Friday, October 4, 2019

It’s a big 10-4, good buddies! Happy Friday to you on October 4, 2019. We’re done with the downpours of yesterday I hope, but it’s still 50-50 that we’ll pick up a gentle shower today, with highs of 60 degrees. Then the weekend is MmmWah! Perfect! Sunshine both days, maxing at 65 Saturday and 70 on Sunday. Soak up the weekend weather–because the weather will be soaking us right back soon enough. Sunrise 7:12 AM, sunset 6:45 PM.

All’s quiet in downtown Vancouver this morning, after an active shooting incident in the lobby of the Smith Tower Apartments, that familiar silo-like building near the north end of the Interstate Bridge. An 80-year-old man who lives on the 13th floor of the retirement facility is accused of murdering a man and wounding two women. He surrendered after a 2-and-a-half hour standoff, which included a drone hovering outside his window, while traffic was cordoned off in downtown Vancouver. Mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle said in a written statement, “While we are still learning about what happened surrounding the shooting incident… our hearts go out to the victims and their families as they deal with this tragedy,”

All lanes are open again after a semi hit and killed a pedestrian on the Fremont Bridge around 6:50 PM, closing the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 to commuters for several hours.

It was a strange day indeed for a woman who hijacked a mail truck and took it for a joyride in the Centennial and Wilkes neighborhoods, hit a TriMet LIFT bus, then rolled the postal vehicle–before climbing out “shirtless,” in the words of the police–and finally getting tackled after a 12-block chase. Cops characterize her behavior as “drug induced.”

Sunday’s the day that thousands are training for, as the Portland Marathon begins under new management and with a new course. Can the new Sellwood Bridge handle a thundering herd? Sure, and neighbors will be out there cheering you on. Folks will start picking up packets at 4:30 AM on the Waterfront, and the starting gun for both the marathon and the half marathon will sound at 7:10 AM. Whether you post a PR or settle for a DNF…props and good luck to all.

There will soon be another USS Oregon cruising the world’s waters, and we promise this one won’t end up as a battleship mast in some future Waterfront Park. It’s the Navy’s newest attack submarine the USS Oregon that will be christened during a ceremony Saturday morning in Groton, Connecticut. Rep. Greg Walden of Oregon will be there to deliver an address, and do the honors with water from Crater Lake and a so-far-unidentified Oregon wine.

Ralph Himmelsbach, the FBI agent who was famous for his lifelong pursuit of skyjacker “D.B. Cooper,” died yesterday at 94. Sadly, he didn’t get his man.

Oscar, Emmy, and Clio-winner Will Vinton, one of Portland’s original creatives, died one year ago today. And I was remiss yesterday in noting the passage four years ago yesterday of Tom Parker, one of my closest friends from early KGW days right on through K103 and beyond. All my best to Shari and the family!

At our house this weekend, it’ll be nonstop baseball playoffs and football on the tube, but I know there are tons of community activities…a friend of mine is heading to an arts fair in Hood River…lots of folks are flocking to the Fall Home and Garden Show at the Expo Center…and if there’s something like that going on in your neighborhood, let us know!

OK! On the football schedule, for this fine weekend:

Oregon Ducks–the Cal Bears come to Autzen at 5 PM Saturday. .
OSU Beavers are at UCLA at 6 PM Saturday
Washington Huskies visit Stanford at 7:30
WSU Cougars have a bye week
PSU Vikings host Southern Utah at 2:05

Portland Timbers play San Jose Sunday at 1 at Providence Park
Portland Thorns play Washington on Saturday 5/12 at Providence Park

And Whew! The Seahawks held on for a 30-29 win over LA!


Good news! Links in the Cup.

–“Michigan football team with no band invites band with no team to play at its games”

–“Viral homeless subway singer offered major recording contract”

–“A Texas cheerleader jumped off a homecoming float to save a choking boy”

–“Santa Claus wins reelection to North Pole City Council”

–“People have been making up to $100,000 off ‘coin hunting’—here’s how the highly unusual hobby works”

Have a fantastic weekend, friends, and let us know what you’re doing!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Hello, friends, and thanks for spending a few minutes with the Daily Drip! Today is Thursday, October 3, 2019, a day that will bring a 90% chance of showers and a slight possibility of thunderstorms, with highs maxing out at 60. We might measure a quarter of an inch in the garden raincup, maybe more if a thunderburst happens by. Sunrise 7:11 AM, Sunset 6:47 PM.

Breaking overnight….22 Army paratroopers were hurt during a nighttime jump…and several are reportedly “stuck in trees”…after a military training accident went horribly wrong at Mississippi’s Camp Shelby.

So glad to say that two 71-year-old hikers who got lost on Mt. Hood near the Kiwanis camp were found before they had to spend a second night in the cold. They walked out smiling, hugging their families–and taking a group photo with the search and rescue people who found them by tracking their muddy bootprints into deep woods far from the road.

A doctor from Corvallis was amazed and not amused to learn that sperm donations he made as a first-year medical student at OHSU (hey, you’ve got to pay tuition somehow) have resulted in a population boom right here in Oregon. He’s the unwitting father of at the very minimum 17 now-adult children, some of whom are finding out about each other thanks to ancestry web sites. Most, perhaps all, were born in Oregon, and some crossed paths socially, not knowing they were half-siblings. Danger! “Not cool,” says the doc, aware of the potential for tragic inadvertent liaisons. He says the agreement was that no more than five children would be thus conceived, and that all would be on the East Coast and unlikely to meet each other. And oh, yes, he’s suing OHSU, which has no comment.

The Portland metro area’s supply of hard drugs has taken a hit from one of the largest takedowns of a drug trafficking organization in the state’s history. Forty-one people were involved in the Mexico-to-Oregon ring that peddled, at its peak, at its peak, 77 pounds of meth and 55 pounds of heroin every week in the Portland area.

The Oregonian’s Maxine Bernstein reports that a Portland police sergeant has been suspended for one day without pay for untruthfully telling a protestor to stop taking video of police because it’s against the law. Filming cops is perfectly fine.

One year ago, Tracy Barry announced that she’d be leaving KGW-TV, and an institution lost a part of what made it an institution. Her face is more familiar to Portlanders than the face of Portlandia herself, and her trustworthiness and humanity are sorely missed in a world where those virtues are on the wane.


Sultry, cinematic songstress Lana Del Ray is at the Moda Center tonight. Her tour is supporting her latest album, titled “Norman (F’ing) Rockwell,” and it’s full of language, but we’re adults, right? It’s beautiful. Every single cut.

Sounding good to me right about now is the 10-day 2019 Fire Mountain Music Festival which starts today in the north Oregon coast hamlets of Cannon Beach and Manzanita.

Keb ‘Mo plays tonight and tomorrow at Revolution Hall.

The Portland Fall Home and Garden Show begins today and runs through the weekend at the Portland Expo Center. From its web site: How-To Seminars & Demonstrations on the stage, Artisan & Holiday Marketplace, Kids Zone, Plant & Nursery Marketplace, Container Garden Competition, Oregon Tree Display.

Happy birthday to radio wizard George Johns, founding father of the adult-contemporary format, and an early owner of K103–who hired Craig Walker! (and me.)

Lindsey Buckingham, whose virtuoso guitar licks and record-producing genius were as big a part of Fleetwood Mac’s powerhouse hits as the poetry and voice of “his hippie girlfriend,” as Stevie Nicks referred to herself in their last Portland concert together, turns 70 today.

Robert Plant and the Sensational Shapeshifters are at the Les Schwab Amphitheater tonight. Les Schwab himself has already taken that stairway to heaven, but today would have been his 102nd birthday.

We lost Janis Joplin on this day in 1970.

Seahawks vs. Rams..5:20 PM on FOX! The weekend’s here!

News getting you down? Wash your eyes out with these!

–“Police praise ‘junior detectives’ after they track down missing 97-year-old woman”

–“Women used spy cameras and meatballs to find a missing dog after 15 weeks”

–“Tennessee 3rd graders surprise classmate with toys after he lost all his in house fire”

–“This 89-year-old woman knitted 450 blankets and coats for shelter dogs”

–“Aliens may have bugged space rocks to spy on Earth, scientist says”


Yesterday we saw wild extremes in the social media world, from obscenity-peppered tantrums to a profound act of forgiveness. Just when we need it the most comes the story of the grieving young black man forgiving–and then hugging–the white cop who was just sentenced to 10 years for murdering his brother. My God, what a moment, and what a time for it. Look for it if you haven’t seen it, and gain from it what you can. And have a wonderful Thursday!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Hello, testing! Is this thing on? Squeak!! Yes! Hi! It’s Wednesday, October 2, 2019, and here comes the Daily Drip, trying to find its way into your news feed! Facebook’s goofing with us again, but at least we’re not working at the White House, where a mouse dropped out of the ceiling and onto the lap of an NBC reporter during a briefing yesterday. Squeak! Anyway! It’s been another cool night with clear skies, and current temps are in the 40-ish range. Clouds will crowd in as the day goes along, and we’ll see a 62 degree high before light rain starts tapping on your roof in the late afternoon. Sunrise 7:10 AM, sunset 6:49 PM.

We love good news, and here’s some! The 2019 Forest Fire season has been declared officially over in Oregon, and at only 99 days, it was the shortest in the 21st century. Compared to the previous two this summer was a sweet one.

Summertime is hanging on hard in the East, with 90-plus temps today from New York to DC. In fact, 18 states will have record highs.

An enormous iceberg bigger than the combined areas of Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Marion, Clark, and Cowlitz Counties has broken off from the ice shelf in Antarctica, and will now be tracked as a shipping hazard.

Oregon’s oldest city is cheering the capture of a guy who admits that he’s the one who’s been driving around before dawn sprinkling roofing nails onto the streets, causing blowouts and slow leaks and lots of trips to Les Schwab. And not just in Oregon City; police say 56-year-old Bret Michael Wilson admits to having done the same throughout the Portland metropolitan area. He just hasn’t said why.

This is Homecoming Week at Franklin High, but spirits are low over the loss of a beloved and respected school counselor, 58-year old Hoang Minh Tran. As a teenager, he fled from Vietnam in 1975, and made a life for himself and his family in the Portland area. In his free time he loved to sail his boat “Kiwanda”, and over the weekend he set out from Newport, but a storm arose and he never made it back to shore. The Coast Guard out of Yaquina Bay found him yesterday morning.

Our famous Portland Building opened this day in 1982. Celebrated for its postmodern (I don’t really know what that means, either) architectural design, it always reminded me of a festively wrapped sample from a box of candies. You never know what you’re going to get. This one turned out to be lemon. Overseen by Mayor Frank Ivancie, the city built it on the cheap for under $29 million, and problems soon became evident. Windows leaked. Puddles appeared. Things seemed out of plumb; pencils rolled off tables. Its seismic resistance was doubtful. So it’s now two years into a three-year (we hope) rebuild–at a cost now passing $200 million. And the new look includes an aluminum overcladding that should stop the water intrusion but will likely result in the building’ s delisting from the National Register of Historic Places. At least the newly unfurled and polished up statue of Portlandia is standing the test of the decades.

I wrote these words in the Daily Drip of October 2, 2018, one year ago today. “Let’s raise together a Trail Blazer/Seahawks/rock-and-roll cheer to Paul Allen, who tweeted the following: “Recently, I learned the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma I battled in 2009 has returned. I’ve begun treatment & my doctors are optimistic that I will see a good result. Appreciate the support I’ve received & count on it as I fight this challenge.” Paul is just 65, and let’s hope he hangs many more championship banners, and funds many more good works.” Two weeks later, he was gone.

Today marks one year since the murder of Saudi journalist and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, in a country, one of our allies, where a free press does not exist.

It’s an evening with Al Franken, tonight at Revolution Hall. Tickets are sold out, and the show’s still on. I hope and believe he won’t shy away from speaking of the latest report on his loutish behavior in the past. Did these guys think they swore an Oaf of Office?

Happy birthday to Portland television anchorman, and a longtime pal o’ mine, KOIN’s Jeff Gianola! And the same to former KXL news guy Gregg Hersholt, now anchoring mornings at Seattle’s KOMO. Over the weirdly long span of our careers we’ve worked at “enemy” stations–even as far back as Seattle’s rock-and-roll KING vs KJR days—but we’ve always been buds. Happy birthday, dude.

The Twilight Zone premiered 60 years ago tonight on CBS. Episode One was named…any guesses? Answer in the paragraph below TMSG.


I particularly love the Tell Me Something Good stories in today’s Daily Drip Coffee Cup!

–“‘I kept going’: Nine-year-old enters 5km race … and accidentally wins 10km event”

–“Kroger Donates Closed Store Building To Local Competitor To Prevent A Food Desert”

–“Speedy Guide Dog Helps Owner Commute to N.Y.C. Every Day: ‘He’s My Black Lab-orghini'”

–“In Nashville, every public-school student in grades 3–12 is automatically signed up for a library card”.

–“This ex-con started her popcorn business while in prison. Now, it’s blowing up”


“Where is Everybody?”

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Hello to a new month, and a cheery good morning to you! We’re blinking into a Tuesday, October 1, 2019. Portland’s weather outlook calls for a shiny autumn sun with areas of early frost, and highs 60 to 65, just a coffee nudge warmer than yesterday’s 60. Sunrise 7:08 AM, Sunset 6:51 PM.

Dang it’s been chilly…at 0400 it’s 37 in Vancouver, Scappoose, and Hillsboro…did we just jump from summer to winter? People noticed that somebody turned on the stag’s red nose on the famous Oregon sign, and that doesn’t happen until K103 is playing Christmas music. Or later! Turns out that a film crew requested that the red nose be turned on while they’re shooting. “Stumptown?” I dunno. Anyway, City Hall said, Sure!

Another big local restaurant shutdown: Stanford’s outlets at Lloyd Center and PDX. They’re owned by the same bankrupt company that closed Henry’s Tavern. I believe their other outlets are still open.

So now that Stanford’s and Henry’s are out, perhaps you’ll visit one of the non-corporate local food-makers for lunch? Well, hopefully, your Leatherman has a Spork on it, because beginning today, eateries in Portland are not allowed to hand out single-use plastic items unless folks ask for them. Portland City Council passed the ordinance in December to reduce plastic waste. “We are committed to working with Portlanders to set priorities for climate action and waste reduction plays a role in that,” said Andrea Durbin, Director of Planning and Sustainability. Little things do add up.

Today is the beginning of Fall Term at the University of Oregon, always a frenetic thrash as first-years dash from Prince Lucien Campbell Hall to Susan Campbell Hall, or whatever. But it’ll be a lot smoother today than if all the food prep people, groundskeepers, financial aid staff, and registration folks represented by SEIU had gone on strike. That 11th-hour settlement saved the day.

Step aside, MIT….go prank yourself, CalTech…A news item from the Reed College web site: “Reed is ranked No. 1 in the nation in the percentage of STEM majors who go on to earn PhDs in STEM fields, according to a new report on strengthening the nation’s STEM pipeline that was conducted on behalf of the Council of Independent Colleges.”

This was the day of the 2015 shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg that killed 9 people along with the perpetrator. What we choose to remember was the heroism of student Chris Mintz, an Army vet who came running when he heard shots and screams. He saved lives and he was shot five times, but he recovered and I believe he’s living quietly here in Portland.

There’s a note in my file that says Al Franken, the original SNL cast member and former Minnesota Senator, will be in Portland tomorrow night for a sold-out gig at Revolution Hall. Then boom! here comes news of a previously-untold groping allegation in New York Magazine, where a woman working for Sen. Patty Murray of Washington went to a meet-and-greet to see Franken in 2006, and was standing beside him for a photo when he squeezed her from behind. The Revolution Hall appearance is still on last I checked. Not sure about meet and greets.

Coincidentally, today was the day in 1995 when Oregon Senator Bob Packwood’s resignation took effect, three years after the Washington Post revealed his years and years of sexual abuse of women. Interestingly, just the other day, the now-87-year-old Packwood himself turned up at a Powell’s book-signing by Les AuCoin, the Democratic Congressman whom Packwood crushed in the 1992 Senate election…which happened just days before the Post broke the sex abuse scandal. Why did the Post wait until after the election? The paper explained they just didn’t have enough information to go with the story until they did. Anyway, back to Powell’s, when AuCoin looked up and saw his old nemesis lined up to get an autograph on his memoir (“Catch and Release: A Life in Oregon Politics”), he gaped as though he’d seen a bad dream come to life.

It’s Jimmy Carter’s birthday. The gentleman was born in 1924. He’s 95 today, the longest-lived president in history.


How about some good news for dessert?

–“Mystery Woman Sings Opera In Los Angeles Metro — And Goes Viral”

–“High School football player saves neighbor’s life by lifting car”

–“Surprise Snowstorm makes for incredible wedding photos”

–“Scammers get scammed by Irish man”

–“This 14-year-old was stabbed by bullies who mocked his shoes. He now collects shoes and gives them to those in need”.

Links here...


Is October your favorite month of the year? It might be mine! Enjoy every moment, every day!

Monday, September 30, 2019

Good morning! Hope you parked your fuzzy slippers by the bedside, because your footums are hitting a chilly floor on this Monday, September 30, 2019. It’s in the high 30s to low 40s at 0400, but expected to drop before dawn. Portland’s weather will be bright and brisk, with temps rising to 58, but there might be a frosty crunch to the early morning grass in outlying precincts. The sun pokes up alongside Mt. Hood at 7:07 AM and sinks into the sea at 6:53 PM, and we’re subtracting three minutes of daylight every day. Five weeks from now will be our first Monday of Standard Time. Timberline already has 11 inches of snow!

It was quite an “agreeable” weekend around here, as two major impending strikes were tentatively settled at the bargaining table without a single picket line going up. Good. I’ve never crossed a picket line and never will. Thousands of SEIU university employees around Oregon and even more UFCW grocery workers appeared bound for strike duty, and we’re delighted that instead, they’ll be doing the jobs where they’re truly needed. The weekend settlements followed the news late last week that Kaiser employees up and down the West Coast had also reached an agreement, dodging a health care strike that would have affected thousands of patients. And because of the Daily Drip readers who tipped me off to the settlements, I’m pretty sure we were way out front of most other media on all of these. Cool!

With the downstream locks at Bonneville Dam fixed, and a 23-day shutdown of the West’s most important river finally over, we’ll now see a floating parade of Tidewater and Shaver barges hauling high-quality soft white Oregon wheat to the Port of Portland’s Terminal 5, and from there, to markets around the world. Thankfully it was only a temporary breakdown in a well-oiled supply chain; one barge is equal to 120 truckloads, and growers say that’s by far the most fuel-efficient way to transport wheat.

Well, dagnabbit! Henry’s Tavern has shut down! That’s been a watering hole packed with thirsty downtowners for 15 years; Bruce Murdock and I shared a sasparilla there before the Starlight Parade just last June (and I left my debit card there; they returned it safely). But the roots of its 12th and West Burnside location go back to pre-Civil War days, when St. Henry Weinhard himself (well, he should be sainted!) brewed the suds that fueled the dreams and labors of the bewhiskered town fathers of Stumptown, whose names live on in streets, parks, and Simpsons episodes.

And now Dish has dropped Fox! Viewers hate it when satellite providers deprive them of viewing choices. One more reason to cut the cable.

“Cheers” premiered on NBC on this night in 1982. I think of this space as Cheers-like. I’ll be Sam; which one are you?

Happy 53rd birthday to Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek (1966), and to Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish (and my fellow finalist, along with Jerome Kersey, in the Schoolhouse Supplies Celebrity Spelling Bee in 2015) who turns 61. Stomach cancer, with which he was diagnosed two years ago, has a formidable foe in Nick Fish. Did you know that his father was New York Congressman Hamilton Fish, a Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee who voted for articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon in 1974? Nick has Chairman Peter Rodino’s gavel from the impeachment hearing on his office wall at Portland City Hall.

Capitol Hill Democrats are set to fast-track the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, with the first subpoenas issued today, maybe, and hearings expected this week.

Not a great day for the Portland Thorns, who fell 2-0 to Reign FC in Tacoma, denying our local favorites a home playoff game for the first time since 2015. Worse, star midfielder Lindsey Horan left the field on a stretcher after a collision with another player. And the match between the Portland Timbers and Sporting KC ended in a 2-2 draw, so they still haven’t clinched a playoff spot.

The Seahawks are back to their winning ways, and their next game is Thursday night, so the weekend begins early!

MLB playoff brackets are set; October Madness begins with the NL Wild Card game tomorrow, Brewers at Nationals, after the Cardinals won their division on the last day of the season.


Let’s begin the week with these interesting and uplifting stories from the Daily Drip Coffee Cup.

–“Kids Give Mom Sweet Surprise When She Finishes Her Dissertation”

–“How Two Oz-Obsessed Midwesterners Made Judy Garland’s Birthplace a Museum”

–“Half of people are now surviving “untreatable” cancers thanks to immunotherapy”


–“Dog Provides Quality Entertainment For Passenger On Flight”


Marking the start of the Jewish New Year, the celebration of Rosh Hashanah began at sunset last night, and ends at sunset on Tuesday. Shanah Tovah u’metuka! Which means, “Have a Good and Sweet Year!” Or at least a tolerable Monday!

Friday, September 27, 2019

Time to blow the ram’s horn—blaaat!—and assemble Drip Nation for the mutual information feed on Friday, September 27, 2019. Cool change is in the breeze; we’ll struggle to ring the 60 bell today, with intermittent showers. The Cascade passes could get sparkly with their first snow starting tonight and continuing through the weekend, then Portland and the Valley might refrigerate down as low as 30 Sunday and Monday night. Frost is a definite maybe. Sunrise 7:03 AM, sunset 6:58 PM. Hunters, mushroom-gatherers and other outdoor folks should be ready for winter conditions above 4000 feet.

Oregon has a second vaping-related death. Governor Kate Brown put out a statement last night saying, essentially…Stop Vaping. Until somebody figures out what’s going on.

All of Oregon’s congressfolk are now on record on impeachment. Centrist Democrat Kurt Shrader was the last holdout, and yesterday he raised his hand in support of the inquiry saying “Sadly, the litany of activities from this President has brought us to this juncture. No one is above the law of the land.” Greg Walden is Oregon’s solo Republican in the DC war zone, and he weighs in on POTUS’ behalf: “While it wasn’t President Trump’s finest moment,” he said, “from what I’ve seen so far it certainly does not rise to ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.'” Meantime a new POLITICO poll shows a seven-point jump in support for impeachment proceedings just this week.

A tip ‘o the Drip hat to the 450 Oregon Army National Guard soldiers who are mobilizing tomorrow morning as Task Force Arrow, destination Qatar. About a thousand more will follow to other countries in the region this fall and winter. The ceremony’s at 10 AM tomorrow at the Oregon Convention Center.

Former Portland Archbishop William Levada, who became a cardinal in 2006 after 20 years of heading the Portland archdiocese, has died at 83.

The Laurelwood Brewpub in Sellwood is shutting down because of a rent increase. Always liked that place; there’s a kids’ play area in the corner.

What’s that in the bean dip at the Jefferson, OR Thriftway? Meth, it turns out. Two employees felt really sick after nibbling on the dip they received from a co-worker in the deli department. That co-worker’s been arrested, and the sheriff doesn’t believe any customers were served the magic beans. She apparently fetched the stuff from her bra and spiked food she shared with the others.

Happy birthday to Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein…who still owns a house in the Grant Park neighborhood here.

The ill-timed shutdown of shipping on the Columbia River is expected to end on Monday, when the Army Corps of Engineers aims to finish repairing a damaged concrete sill on a lock at Bonneville Dam. Twenty-two trucks’ worth of concrete is all poured but it’s still curing. Coincidentally, tomorrow is the anniversary of the day in 1937 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated that mammoth edifice, concluding his remarks with these words: “As I look upon Bonneville Dam today, I cannot help the thought that instead of spending, as some nations do, half their national income in piling up armaments and more armaments for purposes of war, we in America are wiser in using our wealth on projects like this which will give us more wealth, better living and greater happiness for our children.” Exactly 1,531 days later, Pearl Harbor was attacked.

Last week we saw Dan Rather…tonight it’s Anderson Cooper at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. At the same time, the Pod Save America podcast crew is at the Keller tonight…where, tomorrow night, Randy Rainbow performs. Fine times for lefties at the Keller!

Let’s break open the weekend sports menu, and my apologies if your team isn’t here. Please feel to add it in the comments.

The Oregon Ducks–are off. They’ve got Cal at home next week.
The Oregon State Beavers play Stanford Saturday at 4 PM in Corvallis. Let’s make it 2-0 for Oregon teams against the Cardinal!
The Washington Huskies play Saturday at home against USC at 12:30.
The WSU Cougars play Utah Saturday at 7 PM in Salt Lake City.
Portland State is at Idaho State at 2:04 Saturday.

The Portland Thorns play Sunday at 11 AM against Reign FC in Tacoma…although Alexa thinks the game is at 1. Better check.
The Portland Timbers play Sunday at 4:30 in Kansas City, KS.

The Portland Winterhawks play tonight at 7:30 in Langley, BC.

The Seatle Seahawks are on the road Sunday at 1:05 against the Arizona Cardinals.

And there’s a full slate of action under the Friday Night Lights!


Something good for ourselves? Right here!

–“This hero airman saved a child’s life on the way to pick up an award for doing a bunch of other heroic things”

–“Cost plunges for capturing carbon dioxide from the air”

–“This CEO raised the minimum salary of his employees to $70k and now he’s doing it again”

–Holocaust Survivors Renew Wedding Vows After 70 years”

–“Woman says she was stopped by squirrel, who tugged on her leg and led her to help its injured baby”


Sigh. Tough week. Glad it’s over. Who’s up to what?

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Good morning! Let’s “Come Together” for the Daily Drip on Thursday, September 26, 2019! We’ve been singing “Here Comes The Sun” all week long, but alas, a cold front is spreading light rain into our region, with highs of 65 or 70. And then, @NWSPortland says the “Silver Hammer” is coming: “Another cold front on Friday will usher in an even cooler and showery air mass for the weekend, with snow levels likely lowering to Cascade pass levels starting Friday night. Very chilly overnight lows late in the weekend and early next week may bring the first frost threat of the season.” Time to have our “Golden Slumbers” in our cozy flannel sleepwear! The “Sun King” arises today at 7:02 AM, and sets at 7:00 PM straight up.

“Something” has got to give…today’s the day for some intense bargaining between UFCW Local 555 and Fred Meyer, QFC, Albertsons and Safeway. The union has the rank-and-file’s OK to strike, and they’ve already called a boycott of Freddies. I took a shortcut through the Oregon City store’s parking lot yesterday and it seemed a little scant; others have noticed the same elsewhere. Hard to quantify.

We have an interesting update to the commuting mess on Swan Island, where a September 7 train wreck battered the supports beneath the North Going Street Bridge, making it questionable that it can “Carry That Weight” of thousands of cars and trucks each day. Commuters are frustratingly aware that there are two lanes inbound and just one outbound, and now people who work on the island are saying, hey! That’s all fine for getting to work in the morning, but it’s a miserable mess coming home at night! So I am told by unimpeachable sources (namely a PBOT email) that the city is studying the possibility of reversible lanes–just like the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago and I-5 in Seattle.

The latest in what my new pal Anderson Cooper calls “this mishigas” is that Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire, who initially blocked Congress from getting hold of the whistleblower complaint about President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, will appear before lawmakers today.

Today’s the day those new Trump-era rules to go into effect weakening the Endangered Species Act. Administration officials (some of whom came from industries they now regulate) will have the power to factor in how much it costs to save a species, and make it easier for creatures to be booted from the protected list. Seventeen states including Oregon and Washington filed suit against the administration Wednesday to block the rules.

Uh-oh…here comes another airport ranking…the last one touched off a weird squabble on the Drip…the J.D. Power 2019 North America Airport Satisfaction Study is out, and let’s just see how our local airstrip rates. Ooh! Didn’t have to scroll far! Portland International Airport ranks number one! Really friendly Customs people, right?

Sad times at the Oregon Zoo, where Chendra, the Asian elephant, has suffered a miscarriage, ending a long-hoped-for pregnancy. The Zoo says animal staff members are providing her “around-the-clock care and some extra TLC.”

Timbers? Did they score? Did they win? Yes and no. They scored two points at Providence Park last night, ending a long dry spell, as the Timbers Army waved the Iron Front…but New England came back with a penalty kick in stoppage time and the match ended up in a 2-2 draw. Their next game is Sunday at 4:30 in Kansas City, while the Thorns play Sunday at 11 AM against the Reign in Tacoma.

This is the 50th anniversary of the UK release of “Abbey Road,” the final album recorded by The Beatles.


Good news today!

–“New UCLA institute will study — and spread — kindness”

–“One man built a forest by planting ‘a tree a day’ for 40 years”

–“Golfer hits hole-in-one on 100th birthday”

–“Scientist says pizza can prevent cancer”

–“Police retrieve stolen mascot costume after sightings of cycling canine”

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Let me finish with something Anderson Cooper told me during our interview yesterday, which is posted elsewhere on my Facebook page. By the way, I know that some seats are still available for his Friday night appearance at the Schnitz. Anyway, at the suggestion of a Dripster, I asked him where he finds hope amid all the craziness. Anderson’s answer:

“By every metric, life for human beings is just getting better. We don’t feel that necessarily; in our own lives, we don’t feel that because of the way we feel when we see the news and hear all the things that are happening. But there’s no question that things are actually the best they’ve ever been and just getting better. Every though despite all the concerns about climate change and the political concerns and concerns about a rise of polarization and things like that, life for humans on this planet is better by every metric than it’s ever been.”

“The End.”