Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Hi there! All’s’re in the friendly company of the Daily Drip community on this Wednesday, May 15, 2019. The weather in our shared shire of Portland, Oregon is cloudy, with a better-than-even chance of rain, and highs in the low 60s. Sunrise 5:40 AM, Sunset 8:34 PM.

The Blazers? No excuses, says Coach Stotts, but that really was a quick turnaround from Sunday’s Game Seven against Denver. The guys played tired, and several had limbs packed in gauze and ice following last night’s 116-94 route in Oakland. Game Two is tomorrow night.

Important to watch this situation, depending on what happens over the rest of the series: Oregon Senator Ron Wyden has formally asked Canada to assure safe passage for center Enes Kanter….in the event that the Blazers meet Toronto in the NBA Finals. Kanter, rightfully, fears being arrested by the strongman government of his native Turkey.

By the way…the Blazers’ play-by-play voice for the playoffs, Travis Demers, joins us on the K103 morning show at around 8:20 AM. Good guy, doing a great job filling the big shoes of Brian Wheeler.

It’s just one game.


A Salem police officer was shot and wounded during a traffic stop last night. The suspect is still at large. The officer has been released from the hospital. Nearby Highland Elementary will be closed today.

That two-billion-dollar business tax for education will in all likelihood go down as Governor Kate Brown’s signature accomplishment, especially if her administration follows up by making damn sure that the “Student Success Act” lives up to its name. She’s the one who, at great cost, personally brokered the deal that brought Republicans back to the Senate floor, bigfooting legislative leaders from her own party to create a quorum that allowed the bill’s passage on a straight party-line vote. All Republicans voted no, knowing full well it would pass; they sold their tacit approval in a bargain that will play near and dear to the hearts of red-state Oregon. The Governor, in winning the fight for the education tax, killed an omnibus gun control bill–about which many Democrats, especially the powerful Majority Leader Ginny Burdick, were equally passionate. Burdick feels deeply burned. Big win for the 2A constituency. Brown also gave up the bill that would have closed immunization-law loopholes that benefit the anti-vaxxer crowd. So, for Democrats, a power play by the Governor resulting in one huge gain, for two significant losses, in a session where some thought the Blue team would run rampant. Floor discussion was profoundly heartfelt from several Senators. Lew Frederick was amazing. So I’ll be putting much of the Senate discussion about this on the air on the iHeart Radio public affairs show “Local Voices” this weekend, and I’ll link it here, for those who may not be sentient at 6 AM on Sunday.

It’s not Festivus, but we had an Airing of Grievances at a Portland City Council budget session, where Commissioner Chloe Eudaly, who’s in charge of the Bureau of Transportation, laid into city officials for not spending marijuana tax revenue on traffic safety. The Oregonian reports that Portland currently has 20 traffic cops on motorcycles and in cars….compared to 35 just three years ago.

Today is the 35th anniversary of the election of the famously eccentric but soundly pragmatic Bud Clark as Mayor of Portland. All together now–Whoop, whoop! Personal story: I’d been away from home toiling in uninspiring venues for five years, gleefully returning in 1985 to a very different, more kinetic Portland from the one I’d left in 1980, and two people took me under their wings to bring me up to date. I will always be grateful to Mike Lindberg, who was a vital voice on the Portland City Council, and to Mayor Bud Clark, for their generosity with their time, and for sharing with me their love of this magical place. We proudly have an autographed “Expose Yourself to Art” poster on our wall. (And Mildred Schwab gave me a big welcome-home smooch. Another story).

JFK threw out the first pitch at a Portland Little League game on this date in 1960, back when Oregon primaries mattered. (He won that one big, over Hubert Humphrey). There was a bill in this legislature to yank next year’s primary to Super Tuesday, but it never got off the launch pad. By the way, have you voted yet in the present school board, etc. election? Time’s a-wasting!

Comedian and actor Tim Conway passed yesterday at 85. He was a costar on Carol Burnett’s unfailingly funny variety show. “I’m heartbroken,” Burnett tells the Today Show. this morning “He was one in a million, not only as a brilliant comedian but as a loving human being. I cherish the times we had together both on the screen and off. He’ll be in my heart forever.”

Hey, Portland gets to be in another TV series! We love that, right? Um. Anyway, it’s called “Stumptown,” and ABC calls it a “crime drama”…though the trailer is purely comic, with plenty of familiar scenes and bad driving habits.  It’s three minutes of fun distraction.


Good news! These are serious and true stories that I bury down here every day…and that sometimes I think should be the lead. Hope you check them out, at the “Coffee Cup” link right here!

–“Diver removes rope that made whale shark’s life miserable”

–“8th grader starts movement to eliminate $18,000 of lunch debt for his school district”

–“Once struggled in Math, Filipino student now works for NASA as engineer”

–“One business closes and another comes to the rescue”

–“Just thinking about coffee can improve your focus, researchers say”


And now–who’s up for a little get-together this weekend? The folks at Maryhill Winery have invited me to come and check out their new Vancouver wine-tasting room Saturday afternoon from 4 to 6–and to bring along any friends who’d like to come! That’s you! It’s not a Dripstock–our crew has been too overwhelmed to put one together yet for this year–but it’s a chance to meet up and raise a glass to good times, say hello, take some photos…and head home in time to catch the Game Three! It’s not “hosted”–so bring your jukebox money–but I am told there may be a prize or prizes. And it’s a chance to visit Vancouver’s new redeveloped waterfront district, which I can’t wait to see. We’re overdue for a gathering, no? Who’s in? I will be there at 4 PM Saturday, May 18, at the 801 Waterfront Way Suite 105, Vancouver.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Hello everybody wherever you may be! (copyright Bill Schonely). Here’s the Daily Drip for Tuesday, May 14, 2019.  The weather deities have deemed that a month is long enough for Portland to put up sunshine and warmth, so today will be rainy and cooler with highs around 60. We’re entering a pattern of showery and cool weather.  Sunrise 5:41 AM, Sunset  8:33 PM.
Looks like the logjam is broken in the Oregon Senate, where hardball-playing Republicans returned yesterday following a five-day walkout, thus allowing a quorum and a vote on the “Student Success Act.” That billion-dollar-a-year boon for schools then passed on an 18-11 party-line vote and goes on to the governor for her signature. But it comes at a heavy cost to the Democrats’ agenda: as part of the deal, they reportedly agreed to kill HB 3063, which would have ended nonmedical exemptions for vaccination requirements, and also apparently SB 978, which would have strengthened gun laws. (Anticipating a question: Minority democrats in the United States Senate don’t have the same power-of-the-quorum to wield over the majority party. All that’s required there for a quorum is 51 votes).
As student groups chanted their displeasure, the PSU Board of Trustees voted 6-3 to hike resident undergraduate tuition by 11%.
OK! Blazers-Warriors, Game One, 6 PM on ESPN, and on Rip City Radio 620, which is a great way to experience the game if you’re caught in the homeward crunch at tipoff time. Travis Demers and Michael Holton do an outstanding job.  And here’s another fun option: Games 1 and 2 will be shown on a 30-foot outdoor screen at free official Watch Parties in the Rose Quarter Commons.  Pregame festivities begin at 5, rain or no, so bring a lawn chair and a bumbershoot. Quick memory-refresher: these teams met four times in the regular season and each won two, one at home and one away. That was before Nurk’s season crashed to an end for the Blazers. Golden State’s Kevin Durant is currently out with a calf injury, but their fans are not cowed…he might come back next week. You know Durant; the Blazers passed him up in the 2007 draft. That was then. Tonight for the Blazers, red-hot 6th-man Rodney Hood’s injury turns out to be a bone bruise, and he’ll play. MRI was negative. The last time Portland and Golden State met, it was here in Rip City, and as I recall, things got, um, testy between our guys and theirs. And there’s a brother vs. brother thing going on. That’ll be fun, but bad blood will boil before this one is through!
A  36-year-old Clatsop County man who admits making over 20 phony mayday calls on his father’s marine radio because he was bored has been sentenced to probation by a federal judge–but he also may be required to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution to fire departments on the Oregon Coast.
People are noticing a particularly lovely flowery bloom along one of our local freeways. I’ve received several messages like this one from Daily Drip reader Reveleen, who writes: “..If you have the chance, drive north on 205 between 224 and Otty Rd. Check out the center median with all the multicolored Lupine in bloom. They are beautiful! Any idea who planted them?” The answer appears to be ODOT, which is in a statewide partnership with the Oregon State Federation of Garden Clubs, and perhaps others,  to plant flowers for ground cover that double as habitat for essential pollinators like bees and butterflies. Nice!
Jimmy Carter is resting comfortably after falling and breaking his hip while turkey-hunting. His main concern, according to a statement, is that the season ends this week, and he has not reached his bag limit. 
The Dow is opening this morning at 25,324.99, after yesterday’s 600-point drubbing, collateral damage in a mutually-destructive trade war between the US and China. 
A midair collision in Alaska between two sightseeing aircraft has killed at least four people and injured 10; two others are missing.  Both planes were carrying tourists from a Royal Princess cruise ship, which was on a seven-day voyage that left Vancouver on May 11.
There’s apparently a worldwide outage in the airline servation system known as Sabre, resulting in major delays, at least on JetBlue. 
We lost journalist Tom Wolfe last year on this date. He brought fame to Oregon author Ken Kesey’s Merry Prankster days.
The Lewis and Clark Expedition left St. Louis on this day in 1804, bound for Oregon.
Frank Sinatra died and Seinfeld came to an end on the same day, this date, in 1998.
The Irish/Scottish rock band Snow Patrol (“Chasing Cars” and other really tuneful songs)  is at the Roseland Theater tonight.
Good stuff in the Coffee Cup today!

–“Russell Wilson’s mum sheds tears of joy as he gifts her a house on Mother’s Day.”

–“‘Pink drink’ brain cancer treatment could save thousands of lives”

–“Notre Dame could provide energy for Paris with new roof”

–“Five ducklings rescued from a storm drain while mom paces nearby”

–“Australian family finds gold nugget while walking dog named ‘Lucky'”

And that, my friends, is the early Drip for a showery Tuesday. My mission to improve sleep continues to go well–over 6 hours last night. Working on more. What’s on your agenda today?

Monday, May 13, 2019

And…we’re back! Good morning, friends, and thanks for patiently waiting for the patient to get better. He is! It’s Monday, May 13, 2019, and coming off a red-hot-and-rolling weekend, today will be a cloudy but comfortable 70-degree day, followed by a regime change in a showery direction starting tomorrow. Sunrise 5:42 AM, Sunset 8:32 PM.

The sun’s coming up on a joyful Rip City, as the Blazers’ march down the yellow brick road has Oz in sight. Friends, we’re in the Final Four! Let’s wear our Blazer gear today! With that Mile High win, Portland-town has snapped into championship mode. Our appetite is sharpened; our knowledge of the game is greater, and our bond with the team is deeper, going beyond the superstars to include all the guys who spark joy coming off the bench. We haven’t been this far since the 1999-2000 season when the Blazers took Shaq and Kobe and the Lakers to a seventh game in the conference finals, which ended in a heartbreaker. The Lakers went on to win the title, but the guys on our team were household names around here: Arvydis Sabonis and Scottie Pippen and Damon Stoudamire and Rasheed Wallace…and who else? Bonzi Wells. Detlef Schremf. Brian Grant. And that’s how it always is during Portland’s deep playoff runs. We like these guys! And now it’s Damian, CJ, Seth, Rodney, Enes, Evan, Myers, Zach….who have you latched onto, found that you’re following more than before? We bond with the team, while the community hangs together in a way we normally might not. The conference finals begin Tuesday night, in Oakland, against the Warriors. The Blazers are underdogs. But nobody picked David to beat Goliath, and he rocked him.

The Nuggets grew to annoy us during these series, but one has to like the way they stayed on the court to congratulate the Blazers for advancing to the conference finals.

From the PDX airport twitter feed: What we have heard unofficially, is that they are not returning to Portland (Sunday), but heading straight to Oakland Monday.

Bill Schonely turns 90 on June 1…during the NBA Finals. Is that a good omen or what?


You might want to avert your eyes from your 401K today…Dow futures point to a 300 point drop at the open following the continuing failure of trade talks with China. President Trump announced billions of dollars in new tariffs on goods coming in from China and claimed that China will pay those tariffs, though his economic adviser Larry Kudlow acknowledges that the opposite is true–but that the US economy is strong enough to absorb the blow.

The PSU Board of Trustees votes today on 11% tuition hike. And also, on ousting the president. Of PSU.

We might be getting a new unicorn in our magical fairyland–in the form of a funicular! A what? Well, perhaps in your travels you’ve heard the merry Italian folk tune, “Funiculì, Funiculà!” That spritely ditty is about a steeply inclined elevator that zipped up and down the side of Mt. Vesuvius. And today, such a conveyance is one of the options before a TriMet steering committee looking for ways to whisk thousands of people from the future Barbur Boulevard MAX line up Marquam Hill to OHSU and the VA. The steering committee meets this morning at 9 at Tigard City Hall; a decision had been expected today but I believe it’s been put off to June. How much, I hear you ask? I saw an estimate of $45 million, but when are those ever accurate?

If the angler in the office is missing today…you’ll find her on a boat on the Columbia fishing for sturgeon during a brief, every-other-day recreational season that begins this morning along the mighty river’s lower 40 miles.

“Desperate Housewives” star Felicity Huffman pleads guilty today to paying $15,000 to a phony charity that facilitated cheating for her daughter’s SATs. She could conceivably receive up to 20 years in prison, but a few months is more likely.

There’s a new book coming out about the 1962 Columbus Day Storm titled “A Deadly Wind”–and its author, journalist John Dodge, appears tonight at Powell’s City of Books. I haven’t read the book or interviewed the author (nudge nudge, publicists), but the publisher’s notes indicate that we’ll learn some things: “This unrivaled West Coast windstorm fueled the Asian log export market, helped give birth to the Oregon wine industry, and influenced the 1962 World Series. It remains a cautionary tale and the Pacific Northwest benchmark for severe windstorms in this era of climate change and weather uncertainty.”

As a ploy to foil the paparazzi, it happened at midnight, this night in 1985, at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Lake Oswego, where rock superstar Bruce Springsteen married Julianne Phillips, TV actress and local LO girl, whom Bruce looks back on fondly in his memoir: ‘She was twenty-four, tall, blond, educated, talented, a beautiful and charming young woman.” Bruce today dolefully admits that he lacked the maturity to handle life on the road, full of temptations, and the marriage lasted but three years. He married bandmate Patty Scialfa, and they’ve been riding on the streets of a runaway American dream now for well nigh three decades.

Let’s pour some good news in the Coffee Cup!

–“Son donates part of his liver to Mom, jokes he’s off the hook for Mothers Day gifts”

–“Dog passed by for over 2,381 days at the shelter finally finds a Fur-ever home”

–“An 81-year-old woman says she has never been happier after meeting her 103-year-old mother for the first time”

–“Community surprises high school student on her own since age 14 with new car: ‘She has overcome a lot'”

–“Shaq buys 10 pairs of shoes for teen with big feet whose mom can’t afford sneakers”


This morning I set my alarm for 15 minutes later than the last time we did this. And already it’s time to zoom! Have a great day in Rip City!!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Hellloooo there Rip City! Here’s your daily news blip from Portland for Thursday, May 2, 2019. The weather in our little Camelot is mild in the city but only in the 30s in the valley, way early for tomatoes–but we’ll ease up to 60 or 65 today. And scrolling ahead for the next week or so, I don’t see any rain at all. Saturday’s high should be around 75! Sunrise 5:57 AM Sunset 8:18 PM.

Blazers! With that 97-90 win in Denver last night, our guys have seized the home-court advantage from the Nuggets, and could wrap it up with a pair of wins at home. Next game is tomorrow night at the Moda Center. The team dedicated last night’s win to staff member Jon Yim, who was seriously injured in a car crash last week on I-84. Yim is the team’s video coordinator, and is beloved by all; he started a tradition of wearing bow ties for all Wednesday game days—so last night, the whole staff wore bow ties in his honor. Watch that become a thing!

A billion welcome bucks every year will be heading for Oregon schools–if the state Senate follows the House lead in passing the “Student Success Act,” a gross receipts tax on the roughly 40,000 Oregon businesses that take in over a million in annual revenue. Democrats used their new supermajority to meet the two-thirds requirement for a tax hike, passing HB 3427 on a 37-21 strict party-line vote. Republicans argued that it will force small but successful companies to shed staff, and called it a hidden sales tax that does nothing about PERS. The money will start to flow in 2020-2021, and local districts will have broad latitude on how to spend it–as long as they show results.

Maine has just beaten out Oregon as the first to impose a statewide ban on food containers made of Styrofoam. Oregon’s House has passed the bill, but it hasn’t come up for a vote in the Senate.

Yesterday’s May Day protests came off peacefully, but then Patriot Prayer and Atifa hotheads ruined it all by getting into a brawl outside the Cider Riot bar at NE 8th and Couch, where the owner says Joey Gibson and his boys crashed an after-party and started pepper-spraying people. There’s video showing bear spray being fired by both sides. By the time the cops arrived, the two groups had separated and nobody wanted to file charges.

Attorney General William Barr, following yesterday’s bruising Senate appearance, is skipping today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing, not wanting to be questioned by committee staff lawyers in addition to members. Meantime, “The Mueller Report” debuts at #1 on the New York Times nonfiction best-seller list.

A hero emerges from the UNC-Charlotte shooting, where two people were killed this week–including a 21-year-old student named Riley Howell who lunged at the gunman and held him down, and was shot and killed in the struggle, but his action stopped the shooting long enough for police to capture the perpetrator. (Who, as per policy here, is nameless).

Summertime in the Northwest can be lovely, but the last two have had some fairly brutal heat waves, and now there’s word from the National Interagency Fire Center that “The potential for significant wildfires is above normal west of the Cascade crest in Washington and Oregon through August.” We can hope that no thoughtless kids will be out there tossing firecrackers, but we can’t do much about lightning.

A TriMet driver named Mike Thomas was behind the wheel of Line 54 on a dark stretch of Capitol Highway when he slowed down because a man was holding a yellow lab by the collar at the side of the road. The driver invited the man and dog aboard for their own safety. But he quickly sensed that they didn’t know each other–the guy tried to give the dog away to another passenger, and he didn’t even know the pup’s name was Cooper, which Mike could easily see on the tag. So Cooper was a stolen dog. When confronted by the driver, the thief got off the bus, but Cooper rode around with Mike for the rest of the night (against the rules, but who cares). Turns out Cooper’s family was vacationing in Hawaii, their adult son was house-sitting, and all’s well now, except there’s a dog thief out there.

****’s what I’ve found in the department of News that Doesn’t Hurt Your Eyes:

–“Parents Stunned to Learn Both Sons Are Expecting Babies at the Same Time”

–“Colorado teen saves entire family from silent killer”

–“A police officer responded to a noise complaint about a man playing the drums. He sat down and jammed out too”

–“Trail runner saves beached dolphin stranded on remote beach”

–“Song that is literally just birds chirping debuts at #11 on UK Singles Chart”

Well, that’s what I’ve got–except for a formidable cold that might take me out of action for a day or two. Hopefully, the Facebook algorithms prevent the transmission of viruses, because this one’s a doozy. Bleh!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Good morning! Allow the reality to infuse your mind and heart that This Is May! Named for the Greek fertility goddess Maia. The month of “Yes You May!” The month we longed for in January, when darkness depressed our souls, and February, when it snowed every time they said it wouldn’t, and didn’t every time they said it would! Today is Wednesday, May 1, 2019, Portland’s weather is a wonderland of fair skies and comfortable temperatures peaking at 67. Sunrise 5:59 AM Sunset 8:17 PM.

The Blazers play at Denver tonight at 6 on TNT and Rip City Radio 620. We’re down 1-0, and NBA analysts think it’s because our guys just aren’t big enough to guard their guys. Do you know this is the first time Portland has played the Nuggets in a playoff series in over 30 years? The last time was 1986, and Denver won. But before that was 1977, when the Blazers beat them 4 games to 2 in the Western Conference semifinals, and then….cue the “Rocky” theme…went on to win it all!


May Day is International Workers Day, a traditional day of protest all around the world, and it’s a custom that a segment of Portland heartily embraces. Portland police tell us they’re aware of “multiple demonstrations,” none of which have a permit or a plan on file with the city, at several locations: the South Waterfront, Downtown, and Holladay Park. We live here, we know the drill. Just avoid getting caught up in anything you don’t want to get caught up in, and the day will be fine.

Anonymous anarchists have claimed responsibility for vandalizing the office of the attorney representing the union for ICE agents in Portland. They snaked a garden hose into the mail slot, turned on the water, and it ran all weekend, doing thousands of dollars in damage. In an email to Willamette Week, the group wrote, “Our goal was to cause maximum economic damage, that should serve as a warning to all individuals and businesses that profit off the human misery perpetrated by ICE.”

Fire investigators say the massive blaze that did ten million dollars damage to Wilsonville’s Villebois development was “incendiary” in origin, but they stopped just short of calling it arson. Their ruling is that the fire “was ignited by a person under circumstances in which it should not have been ignited.” They don’t have a person of interest.

The Oregon House votes today on a business tax that could add a billion dollars a year to school funding. The half-percent tax would apply only to companies with over a million dollars in annual sales, and doesn’t apply to groceries or restaurants. The business lobby has given its tacit blessing, if not its endorsement.

We hear conflicting feedback about the pending Washington law that virtually eliminates the sales-tax-free shopping that Oregonians have long enjoyed in the Evergreen State. One Daily Drip reader who spent years in retail in Washington posted yesterday that he “had a large majority of people flash their Oregon ID and proceed to brazenly tell me they live here (in Washington) but love getting the tax taken off.” Just like the notorious license plate cheaters. But a couple of Vancouver lawmakers wrote in the local Business Journal that “we believe many Oregonians would simply stop coming to Washington to purchase products from our local businesses.” The proposed law, which now awaits the Governor’s signature, doesn’t fully eliminate the exemption. It just imposes hoops to leap through, requiring that Oregon shoppers save their receipts and then file for a rebate the next year. You’d get back the state portion of the sales tax, but not any local sales tax, such as that charged by Vancouver.


The Washington Post reports that special counsel Robert Mueller wrote a letter complaining to Attorney General William Barr that his four-page memo to Congress describing the “principal conclusions” of the investigation into President Trump “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance” of Mueller’s work, particularly as it pertained to the obstruction issue. Barr appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee today starting at 7 AM Pacific.

A 22-year-old history major from Texas has been identified as the suspect in a shooting on a college campus in North Carolina, where two people were killed and four others wounded.

On this day in 1992, the third day of the Los Angeles riots, Rodney King appeared in public to plead for calm, asking “Can we all get along?”

This was the day in 2011 when President Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden.


Headlines for a happier heart!

–“Hummingbird returns every year to see Grovetown man who nursed him back to health”

–“Farmers remain silent at auction so that young man can buy back family land”

–“Local Irishman man saves American tourists after car plunges into Kerry sea”

–“Seven-year-old Genius Draws World Map in Minutes”

–“12 Forgotten Desserts of Yesteryear”

Details in the Coffee Cup!

May Day is also Lei Day throughout Hawaii! And it’s payday for many. So Happy May Day Pay Day Lei Day!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Good morning, friends! One last day before we kiss the sweet month of April good-bye: it’s Tuesday the 30th, and Portland’s weather is the perfect sunny-and-70 partnership that we yearn for all winter. Sunrise 6:00 AM Sunset 8:16 PM.

Denver prevailed over the Blazers 121-113 in Game One, in a contest where the Nuggets put their focus on stopping Damian Lillard, and he scored 39 points anyway. But Damian says the reason his team lost was turnovers: “That was a huge part of it. I know I had six myself,” Lillard said. “As much as I have the ball, I’m responsible for valuing possessions. On the road, against a team that plays much faster, much better at home, especially when they get out in transition and shoot 3s and get the ball moving, just gave them too many opportunities. Twenty-three points off turnovers, that’s always going to hurt you.”

A note from Twitter: “The @trailblazers announce radio play-by-play voice Brian Wheeler will take a personal leave of absence for the rest of the NBA playoffs.” No further details, and our very best to Wheelers, and to Travis Demers, who takes his place. Sounded terrific last night.


Mayor Ted Wheeler delivered the State of the City address in a live video feed last night. We’re on the right track, he said. He touted the partnership with Multnomah County as a beginning in taming the crisis of homelessness. He detailed the complexity of the solutions before an unappreciative audience of Facebook viewers whose scoffs and jabs flowed by in real time. Which made me wonder if Wheeler might be as eager for this ordeal to end as every mayor since Vera Katz, and as he’s occasionally seemed. But not this time. “Being mayor is not easy. I was never under the illusion it would be,” he said. “But it is by far the most meaningful work of my life. This is my life’s work.”

We’ll learn more today, but Police Chief Danielle Outlaw says it appears that officers “acted quickly and heroically to save lives” when they rescued a baby, then fatally shot a suspect who had stabbed four people in an outer-Southeast apartment before dawn yesterday.


An Army veteran of the war in Afghanistan is jailed for allegedly planning to nail-bomb an LA-area white supremacist rally as revenge for the New Zealand mosque shootings. A recent convert to Islam, the suspect’s alleged co-conspirator turned out to be an FBI agent.

The family of the young man accused in the San Diego-area synagogue shooting suspect released a public apology last night, saying: “To our great shame, he is now part of the history of evil that has been perpetrated on Jewish people for centuries.”


Important to know, especially if you’ve recently moved: today is the voter registration deadline for the May 21 election in many Oregon communities, where seats on local school and community college boards are up for grabs, along with other issues of a down-to-the-zip-code nature. We may rightfully rail at the eminences who strut on the national stage, but it’s the folks we’ll elect on May 21 that have their hands on our taxes, our kids, and most of the problems we complain about. So if you’ve moved since the last election and you want your voice heard on your new city council, make sure you’ve updated your registration by today.

A pilot and passenger were killed when a homebuilt plane crashed into a marsh south of La Center. The wreckage was spotted by another pilot, who circled the scene while providing directions to first responders.

It’s supposedly a one-month trial…but you can sense that it’s only the start…PSU is turning the one-block stretch of SW Montgomery between 6th and Broadway into a pedestrian plaza, complete with street art, planters, seating, and lighting. Call me a dreamer…but I think it’s the beginning of there being no traffic at all through the heart of campus.

Remember Mike Myers? No, not the “Wayne’s World” party-on guy–the former Portland Fire Chief, who surprised everyone by retiring and moving to Cannon Beach? He’s un-retiring and coming back to lead the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management.

Prolific hitmaker and survivor Ariana Grande is at the Moda Center tonight. With a Beatles-like lock on the pop charts, chances are any Uber you jump into will have her on the radio, on Z100 or Jammin’ 107.5. Tonight the arena will be filled to the ceiling with fans showering love on the young woman for her music, and for the person she’s become after all that she’s been through, including the Manchester concert that was attacked by a terrorist last time she was on tour. I’ve read the reviews; people will love this show.

Groundbreaking director John Singleton was only 51 when he died yesterday, after suffering a major stroke over a week ago.

In his final despicable act, Adolf Hitler deprived the civilized world of the justice that only a trial could bring by killing himself on this day in 1945.

Saigon fell on this day in 1975.


Good news here!

–“Kidnapping averted as 8-year-old ‘hero’ pulls sister from moving car”

–“Chicagoan pulled over to check out an accident scene and ended up delivering donated organs”

–“Stranger pays for prom dinner for 11 students on one (good) condition”

–“Greatest doctor ever!”

–“Couple Thinks They Adopted A Mini-Pig, Keeps Her As A Pet Even After It Grows To Be 650 Lbs”

Monday, April 29, 2019

Monday, Monday, the day so daunting that The Mamas and The Papas said it twice. Today is April 29, 2019, and we’re steering into a straightaway of good weather with 65 or even 70-degree highs all week long! Sunrise 6:02 AM, sunset 8:14 PM.

Folks in the office will be rocking their Blazer gear today, because the Portland Trail Blazers play the Nuggets in Denver tonight in Game One of the Western Conference Semifinals. 7:30 PM tipoff on TNT, and on Rip City Radio 620. We won’t know until game time whether center Enes Kanter will be in the lineup; he has a separated shoulder that needs a month to heal properly.

Sunday was a day of peaceful arrests along the Zenith Energy tracks at 5500 NW Front, where activists planted a garden of forget-me-nots between the rails in an effort to block trains hauling Alberta tar sands oil. Fourteen trespassers were handcuffed and taken away; their ages ranged from 19 to 86, and most were in their 60s and 70s.

Local police have been patrolling synagogues around Portland since a Saturday night shooting in the San Diego area, carried out by a 19-year-old who’d written an anti-Semitic manifesto. The same suspect claimed responsibility for scorching the walls of a mosque in Escondido a month ago.

Portland City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly is giving the tax tree a good shake, in a search for fifty million more bucks to fund help for homelessness and other programs. She requested and received a report from city staff listing seven possible untapped sources, such as a soda tax and a prepared food tax and a personal income tax on the top-earning 5% and a hike in the CEO tax and a business tax and a property tax levy and a clean energy tax hike and a $5K-per-quarter “empty dwelling fee.” She’s not committed to any of those. Just looking.

Some lost soul squeezed a beat-up old camper onto the covered no-motor-vehicles-allowed overpass at SE Steele St. above I-205, where it promptly became jammed and was found abandoned at first light Sunday.

We’ll find out today if Hillsboro will join other districts in closing school for next week’s Oregon Education Association Day of Action. Superintendent Mike Scott writes that he’s sympathetic with the goal but not the tactic: “As a district, we, too, have been in conversations with our elected officials about the need for a predictable and sufficient funding stream for K-12 education, and we support efforts to reach that end; however, we cannot endorse an employee walkout.”

The Washington measles outbreak will be declared at an end today, unless somebody broke out with symptoms this weekend. It will have been 42 days, or two maximum incubation periods, since the last new case. (I thought I’d spotted an announcement of new cases late last week, but happily, that was an old tweet that got bumped up. I’m still learning).

It’s Jerry Seinfeld’s birthday (1954) Our friend Carnie Wilson was born this day in 1968.


Good news for your Monday? Right here!

–“Woman Didn’t Realize She Dropped Money Until Four-Legged Good Boy Returned It to Her”

–“Cat adopts baby squirrels”

–“Sir Ian McKellen stages free show for 80 octogenarians”

–“Disabled child told to leave movie theatre; donor rents out theatre so they can see movie for free and without harassment.”

–“Teen didn’t have a date for prom so her grandfather got dressed up and stepped in”


Thanks to the throng that turned out for iHeart Radio’s first annual Corks+Carts event at The Redd in Southeast Portland! It was fun meeting folks who read the Drip, or have listened to me on the radio since they were wee little people, or have no idea who I am. It was a friendly good time and we will do that again!