Re: the Mueller indictments…

Quick comment about Friday’s Robert Mueller indictment of 13 Russian operatives for their assault on our democracy: I’m tremendously heartened to see someone in the federal government finally sticking up for our country in the face of what amounts to a slow-motion Pearl Harbor. After months of presidential denials of a reality that every intelligence agency knows is true, at last our government–in the form of the independent counsel–has made the statement that this is not some hoax, it is against our laws,  we know how you did it–and just to prove it, here are the names of your stooges, and copies of their emails, and the crimes for which they’ll be imprisoned if we catch them sabotaging our sacred system of choosing our leaders.

I’ve read the 37-page indictment, and found it stunning and historic. I encourage you to do the same. Click here.

Mueller is far from done. Nobody has been vindicated. He’s following many threads, and doing it with diligence, fearlessness, and discretion. There have been zero leaks.  The Russian interference is an active and ongoing threat. That office, within the Justice Department but independent of political influence,  should be made permanent. We need a guardian with experience and integrity watching over things, defending our country from enemies foreign and domestic. Someone’s got to do it.


Friday, February 16, 2018

Good morning! I don’t know how…but we have made it to a Friday. February 16, 2018, and never has a three-day weekend looked so good! Wait…check that…the weather may hit the downhill, as the gnomes of winter arise from slumber and try work some mischief. Today and tomorrow are both rainy with 50 degrees high, but then we get hit by a breakaway slab of the Polar Vortex on Sunday that brings possible snow down to 1000 feet and maybe all the way down to sea level. The timing is uncertain, and amounts may be light to nonexistent, but we need to be on the weather watch. Sunrise today is at 7:10 AM, and sunset at 5:39 PM.

It’s Lunar New Year. Happy Year of the Dog! We’re panting for a fresh start.

Last year’s Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia Gorge is back on the front burner today as the 15-year old accused of tossing the firecracker that enraged the populace goes to court in Hood River. It’s open to all (but not your electronic devices) at 9 AM in Courtroom 1 of the Hood River County Courthouse. There’s likely to be a plea agreement, and if so, we’ll finally learn the boy’s consequences. My prediction: probation, community service, and restitution, to be paid at a rate that will never come close to the damage he caused. I hope he or his family have something to say to the public, today.

We’re in the candlelight vigil stage of the latest mass shooting, as the various sides have retreated to their talking points. Talk radio is blaming the FBI probe of Russian meddling in the election for the fact that the local Florida bureau has no record of the killer despite red flags being raised. But he bought the murder weapon legally about a year ago; he was 18, passed an FBI criminal background check, and had not been adjudicated as mentally ill. That gun, by the way, was illegal between 1994 and 2004, and then the federal ban on assault weapons was allowed by Congress to expire. Calls for action on that front are coming surprisingly from Ruper Murdoch’s New York Post (today’s headline: “Mr. President, please act. We need sensible gun control to stop the next shooter”) to students at the Florida high school itself (“We’re children. You guys are adults. Play a role. Come over your politics and get something done”).

With gun violence raw on the minds of many, the Oregon House has passed and sent to the Senate a bill outlawing gun ownership by people convicted of domestic violence or stalking, and those who have a restraining order against them. Most but all Democrats voted yes, and most but not all Republicans voted no, under heavy lobbying from the NRA. One who voted yes was Knute Buehler–the Republican frontrunner to oppose Gov. Kate Brown in November. Bipartisan support is needed for the bill to pass the Senate.

Efforts to help the Dreamers are in trouble. A bipartisan compromise collapsed in the Senate under heavy headwinds from 1600. So it comes down to the courts: two federal judges have blocked the president from ending the program, and the White House is asking the Supreme Court directly for a review, and we may learn something today.

The state is thinking of banning alcohol on the Sauvie Island beaches–including the one where people sun themselves in the suit that the good Lord gave them. When it gets hot in the summer, the crowds are cheek to jowl; add in a bunch of Bud Light and boxed Chardonnay, and that’s a good time. I mean, trouble.

Portland is getting ready to require the seismic retrofitting of more than a thousand unreinforced masonry buildings, which an earthquake can turn into a mountain of spilled bricks.

Some people and businesses on the Portland subReddit report being menaced by a group of about 20 teenagers in the Gateway area.

There’s been a rash of car break-ins in Happy Valley, involving mostly unlocked cars with valuables in plain sight. Somebody oughta leave a package on a passenger seat and set a small mousetrap in it.

“Adrenaline Peak” is the name just announced for Portland’s new roller coaster at Oaks Park. Sounds promising! You first. Takes you upside down three times.

Tonight is the 70th anniversary of the evening network news. It was this night in 1948 that NBC launched “The Camel Newsreel Theatre,” which consisted of Fox Movietone newsreels, hosted by Bill O’Reilly (not o’really).

Headlines for a heavy heart!

–“An experimental treatment completely reversed Alzheimer’s disease in mice by reducing the levels of a single enzyme in the animals’ brains.” (Details in Newsweek. If you copy and paste that headline in a search window, the story will pop up).

–“Canadian couple who lost everything in last year’s Alberta wildfire wins $1 million lottery”

–“Italy’s country doctor makes house calls on horseback.”

–“Lonely Library Dog Now Has Many Wanting To Read Him A Story”

–“‘Butt Lady Of Auburn’ Picks Up 1 Million Cigarette Butts”

–“Zebra stands guard at Oregon goat ranch.” Oh, wait that’s the security cop in the K103 parking lot.

Long week. Things got chippy on the Daily Drip comment thread yesterday, and it didn’t help that I sleepily and accidentally deleted the entire DD from yesterday, so a few people thought they’d been booted. Glad to say that didn’t happen because I hate having to do that. Meantime I think my little rear-ender on 213 (on 2/13!) made a sore knee sorer, because I’m limping around. I hereby award us all a three-day weekend so we can celebrate the President.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

OK…It’s Thursday, February 15, 2018, we’re sure of that. It’s reasonably certain as well that sunrise is at 7:12 AM, sunset 5:38 PM. There have been numerous showers, but they’re waning like the moon–in fact, today is the New Moon, which means no moon, and we’ll see a high of 50.

So we look again into our national soul and find it lacking; we light candles and sway and nothing changes. We send up prayers, express our good thoughts, write passionate posts with angry-face emojis, and we’re still a country where a pissed-off young man whom everyone in his school seemed to know had lots of problems and an obsession with guns could walk in and squeeze the trigger on his easily-acquired, court-protected weapon of mass destruction. And just like that, he’d blink out the sacred lives of seventeen innocent and cherished people. We pray, oh yes we pray, but if anyone hears it, you can’t tell; we could assemble en masse and rage at the heavens with clenched fists and demand of the Almighty, as they did in the Old Testament, Why, God, if that’s who you are, Why? And the Almighty might thunder back: “Because that’s a choice you have made.” Perhaps someday we will be judged accordingly. But the concrete consequence of our conscious decision to arm ourselves to the teeth comes with sickening regularity, and with a stupefying lack of epiphany on the part of our elected leaders. It’s our national shame, and the shame is on us.

At the same time, a grandmother in Everett, Washington foiled a mass shooting when she found her grandson’s journal with detailed plans–and called 911, prompting a search which revealed an AK447 hidden in a guitar case. The student is now in custody.

By the way…reposting a message from Portland Police Sgt. Pete Simpson, one of the good guys…”Parents, please talk to your kids about speaking up when they see things on social media that cause concern. Far too often, we find out after a tragic event that someone knew something but was afraid to say something.” Same applies to adults.

How on earth do we go from that…to covering the other news of the day…

Unfinished business: former Governor John Kitzhaber allegedly violated ethics laws eleven times, according to a report for the Oregon Government Ethics Commission. Kitzhaber’s partner Cylvia Hayes, by the way, is in a wheelchair following surgery for a crushed ankle suffered when a horse fell on her.

The man who slid to his death on Mt. Hood on Tuesday is identified as 35-year old Miha Šumi (pronounced MEE-huh SHOO-mee), who came to Portland seven years ago from Slovenia to join Jet Reports, a company that specializes in business analytics, which has set up a Go Fund Me account for his family.

You know the Portland-based Grammy-winning band Portugal the Man? Their tour bus caught fire in Iowa, and they’ve had to cancel some shows. They’re all OK.

American skier Mikaela Shiffrin won the gold medal in today’s giant slalom. Latest medal count: Team USA has 8 total, 5 gold, for 5th place. Norway and Germany are in the lead.

The Portland Trail Blazers played one of their best games of the year, beating the usually-dominant Golden State Warriors 123-117 at the Moda Center. Now it’s All-Star break time.

Today is Susan B. Anthony’s birthday. Born in 1820, she was the leader of the campaign to allow women to vote, though it was a century after her birth that the 19th Amendment accomplishing that objective was finally ratified. She brought the campaign to Portland in 1896, staying at the home of movement leader Abigail Scott Duniway. Women gained the right to vote in Oregon in 1912, one of the last of the western states where that became true. (The West was way out ahead of the rest of the country).

One wonders what would be different today if women had an equal seat at the table–or any seat at all–at the founding of our nation.

Happy birthday to Matt Groening, the Lincoln High graduate whose sharp social satire underlies every episode of his creation, “The Simpsons.”

Big sigh. Do we do “Tell Me Something Good” and its DD equivalent, H4HH?

Of course. If there’s one constant, it’s that everywhere, and in spite of all, people do the best they can.

“–Toddler rescued from train tracks by quick-acting student in busy Milan subway station.”

–“Kansas 5th graders are giving up their Valentine’s Day party and donating it to “Wichita’s Little Heroes,” kids with life-threatening illnesses.”

–“A couple accidentally proposed to each other at the same time.” They both said yes!

–“Baltimore is at 12 days without a homicide: the longest streak since 2015.”

–“Elementary students help a couple get the honeymoon they were denied 60 years ago because of racism”

–“Melania Trump tells hospitalized child the best part of being first lady is meeting kids like her.”

OK. Signing off. Stay safe, stay kind. Thanks for reading this, and taking part in the community here.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Let’s take a walk into a Wednesday, February 14, 2018, just us friends. It rained overnight and it’s raining this morning in your hometown, if your hometown is Portland or so. Hilltop people, the folks who live near transmitting towers and pick up FM in their toasters, might report some light snow. In fact, Beaverton PD just tweeted that it’s snowing in the Sylvan area. And…I’ve got a light coat of snow on my car at 450 feet! It’ll be an interesting morning. Let us know what’s happening where you are! The showers will ease off, and we’ll all warm up to 48. Sunrise 7:13 AM sunset 5:36 PM…two minutes earlier and two minutes later than yesterday. It’s so nice to see the sunset after work!

Breathtaking from a distance, yet it was a terrible day on Mt. Hood, where snow softened by the sun turned to ice as hard as iron, impervious to the axes and crampons of mountaineers, no matter how experienced. One climber fell perhaps a thousand feet in the Hogsback area, and despite first aid by fellow climbers and a valiant rescue effort by Blackhawk helicopter, he was declared dead on arrival at Emanuel Hospital. Six other climbers remained high on the mountain, one of them suffering injuries, as rescue workers raced to beat the snow. Some walked down, some were snow-catted out, and all are safe. That mountain is deceptive and dangerous. Well over 100 climbers have died there in the past century.

They’ve done it before, it worked, and they’re doing it again. America’s top intelligence officials say they have evidence of Russian mischief in our upcoming midterm elections, buoyed by what they perceive as their success in 2016. Where is the outrage?

The gab around the coffee machine at work today will be about Shaun White’s gold-medal halfpipe run at the Winter Olympics. The American started up with a frontside double cork 1440–and then followed up with a cab double cork 1440! No idea what that means. Norway leads the overall medal count with 11, the USA’s third with 7, four of which are gold.

A bichon frisé named Flynn won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York last night. Purina, the sponsor (you can imagine what’s in the swag bags), did something fun: they ran a March Madness-style bracket contest. If you correctly predict the winning breed from each group, along with BIS, you win a million bucks. Don’t know if anyone did. We didn’t.

A 5-day maintenance closure for the Portland Aerial Tram begins tonight. It’ll be back in the swing by Monday afternoon.

We have many reasons to treat today as special!

–It’s Ash Wednesday on the Christian calendar, with many observant people bearing a mark upon their foreheads from the burnt remnants of last year’s Palm Sunday fronds.

–It’s St. Valentine’s Day, which has unfortunately deteriorated into a cliche of perceived pressure upon the males in a partnership to perform material rituals. But it sure made me smile to come downstairs and find a card from my sweetie on the coffee grinder!

–This date is encircled in hearts on many a calendar because pitchers and catchers report for the Seattle Mariners and six other teams–the last to open their spring training camps.

–And it’s the day we send a sincere Happy Birthday to the State of Oregon, admitted to the Union in 1859. In honor of our state, whether native, chosen, or both, I submit the following, from Gov. Barbara Roberts’ inaugural address in 1992:

“Today, I honor the memory of those brave settlers of Oregon, and pay tribute, as well, to the native Americans already inhabiting this land before pioneers like my great-great-grandparents arrived here in the mid-1800’s. Such dreams those pioneers had for this territory. Some instinct drew them here, a fate, a pulling, a desire for deep and lasting change in their lives. They embraced that change. They sought it out. Theirs was a quest for new horizons, for new beginnings. For a new homeland. They rode. They walked. They staved. They forged. And they died. But they kept their eyes westward. They gave us Oregon.”

And sometimes, people leave Oregon, good people for good reasons, like Joe Donlon, whose inquisitive and kind demeanor has delivered the news on KGW-TV for decades. Every so often some of the cream gets skimmed off our local TV by the major leagues, people like Ann Curry and Rob Marciano and Reggie Aqui and now, Joe Donlon, who’s going to anchor the evening news on one of the most famous stations in America, WGN. Those are breathtaking call letters to people in this business. Joe’s not market-hopping: this is a dream come true. He’s extremely well thought of at his old station, in the industry, and most importantly by the public. We’ll see him on cable. We’ll miss him. And he’ll miss the hell out of this place.

Wrapping up with H(4A)HH:

–“Relationship with Strings Attached: Married cellists Trevor Fitzpatrick and Marilyn de Oliveira make beautiful music together for Oregon Symphony” (hat tip to the Portland Tribune for this one!)

–“California Husband Recovering After Saving Pregnant Wife From Speeding Truck’s Path”

–“Man donates kidney to wife of 40 years”

–“3 grandmothers, all sisters, answer single mom’s call for help with triplets”

–“Teacher Almost Quit Because Of Unruly Student. Then She Adopted Him”

There you have your basic DD. Fun fact: it’s the first time Ash Wednesday and Valentines Day have coincided since 1945. If this was school, I would send each of you a Valentine. I wonder if they still do that mass-distribution of glittery red punchouts, those cute and corny invitations to Bee-mine, I Choo-choo-chooz you, We’d Be a Peach of a Pear–and sometimes we’d read too much into it–there was a certain 5th grader named Jennifer who gave me a card that said, “You’ve got a pizza my heart”…and I mooned over that for months. But real life sent me someone so much better, who makes me so much happier!

Thanks BTW for the good wishes and sound advice after the thumping of my car by an OBU Hyundai (nice way of saying POS) in a left-turn lane. Insurance people are on it. I’m fine, my annual checkup exam is coincidentally today. But all is well. Let’s all be extra careful on the road today, okay?

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Hello, my friend! It’s Tuesday, February 13, 2018, and if your feet haven’t hit the floor yet, I recommend heading straight for the fuzzy slippers…it’s the coldest it’s been since Christmas. A quick temperature roundup at 0300 shows it’s 29 at the Portland airport, 26 on my deck, and 9 in Bend. But once the sun gets frisky, we should reach a high of 50 or more. We’re tracking, like NORAD does Santa, an invader from the far north this weekend, and it’ll be cold enough for snow on the valley floor on Monday. But showers should be over by then. So either we’ll miss it, or we’ll shovel it. Sunrise today 7:15 AM, and sunset 5:35 PM.

It’s Mardi Gras!

And Spring Training camp opens today for 21 MLB teams!

And it’s two months until Dripstock Two!

At the Olympics…Norway leads the overall medal count was 9…Team USA is third with 6, including three gold.

The Dow is opening at 24,601, following a 410 point gain yesterday.

The Morrison Bridge is open again following a two-hour shutdown caused by an expected drawbridge malfunction.

A fuel spill has closed all but one lane of the Banfield inbound at 67th.

Two separate airplanes–a private jet and a Portland Police Bureau Cessna 172–were hit by laser flashes on Sunday evening.

Governor Kate Brown has granted a rare pardon to Dondrae Fair, an ex-gang member who served five years in the pen for a holdup during the Portland crack epidemic of the early 1990’s, and is now a respected mentor to young men emerging from prison.

Somebody’s been prying off gas doors and swiping gasoline from vehicles parked in Portland.

A coalition is advocating for a bullet train to connect Vancouver BC, Bellingham, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Portland, and Eastern Washington.

The Trump budget would cut $230 million from the cleanup at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, where plutonium for nuclear weapons was made for decades.

The white powder that somebody mailed to Donald Trump, Jr. and his wife Vanessa turned out to be cornstarch. The Secret Service is investigating.

The Berlin Wall has now been gone longer than it stood.

Police in Georgia have arrested a man for spanking a stranger’s 2-year-old son at a grocery store when the little one kept pestering his dad for a candy bar.

Tonight it’s a Johnny Mathis Valentine as the famous crooner sings at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. This comes a day after word that another velvety voice of that generation–Vic Damone–had passed away at age 89.


–“Strangers received new hearts on same day — then love happened”

–“Single Father Walks 11 Miles To Work, UPS Co-Workers Buy Him A Car”

–“Drought-hit Cape Town rejoices at rain”

–“Seattle TV Station KIRO Pays Off Medical Debts for 1,000 people”

–“Husband learns to drive at 79 so he can chauffeur his wife to hospital”

–“Chicago Man Asked For 10 Volunteers To Shovel Snow For Seniors. Over 100 People Showed Up”

It’s World Radio Day! My childhood dream come true is to hop in my car at 4 in the morning, drive to a radio studio, and help wake up the most beautiful city in America. See you on 103.3 in Portland, and K103 on the iHeartRadio app all over the US and Europe!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Well, look here, it’s the Daily Drip, back for another week! Today is Monday, February 12, 2018. Portland’s weather is sunny but chilly, highs of 47, and lows down to 20 in some areas. These last two weeks of February look colder than it’s been, and there’s chatter among weather geeks that winter is not necessarily done with us yet. In the words of an NWS post: “after some rain and mountain snow Fri night/Sat, temps and snow levels could plummet as our first modified arctic air mass in a while settles into the region. Will trend temps and snow levels downward accordingly, though there is still a great deal of uncertainty as to how this pattern will play out.” And this from KPTV’s Mark Nelsen: “The chance for snow at the lowest elevations is the highest we’ve seen since Christmas.” We’ll be monitoring. Sunrise 7:16 AM sunset 5:33 PM.

Big week! Mardi Gras on Tuesday…Ash Wednesday falls on Valentines Day on Wednesday,…our days will be twelve minutes longer by Friday…and Spring training begins this week. In fact, the pitchers and catchers for the Mets and the Pirates will get it going today.

I think we’re all watching the much fun…an American boarder wins gold…an American man medaled in the luge for the first time ever…the winds at the Alpine courses in Pyeongchang are so powerful that cloth panels are being ripped off the gates. They’ve postponed major skiing events until Thursday, and it’ll be downhill from there.

NBC has apologized after a commentator remarked that South Korea regards Japan as a cultural and economic example, glossing over the unresolved bad blood from Japan’s takeover of the Korean Peninsula in the early 20th century.

A Troutdale woman lost her wedding ring in the sand at Seaside on New Year’s Eve. Searched, couldn’t find, put an ad on Craigslist… then a woman who was walking in the pouring rain spotted a glint in the sand….and today the ring is back on its owner’s finger, in time for the couple’s 20th anniversary.

Oregon Live reports that two-thirds of Oregon’s charter schools have really low measles vaccination rates, and they’re at high risk for an outbreak of a disease that had been pretty well tamed.

This week the teenager who set the Columbia Gorge on fire will go before a juvenile court judge, and there’s word of a plea deal. Looks like he’ll get probation, but he and his family will be on the impossible hook for restitution.

Oregon Democrats in the US Senate may hold up the Trump nomination of an Oregon prosecutor to the 9th Circuit court of Appeals. Ryan Bounds is having to account for his snarky writings as a conservative undergraduate at Stanford, where he called minority student organizations “feel-good ethnic hoedowns,” and expressed similar sentiments he now calls the “ill-considered, tone-deaf, and mortifyingly insensitive pronouncements of one’s youth.”

Girls are joining Cub Scouts. Good. Maybe this generation of little boys will grow up to know how to behave around women.

The picture of Barack Obama with a jaunty salt-and-pepper beard? It’s photoshopped. No beard.

Abraham Lincoln, who turned down the job of Governor of the Oregon Territory in 1849, was born on this day in 1809.

Happy birthday to the singer Michael McDonald. Saw him last summer along with Boz Scaggs at the Maryhill Winery, and it was a wonderful night. I introduced him on stage once at the Clark County Fair and almost said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Ronald McDonald!”

Now the part that many folks skip right to..and good morning you, by the way!

–“‘A human connection’: When a U.S. Olympic luger was struggling, a Russian rival offered his sled”

–“At the PyeongChang Olympics Opening Ceremonies, Korea unifies for a historic selfie”

–“The Queen has declared war on plastic, banning straws and bottles from the Royal estates”

–“Former Klansman finds forgiveness and a friend in a black church”

–“Portland’s Medical Teams donates almost $1 million worth of supplies to hospitals in Ukraine”

–“Rescue dog on its first mission saves a life in the aftermath of the Taiwan earthquake”

It’s my son Jesse’s birthday. I don’t have the words to adequately express my love and respect for him, and for his sister. And their families. We had some quality hang time this weekend. Now it’s time to roll into our working world, or not, but either way…bundle up. It’s cold!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Hi there! Here’s a quick cup of fresh-ground wakeup info on a Friday, February 9, 2018. PDX weather calls for a morning spritz, then cloudy and 50. Here’s now the NWS puts it: “Other than the leftovers of our decaying front, a strong ridge of high pressure remains large and in charge off the U.S. West Coast. This will lead to mainly dry weather through Saturday.” Sunrise 7:21 AM, sunset 5:29 PM. We switch to DST one month from Sunday.

The self-ejection of State Senator Jeff Kruse takes effect March 15. He says he didn’t do what ten women say he did. I suppose there’s a good reason this wasn’t handled months ago, when grabby guys were dropping like flies, and the legislature wasn’t trying to jam a lot into a short session.

In the middle of the night, Congress approved a budget deal ending a brief government shutdown. The vote was delayed by deficit hawk Rand Paul, who expressed dismay that the tax cut and the military buildup are piling unfathomable sums onto a national debt that must be reckoned with someday.

That hissing sound is from the 401K’s of people who invest in stocks, as the Dow coughed up a thousand points for the second time in a week. That means we’re now in a correction, and corrections are a normal part of the market. We were due, the economy has been getting stronger for years, and we’ll be OK. I think.

Schools in Lincoln County are closed because of some kind of threat.

Portland teachers finally have a contract, ratified by the school board on a 7-0 vote.

Some guy tried to kidnap a 20-year old woman whose car had broken down at 4 AM on a ramp from I-5 to Market Street in Salem. Luckily a witness drove by, shouted something, and the suspect ran away.

Trimet expansions planned in the coming year: All‑night bus service to PDX, and 24‑hour bus lines.

Olympic opening ceremonies began around 3 AM our time, and will be on TV in prime time tonight.

Canada’s National Anthem is now gender neutral. Ours always has been, unless you count the third verse which nobody knows (“Oh, thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand/Between their loved home and the war’s desolation).

Chicago could get a foot of snow today. Southwest Airline’s 5:15 from PDX to Midway is already scrubbed.

Amazon has launched two-hour delivery from Whole Foods stores to Prime members in Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas and Virginia Beach. Expansion is planned this year.

Heads up for dog people! Daily Drip member and veterinarian Kristy Bussman sends word from Oregon State Veterinarian Emilio DeBess that “there is a huge canine influenza outbreak in San Francisco, expanding every day, and on its way here. We have a strain-specific vaccine, but it has to be given as two boosters 2-3 weeks apart. Please encourage people to spread the word and talk with their veterinarian. Each vaccinated dog will help prevent the outbreak from spreading.”

A trio of baby goats has moved into the Oregon Zoo. They’re named Ruth, Elena, and Sonya, and collectively are called the Justice Goats.

On this day in 1996, the Willamette River crested in Portland at 28.55 feet, more than 10 feet above flood stage, and just below the top of the permanent downtown seawall. Good thing it stopped there–Vera’s Wall, made of plywood, wouldn’t have held back the torrent. Our garage in Lake Grove was an oily swimming pool, my collection of vinyl records was destroyed, and we ended up getting a disaster check from FEMA.

Huge day in music history. It’s the night in 1964 when the Beatles first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. They followed commercials for shaving cream and shoe polish, and alternated between acrobats, an impressionist, and the Broadway cast of “Oliver.” Maybe a plate-spinner or two. Teenage garage bands immediately sprang up across America, and some of those kids are now in the Rock Hall of Fame.

Headlines…to brighten up the morning….

–“A kind-hearted restaurant worker became the savior of hungry drivers stranded in snow when he cooked 500 meals and dished them out for free.”

–“Salinas 4th graders ask for better TP; Charmin sends 6,000 rolls”

–“George and Amal Clooney reveal they are sponsoring an Iraqi refugee”

–“Pastor eases onto icy pond to rescue dog”

And…out the door I go! I’m on dual KEX/K103 morning drive duty this morning. This kind of plate-spinning could have gotten me on Sullivan. Very nice, lads from Liverpool. Now here’s something you’ll really like!