Saturday, August 4, 2018

Hi, there! Just a quick Not-The-Daily-Drip, to open a thread for folks to communicate about what’s happening. It’s Saturday, August 4, 2018…and Portland’s weather looks lovely: morning clouds, then sun, with highs around 82.

Situational awareness: things will be tense and noisy downtown around midday…Patriot Prayer rolls in at noon for a right-wing rally at Salmon Street Springs…Antifascist groups will be there too…last time, it turned into a street rumble, and this time it could be bigger: more people are coming from outside the region, and the police presence will be much heavier. Let’s hope the cooler heads in all groups will prevail!

One year ago today, we wrapped up a Danube cruise in Nuremberg, a very dark place historically but bright and welcoming today. Ate a plate of astonishingly good German sausages right outside the castle walls, and went back the next day for more. Bought a couple of CDs from a street musician playing Leonard Cohen. Shared the second-best pizza we’ve ever had. Rode the subway and gave up our seat to an exhausted older lady in a hijab when nobody else would, which was weird. Today for us is family time, then friend time: late-afternoon gathering with my sweetie’s TV pals, then the quarterly reunion dinner with Craig and Barb Walker, two of our dearest friends.

Happy 57th birthday to Barack Obama. Man, the weather changed when that guy left town. Also happy birthday to Dripster (and contributing columnist) Mike Burton!

Love to know what you’re doing today, especially travelers! Post pix!Hi

Friday, August 3, 2018

Good morning to all citizens of Drip Nation! It’s Friday, the best day, August 3, 2018. Today looks cloudy with a hint of drizzle, and highs of 70; then it’s back to the 80’s for the weekend and the hazy low 90’s for next week. The warmth is returning, so enjoy the coolth! Sunrise 5:57 AM Sunset 8:35 PM.

We’ll see precisely two and a half minutes less daylight than yesterday.

With giant DC10’s swooping overhead, dumping brilliant orange fire retardant, crews continue battling the South Valley fire in Wasco County. Over 100 homes destroyed. Also up in smoke: thousands of acres of wheat, somebody’s hard-earned livelihood, and a major Oregon export.

We’re still suffering effects of last year’s Eagle Creek Fire in the Gorge, which left areas of such instability that ODOT reports “almost continuous rockslides” are occurring along the Historic Columbia River Highway as it passes through a burn area. That six-mile stretch will remain closed indefinitely.

Some guy with a stars-and-bars tattoo under his shirt (which he showed off for cameras) was seen Wednesday yelling the N word and other obscenities at African-American families at the Beach Elementary playground in North Portland’s Overlook neighborhood.

Tomorrow we have a rematch between the hotheads of Patriot Prayer and the similarly disputatious Antifa, who clashed violently just a few weeks ago until cops declared it a riot and broke up the party. Buses carrying the “patriots” from Vancouver arrive at Salmon Street Springs at noon. There’s a potential for more violence and if it goes really badly our town will end up leading the national news. Charlottesville was a year ago next weekend.

One-sentence DD editorial time: I was disappointed that the White House press corps didn’t follow Jim Acosta and walk out on yesterday’s briefing when Sarah Sanders refused to disavow the Stalinesque phrase “Enemy of the People” as applied to journalists. (I fondly recall Reagan’s press secretary Marlin Fitzwater. We interacted on some things during his tenure, and he was helpful and kind).

A story in the SFGate online site reports that California transplants are so disliked by Pacific Northwesterners that they’ve “faced a range of backlash, from harmless jokes to threats of violence.” But most of those interviewed say “affordable housing made up for any kind of backlash,” which some say went away when they got rid of their California plates.

Apple hits a trillion dollars in value…Amazon could be next.

A man in a pirate mask–with a stuffed parrot–plundered a safe from the Last Lap Pub in Cornelius.

Oh…my…grog…look what’s filming in Portland today: a fake Naked Bike Ride for a Disney movie! People are getting paid $150 for pedaling their own bikes in flesh-colored shorts and bikini tops in a scene for “Timmy Failure,” the flick about a kid with his own detective agency. I don’t know the location…though the real NBR hung out at Cathedral Park this year, so…

What’s up for you this weekend, eh? Some suggestions…the Gladstone Community Festival runs through Sunday…the Soulful Giving Blanket Concert with some terrific tribute bands and a silent auction for pediatric cancer is tomorrow afternoon…It’s the weekend of the Tualatin Crawfish Festival. The Vanport Jazz Festival is tomorrow at Portland Meadows. Amos Lee is at the Oregon Zoo tomorrow night. Adam Ant is there tonight. Phantom of the Opera wraps up at the Keller Sunday night…what else?

Something good!

–“The makers of Nutella are looking for tasters, and they will train you!

–“‘It’s Adorable’: Duck Becomes Best Friends With Dog After Being Rescued By Family

–“Egyptian fisherman Uses His Boat to save 23 Greeks, four dogs from wildfires

–“These 2 kids were just making music on a street corner. Then Cyndi Lauper walked by.

Cyndy Lauper!! We had her on the show once, and she was really nice. Let’s see if she might provide the DD QOTD!

“You always have to remember – no matter what you’re told – that God loves all the flowers, even the wild ones that grow on the side of the highway.”

“Humor is a great vehicle for getting a message across. If you get too serious, you could die of starch.”

“I get the greatest feeling when I’m singing. It’s other-worldly. Your feet are anchored into the Earth and into this energy force that comes up through your feet and goes up the top of your head and maybe you’re holding hands with the angels or the stars.”

College football training camps begin today across the land. In Eugene, the Ducks are guided by head coach Mario Cristobal, who replaced Willie Taggart in December, and will star Heismann candidate Justin Herbert at QB. Up the road, the Beavers are in the head coaching hands of their former star quarterback Jonathan Smith from the 11-1 glory days in the 2000 season. The Beavs were 1-11 last year. We’re interested, here on the DD, in the teams you care about at whatever level, and we count on you to keep us updated!

OK, gotta run. Time to get this football to you. Go deep!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Good morning and a happy Thursday! It’s August 2, the beginning of the second half of the summer of 2018. Today promises to be cooler with a high of 74 under a thick stratus deck that reminds us of our nearness to the ocean. Might even be some drizzle or light rain out of that, and a chance of showers tonight and tomorrow too! Sunrise 5:55 AM Sunset 8:37 PM.

Firefighters and farmers alike have jumped hard on the third big blaze on the Oregon side of the Columbia, out there in wheat country, but it’s already up to 10,000 acres. This one’s south of Dufur and west of Highway 197; the other two were to the east. Across the river the fight goes on against a 14,000 acre fire between the town of Wishram and the Maryhill Winery, where the owner is valued Dripstock supporter Craig Leuthold, and he was on NPR last night likening the advancing flames to lava flowing down the side of a volcano. The winery posted on their Facebook page, “We want to let everyone know we are all OK at the winery and our thoughts are with everyone being affected by this fire. Thank you to all of the firefighters working tirelessly! Please check updated traffic reports before traveling.” Check. SR 14 is still closed between US 97 and 197.

Police need to find the young man who slipped through an open window on a hot night in Beaverton and cut a 10-year old girl in the neck. Not a life-threatening injury, thank God, but he barely missed a major artery.

A slipup on the witness stand by an Oregon State Trooper has outed the long-concealed identity of one of the two SWAT officers who fired the shots that killed Malheur takeover leader LaVoy Finicum, and the name spread through “Patriots” Network social media, with some commenters implying violent retaliation.

A win for sanctuary cities like Portland: the 9th Circuit has ruled that it’s unconstitutional for President Trump to cut off federal funding. That’s up to Congress, according to the appeals court, which writes, “Absent congressional authorization, the administration may not redistribute or withhold properly appropriated funds in order to effectuate its own policy goals.”

Trouble in the state Capitol…Oregon Public Broadcasting reports that Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian has accused the leaders of the House and Senate of ignoring, downplaying, or just burying complaints of sexual harassment on the part of Sen. Jeff Kruse, who stepped down last year. There are other cases as well. Senate President Peter Courtney and Speaker of the House Tina Kotek say they “welcome the additional scrutiny.”

The capitol is about to get plenty of additional scrutiny as Les Zaitz, an Oregonian alum and one of the state’s preeminent journalists, is launching a digital news service serving Salem and nearby communities, which are notoriously undercovered by the Portland media who typically only find their way to Salem when there’s a scandal. He’s won nationwide plaudits for his Malheur Enterprise, a small town weekly that plays ball like the big kids.

Oregon’s bow-tied politico Earl Blumenauer is in the current Newsweek predicting that a legal, cross-border marijuana market involving Canada, the US, and Mexico is “not only possible but probable.” La Marie-Jeanne sans frontières.

A traveler reports their debit card was skimmed at the PDX economy lot.

Alaska Airlines surprised a lot of people when a flight attendant ordered a gay couple to give up their side-by-side seats so a straight couple could sit together on a flight from New York to LA–or get off the plane. The two men deplaned and flew Delta instead. Alaska has expressed profuse apologies.

The Banfield should be slightly more bearable today, with the reopening of a left-hand inbound lane at I-5 that’s been closed since last weekend.

We’re, what, a week into the new scooter experiment in Portland…and one has already been fished out of the Willamette River.

Posters are appearing in Portland offering “parallel parking lessons” for $25. The little tear-off tags with the phone number are almost all gone.


Something…uh, Good??

–“Wrong number leads to wonderful friendship”

–“‘Spectacular’ ancient public library discovered in Cologne, Germany. DAting back to the 2nd century AD, it contains 20,000 scrolls.”

–“Hiker adopts injured dog she carried down 11,000-foot mountain”

–“He found 15 books in a Sierra dumpster. Then he found out they belonged to Thomas Jefferson.”

–“Katy Perry visits sick fan who missed concert because of brain surgery”


Influential American author James Baldwin (“The Fire Next Time,” “Go Tell It On The Mountain”) was born this day in 1924. A few quotes:

“I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.”

“To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.”

“American history is longer, larger, more various, more beautiful, and more terrible than anything anyone has ever said about it.”

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

Strong stuff. Have a strong day!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Good morning, wherever you are, and if you’re traveling where I’d like to be right now, good afternoon! It’s wine o’clock! Today is Wednesday and whoa…it’s August! We just had 9 days in a row of 90-degree heat (didn’t quite get there yesterday), but today we’ll be in the mid-80s, and it cools from there. We might actually get some rain in there; Astoria had showers overnight. Sunrise 5:54 AM Sunset 8:38 PM.

There’s a new fire in the beautiful rangelands at the east end of the Columbia Gorge, a 5000-acre fire on the Washington side that currently has closed both directions of SR 14 between Dallesport and Maryhill. Evacuation orders are up in Wishram Heights, which is five miles west of Maryhill Winery, a place that’s dear to us all for supporting Dripstock I and II. So needless to say….go firefighters!

Concern is growing over Southern Oregon’s Taylor Creek forest fire: ignited by lightning, it’s closing in on populated areas along the Rogue River. Hundreds have fled homes. About ten river miles are closed including the famous Hellgate Canyon, which is rich in Hollywood history: it’s where John Wayne floated downriver with Katherine Hepburn in “Rooster Cogburn”…it’s where Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon battled the rapids in “The River Wild”….and James Arness as Matt Dillon took a dive into it, in “Gunsmoke.” The Rogue was designated a National Wild and Scenic River…otherwise it would have been flooded for hydroelectric power, dammed for all eternity.

California’s Carr fire in Redding is 30% contained, while new fires are breaking out…Yuba City..Mendocino…

A man who lives on Larch Mountain Road in Corbett came face-to-face with two big and very bold cougars: one hissed at him and tried to get into his chicken coop, and another was right behind. Warning shots didn’t faze them, and he did what he had to do.

Officers are looking for a man wearing short pants and knee-high socks who stole a landscaping truck in Hillsboro. The fashion police want to talk to him too.

Some grump in Forest Grove called 911 to complain that kids were playing basketball in the street late in the evening. When cops didn’t instantly arrive code-red, he called again and again, and yet again, and was finally arrested for misuse of 911. Play on, kids. Midnight basketball is a hell of a lot better than the alternatives.

They battled hard in the Omaha heat to win it, and had help from the baseball gods along the way, and now Oregon State University’s College World Series trophy is on display at the Oregon Historical Society’s Pavillion, today through August 5.

The remains of 55 American servicemen killed in the Korean War have been returned to the US by North Korea.

Disquieting scene at a Trump rally in Florida, where people shouted obscenities at CNN’s Jim Acosta, men and women flipping off the camera…but a local FOX reporter tweets that when the cameras went off, the same people were taking selfies with Jim, and that he handled it like a pro. Trump told the crowd that voters should be required to show photo ID at the polls, just like you do when you buy groceries.

Paul Manafort’s trial continues today; yesterday, painting an extravagant lifestyle from fraudulent gains, the prosecution showed that Manafort owns a $15,000 ostrich-skin jacket. Some wag said that proves he’s not a flight risk.

A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order stopping the release of downloadable blueprints for 3D-printed guns, as if we need those: no serial numbers, easily melted down after a crime, simple to sneak past metal detectors.

Rush Limbaugh began his nationally syndicated show 30 years ago today. Politics notwithstanding, radio people (like me) give him credit for adding two decades to the life of AM Radio.

MTV debuted this day in 1981. Favorite videos? Mine: Henley’s “Boys of Summer.” Springsteen’s “Glory Days.” Madonna’s “Like a Prayer.” Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer.” And less famous ones…like The Pierces’ “You’ll Be Mine”…what else should we look up on YouTube?

One of America’s earliest woman scientists was born 200 years ago today. Every night, astronomer Maria (mah-RYE-ah) Mitchell would bring her small telescope up on her Nantucket roof to “sweep the skies,” and one night she discovered a comet! It’s now called Miss Mitchell’s Comet, for which she was awarded a gold medal prize by the King of Denmark. She became an astronomy professor at Vasser, where she is honored to this day.

Let’s put up the positivity telescope and sweep the skies for some good news!

–“Maasai boy, 11, develops solar lighting system that keeps lions away from cattle in Kenya”

–“Fresno storeowner saddened by lack of turnout for his shop’s 35th anniversary–until a young woman comes in, starts tweeting, and fills the place.”

–“From aircraft cleaner to airline pilot! Man celebrates achieving captain rank after 24 years”

–“California Carr Wildfire Relief Gets Boost From Burrito Girl”

–“Homeless Man, 26, Gets Hundreds of Job Offers After Passing Out His Resume on Highway Median”


Jerry Garcia was born this day in 1942. Here’s a quote of his that sticks with me: “Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils—is still choosing evil.”


Let’s choose to have a great day! I love, by the way, that the Daily Drip is the launching pad for hundreds of interpersonal exchanges throughout the days! So many people have made friends here, it’s like happy hour! I also like the fact that when people get crossways on matters of opinion, one or both have the manners (and awareness of house rules) to just wish a good day, and walk away.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Hi there, and good morning to you! It’s Tuesday, July 31, 2018, and the weather’s about to make a cool change at last. The National Weather Service, which canceled the heat advisory last night, expects a high of 90, though other forecasters say we might stop short, but if we hit it, that’ll be a record-tying 10th day in a row, for Portland. Yesterday topped at 92–a few degrees cooler than expected because of wildfire smoke–then tomorrow recedes to 88, and 80 or so for the weekend–with, for the first time in a long time, a possibility of summer rain beginning Saturday night. Sunrise 5:53 AM unset 8:39 PM.

As hundreds of thousands of acres burn to the south of us, the winds are carrying smoke in our direction; satellite images show it covering a substantial part of Oregon. But the smoke layers are mainly aloft, and air quality in the metro area is good.

The hellish Carr fire in Redding has now destroyed an area the size of Denver, and is only one-quarter contained.

The Southern Oregon tourist economy may take a punch from wildfires burning in the Rogue River canyon country, as a number of trails and docks are already closed, and smoke blankets the region. Thousands of travelers from around the world head for the Rogue’s whitewater and trail systems, and many will be sadly disappointed. So will their outfitters and guides.

There’s an awfully sweet pic of a fawn licking the neck of California cop who rescued it from a wildfire. People think it’s a kiss…but I’m thinking the fawn was helping itself to a salt lick… either way, awww…

People are talking about a Disney movie being filmed in Portland neighborhoods lately–including some grumbling over their favorite coffee shop being taken over. The film is “Timmy Failure,” based on a series of kids’ books about a boy who runs his own detective agency. It’s written by Stephan Pastis, who pens the pun-riddled “Pearls Before Swine” comic strip in The Oregonian.

Fifty years ago today, cartoonist Charles Schulz introduced the first black character ins “Peanuts.” Franklin was the suggestion of an LA school teacher, who wrote to Shulz after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Photos are turning up on the net of Portland-area cops carrying coolers of ice water, and distributing as needed.

We’re also seeing lots of scooters now. On sidewalks. Few helmets.

Remember the Supreme Court decision recently that said public employees don’t have to pay union dues? The first in line for a refund is an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife worker, who’s getting her $2,959.81 back from the Service Employees International Union 503–which spent money fighting the election of her husband, a Republican legislator, and taking other political stands she opposes. She does not give up the benefits the union negotiated for the dues-paying employees.

Jury selection begins this morning in the bank fraud trial of Paul Manafort, Trump’s ex-campaign manager,

Tonight’s the night Mars is closer to us than it’s been in fifteen years. The planet almost looks like a headlight.

Willie Nelson and Allison Krause are at Edgefield tonight.

Tickets go on sale today for Linda Ronstadt’s October 14 non-singing (she no longer does) appearance at Revolution Hall.


Headlines for a cooler head and a happier heart? Right here:

–“Retired Marine rescues horses from raging California wildfire”

–“Family orders pizza, is blown away when delivery guy plays Beethoven beautifully on their piano”

–“A Boston hospital promotes patient health with its own rooftop farm”

–“Stray dog that finished half-marathon alongside human competitors awarded medal.”

–“Guy Fieri cooks for Carr Fire evacuees after 2017 blaze threatened his home”

It’s JK Rowling’s birthday! The creator of Hogwarts and all that magic was born in 1965. A quote from her, for the Muggles among us:

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.”

(Yes, but who wouldn’t love to have an Invisibility Cloak?)

Monday, July 30, 2018

Mornin’! It’s Monday, July 30, 2018, and while we pour the first cup of the Daily Drip, we spy the very welcome words “significant cooling” in the National Weather Service forecast notes–but not until Wednesday. We maxed out at 99 yesterday. Today is Day Nine of 90-plus, as we aim for 95 to 100. Tomorrow will be Day Ten, and that will tie Portland’s all-time record for consecutive days in this sweltering stew. Wednesday looks like 88, then 75 to 80 starting Thursday. That will feel fine. Sunrise today 5:52 AM, sunset 8:41 PM. Shadows are getting just a little longer.

Smoke from southern fires has been drifting northward, and air quality dipped into “moderate” for Portland late yesterday. It improved overnight, but haze will continue to drift in. We’re counting on a little wind to clear it away late tomorrow. And check this out: computer models indicate that the first week and a half of August may be below-normal in the temp department–and there’s even a possibility of rain
next week.

We’re sending all forms of positive energy–and along with that, we’ve sent Oregon firefighters–to the people in Redding, whose town has suffered incalculable losses from the Carr fire. Six lives were lost, eighteen people are unaccounted for, and 657 homes burned down. The fire’s turned away from town, for now, and evacuees are returning, but other communities are in peril, and more evacuations were ordered from Trinity Dam Road to Douglas City. It’s one of seventeen major fires burning in California.

But here in Oregon, firefighters turned a hot corner on the Long Hollow Fire south of The Dalles: it’s 58 percent contained, at 34,500 acres. Folks are going home. This is happening at the height of the wheat harvest, and it’s believed that a spark from a combine is what touched it off. Almost a quarter of the wheat crop in Wasco County may be lost between this fire and the one last week.

Folks who ducked into Washington Square to flee the heat had to fly right back out again when a grease fire broke out in a roof vent above the food court. The whole mall was evacuated, and TVF&R, Tigard PD, and mall security knew exactly how to do it–they practiced that exact scenario only two weeks ago.

A homeless man was stabbed by another over a barking dog in the middle of the night at Montavilla Park. The suspect is a skinny white guy last seen walking north on 82nd Avenue; the victim should be OK, and somebody else is taking care of his dog.

Traffic reminder to avoid the Banfield: the ramp from 84 westbound to 5 northbound is closed for another week, so bearded hipsters in orange vests with heavily tattooed arms can “craft a highway,” at least according to the ad on the back of TriMet buses.

I ran into a friendly couple at SW 3rd and Taylor Saturday, as they stopped off to slurp water from a Benson Bubbler after riding all over town on those new Bird scooters, and I was trying to find my car. They’d been back and forth across the river, and loved it all. On the other hand, I nearly dinged my Subie trying to make a simple right from SW Main onto 2nd because a stencil on the pavement says the turn lane is for buses only, implying that 2nd is, too, so I veered out of the lane and just barely avoided swapping paint with another car. This city really, really doesn’t want you to drive downtown.

A pretty good thump roiled the waters off the Oregon Coast around 7 Sunday morning, as a 5.3 earthquake was recorded west of Florence. No side-effects of a tsunamic nature.

An emotional end to a tight match on a hot night: the Portland Timbers beat the Houston Dynamo on a tap-in goal in the 80th minute by Nigerian forward Fanendo Adi–in his last night wearing Timbers gear. Reports say that he’s been traded to the expansion MLS club in Cincinnati.

We are 100 days from the November 6 election.

Congressman John Lewis, a lion of the civil rights struggle, is out of the hospital with a clean bill of health following a medical emergency during a flight.

Seen moving and grooving in a VIP suite at a Beyoncé and Jay-Z concert: Michelle and Barack Obama.

A Democrat running for Congress in Virginia accuses her opponent of being a “devotee of Bigfoot erotica.”

Phantom of the Opera is at the Keller all this week

A Florida man carried a live alligator into a convenience store on a Bud Light run. The gator is bad enough, but Bud Light?

Something good, please?

–“Dog named Lucifer saves owner from house fire”

–“Charity shop discovers 70-year-old wartime love letters in donated curtains”

–“12 year minor leaguer, Francisco Arcia, finally gets a chance and sets MLB record with 10 RBI in his first two professional games”

–“Pawn shop buys violin for $50, finds out it’s worth $250,000”


Henry Ford was born this day in 1863, and I want to end this morning’s DD with his words:

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

And “Wuthering Heights” author Emily Brontë, born 200 years ago today, said it this way: “Your will shall decide your destiny.”

My immediate destiny is charge into this warm morning and get to work! Yours too, maybe?

Friday, July 27, 2018

Morning, friends, and welcome to the Daily Drip for Friday, July 27, 2018. Anybody melted yet? They’ve dropped the heat advisory for Portland, because a little bit of marine air from the coast is coming in; it’ll still be ninety-plus today, and warmer yet for the weekend, with no noticeable relief until Tuesday. That’s when a wind shift will usher in cooler ocean air from the southwest of us–but ahead of it, we might have smoke from the fires down there. Perhaps the smoke will stick to higher altitudes, and all we’ll get is some camera-ready sunrises and sunsets. Speaking of which: Sunrise today is 5:49 AM, sunset 8:44 PM.

Portland, the Willamette Valley, and most of central and eastern Oregon are now in a severe drought, according to the United States Drought Monitor.

There’s a big new brush fire in Wasco County. Locals say it was caused by a spark from a combine during the wheat harvest.

Scientists at NOAA say we are unquestionably seeing the effects of climate change, as a warming Arctic has resulted in a “stuck jet stream” that’s creating stagnant high and low-pressure areas, with extreme temperatures in some regions of the world and flooding in others. “What once was record-breaking is now normal,” said one climate scientist.

Three guys jumped in the Lewis River at Battle Ground and saved a 15-year old boy from drowning.

It’s Day Two of the Banfield Blues, but we have every reason to hope it’ll be a better commute than yesterday’s city-wide snarl-up that was necessitated by the need to get help for a suicidal man on the very bridge that commuters were expected to use as the alternative to the ramp that’s closed for road work. Today, I-84 westbound’s ramp to I-5 northbound is still barricaded as scheduled, and that alone will put thousands of cars onto Portland’s surface streets. Speed limit 20 MPH, folks.

Have you seen the new scooters buzzing around? Whoever’s running the twitter feed at PBOT may have gotten their tailfeathers burned over a snarky tweet wondering aloud about how the pilot project will work out: “…maybe they’re toys that tech bros leave lazily strewn about, blocking corner ramps needed for people with disabilities.” That dig was followed quickly by an apology.

North Korea has returned the remains believed to be of American soldiers killed during the Korean War.

President Trump knew in advance about the Trump Tower meeting between his son and Russians who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton–according to his ex-fixer Michael Cohen. Trump defender Rudy Giuliani says Cohen’s “been lying all week, he’s been lying for years.”

An update on the kids separated from parents at the border: The government says it has reunited more than 1,800 children with parents and sponsors in time for the court-ordered deadline. But 700 are still separated.

In news from the Moon, there’s a total lunar eclipse today, lasting for 103 minutes, the longest of the entire 21st century. They can see it in Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, and Australia–practically everywhere but the continent where we live. We will see the full moon, rising around 9 tonight. Native peoples called it the Buck Moon, because that’s when male deer start sprouting new antlers. And it’s a Micro Moon, because it’s at the orbital point farthest away from the earth.

Here’s proof that the hot weather won’t last forever: Seattle Seahawks training camp began yesterday.

Big changes for Duck games! The Autzen Stadium parking lots will now open six hours before kickoff, instead of four. Beer and wine will be sold in general concession areas, but not in the student section. There’ll be a lot more alcohol monitors, and people won’t be allowed to leave and re-enter the stadium, because they were basically doing that to get hammered in the parking lot during halftime.

The Portland Timbers play the Houston Dynamo tomorrow night, game time pushed back from 6 to 8 to escape the heat.

Doesn’t sound like they’re dressed for the weather, but the Psychedelic Furs play at the Oregon Zoo Amphitheater tonight.

Foreigner–backed up by the Battle Ground High School Choir on “I Want To Know What Love Is–plays the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater tomorrow night.

The Taj Mahal & Keb’ Mo’ Band is at the Roseland Theater tonight.

Happy 70th birthday tomorrow to Portland native and Grant High grad Sally Struthers, a 1970s household face and two-time Emmy winner as Gloria Stivic in “All in the Family.”

Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of the debut of National Lampoon’s made-in-Eugene “Animal House.” Favorite line from John “Bluto” Blutarsky: ” Over? Did you say ‘over?’ Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell, no!”

Sunday would have been the 38th anniversary of the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The story ended tragically, of course, but Diana is remembered with love and reverence. Some quotes from Princess Diana:

“Call me Diana, not Princess Diana.” (OK, sorry)

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.”

“They say it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, but how about a compromise like moderately rich and just moody?”

“There are only two mantras … yum and yuk. Mine is yum.” Oh, wait. That’s still Tom Robbins.

“And now, here’s something you’ll really like! ” (Rocket J. Squirrel)

–“When construction changed a blind man’s route, Wisconsin bus driver Thaddaus Turner took a detour to help him

–“A 4 year old rang the police because he wanted them at his birthday party…and they attended.”

–“15 members of the public lift up a garbage truck to free elderly man”

–“Metal detectorist finds ring lost in sea”

–“Chefs across the country are leaving restaurant kitchens to work in school cafeterias”


The funny thing about doing a news blog in the morning is that essentially, nothing has happened yet. There’s an old Swedish saying that goes, “The afternoon knows what the morning never expected.” So…knowing that it’s a blank page…let’s have a Friday!