Thursday, November 7, 2019

Good morning, world! It’s Thursday, November 7, 2019. Portland’s in its 12th consecutive rainless day with partly cloudy skies, cool breezes near the Gorge, and highs of 58. And despite this oddly rainless rainy season, we’re otherwise plunging into our wintertime tunnel, with under ten hours of daylight. Sunrise 6:58 AM, sunset 4:49 PM.

We did pick up a Gorge wind yesterday and that pushed some of the fumes out of our breathing air supply. Portland’s AQI crept into the “good” zone yesterday, and at this 4 AM writing it’s still there, if only barely, at 44. But because the weather pattern is essentially unchanged, the DEQ says smoky skies and stagnant air will hang around for another week, and the NWS has extended the Air Stagnation Advisory until–cough, sniff–Tuesday, November 12. That’s also a likely date for our next rain.

Thanksgiving is three weeks from today, and early signs of the cheery season to come are clicking into place…Oregon’s Christmas tree harvest is underway, for trees to be bundled and shipped overseas…..the folks at Stimson Lumber are choosing and cutting Portland’s tree, which will be hauled into Pioneer Courthouse Square one week from tomorrow.

An Arctic blast is bearing down on the Midwest….six states are under winter weather advisories for a snowy morning commute…that’ll move into New York and New England tomorrow…

Typically around now we’re on the lookout for the wicked winds of November. In fact it was on this date in 1940 that the original Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed in a windstorm, just four months after the bridge’s completion.

Speaking of Washingon transportation issues…the latest count shows Initiative 976, anti-taxer Tim Eyman’s $30 car tab measure, winning 55% to 44%. It’s not final, because ballots with election day postmarks will continue coming in, but King County’s executive is already is planning to file suit against it, saying the “impact of I-976 to transportation is – in a word – devastating.”

Thousands of Oregon tech employees would be affected by this one: HP Inc. confirms that Xerox has proposed buying the company. HP has printer centers in Vancouver and Corvallis, and Xerox’s color printing group fills Tektronix’s former campus in Wilsonville.

Here’s something that’s not going away after the Alpenrose Dairy sale: The Oregon Bicycle Racing Association says they’ve been given at least two more years of permission to host bicycle races.

The latest on Rojo, the beloved therapy llama, is that he indeed died of natural causes, rather than being euthanized, and was comfortable to the end. And it’s true…Rojo’s next stop is at the Washington State School for the Blind’s wildlife safari room in Vancouver. His owners are taking him to a taxidermist.


It’s Joni Mitchell’s 76th birthday. When folks I know gather and talk music and debate the question of who’s the greatest, the most sublime singer-songer of them all, is it McCartney? Simon? Cohen? James Taylor? Carole King? Then somebody says the word “Joni”….and the room grows quiet.

Happy birthday to local rock star Tommy Thayer (Sunset HS Class of ’78)…the lead guitar player for KISS..and a great guy. Philanthropist, a huge donor to music in schools, member of the Pacific University Board of Trustees. Speaking of Beavertonians making good…Beaverton native Paige Cognetti (University of Oregon Class of 2002, Harvard MBA 2014, Obama transition team staffer) has just been elected the first female mayor of Scranton, PA. The Electric City!

Jazz keyboard magic man Chick Corea plays Gershwin with the Oregon Symphony at the Schnitz tonight. And Grammy Lifetime Achievement award winner Booker T. Jones is playing at the Alberta Rose Theater.

The Blazers play at the LA Clippers tonight before coming home tomorrow.


Something from the Smile File!

–“12-year-old boy saves dad from burning home”

–“Firefighters rescued an injured (and highly photogenic) owl from ashes of California blaze”

–“Boss pays off his employee’s mortgage to allow him to retire early”

–“A brewery is featuring dogs up for adoption on their beer cans”

–“James Dean Reborn in CGI for Vietnam War Action-Drama”

Details in the Coffee Cup!


Today marks the midpoint of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring for folks south of the Equator. How are we liking it so far?

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Hi there, friends! It’s Wednesday, November 6, 2019, and here comes the Daily Drip for the 11th dripless Portland day in a row. True, we have fog as thick as pancake batter in places, and air you can practically chew for the pollutants it’s carrying, but the NWS says you have to go back to 1957 to find a rainless first week of November. High today might reach 60. Sunrise 6:57 AM, sunset 4:51 PM.

At this point the Dense Fog Advisory expires at 11 AM, and the Air Stagnation Advisory runs out at 4 PM. As I write this, at 0400, the Portland Air Quality Index is a robust 63, which is moderate, and a good excuse for sensitive persons to ditch the outdoor chores and have an IPA by the fireplace, but with no fire in it, suggests the health department.

Let’s run down some election results, as best I can at this groggy hour. These are from unofficial totals but appear solid. And if your neighborhood passed or shot down a bond issue, or elected a particularly interesting dogcatcher, please add that in the comments.

Portland charter protection of the Bull Run Watershed–Won.
PPS levy—Winning.
Parks and nature bond for Metro-Winning.
Troutdale city hall–Losing.
Sauvie Island fire levy–Winning.
Happy Valley police levy–Winning.
West Linn/Wilsonville school bond and WL/WV levy–both Winning.
Clackamas County vector control–Winning.
Washington I-976, Tim Eyman’s latest–passing in early returns.
Camas pool bond–Lost.

Nationally…A Democrat is the apparent victor in the race for Governor of Kentucky, which Donald Trump won by 30 points. The Republican incumbent is not conceding yet. Republicans hang on to the Mississippi governorship…while Democrats take over the Virginia state legislature.

A truck driver is accused of kidnapping a woman in Tacoma–where she’d asked him for a ride across town–and driving her to Hillsboro, where he allegedly assaulted her when she tried to escape at the Costco loading dock. The driver is also charging with having cocaine, and driving under the influence.

There’s a good reason to stay out of the Willamette River from the Morrison Bridge on down. There was a four-hour leak from a pipe on the east bank, and we’ll just leave it at that.

The water temperature is going up fast in the kettle in which Portland investor-turned-donor-ambassador Gordon Sondland is stewing: yesterday he changed his earlier testimony in the impeachment inquiry, saying that other witnesses have “refreshed his memory,” and admitting that he had, in fact, told a Ukrainian government official that their country was in danger of losing American military aid if it didn’t go along with President Trump’s demand for an investigation that, under that narrative, would undermine the Mueller report and tarnish Joe Biden just in time for election year. Something for something. Or, in Latin, quid pro quo.

And now comes the announcement that Mayor Ted Wheeler will regift the $16,000 donated to his campaign by Gordon Sondland…to local charities like Basic Rights Oregon and Transition Projects…but with the biggest chunk of Sondland’s money going to, pointedly, ImpeachNow-dot-org.

Looks like the Portland Urban League’s respected CEO Nkenge Harmon Johnson is getting ready to run for the Oregon Senate formerly held by the late Sen. Jackie Winters (R-Salem).

This was the ironic day in 1990 when Oregon voters elected Governor Barbara Roberts…and simultaneously hobbled her by passing Ballot Measure 5, Oregon’s first property tax rollback.

Today is a milestone anniversary the NW, and for all who live near and love the Columbia River. Seventy-five years ago today, plutonium was first produced at the Hanford Atomic Facility, and less than a year later it was used in the atom bomb that the US dropped on Nagasaki. To this day, despite billions poured into cleanup, there are millions of gallons of radioactive water stored in underground tanks, and the Department of Energy says the cleanup will continue for fifty years or more. I’m betting a lot more.

Click on the Coffee Cup for links to today’s good news stories!

–“Fife QB Brynna Nixon throws TD in playoff win”

–“Inside a wealthy L.A. man’s effort to help pilots fight wildfires from a remote mountain base”

–“E-mail error ends up on road sign”

–“Portland’s ‘Jeopardy’ champion donates over $10,000 to Knight Cancer Institute”

–“Why these bikers crisscross New York delivering donated breast milk”


Have a most wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Hello there Tuesday people! Happy 5th of November, 2019! It’s the tenth dry day in a row, for Portland, with a morning marine layer of clouds, breaking into a low-slung sun, and highs of 58. Sunrise 6:55 AM, sunset 4:52 PM. Pacific Standard Time. Weird walking with a flashlight at 5 PM!

Thanks to a temperature inversion–chilly down here, warmer up there– the stagnant air is hugging the ground and tickling our uvulas all the way from Longview and Rainier to Portland, Salem, and Eugene, and on to Medford and Ashland. Portland’s Air Quality Index at 4 AM is a high 127, which is in the unhealthy-for-sensitive people zone, and Multnomah County is hoping you’ll keep the home fires smothered at least through tomorrow. Hey, we’re all sensitive people.

Election day is here! OK, not the one that will determine the fate of civilization, that’s a year from now, but this ballot carries great meaning for your schools and your town. Portland’s voting on four measures–enshrining the protection of the Bull Run Watershed in the city charter, allowing the city to engage in mutual-aid agreements with other jurisdictions, a parks bond for Metro, and a renewal of the PPS teachers levy. Troutdale wants a new city hall, Sauvie Island has a fire levy, Happy Valley votes on a police levy, there’s both a school bond and school levy in West Linn/Wilsonville, and Clackamas County votes on vector control. Roger, Victor. Across the Columbia, Washington voters have 15 measures on the ballot including I-976, Tim Eyman’s latest, which would gut local transportation projects statewide. Camas is voting today on a controversial bond issue for a swim center, Vancouver is electing city council and school board members…and every one of those elections will have at least as much of a day-to-day effect on you as the Morning Zoo on the Potomac.

And there are statewide elections across the land, all of which will be held up as some kind of sign of what’ll happen a year from now.

Trump ally Roger Stone goes on trial today for lying to Congress.

Look! The West Linn paper mill is back in operation—two years after it abruptly shut down. It’s now the Willamette Falls Paper Company, it employs 125–most of whom worked there before the shutdown–and The Oregonian says it’s experimenting with making paper from agricultural waste instead of wood.

Portland cops have video, and are trying to find the people were running around punching holes in tires over the weekend near SE 50th and Hawthorne.

Richard Nixon was elected president on this date in 1968.

Happy birthday to Art Garfunkel (1941) Peter Noone (1947) and Bill Walton (1952).

Oooh…the Blazers fell to the hobbled Golden State Warriors 127-118.


Good news for a chilly morning, right here!

–“BART worker rescues man from oncoming train”

–“Lady jumps off her motorcycle and pulls a kid from certain death since none of the other drivers saw him running”

–“Breast cancer may be detected by blood test five years before clinical signs show”

–“9-Year-Old Kid Who Kept Getting In Trouble For Doodling In Class Gets A Job Decorating A Restaurant With His Drawing”

–“Microsoft Japan’s experiment with 3-day weekend boosts worker productivity by 40 percent”


Have an excellent Tuesday, friends! Remember, Dripstock III–just a friendly social hour or two–Saturday, 2-4 PM, at the Willamette Ale and Cider house!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Welcome, Daily Drip crew, to Monday, November 4, 2019–the ninth day in a row of zero precipitation in Portland! For a city that styles itself as weird, this is really weird! Today’s weather will be sunny with a high of 58 but here’s a nosewrinkle: we are under an Air Stagnation Advisory until Wednesday at 4 pm. Pollutants are trapped close to the ground, where we the people are. Portland’s Air Quality Index at 0400 is a grim 124, unhealthy for sensitive groups. So Multnomah County’s health department is asking people to avoid burning wood, unless that’s our only source of heat.

And of course….with yesterday’s great lurch backward to Standard Time, today’s sunrise comes unaccustomedly bright and early at 6:54 AM, and sunset’s at 4:53 PM. We may have changed our clocks, but it’ll take a while for our bodies to get the memo.

Our town is minus one tough mother, today, but the air is full of tales of the late Gert Boyle: stories of how she took command of the family business when her husband died young, and with the help of son Tim grew Columbia Sportswear into a company with a market cap of six billion-dollars as of today; of how she parodied her gruff image in an enduring series of television commercials; and of how, at the age of 86, she coolly bamboozled a home-invasion robber into believing she just had to disable the home alarm in order to let him in; she hit the silent panic button instead, and West Linn cops came running. Like another shatterer of glass ceilings–Mayor Vera Katz, whom we lost two years ago–Gert Boyle was born to a Jewish family in pre-War Nazi Germany, courageously escaping and winding up in Portland, and creating a legacy that will outlast all of us.

A teenage boy was hit and killed by a freight train while taking his senior photos near the Troutdale Bridge late Saturday afternoon.

Election day is tomorrow! Lots of school levies and other items of local import are on the mail-in ballot, and they’ll be decided with around a 30% turnout. The SOS website says my ballot was received on October 22, keeping intact my lifelong streak of voting in every election! (I think).

The 2020 presidential election is one year from yesterday. It’s way too soon to relax or leap to conclusions, but the latest national poll on Fox News shows Joe Biden beating Donald Trump by 12 points…with Bernie Sanders winning by 8…and Elizabeth Warren by 5.

Ronald Reagan was elected president on this day in 1980…and Barack Obama on this day in 2008.

The steering committee for Southwest Light Rail meets tonight in Tigard. They’ve decided not to reduce the number of lanes on Barbur Blvd. after all. That would have been a disaster.

PBOT crews begin work today on creating a fourth lane on the bottlenecked North Going Street Bridge.

More than 500 inmates in Oklahoma are being set free today after their sentences, for minor drug and property offenses, were commuted to time served under a voter-approved law. It’s believed to be the largest one-day prisoner release in American history. This should save taxpayers $12 million.

The Blazers visit the Stephen Curry-less Golden State Warriors tonight; their star player is out for three months with a broken hand.

Last night the Winterhawks lost to Kamloops 6-5.

Walter Cronkite was born 103 years ago today.


Good news links!

–“One year after fire, Paradise HS football finishes regular season undefeated”

–“Nurse Adopted Man With Autism After Knowing Him Just 2 Days So He Could Receive a Heart Transplant”

–“A dog named Mr. Wrinkles leads police to family members of unconscious man

–“Pup that dropped from the air into a backyard garden turns out to be endangered breed””

–“Man Reunited With 310-Year-Old Violin After It Was Left on a Train”


Have a grrreat Monday!

Friday, November 1, 2019

It’s Friday, it’s November 1, and it’s the Daily Drip!… all present and accounted for on this 305th day of 2019. So there are 60 days left to get done what you resolved to accomplish in this old new year. Portland’s weather will again be sunny, and windy east of 205, with highs of 58. Sunrise 7:50 AM–which ties with December 27 for the latest sunrise of the year, thanks to DST–and sunset 5:57 PM.

It’s a relief to report, given the state of things in California, that all 22 of the forest fires in Oregon are in the mopup stage, showing no fire growth, no homes threatened, and no road closures. Meantime, thousands have been ordered to evacuate as a new California blaze exploded overnight northwest of Los Angeles in Ventura County. It occurs to me that the Ducks are playing USC tomorrow night in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and that’s less than 20 miles from the Getty Fire…but the fire is 30% contained, it’s downwind from the Coliseum, weather’s a little calmer, and it looks like things are OK where the Ducks will be. We’ll keep an eye on that.

On the morning after the impeachment process vote in the House, a new poll on GMA says Americans are divided 49% (yes do it) to 47% (nope) on Pres. Trump’s impeachment.

A third-grader at Arleta Elementary in SE Portland brought some kind of powder to class and fed it to a classmate. KGW (quoting a teacher and two parents) says it was crack cocaine. The kid’s OK, and cops are trying to find out what-the-hell.

If it was a costume, then it was a crummy choice…a student at Madison High’s Marshall campus went to school on Halloween with a realistic replica handgun jammed in his trousers. He was sent home with his parents.

This is exactly what this summer’s long closure of Cornelius Pass Road was supposed to prevent: a semi got itself verklempt in the S-curves between Highway 30 and Skyline, and traffic was stacked up forever.

Another traffic alert: The Burnside Bridge will be closed all weekend starting at 11 tonight as an eternal maintenance project wraps up. The Burnside will have a new layout when it opens on Monday, and we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Now that it’s November, higher gas rates take effect for customers of Northwest Natural. The average home bill will go up a couple of bucks to around $55.

Smooth move by a trucker on the Oregon Coast. Dude drove the cab of his semi onto the beach at Sunset State Park near Gearhart, and of course he had to jump out to take a photo…then, oh crap, a sneaker wave engulfed the rig. The shore patrol and a local tow outfit dragged it up onto dry ground.

Football! The #7 Ducks play USC in LA Saturday night at 5 on Fox. The Beavers play Saturday at 1:30 PM at Arizona. The Huskies host Utah at 1 PM Saturday, the Cougs have a bye, and PSU plays at 2:05 in Hillsboro against Montana. That’ll be a test for both! Got a team that we should be following? Be our correspondent. Report in, please!

The Blazers play Philly at 7 Saturday night at the Moda Center, while the Portland Winterhawks..who are at Everett tonight… host the rival Seattle Thunderbirds at 6 PM Saturday next door at the VMC. That game will be the first of 8 between those teams to be telecast on Portland’s CW.

And finally. It’s Dripstock 3 a week from tomorrow! Hope it’s on your calendar! Two PM on Saturday, 11/9, at the Willamette Ale & Cider House in the historic Willamette neighborhood of old West Linn. If you can, please make yourself a nametag…then just show up and meet and mingle with your fellow Dripsters…have a pop from the no-host bar..and maybe get Hubers legend Alex to pour you a Spanish Coffee! I’m looking forward to spending quality time with everyone who comes!


New month, new news…in the Good News Coffee Cup!

–“Goats help save Ronald Reagan Presidential Library”

–“Video: Brave man saves kid who fell through the fence into a river”

–“How pianos became part of the furniture at UK railway stations”

–“Scientists develop zoom-able soft contact lenses”

–“Rob the unappealing albatross finally finds a mate”


Tonight at 6, go outside and take a look around. That’s how dark it’ll be next week at 5. Got yer flashlights, reflector vests? We roll our clocks back this weekend and wade into a period of darkness–that has some delightful appeals all its own. I love to walk my road in the night. The lights of home are that much brighter!

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Boo! There. Welcome to Halloween, Thursday, October 31, 2019. Portland’s weather is sunny, with double-nickel highs, and clear, cold skies at night with lows down to 30. Or lower; I’m at 29. Sunrise 7:48 AM, sunset 5:59 PM. Oh…a pre-6 PM sunset tonight for the first time since….March 2!

Lots of people in the nation’s capital have been too excited to sleep, following the Washington Nationals 6-2 over Houston Astros in Game 7 of the World Series. So much fun!

Also, the House holds a formal vote this morning on going ahead with the impeachment process. Just for reference, the 2020 election is one year from this Sunday.

New wildfires have exploded across California overnight. Flames now surround the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. And the Hillside Fire is burning Into San Bernardino neighborhoods, where evacuations are underway.

While fires flare across California, Oregon now has 22 comparatively infinitesimally minor fires in the Willamette Valley. These are mainly prescribed burns from weeks ago that were rekindled by high winds and in bone-dry conditions. Firefighters are stomping out embers near Molalla and Detroit, and using aircraft to fight new blazes near Sheridan and Gates.

A message to me from Melanie that I will pass along: “One of your dripsters, Nancy Conner, was out for a walk this morning and was hit by a car, in St. Helens. Unfortunately, she didn’t survive her injuries. The world was a better place with her in it. ” So very sad to hear that, and my deepest sympathy to her family and friends!


Say, I know a lot of folks here are thrilled about the Washington Nationals win in the World Series, and I was one…even though I picked Houston in 6…anyway! The Nationals/Portland connection has some history, and it’s well summarized in this Wikipedia article from 2002:

“After MLB made it official the Montreal Expos were going to be relocated, Portland was named as a potential candidate.[1] Then-Portland Mayor Vera Katz and other officials went to New York City to address the committee that was in charge of the Expos relocation.[2] In 2003, the Oregon State Legislature passed Senate Bill 5, which provided US$150 million towards a new stadium.[2] If the Expos did move to Portland, under the proposal set forth by the then-mayor would use PGE Park as the team’s temporary stadium.[2] The Expos were eventually awarded to Washington, D.C. and now play as the Washington Nationals.”

So we were toyed with and used as leverage to bring the Expos to DC, where they’re partying in the streets of Georgetown instead of the Pearl. But there’s a connection, right? And: our day will come.


If you go rolling onto SW Main St. between 1st and 2nd, don’t be shocked by the shocking red paint in the bus-only lane…right next to the glimmering green of the bike lane…nobody’s rushing Christmas (yet)….it’s the beginning of what the city calls “the effort to make it blindingly clear for drivers, in particular, that the lane belongs to transit.” So they’ll be rolling out the red paint on MLK, Lloyd, Grand, Burnside, Couch, Everett, Madison…

Portland taxpayers–thanks to a 4-0 vote by City Council yesterday–will soon be the proud landlords of a 6-bedroom, 4-bath, 3,825 square foot home at 35319 SE Carpenter Lane near the Sandy River east of Gresham, listed at, and sold for, $799,900. The city bought it for the land, because they might need to run water pipes under it someday. The house itself? They may just rent it out. Looks pretty nice. Comes with a barn, a chicken coop, and an “auxiliary dwelling unit” for when hubby is in the doghouse.

A tree fell along SW Jefferson…winds? No. Garbage truck backed into it.

To newcomers, that sure looked like smoke rising from the summit of Mt. Hood. Actually it was a lenticular cloud.

What’s that delectable fragrance wafting through the mist near Forest Grove? Mmm…bet it has something to do with Saturday’s annual Verboort Sausage Dinner!

While fans of the Washington Nationals celebrate the afterglow, and the Blazers feel happy about their 102-99 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, there are more thrills in the months to come. The Oregon Ducks women’s basketball team is ranked No. 1 in the AP poll for the first time in school history. And Oregon State is #7!

When the little family tykes go out in their goblin costumes tonight (gobblin’ up candy), take a gander skyward and behold the crescent moon making a move on bright, bold Jupiter. And that’s Saturn, chaperoning from above and to the left. You might be able to spot Venus and Mercury, down low on the horizon after sunset. Clear skies on Halloween nights are rare around here, and this is a chance to do some planet-spotting!


Let’s see what we can find in the Great Pumpkin of Good News!

–“Prineville dog lost for 3 weeks finds her way home”

–“Tiny kittens reunite with firefighters who saved their lives when they were swept down a drain”

–“Amazon makes grocery delivery free for Prime members”

–“Friends recognize Austin homeless man as former classmate and old friend, give him place to live”

–“Extraterrestrials may have explored the Milky Way galaxy and visited Earth already”


From the Daily Drip one year ago today: “Halloween! Have you ever met a ghost? Did you ever have a drink in the bar at the Benson Hotel and have the glass just tip over? USA Today says the Benson is one of the most haunted hotels in America. There are those who believe that old Simon Benson himself is lurking in the hallways from moaning till night, wearing a dark suit and knocking over drinks. He hated alcohol, hence the Benson Bubblers. And the Heathman? Scary stuff too. Rooms ending in ’03 are said to be haunted because some soul went off the roof many years ago and passed those rooms on the way down.

“Or maybe, like me, you’ve met the departed in non-frightening ways: I recognized the scent as my dear grandmother’s perfume swept through my Oregon home shortly after she passed in Illinois. And when my parents died, all four of us children began noticing dimes–yep, shiny dimes—turning up in odd places. I mean, again and again. Dimes in the laundry, on the sidewalk, in odd pockets of pants unworn for years. I did some Googling and learned that the phenomenon of the dead greeting the living with mysteriously-placed dimes is quite common. A comfort, a hi there, be good, be careful. It’s good news.”

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Good morning, seekers of the elusive Daily Drip! It’s Wednesday, October 30, 2019. Portland’s weather promises to be sunny, breezy, dry as beef jerky, and much colder than a late-October day ought to be around here, all because we’re under an arctic air mass from Canada that spilled over the Cascades Monday night. Lemme check the 0400 temps…Portland 36, Vancouver 27, Hillsboro 25.. hope you have a seat warmer, because that’ll put a “brrr” under your saddle! We’ll eventuate up to a high of 50. Sunrise 7:47 AM, sunset 6:00 PM.

At least the winds have died down in the valleys west of the Cascades. They’re still pounding the Gorge, but the NWS dropped the wind advisory for Portland and surrounding towns as of 1 AM. Power issue? Not really. Crews stayed on top of things (and on top of their cherry pickers) yesterday. PGE has only 32 customers out…Clark Public has none…Pacific power has a handful downstate…

A nuisance wind like this is really good for pointing out loose fence boards that wake you up by slamming in the night…or driving wind chimes to madness…or providing a bouncy ride home in an airplane. Glad I tightened down a couple of deck gates that love to swing wide and then crack against the frames. Any weird experiences in the breeze?

California’s burning. We’ll learn more as the sun comes up, but with major fires up and down the state, things could take a dangerous turn with the arrival of a major Santa Ana wind event, potentially spreading the state’s wildfires even farther and wider. And my wife is driving today from Bakersfield to Portland. Good thoughts to everyone down there!

Oregon has a handful of fires too…the North Fork Fire, 16 miles east of Molalla, is at 65 acres, and the Detroit Dam Fire, five miles west of Detroit, is at an estimated 50 acres.

A Portland Streetcar slipped off its rails on SW 5th in the PSU area, blocking traffic as well as MAX. All OK now.

A day after Greg Walden gave notice that he’s leaving, there’s already a battle for Oregon’s sagebrush seat in Congress. State Sen. Cliff Bentz of Ontario announced his candidacy yesterday, while recent Republican gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler tweeted that he’s considering it. He came within six points of unseating Kate Brown last fall.

One lost….two found: Skamania County search and rescue crews gave it their very best, but will no longer actively search for a 78-year-old Beaverton man who disappeared while mushroom hunting eleven days ago. But police quickly located 10-year-old boy who ran away from a Gresham school, and was last seen at a Plaid Pantry. And an Aloha woman has turned up alive and fine, a week after she disappeared–by her own accord, it turns out.

We’ll learn more tonight at Gladstone City Hall, but there may soon be a bike-pedestrian bridge over the Clackamas River between Gladstone and Oregon City. It’d go where a century-old Union Pacific bridge collapsed into the raging river five years ago.

World Series! Despite a mind-bogglingly bad runners-interference call, the Washington Nationals prevailed to force a Game 7 in Houston tonight. Great Series!

When the truth is found….to be a septuagenarian….Grace Slick is 70 today.


Let’s see what kind of Good News links we have in the Coffee Cup today!

–“Woman’s breast cancer detected by thermal imaging camera at tourist attraction”

–“Airbnb hosts are offering free housing to thousands of California wildfire evacuees”

–“This cat brings her neighbors flowers from her yard every day”

–“A little bird gets frozen to a metal fence…and a kindly person comes along..”.

–“Need to Escape Reality? This Dr. Seuss Exhibit Takes You to Another World”


We’re driving to work in a murky darkness these days….and here’s why: it seems weird, but the sunrise times this week are the latest of the year, as late as the last days of December. That’s because we’re in the waning days of Daylight Time, which artificially pushes sunrise and sunset times later. After we snap back to Standard Time this weekend, the sun will rise before 7…and that grows later by two minutes a day until around Christmas, when sunup will occur a little before 8 AM, just as it does this week.