Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Check it out! Three weeks until school begins in Portland! Good morning to you, and welcome to the Daily Drip for Wednesday, August 7, 2019. A deep layer of clouds from the coast will cover the valleys in the morning hours. But we emerge blinking into the sun in the afternoon, with highs reaching the low 80s. Sunrise 6:01 AM–our first post-6-AM sunrise since April…and sunset right at 8:30 PM.

If you’d like to circle a date to stay the heck out of downtown, try Saturday, August 17. The hotheaded trolls from the far-out right and left wings are making noise about staging another of their destructive rumbles, and this time, City Hall says the police will have none of it. We might see suburban cops on the DMZ lines, and they’re even talking about bringing in the Oregon National Guard. Portland’s police chief Danielle Outlaw is telling protesters intent on violence: ‘Don’t come. We don’t want you here. I don’t care what side you’re on.’ This is going to be her show, with Mayor Wheeler looking over her shoulder. You can bet this will be on the national media radar, too.

Air Force One flies to both Dayton and El Paso today as President Trump brings his presence to communities that are staggering from the latest mass shootings. In the meantime, tales of heroism are coming to light, with the Today Show telling the story of Walmart employee Gilbert Serna. He may have saved dozens of lives by leading a hundred people out through a fire exit and then hiding them in a shipping container.

Panic broke out in Times Square late last night after a motorcycle backfired, causing people to flee what they feared was a possible active shooter.

CBS points out that “The House passed a gun control bill calling for background checks. But it’s been sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk since February.” NBC reports that with the new school year quickly approaching, sales of bulletproof backpacks are soaring.

Senator Elizabeth Warren says “Our elections should be as secure as Fort Knox. But instead, they’re less secure than your Amazon account.”

BTW Clark County’s election was yesterday, and rather than me digging out how the Yacolt levy turned out, go to the Columbian’s nicely done new web site–which is free through Thursday. As of late last night, the school and EMS levies were leading by wide margins.


The Weather Service in Pendleton is warning of thunderstorms with “abundant lightning” (nice phrase; they must have an English major on staff) across that side of the region the next several days, and so a fire weather watch takes effect this afternoon in eastern Oregon and Washington. Any wildfires that develop will spread like, uh, wildfire. Hey, I’m an English major too.

Saying that contract talks are in the ditch, the unions for folks who work at Kaiser Permanente begin voting today to authorize a strike that would begin in October, after the expiration of the current labor agreement.

A homeowner caught a burglar rummaging in his garage in the neighborhood across 205 from Eastport Plaza. The burglar had a machete, but the homeowner had a gun, and fired a couple of shots in the ground to prove it. The burglar held very still until cops arrived and booked him.

Car alarms started jangling before dawn yesterday at the Sylvan Heights condos on Barnes Road, where multiple vehicles were found to have their trunks and doors wide open. A neighbor saw a skinny guy running away carrying a duffel bag. A K9 tracked him down: deputies inventoried the duffel contents as “stolen cartons of baked goods, a Mountain Dew, a glass bong, several candy bars, a bag of chips, various tools, toilet paper, a GPS device, and miscellaneous electronics.” Basic provisions.

A tourist from another state, visiting the geothermally-rich Breitenbush area (named for a one-armed Dutch hunter in the 1800s), was bitten by a rabid bat.

A small but suspicious-looking cardboard box was found at a recruiting center in Salem. The bomb squad was scrambled. Turns out it contained eggs.

Clackamas County is tinkering with the idea of building a no-cars bridge over the Willamette River between Lake Oswego and Oak Grove. Right now, it’s a ten-mile drive. It’d still be a ten-mile drive…but a ten-minute bike ride.

A tantalizing fact about Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, who died Monday at the age of 88: Her publisher confirms that she was working on a new novel at the time of her passing. Will the unfinished manuscript will ever be published? Unknown.

In the cup o’ good news today:

–“Newlyweds asked guests to bring school supplies to their wedding in place of gifts”

–“NASA worked out how to make food out of thin air – and it could feed billions”

–“New hope for people with “irreversible” deafness”

–“Guy saves a skunk!–but then gets caught littering.”

–“911 called on lemonade-selling kids in Gig Harbor. Deputies make purchases, not arrests”

Heading in! Have an excellent Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Tanned, rested and rusty, we are, and happy to be back on Tuesday, August 6, 2019! Portland’s weather is sunny and hot, by Northwest standards, with highs of 90. You could avoid that by declaring a mental health day and taking a spontaneous trip to the coast, where highs are in the 60s. Portland should be cooler tomorrow. You might see thunderheads muscling up over the Cascades, strong enough for long-lasting, lightning-rich thunderstorms that could spark trouble in the high country drylands. Sunrise 6:00 AM, sunset 8:32 PM.

The air quality has been a little smudgy over the mountains, and that’s largely because of smoke from Alaska, Canada and Russia mixing down to the surface. At the moment, Portland’s air quality index is a good-ish 44 (as of 0400), but yesterday afternoon it was in the 50s, and today’s AQI is expected to reach 85. That’s moderate. Not bad, not good.

Things will be groaty-to-the-MAX for the second big commuting day, as track replacement near Lloyd Center will whammy-up the whole light rail system for a fortnight. The fact is that most folks are leaving early, expecting the worst, or maybe walking or biking, and it turns out OK.

A drive-by shooting near Salem last night wounded three people, all of whom are expected to recover. The shooter was long gone by the time police arrived at 47th and Polaris, a few blocks east of I-5 near Chemeketa Community College.

The national struggle over how to stop the unique-to-America epidemic of mass shootings continues this morning, but people are staying in their familiar lanes. Just as they all did after Sandy Hook. President Trump read a speech that checked off the mental health and video game boxes, but said nothing about assault weapons, nor did he mention expanded background checks even though he’d tweeted in favor of them earlier in the morning. Trump did advocate NRA-approved “red flag” laws, in which family members can prevent tragedies by calling cops if they suspect a loved one of planning something terrible. A grandmother in Texas did just that, resulting in her grandson being found in a hotel room with an assault rifle and a bunch of ammo. Oregon has such a law, as does Washington. I can see value in every proposal out there; they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. But we didn’t do anything after Sandy Hook; why would expect anything different now?

It’s election day in Clark County, choosing council members in Clark County, Vancouver, and Battle Ground..members of the Vancouver School Board…a school levy in Green Mountain, an EMS levy in Yacolt..and other items of direct local impact on folks in their home town.

Your 401K is suffering a hopefully temporary slumpage, as the inflamed trade war between the US and China sparked a big selloff yesterday, with the Dow nosediving 767 points. The Nasdaq, where the tech stuff trades, is in the tank as well. Plus, China is suspending agricultural product purchases in response to President Trump’s new tariffs–and they’re a huge customer of Eastern Oregon’s bountiful wheat. The harvest there is underway now.

Beaverton police say 44 drunk drivers traded in their car keys for orange jumpsuits in July, as part of a crackdown that’s continuing in August. The average BAC among people doing the perp-wobble so far is point-14.

He was a longtime Portland cop…and he was an 18-year Oregon legislator…and now Rep. Jeff Barker (D-Aloha) is calling an end to his public service career.

Oooh…Fitz and the Tantrums are playing at Edgefield tonight! If you know’re probably there.


Let’s link in some good news, here, and see if I remember how to post it in the old treasured Coffee Cup..

–“Meet the hero soldier who saved children’s lives during the El Paso Walmart shooting”

–“After the El Paso shooting, people from Juárez gathered on their side of the border with candles and phone flashlights turned on.”

–“A New Jersey man nearly lost his home. Neighbors raised more than $50,000 so he could keep it”

–“Man reunites with $23K found in recycling sorting facility”

–“Goats doing good work, preventing wildfires”


K103’s “Bruce, John, and Janine” morning show will have all three prime suspects together for the first time in a while all this week and next, before the guy in the middle blasts off on yet another vacation. So tune us in there, and kindly weigh in on my FB page, so I can borrow heavily! And have a fine and not-too-sweltery day.

Wednesday, July 31, 2018

t’s Wednesday morning Daily Drip time, on July 31, 2019…the last day of the seventh month, and my last day riding in the radio saddle until Tuesday next. Portland’s weather begins with clouds, just visiting from the coast, clearing away to full sun and 84 degrees. But tomorrow turns cloudy, with a southerly breeze bringing light rain tomorrow night into Friday. It’ll be a short and welcome watering, and then the weekend weather returns to summertime excellence. Sunrise 5:51 AM, sunset 8:42 PM.

That wildfire burning off I-5 in southern Oregon continues to roar, and firefighters are working day and night to contain it. An Air Quality Alert remains in effect for much of SW Oregon, although overnight the air quality down there improved to moderate.

By the way, my question, which I tweeted to @NWSPortland: “Will Thursday’s shift to southerly winds bring smoke from southern Oregon to Portland, or will the rain take care of that?” Their reply: “Winds probably won’t be southerly long enough for the smoke to make it to Portland. It also looks like the winds near the fire won’t shift as much as they will further north.” I really like NWS Portland.

One year ago yesterday, here’s what appeared in the Daily Drip: “Today is Day Nine of 90-plus, as we aim for 95 to 100. Tomorrow will be Day Ten, and that will tie Portland’s all-time record for consecutive days in this sweltering stew.” And we had all that forest fire smoke permeating the air. Are we better off than we were a year ago? Oh, yeah!

School begins in Portland four weeks from today.


Tonight is Democratic debate night #2, at 5 pm on CNN. Last night was a fairly fierce battle between moderates on one side, and progressives on the other, especially Bernie “I wrote the damn bill” Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Comments about last night, anyone?

Portland police shot and killed a man around SE120th and Ash Street, after he was seen walking around with a knife or a machete and was trying to break into cars in a Safeway parking lot, and along SE 122nd Ave.

So sad to report that search and rescue crews recovered the body of an 8-year-old boy from the Sandy River.

The algae returned to Vancouver Lake…and now so has the E. Coli. The lake’s closed.

There have been at least seven accidents on the detour route since the construction closure began on Cornelius Pass Road. The county is modifying the detour signage. I read comments from Dripsters who live around there that they’re taking the long way around to avoid that whole mess.

A 22-acre woodland next to Forest Park that was ripe for McMansions has been donated instead to the Portland Audubon Society by real estate developer Marty Kehoe and family; they were convinced of the land’s ecological value by their eldest daughter. Look for trails there in the near future.

Strike votes wrap up today for SW Washington grocery workers at the Vancouver Hilton and the Red Lion on Kelso Drive.

Construction is well underway at the In-N-Out Burger in Keizer. Framing is up, and so is the “Here Soon” sign.

The Blazers signed CJ McCollum long term. Five years. Said CJ: “It aligns me to continue to play alongside Dame & continue to help build things not only on the court but in the community. ”

Some poignantly cheeky California professors have installed seesaws along US-Mexico border “wall”–inserted between the slats–to connect people on both sides of the border, so kids in each country can play with each other, but separated by the physical and metaphorical barrier. Video is in the TMSG links below.

Clackamas County finds itself inching onto a tightrope, as commissioners announced they are considering updating their noise ordinance. It’s not clear to me what changes they have in mind beyond car horns, loud TVs, and “ongoing animal noises,” but they want everyone to know that “this issue under consideration is in no way aimed at curbing firearm rights.” I live in that county, in a semi-rural area, and have no major beeves. OK, sometimes, illegal firecrackers. Unmuffled engines roaring up the two-lane hill. But rarely gunfire. And there’s a guy who insists on whaling on his guitar on the deck at night, still trying to get Stairway to Heaven right.

Night sky geeks know this, but tonight marks a unique event called the Black Supermoon. It’s when a Supermoon (closest to Earth) occurs at the same time as a Black Moon, which is a second new moon in a calendar month, like a Blue Moon. Skywatchers have circled this date because conditions will be excellent for gazing into the heavens, particularly if you’re away from city lights. Two meteor showers are still near their peaks, and it’s on nights like this that people see fireballs.


Another interesting variety of links, which you can find in the trusty Daily Drip coffee cup!

–“Artists installed seesaws at the border wall so that kids in the U.S. and Mexico could play together”

-“Mayor disguises as a disabled person in social experiment to find out the truth”

–“Scientists Have Developed A Contact Lens That Zooms When You Blink Twice”

–“A Kinder, Gentler Wave Of Reality TV Tries A Little Tenderness, For A Change”

–“The Cats Of Rome Make Ruins Their Home”


And with that…off I go to Colorado for a high school reunion and visits to my old haunts and scenes of past nefarious deeds. We’ll pop in for a hello-there to start threads. Thanks, by the way, for all the folks putting November 9 on their calendars for Dripstock 3! We’ll likely ask for RSVPs as the date gets closer. Good times ahead!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

We’re easing into another summer day of morning clouds and afternoon sunshine, with highs of 80 degrees, on this Tuesday, July 30, 2019…this has been such an enjoyable summer in the NW; only a few days above 90, and no sign of any extended heat waves. We’ve earned this departure from what’s sure been looking like the New Norm. Sunrise 5:51 AM, sunset 8:42 PM.

I-5 road-trippers in Southern Oregon should factor in some delays as ODOT plans “rolling slowdowns” so they can clear hazardous trees in the area of the Milepost 97 fire…which is now 15% contained.

It’s plenty warm to be on the water, but there’s been some bad behavior on the rivers…the Oregon State Marine Board reports that “In the past few weeks we’ve had several reports of motorized boats capsizing or swamping dragon boats and small crew boats in the Portland area.” The chickenhearted drivers of said motorboats made eye contact with their victims–and sped away. That’s getting into felony territory.

The webs are abuzz about a floating shack right out of Tom Sawyer anchored in the Willamette under the Boone Bridge in Wilsonville. Some kind of an elaborate homeless situation? No…it’s (according to its website) “FLOTSAM!…a troupe of musicians, circus performers and puppeteers traveling from town to town on a handmade raft, giving free performances in every town along the way.” Next one is Thursday in Oregon City, with Sellwood, downtown Portland, and St. Johns on August 2,3, and 4th.


A huge data breach at Capitol One may have exposed the personal information of an estimated 100 million people in the US. A Seattle software engineer’s been arrested.

Getting on with the task of thinning the herd, tonight is Democratic debate, Round Two, night #1. Five PM Pacific on CNN. I see “Oregon for Pete Buttigieg 2020” has a watch party at Revolution Hall…if you know of others, tell us please!

California investigators haven’t made any conclusions yet about the motive in the shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, but the 19-year-old with the assault rifle had been reading “a proto-fascist white supremacist manifesto by a pseudonymous 19th-century author.”


Strike votes continue for UFCW employees in SW Washington today, both at the Vancouver Hilton and the Kelso-Longview Red Lion.

Contract talks are at an impasse between OHSU and 7,000 pharmacists, radiology technicians and housekeepers who are represented by AFSCME Local 328.

A now-ex-baggage handler at PDX will be locked away for six months after admitting that he stole six guns and ammo from passengers’ checked luggage last year. He switched the tags so the bags would be misrouted, sometimes around the world, in order to delay reporting of the missing weapons. All but one have recovered.

Forget about the Ritz–did you know Portland is getting a hotel named KEX? It’ll open in late fall on MLK north of Burnside, and no, it’s not named after the Mighty 1190 radio station down the hall from K103. KEX is the name of an apparently famous hotel in Reykjavík, and will feature a restaurant with Icelandic fare like dried fish and dung-smoked meats. Wait, what?

The Backstreet Boys are at the Moda Center tonight.

Happy birthday to Pat Schroeder, who was born in Portland on this day in 1940. She went to Harvard Law, then served in Congress from Denver for nearly a quarter of a century. I crossed paths often with this brilliant and kind woman in my cub reporter days there. Her memoir is titled, “24 years of House Work…and the Place Is Still a Mess.”

Do you happen to have a backyard fruit tree that drops more than you could ever jam into a pie? Starting today, and through September, Portland Cider Company is calling on folks to donate fallen and unwanted backyard apples, plus other fruits and berries, to be pressed into a “community cider” to be sold for the benefit of Hunger-Free Oregon. Google Portland City Company for info.


I really like the “Something Good” links today. Hope you do too!

–“Tour de France leader gives the famed yellow jersey to a freezing boy”

–“Car mechanic shifts gears, becomes a doctor at age 47”

–“The ‘stars aligned’ to help these hikers find a dog who was missing for 11 days”

–“Man Proposes to Girlfriend After Spelling Out ‘Marry Me’ on 15-Mile Bike Ride”

–“Strangers jam in a saxophone battle in NYC subway”


And yep! We’ll have a “save the date” announcement for Dripstock III later today. Just the date; other details will follow. The question was asked, when I first sent out the heads-up, ummmm what is a Dripstock? Understandable; the group has grown. It’s a gathering, a happy hour or two, a chance to meet in person some folks you’ve been chatting with on the Drip threads for years. Many a selfie is taken. This year, we’re doing it differently–it’s a non-station event–and we’ll talk about that too, as the time approaches!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Here we come groovin’ up slowly on a midsummer Monday, July 29, 2019! Plentiful sunshine is in store today, with highs in 80-plus zone. Maybe a shower late in the week to greet–gasp–August already! Sunrise 5:51 AM, sunset 8:42 PM.

Why anybody would shoot people at the Gilroy Garlic Festival is unknown, but at least four people are dead, including the gunman, and 15 wounded. The camouflaged shooter apparently sneaked through a fence to elude metal detectors on the festival’s final day. Some believe there may have been a second shooter.

Oregon’s Milepost 97 fire blossomed to 11,000 acres, at last report, with fire crews battling to keep flames away from busy Interstate Five. It’s about 100 miles north of the California border between Roseburg and Grants Pass.

Construction begins today on the 36-story Ritz-Carlton Hotel; when completed in 2023 it will be the 4th-tallest building in Portland.

Vancouver grocery workers hold a strike vote starting today.

Salem cops are on the hunt for two women who shoplifted what looks like kids’ clothes from a downtown TJ Maxx store Saturday night, fled in a car, and hit a bicyclist on the way. That person was seriously hurt.

The future of the Bend Bulletin will be settled today in a bankruptcy auction in Portland.

The media will be putting on a Carmageddon freakout this week, so let me join in: I-205 northbound is going to be totally closed from Foster Rd to I-84 this Friday, Aug 2, at 10 PM until Mon Aug 5, at 5 AM. That’s going to get ugly. All these west coast vacationers who skirt around Portland will be plunged right into the heart of it, braving the Gee-whillikers curves. And SE 82nd avenue is going to be a used-car lot.

In case you haven’t heard, John Prine has had to scrub next week’s Portland appearance and several other tour dates; he’s having stent surgery.

The weekend story about Senator Ron Wyden’s intervention at the Mexican border, where he caused medical attention to be given to a pregnant asylum-seeker experiencing late-term complications, certainly touched off reactions here, including several who wondered why he wasn’t helping Oregon’s homeless population instead–drawing the response that he and Jeff Merkley had indeed arranged a $3 million transfusion to homeless agencies statewide. As for Wyden’s response to what he saw at the border, he said: “Donald Trump’s policies are wrong, and we saw firsthand the suffering and irreparable damage they cause. This is not what America is about – this administration is perpetrating blatant human rights abuses and violations of our own laws.”

The number of House Democrats on record favoring an impeachment inquiry is now up to 104, which is 14 shy of a majority of the Democratic Caucus. One of the latest is Denny Heck of Washington.


Say, we have another story about a seven-weeks-missing cat coming home, like my family’s Oliver (who’s doing better and better)! This one’s in Vancouver, where surveillance video showed a cat named Jack being taken from his back porch in June by a boy who later admitted that Jack looked friendly, so he picked him up, carried him a few blocks, and set him down. Seven weeks later, a homeless woman saw a flyer and called the number and said, “So, I don’t want to get your hopes up or anything, but I feed a cat every night that looks just like Jack.” Jack’s fine!

OregonLive tweets a story about a swarm of bees that enveloped a tree at Bridgeport Village in Tigard. There were thousands and thousands. The mall manager could have called in an exterminator—but instead, he found a beekeeper who safely transported the population to her backyard hive. The manager, Chad Hastings, said, “I know what a precious resource bees are to our area and the world. I’ve heard bee populations are dying and I wanted to protect them.”

Some folks who watched the 3-weeks of the Tour de France say it was the most exciting ever–as 22-year old Egan Bernal pedaled onto the Champs-Elysees and became the first Colombian ever, and the youngest person since WWII, to win 2000 mile event.

Seven hundred million people watched on live television as Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer on this date in 1981 in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. That is such an elegant place of worship but it’s also an architectural symphony of history’s sweep, including a chapel of gratitude to the 28,000 Americans who died while stationed in the UK during WWII.


Something good?

–“A mom buys 1,500 pairs of shoes in closing Payless for kids in need”

–“5-Year-Old Boy Saves 13 from House Fire”

–“‘Wonderful’ mum praised for breaking school rules and helping disabled daughter on sports day”

–“Professor rescues workers from thousands of killer bees”

–“Red Sox’s Mookie Betts promised a “Wish kid” he would homer for him. He hit three”



Fifty years ago today the Beatles recorded “Come Together,” John Lennon’s strange and sardonic self-portrait. My friend Lew Frederick came over and we ended up singing and playing Beatles songs on the guitar. What a great time. And no worries–no video!

Programming note: it’s a 3-day week for me! Heading for a long weekend in Colorado.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Morning, my friends! Together let’s breathe deep…then exhale our collective mantra…..Friday! It’s July 26, 2019, one more day in 90-land, then 80ish for the weekend and thereafter. Wouldn’t mind a gentle cool shower, and we might get one tomorrow. An NWS forecaster in Portland dished up a bunch of weatherese and then typed, “The main message for the long term is abnormally hot conditions are not expected through the period.” One thing we can depend on is sunrise at 5:47 AM, and sunset at 8:46 PM.

It’s one in the afternoon in Paris, as I write this, and the temperature is only 83 degrees. Yesterday le mercurie touched 108 at mid-afternoon, torching the all-time record for the City of Lights but Not Much Air Conditioning of 104, recorded two years after the end of WWII.

Those who dwell in the southern Willamette Valley, sweating through their first Red Flag Warning of the year, were smelling smoke and having bad memories as a fire in Linn County burned about 75 acres and the northerly breeze blew the smoke right into Eugene. Another fire south of Canyonville got very close to I-5. I read on a geeky weather website that “The average Energy Release Component (ERC) for the Willamette Valley is around the 80th percentile indicating that the larger fuels are cured or close to being cured.” In other words, we’re almost kindling-dry.

During the heat of the afternoon, Portland Fire crews were on the run in Forest Park–not for a fire, thankfully, but for a cyclist who had fallen down a hill. It took a 45-minute search before paramedics reached the patient.

If you take your sweltering self paddling or puttering around any of our area’s waterways, safety folks say lower water levels are a danger, especially for the inexperienced who don’t yet have the hang of maneuvering their tub around low-water obstructions brambles or campsites near the banks or jagged rocks just below the water’s shiny surface.


Oregon’s senior member of Congress, Democrat Peter Defazio, is now on board the impeachment train, saying in a statement that Donald Trump’s presidency “is a danger to our national security and a threat to our democracy” and that “the time has come for the Judiciary Committee to open a formal impeachment inquiry and collect the evidence necessary to build a strong case against President Trump.”

In spite of the growing consciousness how vulnerable our elections are to foreign intrusion–and how gullible some of our electorate and leaders are to social media monkey-business–Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell continues to block a vote on election security legislation.

Someone put up a fake presidential seal on a screen the other day, just when Donald Trump walked on the stage. Nobody noticed right away. The incident is described as “just a terrible Google search mistake,” but heads rolled in the AV department of the conservative student group where Trump appeared. It showed a two-headed eagle–just like the Coat of Arms of Russia–clutching a set of golf clubs in its talons.


Mick Jagger is 76 years old today. He and the boys are playing Houston tomorrow night. He spends his days running, cycling, kickboxing, and lately, learning ballet.

Hey, is this not a sensible idea? A petition proposing to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October, so the kids aren’t all candied up and the adults don’t have humming headaches when the next day is, like, Tuesday, has gained thousands of signatures. What do you think?

Here are a few items on the weekend calendar, and I appreciate it when you share events in your town that Dripsters should know about!

Wicked’s three-week run closes Sunday at the Keller.

The Sunlight Supply Amphitheater will be Southern-rocking tonight with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Farewell Tour. Free Bird! Of course they play it! That’s always their encore. Their lead singer now is, and for years has been, Johnny Van Zant, co-founder Ronnie’s younger bro; guitarist Gary Rossington is the only remaining member of the band’s original lineup and he’ll be there in Ridgefield tonight. He survived the 1977 plane crash that took Ronnie and others. Gary played the slide guitar on Free Bird, and you hear him multitracking rhythm guitar in the right channel and acoustic guitar over on the left on Sweet Home Alabama. Turn it up!

Last week it was Chicago; Sunday night it’s Michael McDonald and Chaka Khan at the Oregon Zoo Amphitheater.

Tomorrow is Oregon Corgi Beach Day, on Cannon Beach north of Haystack Rock.

The 2019 NW Natural Street of Dreams opens tomorrow at Stafford Meadows in Wilsonville. Six homes are on display, all examples of virtuoso design and craftsmanship that are beyond the means, but not the dreams, of practically everybody. The website rhapsodies bear witness; here’s a sampling from each home: “Waterfalling quartz and floor-to-ceiling tile echo through the great room, adding drama to the floating fireplace”…”Ergonomically designed garden beds and the floating “She Shed” & “He Shed” outbuildings create opportunities to connect, harbor, or celebrate”…” Look closely as you admire yourself in the decorative full-length closet mirror — there is more here than meets the eye”…”A sustainable home network platform supports the latest technology integration allowing for room-to-room communication and remote control over your thermostat, lights, music, and more”…”On your way to the second garage, you’ll find a full sized freezer, more cabinetry and a very functional laundry room, with a built-in sink, three lazy Susan bins for sorting clothes”…”you will notice beautify handcrafted medallions in Duchateau flooring, an elegant yet modern handrail and to top it all off a massive skybridge spans the upper floor”…

Hmm…what’s the Powerball jackpot? 75 million.


Back to reality. And reality is sometimes pretty fine! These stories are found in the good ol’ Daily Drip Coffee Cup.

–“Woman jogger chases and pins down flasher, makes him scream”

–“Rescue crews follow giggles to find toddler missing in Canada”

–“The Last All-Male Board in the S&P 500 Finally Added a Woman to the board”

–“Cold Cash: ALS group shows what it’s done with all that Ice Bucket Challenge money”

–“Human plays gentle piano for ancient elephant”


Have a wonderful weekend. We’ll keep in touch. Oh nice…there’s a typo in the Coffee Cup headline. Can’t fix that now!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Morning, campers! It’s Thursday, July 25, 2019, and here’s the friendly Daily Drip for the kind of day that we’ll miss next January: sunny with highs of 90 in Portland, 70 to 75 in Cannon Beach, and 77 in Government Camp. I don’t see any rain for the next week at least. Sunrise 5:46 AM, sunset 8:47 PM.

Deputies need help finding a young mom, Nicole Murphy, and her 2-year-old son Caiden, who were last seen at an Urgent Care in Hillsboro on Tuesday night. Family members are worried about Nicole’s ability to care for herself and her little boy.

A man and his two dogs are home and happy after a harrowing ordeal in a southern Oregon canyon, where they were lost and stranded in his Jeep for four days, before a cyclist came across them and summoned help.

After people filled the streets for weeks demanding that the Governor of Puerto Rico resign over his racist and sexist messages in social media, he’s agreed to go. Next week.


After absorbing eternal hours of yes, no, maybe so, I’m thinking that nobody got the sound bite they wanted from Robert Mueller…nobody’s going, “Aha! That changes everything!”….”Impeach” signs are appearing on freeway overpasses around Portland, but the hour is late, and the next highly vulnerable election is already in progress. The stakes are so high. And one exchange that stands out in my mind:

Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colorado): “You believe that you could charge the president of the United States with obstruction of justice after he left office?”
Robert Mueller: “Yes.”

Oregon’s sole GOPer on the Hill, Greg Walden, has said that people care about many things other than the Russia affair, and to back that up, his main tweet yesterday was this: “Great news, today the House passed the bipartisan Stopping Bad Robocalls Act! Last month, Oregonians in the 541 area code received an estimated 11.5 million robocalls. I look forward to working with the Senate to quickly get this to @POTUS’s desk.” Hang on, I have a call coming in from Modesto.


TriMet’s Board of Directors is taking a whack at MAX’s downtown travel time by closing the Mall/SW 4th Ave and Mall/SW 5th Ave stations, and test-closing the Kings Hill/SW Salmon St Station for one year, in spite of a MAC neighborhood lobbying effort, all beginning March 1, 2020. That’ll trim three minutes off the 22-minute slog through downtown–saving 13 hours a year for someone who rides the train every day. The Skidmore Fountain station was spared due to the outcry from Saturday Market and other neighbors, but has two years to prove itself.

It’s a damp shame what happened at the Lincoln County Animal Shelter: they’ve been closed indefinitely because of unsafe levels of mold. Forty-two cats and kittens have been herded to the Oregon Humane Society, and they’ll be hoping for adoption today.

It didn’t take long for the blue-green algae to regroup at Vancouver Lake, and Clark County Public Health has closed the swim beach once again after test results showed elevated levels of cyanotoxins in the water.

This was the day two years ago when Andrew and Kelly Corrado were attacked by a guy on Poet’s Beach Park on the Willamette River. They are now suing the City of Portland for $500,000 each.

The Washington County Fair opens today in Hillsboro, where Pat Benatar and hubby Neil Giraldo will hit you with their best shot in concert tonight.

Happy birthday to Helen Raptis of KATU!

This was the day 3 years ago that Tom Peterson died.

Seattle Seahawks training camp begins today!

Quentin Tarantino’s latest, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” is opening today, and Portland’s Hollywood Theatre–which is one of Tarantino’s favorite spots–is showing the movie in its rich original 35-mm format, while the rest of the country sees it in digital. There’s speculation the director himself may show up; it wouldn’t be his first surprise appearance at the Hollywood Theater.

Keep a cracker handy for a lost parrot in the Forest Park area. Friends tell Reddit that “Turbo is about 4″-5″ and occasionally emits a high pitched squawk. He likes fruit and will fly to sit on your hand if you hold it up for him with the palm down.”

Thanks to Clackamas Fire and Rescue for sharing the following:
“It’s all about service and taking the extra step to make a difference. Today Engine 309 treated and transported a patient to the hospital and before they left the scene, took care of the daily watering of the flowers.” (Well, I hope they didn’t keep the patient waiting in the ambulance while they sprinkled the petunias, but you know what they mean).


Good news for a good day!

–“Meet The Brooklyn Woman Who Single-Handedly Drained The Long Island Expressway During Monday Night’s Storm”

–“Two dogs save the life of their 87-year-old owner by raising the alarm when he got stuck in knee-high mud for an hour while retrieving a stick on the edge of the Potomac River”

–“Jon Stewart Turned His 45-Acre Farm Into An Animal Sanctuary To Rescue Abused Factory Farm Animals”

–“‘Trojan horse’ anticancer drug disguises itself as fat”

–“Brave Man Saves Drowning 400-lb Black Bear”


I don’t think we’ll be saving any drowning bears, but it’s a new day, and who knows what we’re capable of? So let’s dive in!