Good news for Monday!

17-year-old discovers planet 6.9 times larger than Earth on third day of internship with NASA

Serena Williams wins New Zealand tennis tournament, donates all prize money to fighting Australian Bush Fires

Teenager having seizure saved by online gamer – 5,000 miles away in Texas

Man re-animates Disney classic ‘Sleeping Beauty’, proposes to girlfriend with special movie screening

The Greatest Grand Canyon Timelapse Ever

Weekend’s here! And other good news for 1/10/2020

Governor rescues driver involved in crash

Twins Find Wallet Filled With Cash. One Look At Veteran’s ID And They’re Standing At His Door

The Vatican Library Goes Online and Digitizes Tens of Thousands of Manuscripts, Books, Coins, and More. Hat tip to Lew Frederick! 

Utah brewery pays off elementary school lunch debt

Another reason for Indigenous Peoples’ Day:

Fire-ravaged town receives emergency beer delivery from Australian Navy ship



Something good? Right here! 1-8-20

’There’s still good people out here:’ man’s wallet returned with $2,500 after he loses it in Walmart lot

Firefighters Rush Out Of Grocery Store After Emergency Call, Return To Find Groceries Paid For By A Stranger

‘Y’all Are Heroes’: A Boy From NC Is Alive — Against All Odds

Von Trapp Family Great-Grandchildren Perform Gorgeous “Sound Of Music” Cover.

Around the World in Rare and Beautiful Apples