abandoned newborn girl is doing fine after being found, umbilical cord attached, in a baby dropoff box in Indiana, where a Safe Haven Law allows babies under a month old to be left at any police department, firehouse or hospital without any criminal charges. The box has a heated mattress and a silent alarm that immediately alerts first responders, and a firefighter found the newborn one minute after she was dropped off. Oregon has the same law; Washington has just a 3-day window.

Australian singer and actor Rick Springfield plays at the Schnitz tonight. His website says “This is a special Rick Springfield show featuring Rick’s FULL BAND performing with the Oregon Symphony.” Sounds cool! I think we’ve given away some tickets on K103. “Jessie’s Girl,” the #1 song in the summer of ’81, was a true story. But the friend whose sweetie he was lusting after was named Gary, and he never knew the girl’s name. They were all in a stained glass class together. I hear that Springfield, heartthrob that he is, has a special move in which he is given a bouquet of red roses—and strums his guitar with it, sending pedals flying everywhere as the music plays.

Now the part that some people scroll right to–it’s been suggested that I shrink the rest of the DD and do only this***–it’s Headlines for a Happy Heart!

–“Albuquerque, N.M., government drives van to popular panhandling locations twice a week with offers to pay for work on beautification projects in the city.”

–“58-year old lady uses ladder, saves 20 workers trapped in fire.”

–“Homeless Woman Flags Man Down To Help Save Woman From Train Tracks.”

–“Alzheimer’s Disease Damage Completely Erased in Human Cells by Changing Structure of One Protein.”

–“3-year-old thriving after becoming first to get world’s smallest mechanical heart valve during medical trial.”

***This, and other DD thoughts, are a topic we’ll talk about during Dripstock II..which is…gasp…tomorrow! If it occurs to you, and you have time, make yourself a name tag, so people will know you’re no stranger. That worked extremely well last year.

As Charlie Osgood used to say, see you on the radio!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Good morning team! It’s Wednesday, April 11, 2018, and time for a little 411 from the good old Daily Drip. We expect wind and rain today, with a quarter of an inch in the bucket and highs of 50. And–four days ahead of the stud removal deadline—the Cascades are in for a prolonged period of accumulating snow today and tomorrow. Sunrise 6:32 AM, sunset 7:51 PM.

Our hearts are in our throats upon hearing that a family of four has vanished on a drive from Portland, where they spent Spring Break, to their home near Los Angeles–and that a maroon Honda Pilot that sounds just like their car was swept away in a rain-swollen river along the Redwood Highway in Mendocino County last Friday. That was the same day the Thottapilly family–including a mother, father, 12-year old son, and 9-year old daughter–was due to stop over at a relative’s house near San Jose, but didn’t show. Rough water conditions in the Eel River have prevented a search for the vehicle, and the sheriff says it may have been carried a distance downstream. This is not far from where the Hart family drove over a cliff into the Pacific more than two weeks ago.

Two of the deepest pockets in Portland business are partnering with City Hall in building a sturdy green homeless shelter beneath the west end of the Broadway Bridge. South Waterfront developer Homer Williams, who developed an interest in solving the homeless crisis, and Columbia Sportswear CEO Tim Boyle, an outspoken critic of the impact of homelessness on local business, are the private money behind the new shelter, which should be open before the next winter.

Oof…Portland has zoomed from 32nd to the 6th best place to live in America, in annual rankings by U.S.News and World Report. The article doesn’t miss a single Portland cliche…the Naked Bike Ride, Voodoo Doughnuts, the terminally overplayed “Weird” thing…it acknowledges that “Portland’s average living expenses are [duh] higher than the national average”… hits the soft-pedal on the houseless situation by saying “the homeless population isn’t as high as some metro areas. But the mild winters allow for year-round camping, so displaced individuals remain a permanent fixture”… it lists as one of the city’s many recreational opportunities “the world’s smallest park (24 inches)” (I know our family plays at Mill Ends Park quite often, in the middle of the Naito Parkway about yours?)…and literally puts the restaurants, beers, and wines here at the very end of the story. Almost sounds like they haven’t actually been here. On the bright side, Austin is #1!

The Portland Resistance today is staging a combination demonstration and coat drive in response to the police shooting of John Elifritz at a homeless shelter. They will be holding a rally at 4 PM at City Hall, and asking people to bring coats, tents, sanitary items, and other supplies for those without homes.

The world is waiting to see if President Trump attacks Syria for gassing people in a Damascus suburb, after having excoriated President Obama for not responding similarly (he asked for Congressional approval and didn’t get it). Oregon’s Jeff Merkley was on MSNBC last night saying Trump is trying to distract from his mounting legal problems. Russia has vowed to respond militarily against the US to any missile strike against Syria. Russia also blocked a UN Security Council resolution that would have set up an independent investigation into the chemical weapons attack.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked legislation that would have protected special counsel Robert Mueller from being fired.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg seemed, to some, to robotically endure a Senate committee’s probity for more than 5 hours yesterday, but must have done OK for his investors; the company’s stock jumped almost 5%. Today a House committee takes its whacks, chaired by former Oregon radio guy Greg Walden.

Don’t know if it’s your color, but ODOT advises us that today is Wear Orange Day, as a reminder for drivers to pay attention when you see orange signs, barrels, cones or barricades. On average in Oregon, distracted drivers cause 10 crashes a day, and construction zones are particularly vulnerable.

The Portland Winterhawks were blown off their own ice by the Everett Silvertips 6-2 last night, and now trail the WHL playoff series 2-1. They’ll hopefully even it up Thursday night at the Coliseum.

The Blazers’ regular-season finale is tonight–for Fan Appreciation Night–at home against the Utah Jazz. At stake is the vital home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

From our Department of Something Good!

–“Taiwan kids find the owner of a camera that drifted for 2 years and 125 miles from Okinawa. It still works, enabling them to find the owner.”

–“‘Daisies upon daisies’ from across the U.S. sent to cancer-fighting girl in Nebraska named Daisy.”

–“Artist paints portraits of New York’s homeless, collects money for them as he does it and then donates the painting to them when he’s done.”

–“Corals, Sponges, Underwater Canyons Get New Protections off U.S. West Coast; More than 140,000 sq. miles of living seafloor safeguarded from impacts of bottom trawling.”

–“Teen foster son saves the lives of his sisters and dogs from fire caused from light switch.”

That’s the report from the DD news desk! Hope you can join us on K103 for the drive in to work, and we look forward to reading your comments and updates!