Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hi there! Let’s crack open a can of Tuesday, October 2, 2018! Portland’s weather calls for several shades of gray clouds, scant showers, light winds, and highs of 69. Then a couple of dry days, and rain on Friday. Sunrise 7:10 AM, sunset 6:48 PM.

We start off with a missing child: a 12-year old boy named Westen was last seen at 9 AM yesterday when he was dropped off at Parkrose Middle School. He’s African-American, short hair, about 4-8 with a thin build, wearing a gray and black hoodie.

A 28-year old man is in critical condition after he was hit on his bicycle while riding down the middle of TV Highway just outside Hillsboro around 9 last night. It’s believed he was not wearing a helmet.

Let’s raise together a Trail Blazer/Seahawks/rock-and-roll cheer to Paul Allen, who tweeted the following: “Recently, I learned the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma I battled in 2009 has returned. I’ve begun treatment & my doctors are optimistic that I will see a good result. Appreciate the support I’ve received & count on it as I fight this challenge.” Paul is just 65, and let’s hope he hangs many more championship banners, and funds many more good works.

This summer’s Southern Oregon wildfires have thrown a punch to wine growers in the Rogue Valley. A major customer in California has canceled its contract for millions of dollars of Oregon grapes, saying that an analysis shows they are affected by “smoke taint,” which scientists say “imparts undesirable sensory characteristics, such as smoky, burnt, ashy or medicinal” aromas or flavors. The twist in this story is that the same California winemaker is in a legal dispute with the Oregon Winegrowers Association for trucking in Oregon grapes, making pinot noirs at his California winery, and marketing them as though they’re Oregon wines, named The Oregon, Willametter Journal, and Missoulan Wash. I don’t know who’s right in any of this, but we’re better off if Willametter Journal doesn’t taste like an ashtray.

Early heads-up: tomorrow’s the day of the nationwide emergency alert test. Radios (can’t wait to hear how it sounds in my earphones) and TVs and your cell phone are supposed to jangle together at 11:18 AM in a national test of a system that people are suspicious of, but that could save our ham hocks. It’s important for the Pacific Northwest that it works properly because we’re (too slowly) developing an early warning system for earthquakes that could give us “tens of seconds” of scrambling time before the Cascadia Subduction Zone finally rips.

The mid-term election is five weeks from today, but Oregon ballots will go out in the mail in a little over two weeks.

Vowing that the Kavanaugh nomination will be voted on this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says, “Let me make it very clear. The time for endless delay and obstruction has come to a close.” There’s no indication the FBI is close to wrapping up its probe. Accuser #2 Debbie Ramirez supplied an “extensive” list of witnesses to the FBI, with more than 12 names. And there are reports Kavanaugh knew about the Ramirez allegation months before it became public. Meantime…

A tale emerges of a bar brawl during Brett Kavanaugh’s college days–involving his buddy Chris Dudley, who would go on to play hoops for the Blazers and run for governor of Oregon. They’d been to a concert by UB40–the English band that scored big by covering American pop hits with a reggae flavor, like Neil Diamond’s drinking song “Red Red Wine” (with chanted lyrics “Red Red Wine, you make me feel so fine/You keep me rocking all of the time”)–and after the show they went out to a watering hole called Demery’s, thought they recognized UB40’s lead singer, and the guy, whoever he was, told them to quit staring. So according to a witness, Kavanaugh threw a beer in his face. Or at least some ice. A rhubarb ensued. The witness–a former Yale basketball player teammate who now teaches college–says there was blood, glass, beer, and cops….but there is no record of charges being filed.

A refugee crisis is developing in South America, as five thousand people a day are leaving Venezuela–and two million since 2015–flooding into Columbia, Peru, and Brazil. The UN says Venezuela’s inflation rate will reach one million percent this year, and its currency is essentially worthless.

The death toll has risen to over 1200 in the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia.

Baseball fans are going to want to wrap up early today: The Dodgers and the Brewers won their division titles in yesterday’s one-game playoffs, so the Cubs and the Rockies face off in today’s National League wild-card game, 5 PM Pacific on ESPN. The A’s and the Yanks play in the AL wild card game tomorrow.

It was a year ago today that Tom Petty died. That was such an out-of-nowhere blow. The coroner says he succumbed to a mixed-drug toxicity, after onboarding multiple opiates to fight the pain of a hip fracture he’d suffered on tour. Such a loss. He was a peer to the greats, as we see in the video linked in today’s TMSG segment. I think you’ll enjoy.


–“Pizza driver thwarts kidnapping when victim mouths, ‘Help Me'”

–“Saints Fan Helps Disabled Giants Fan Stand for National Anthem”

–“Nursing home builds real-life 1950s memory lane to help dementia patients”

–“Medical staff line hospital walls in ‘Walk of Respect’ for organ donor”

–“Tom Petty and the Travelling Wilburys, the End of the Line”

So it’s all right! Have a beautiful Tuesday!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Rabbit, rabbit! New month!

There. That’s a tradition adhered to by FDR and many people not otherwise given to superstition, and said to bring good luck. We’ll see about THAT. Anyway, it’s Monday, October 1, 2018, and the Pacific Northwest is in the gentle path of a westerly flow with embedded wet nuggets that will bring us light showers, periods of clearing, and highs around 70. Sunrise comes at 7:09, sunset goes at 6:50. It gets cool quick. The chill is crimping my IPA on the deck style.

The authorities are releasing details only periodically, and social media is out front on this, but it looks like a 27-year old man named Patrick Kimmons was shot and killed by Portland police, possibly after being connected to a civilian-on-civilian shooting that wounded two men. It happened around 3 AM Sunday near SW 3rd and Harvey Milk, recently renamed from Stark Street. Kimmons was a father of two kids and a baker for Dave’s Killer Bread, which often hires people with a criminal past who commit (like my spelling bee friend Dave) to turning their lives around. A sad check of his Facebook page shows feet planted in both worlds.

Our pals at SOLVE say the Oregon Beach and Riverside Cleanup drew over 4,000 volunteers, who bagged 42,000 pounds of litter, yanked out 43,000 square feet of invasive plants, and lugged away 43 tires for proper disposal. They tackled 139 projects across this state of ours, and Tom McCall would be pleased.

The US and Canada agreed on a trade deal last night, essentially saving NAFTA while giving it a new name, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

The U.S. Supreme Court begins its fall term today–with just 8 members. How soon there will be a 9th is to be determined by an FBI investigation that the White House promises has free rein, and so it will go where the facts lead. They’ve talked to the second accuser, Deborah Ramirez, but apparently not Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and third accuser Julie Swetnik is not on the list. (It occurs to me that in none of these reports do we hear of any guy with the strength and integrity to say to a frat brother pushing a drunk girl into the bedroom, “Hold up, Biff, not on my watch. Come on honey, let’s call your sister and get you a ride home”).

By the way, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway revealed on CNN that she, too, had been a victim.

Today is the anniversary of the day in 1995 when Oregon Senator Bob Packwood’s resignation took effect, three years after a story in the Washington Post revealed years of sexual abuse of women, mostly staff members or others within his political orbit. His conduct besmirched his own legacy as a moderate Republican with progressive views on issues likes civil rights, abortion, and guns. He was the first Senate Republican to call for Richard Nixon’s impeachment. He said the allegations amounted to no more than “overeager kissing.” And–look who’s here: Ethics Committee chair Mitch McConnell led an investigation of his fellow Republican that showed “a habitual pattern of aggressive, blatantly sexual advances.” McConnell said such behavior “cannot be tolerated in the United States Senate,” and recommended that Packwood be expelled, and Packwood resigned, saying it was his duty. McConnell later said that he knew his party would lose the seat, but it came down to this choice: “retain the Senate seat or retain our honor.” Compare that to the ethos of today.

The mass shooting at the Las Vegas country music festival was one year ago today. And…

This was the day in 2015 when a gunman killed eight students and a teacher at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg. It might have been much worse but for a young man who’d been kicked out of the Army named Chris Mintz. He took five bullets blocking a door to allow his writing class to escape. Chris, who survived his wounds, was a twice-deployed Army combat veteran, but was discharged for smoking a joint to alleviate the pain of a wrist injury. The story of his redemption is detailed in “Stars and Stripes,” a good long read, and I’ll include the link in the TMSG section.

The Ducks are up a notch to #18 after punishing Cal 42-24. They’re off next week, before hosting Washington, their toughest test, the weekend after.

Today’ll be a fun day in MLB, as the Brewers play the Cubs at 10 AM Pacific, and the Rockies visit the Dodgers at 1, in one-game division tiebreakers for the NL Central and the NL West.

The Seahawks tried hard to lose–going 0 for 10 on 3rd down conversions–but pulled out a win over Arizona anyway. Seahawks safety Earl Thomas was carted off the field with a broken leg–and flipped off somebody on the Seattle sideline on the way out.

Speaking of Arizona…it’s going to rain like crazy….remnants of Hurricane Rosa…



–“Jeopardy!’ contestant proposes to girlfriend mid-show”

–“Hero Air Traffic Controller Gives His Life But Saves Many by Staying in Tower During Earthquake to Help Airliner Depart”

–“Boy Speaks Clearly for First Time After Dentist Discovers Correctable Tongue Issue”

–“Stray Dog from Afghanistan Moves to the United States — and Feels Grass for the First Time”

“Six-minute deployment: the fall and rise of former soldier Chris Mintz”

Details in the links below!

Today is my (blush) 52nd anniversary in radio. I walked into KQXI in Arvada to record a public service announcement for my Boy Scout troop, a complete pretext to get inside the place and get on the air, and my obvious interest led someone there to hand me a broom and $1.25 an hour to come in every night to sweep up after everyone had gone home. So much mischief, so much learning, and such good mentors…which led to this, the intentional fulfillment of a childhood dream. Looks like that might continue for awhile–including today. 103.3 FM in the Northwest, iHeart Radio app everywhere else. Happy Monday!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Well, it’s time to open up an eye or two and realize that yes!! It’s Friday, September 28, 2018. We have one more sunny day with highs of 85, maybe, but it’ll get windy this afternoon and evening as the weather begins a shift toward October mode. Tomorrow looks partly cloudy and cooler, with highs of 70, and then a chance of showers begins Saturday night, and they might continue to spritz the Northwest at times all next week. Sunrise 7:05 AM, sunset 6:56 PM.


So we’re told the Senate Judiciary Committee will take a vote at 6:30 this morning on the Kavanaugh nomination, and barring some shock it’ll be forwarded to the full Senate for a final vote on Tuesday if not sooner. Peoples’ ears are still ringing from the clamor of yesterday’s circus. Sides are starkly drawn. The committee bungled this. Dr. Ford’s charge should have been placed in the FBI’s hands from the start. All we had were two witnesses who’ll swear on their mothers’ yearbooks that they’re telling the truth: one came across sympathetically, the other performed a jaw-dropping meltdown–and both sides are 100%, honest-to-God resolute, that they are right. Somebody’s lying. It’s up to each one of us to decide which.


It took four alarms worth of personnel and equipment to defeat a 1 AM fire in a metal fabricating plant off Columbia Blvd. in the North Portland industrial area. Embers floated through the air but no other buildings were ignited.

A baggage handler has been arrested for stealing six guns out of passengers’ checked luggage at PDX.

Kudos to the Portland Mercury for coming up with this nugget: of Portland’s 864 sworn police officers, only 158–that’s 18%–actually live in Portland. More Portland cops live in Washington than in Portland; most live in Oregon City, Happy Valley, Gresham, and West Linn.

A Portland woman says she and her boyfriend were havi ng drinks on Hawthorne and called at closing time for an Uber to take them home. And when the boyfriend felt sick and asked to pull over so he could hop out and ralph, she says the driver jumped into the backseat and started pawing her. Police are investigating, but the driver’s been dropped by Uber. The couple caught a LYFT home.

It’s Oregon International Air Show weekend. The skies above Hillsboro will be thick with Spitfires, Globemasters, SkyRaiders, C130 Hercules, Cobras, Thunderbolts, and the stars of the show, the Canadian Snowbirds zooming around in patterns at almost 500 MPH just four feet from one another, before swooping up into a fireworks finale.

“A game-changer for downtown Vancouver”….”total reconnection to the Columbia River”…”a great place to hang out”…”it’s going to totally transform Vancouver”…”beautiful views of the river, great food and bars”….those are some of the early online reviews of Vancouver’s new Waterfront Park, where a ribbon cutting ceremony will start at 11:30 tomorrow. It’s designed to take a page out of the Portland playbook and make the riverfront a destination, and city leaders hope it’ll attract people from the 503 to come on over. OK!

Portland’s had lots of restaurants and things closing–but here’s an interesting one opening. A Chinese restaurant named Happy Dragon that’s long been a hidden treasure in the Polk County farm country is relocating to Portland and opens today on 82nd Avenue in the Montavilla neighborhood.

Saturday is the SOLVE Oregon Beach and Riverside Cleanup, with the spirit of Tom McCall smiling approvingly over it all.

The Milwaukie community is gathering tomorrow to decorate with art the temporary classrooms that will fill the football field for the next two years while a new high school is built.

Didja watch the “Murphy Brown” reboot last night? I’d had enough hilarity for the day. We hear that Hillary Clinton made a cameo appearance. Aside from that, all I know is that our state does a cameo in a dated gag about a young weather presenter who took a couple of weeks off allegedly for “foot surgery”…and when she returned and stood in front of the weather map, “you couldn’t see Oregon.”

Football! With the inner esteem of our pigskin self at stake, the #19 Ducks get a chance tomorrow night to pull themselves up from their dark night by road-tripping to Berkeley where they’ll face the #24 Cal Bears. The game’s at 7:30 PM on FS1. Show us what you’ve got, Coach. Oregon State is at Arizona State at 7 PM on the Pac 12 network… #11 Washington has #20 BYU at Husky Stadium at 5:30 Saturday on FOX…Utah is at Washington State at 3:00 PM on ESPN…and Idaho visits PSU at 2 PM, on 103.7 FM in Portland. (That took an unbelievable amount of looking-up).

The Timbers are in action as well, playing FC Dallas in the full-throated confines of Providence Park at 7:30 Saturday night. You can catch it, if you can find it, on KPDX 49. And the Winterhawks, who are in Kennewick tonight, skate at home against Seattle on Saturday night, 6 PM, at the MC, with TV on Portland’s CW32, and radio PBP on the Winterhawks app.

MLB wraps up this weekend. Boston, Cleveland, Houston, and Atlanta have clinched, while the Rockies and Cubs have one-game leads.

Def Leppard and Journey are at the Moda Center tonight.


Italians have a saying: “Se non e vero, ma e ben trovato” – even if not true, it’s well put!

The chair yields five minutes to the Senator from Good News!

–“Scientists developed a medication that can alleviate or even completely eliminate the symptoms of celiac disease.:

–“7-Year-Old Barber Offers Free Haircuts To Neighborhood Kids”

–“Two endangered Madagascan radiated tortoises that were stolen from a zoo in Australia seven years ago have finally been recovered.”

–“Two dogs seek rescue for their injured owner”

–“Siblings separated in foster care reunite at Disneyland”

Details at Linkville, below.

I had a chance to test the stopping ability of my Subaru yesterday when a very large red pickup truck zoomed out of the Les Schwab parking lot on Beavercreek Road and would have plowed into the right side of my hood had I not stood on the brakes. They work. So do my horn and appropriate digits.

Hey speaking of siblings! Mine are in town from Colorado, Montana, and Albany, Oregon, and we’re going to throw a fire in the fire pit tonight and knock back a couple. So looking forward to seeing them. Have a fine Friday, folks! (Fff).

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Greetings, fellow sleepy person, and welcome to the Daily Drip for Thursday, September 27, 2018. Weather here is wonderful. Portland is sunny with 80 to 85 tops; the Oregon coast is sunny and 70 to 75, and even the high country is sparkling and warm, with a freezing level of 16,000 feet, and highs of 75 degrees at Government Camp. Wish we could bottle this and stick it on a shelf where we can grab it in February! Sunrise 7:04 AM, sunset 6:58 PM.

Local news first:

A registered sex offender is jailed after entering a not guilty plea to a murder charge in the death of 89-year old Marcine Herinck, a longtime volunteer at a Portland Adventist food pantry and thrift shop who was remembered as a “ray of light” at a memorial service last night.

Mayor Wheeler delivered a pointed message to police after a Parkrose business leader came to City Hall demanding that officers enforce laws that are routinely broken by homeless people who deal drugs, relieve themselves, and intimidate people; she said that officers tell her that their hands are tied. The mayor said, “If a police officer or a firefighter ever tells you that I tied their hands, they are not telling you the truth…If an officer ever tells you that, get their name. Get their name. I want to know.” And he added, “The laws will be enforced, and I’m directing they be enforced.”

The City of Portland is writing a $7,000 check to an Irvington couple whose door was kicked in by police–accidentally. They had the wrong house. The gentleman says the officers were very nice about it, and came back later to apologize and tell them how to file a claim with the city. “Mistakes happen,” he shrugged. And then he added, “Lucky I wasn’t black, who knows what would have happened?”

If you happen to have some hamburger meat in the freezer that you bought over the summer, check it out: an E. coli recall has expanded nationwide, including meat sold at Albertson’s, Safeway, and Target stores in Oregon. If you find “EST. 86R” on the inspection label, pitch it.

Well, darn, we’re about to say good-bye to Beaverton Bakery, which is closing after 93 years of wedding cakes and maple bars and frosted Christmas cookies. The family says it’s time. They’re working personally with brides and grooms to connect them with other bakers and “make sure nobody is left in the lurch.”


The historic and pivotal Ford vs. Kavanaugh showdown–as the Senate Judiciary Committee hears from just one of three sworn accusers, with two others out there–starts at 7 AM Pacific. But there was a handy pre-game release of the prepared testimony of both sides. Some highlights from Dr. Ford:

“I am here today not because I want to be. I am terrified. But I believe it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me. I drank one beer that evening. I went upstairs to use the bathroom. I was pushed from behind into a bedroom. Brett and Mark (Judge) came into the bedroom and locked the door behind them. I was pushed onto the bed and Brett got on top of me. He groped me and tried to take off my clothes. I thought he was going to rape me. I tried to yell for help. Brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming. This is what terrified me the most, and had the longest lasting impact on my life. I thought Brett was going to accidentally (underlined) kill me.”

And from Judge Kavanaugh: “These false and uncorroborated accusations are last-minute smears, pure and simple. I spent most of my time in high school focused on academics, sports, church, and service. I was not perfect then, or today. I drank beer with my friends on weekends, sometimes I had too many. I said and did things in high school that make me cringe now. But I never did anything remotely resembling what Dr. Ford describes. The record of my life shows I have always promoted the equality and dignity of women.”

Speaking of readily available documents…the third accuser’s affidavit is public, a Michael Avenatti client who swears that she attended parties where Kavanaugh spiked punch and participated in gang rapes. And there are two more accusers out there.

Trump, in a bombastic news conference yesterday, dropped a hint that he could pull this nomination, and that it all depends on the believability of the two people testifying. Some observers, if it goes badly for him, can see Trump dropping Kavanaugh like a sizzling french fry.


Some scary local history: This was the day in 1955 when over 100,000 Portlanders evacuated the city for an all-hands-on-deck nuclear bomb drill, an event was filmed and turned into a CBS-TV movie titled, “The Day Called X,” which opened with these words: “Ladies and gentlemen: enemy planes are approaching. In less than three hours, an H-bomb may fall over Portland.” It’s chilling to reflect how serious the threat of nuclear annihilation was to the generation growing up then.

The International Cannabis Business Conference returns to Portland today, where it was first held four years ago. It’s at the Hilton. Sen. Jeff Merkley is the keynote speaker. As the event description says, “Oregon is home to one of the oldest cannabis communities in the United States and has long been a leader in progressive cannabis policy.”

It’s the 20th birthday of a tool we use so often that we’re not even conscious of it: Google launched its search engine on this date in 1998.

Happy Birthday to Randy Bachman of The Guess Who and BTO, and Meat Loaf of, well. Meat Loaf.

Let’s see if we can cook up something good!

–“Rare tree kangaroo rediscovered after 90 years..and it’s adorable!”

–“Meet the Dog Who Knows How to Ice Skate — and Is Trying to Attract the Attention of the NHL”

–“Finally reconnecting habitats, new wildlife bridge over I-90 in Washington State nears completion”

–“Woman bee-friends wingless bumblebee.”

Details are up at the link farm!

We’ll see subtle changes in the weather on Friday, and then the weekend turns cooler and wet at times. Have you been able to knock out some chores while the sun shines? I’ve stuffed the yard debris bin with blackberry runners that have proliferated lately on the toboggan run behind our house, but that’s a neverending battle. Time to head in, have some fun on the radio, and see what happens today. Could be anything!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Good morning! Here we have the last Wednesday in September, the 26th of the month and the 269th day of the year 2018. Our Pacific Northwest weather is fantastic, with highs of 82 in Portland today, but only 68 in Seattle. Sunrise 7:02 AM, sunset 7:00 PM. That’s our last sunset of 7:00 or later until Daylight Time returns on March 10.

Bill Cosby wakes up in jail this morning, for the first day of three to ten years.

Plowing on through, in the words of Mitch McConnell, the Senate Judiciary Committee votes Friday on the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, one day after one of the women accusing him of sexual assault tells her story to the committee, and submits to questioning by an Arizona prosecutor flown in just for the occasion. By the way, it turns out that one of Kavanaugh’s Yale drinking buddies was former Portland Trail Blazer and Oregon gubernatorial candidate Chris Dudley, who told the Washington Post, “Brett drank, and I drank. Did he get inebriated sometimes? Yes. Did I? Yes. Just like every other college kid in America.”

It took a moment as the translations were rendered, but an audience of world leaders at the UN General Assembly açtually laughed as President Trump told them, “My administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.” Later he said that was meant to get some laughter, but his first response was, “Didn’t expect that reaction.” He went on to restate his doctrine of acting in America’s interests rather than the world’s; calling it patriotism over globalism.


The PSU protest against armed officers on campus is showing all the signs of a lengthy Portland-style occupation. Activists say they’ll camp outside the public safety building at Broadway and Montgomery 24/7 until the campus cops put down their guns for good.

The speed limit on a high-crash section of Marine Drive has been lowered from 40 to 35. That stretch averages 35 wrecks a year.

It’s rare that the shuttering of a neighborhood restaurant leads to something better, but the recently-closed County Cork Public House on NE Fremont is being remade into the Rose City Book Pub, which will sell books–and also have 18 taps of beer. Projected opening date is October 14.

The City of Portland today will consider helping people with past marijuana convictions get into the legal cannabis industry by subsidizing their license application fees by up to $1500. The purpose, according to sponsoring Commissioner Chloe Eudaly, is to “promote healing in relation to the harmful legacy of cannabis prohibition.”

It’s been a rollicking ride for Nike, lately, as our local sneaker outfit stuck its neck out with the Colin Kaepernick commercial, while dealing with internal turmoil over gender disparities. But times have never been better financially. The company reported a highly prosperous first quarter with sales flirting with 10 billion dollars.

The last Beatles studio album–Abbey Road–was released in the US on this day in 1969. You’ve been to London, you’ve reenacted the crosswalk scene, you have the photo. Let’s see it! (There have been pedestrians hit and injured doing that, although a quick check shows no verified fatalities).

Janis Joplin recorded “Me and Bobby McGee” on this day in 1970–and died over a drug overdose 9 days later.

It’s Olivia Newton-John’s 70th birthday. She’s a fighter, leading a walk just last weekend raising funds for The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre in Melbourne, as she battles a recurrence of the disease herself.


Let’s break out a five-pack of good stuff!

–“Millennials are causing the U.S. divorce rate to plummet”

–“Firefighter leaves his wedding to fight a fire: “I’ve got the rest of my life with him,” says bride. “They needed him for that moment.”

–“Childhood cancer survivors wed at the same hospital they met in 25 years later”

–“Oregon adoptee’s DNA test leads to discovery of long-lost sister”

–“Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” hit #1 on the charts 30 years ago today.”

That’s the early morning edition of the DD! We’ll be on the air from 5-9 Pacific on the iHeart Radio app, and on local terrestrial radio 103.3. Tune in there, and check in here. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

G’morning! As a crisp Harvest Moon sails overhead, here’s what’s crossing the Daily Drip news desk on this Tuesday, September 25, 2018. No matter that it’s autumn, Portland will experience a perfect summer day, with highs in the low eighties, and our next rain isn’t due until Saturday night. Sunrise is at 7:01 AM, sunset 7:02 PM–which is as close as we’ll come all year to a perfect balance between night and day.

Seems like the leaves are changing early, no?

Six weeks to go until the mid-term election–although Oregon ballots are now in the mail to military and overseas voters.

Embattled nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his wife took to friendly Fox News last night to defend his character and deny the growing accusations of sexual abuse of women when he was a teen in a frat-boy culture at Georgetown Prep and Yale. Even as a Senate committee hearing is scheduled Thursday for his first accusers, a second and soon a third woman say they want their recollections put to the test of an FBI investigation, as part of its background-checking duty.

As of this morning, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has not resigned or been fired. There was a brief media flurry to that effect yesterday, but it came to nothing.

Bill Cosby learns his fate today. The sentencing judge yesterday merged his three conviction counts into one, so if he gets the maximum, that’ll be ten years, not thirty. He’s 81.

The thaw between the states of Oregon and Washington on the issue of a new I-5 bridge continues gradually, with Ted Wheeler’s pronouncement that, yep, we need to start talking again. The wound left by Washington’s backing out on a billion-dollar deal is five years old, and with Vancouver politicians taking the lead, Oregon officials are beginning to say it’s time to come back to the table and get this done, already.

A new law that would require Oregon schools to teach about the Holocaust gets its first look at the Senate Education Committee this afternoon. Its advocates include a 92-year old survivor, now living in Oregon, who was enslaved in Auschwitz when he was 15, but was liberated by Allied forces, and has dedicated his remaining years to making sure the story of what happened is never forgotten.

A mama alpaca saved her week-old baby from the jaws of a cougar that grabbed it in Skamania County. “She’s one tough mama,” the animals’ owner told KGW.

Hey, about that self-inflicted Oregon loss to Stanford on Saturday night: the Oregonian’s John Canzano makes a point on how some Duck fans need to take a page from the Timbers Army playbook. There’s video of some besotted folks screaming profanities, flipping the bird, and throwing stuff as the Stanford players trotted to the tunnel. When something like that happens at Providence Park, the Timbers Army self-polices, and points out the guilty party to security. Time to class up the act, and do our talking on the field.

Big changes at Starbucks, where a corporate shakeup is aimed at jumpstarting flat sales by putting new menu items on a fast track. Apparently the bloom is off our annual supposed fascination with all-things-pumpkin-spiced. They’re also toying with the idea of making deliveries. That alone would switch me from being a sometimes-customer to a daily spender; it’s hard to make a Starbucks run from a live radio studio, no mantter how desperate one may be!

Portland’s unofficial mascot, the Unipiper, has found some of the shirts that were stolen off his porch. He plans to sell them, and give the money to Street Roots.


The Grammy-nominated alt-rock band Death Cab for Cutie–the unfortunate name comes from an obscure song in a Beatles movie– plays at the Keller tonight.

Actors Michael Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones were born on this date, exactly 25 years apart.

This is the day in 1981 when Sandra Day O’Connor was sworn in as the first woman on the US Supreme Court.

The Portland Trail Blazers open training camp today! BTW the Blazers gave four tickets to superfan and Portland celeb k.d.lang, to pass along to someone in Portland who’s making a difference…and she tweets that she’s chosen Natasha Butler, principal of the new Harriet Tubman middle school.

Now the daily Five for Smiling…

–“Revolutionary spinal cord implant helps paralysed patients walk again”

–“Orchestra Delayed At Airport Performs Impromptu Gig For Other Passengers”

–“In Saudi first, anchorwoman presents evening newscast”

–“Police officers give bride and groom ‘something blue’ with ride on wedding day”

–“Indonesian teenager survives 49 days adrift at sea in fishing hut”


A good week to wrap up some outdoor chores! Gardeners, what do you need to get done this week, while it’s dry and warm? (And involves work gloves, not chardonnay)?

Monday, September 24, 2018

Hello, friends at home or away! Thanks for dropping by the Daily Drip for a quick reality update on Monday, September 24, 2018. It’s a cold and moony autumn morning, with temps in the 40s across the Portland area, but the entire week looks wonderful: a full moon, with full sun, and highs of 74, today, and into the 80s tomorrow and Wednesday. Sunrise 7:00 AM, sunset 7:04 PM.

Tonight should be a fantastic night for a moon-watching party, with a gentle 63 degrees and clear skies as the full Harvest Moon pushes up from due east, popping out of Mt. Hood around 8 PM.

A gentleman living in the hills east of Silverton elected to dispatch a nest of yellowjackets by setting them aflame with lighter fluid. The resulting wildfire would have burnt down his and his neighbors’ homes and timber had it not been for the efforts of firefighters from six departments. He was left with minor burns and potentially a major bill for the fire response, along with a citation from the Oregon Department of Forestry. He’s the second one on his road to cause a fire by attacking yellowjackets with charcoal fluid. The road’s named Stormy Drive.

There’s a second allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, this time from his freshman year at Yale, where a female student at the time has told The New Yorker’s #metoo correspondent Ronan Farrow that Kavanaugh behaved in a lewd manner that I’ll spare you during a college dorm room party. And there might be a third; Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti says he has another client ready to speak up. Kavanaugh denies it all, and the White House calls the stories a desperate smear attempt by Democrats to stop the nomination.

Bill Cosby’s sentencing hearing begins today.


It’s the biggest day of the year in postsecondary education in Oregon: the first day of Fall Term for the majority of the state’s college students. Classes begin at the University of Oregon…Portland State University…Portland, Mount Hood, and Clackamas Community Colleges…..Western Oregon in Monmouth…Southern Oregon in Ashland…Oregon Tech in K-Falls, who am I missing?

In other Oregon happenings, a 19-year old kid is charged with going on a paintball-shooting spree in the Bend area, popping off pink and yellow paintballs at 10 people or more, including an Uber driver, a man riding his bike with his daughter in back, another man walking home from Wal-Mart.

A 42-year old wedding crasher from Eugene will be sentenced today after pleading guilty to slipping into five, count ’em, weddings and swiping over 13,000 bucks in cash and other gifts. He was caught because the mother of one bride took a photo of him lurking at the reception, drinking a Red Bull, and the bride posted it on FB, asking “Anybody know this guy?”

This is the week Vancouver’s inviting new Waterfront Park is opening, including a cool 90-foot pier that juts out over the Columbia River. They cut the ribbon on Saturday.

Sixty Minutes made its debut fifty years ago today. Best intro in the world: “Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

Love to hear from anyone who saw Rene Fleming at the Schnitz last night.

Paul Simon brought his mitt and played catch with the crowd, invited his wife Edie Brickell on stage to whistle the solo in “Me and Julio,” and finished with “The Sound of Silence” as he concluded his Farewell Tour on home territory, Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, NY.

Actor Will Smith celebrates his 50th birthday tomorrow by bungee jumping from a helicopter into a Colorado River gorge on Navaho land adjacent to the Grand Canyon.


A tip of the lid to the Portland Thorns for providing the best home crowd in soccer with a season of thrills right up to the final match, which they lost to North Carolina on Saturday. Despite a slow start to the season and key injuries, they finish the year with a record of 12-6-6 with 40 goals and second place in the National Women’s Soccer League.

The Seattle Seahawks, having the benefit of twelve, rolled over the Dallas Cowpersons 24-13 at home for their first win of the year. First of many!

The Detroit Lions beat the New England Patriots. Heh.

The crowd roared and Tiger Woods wept, as he won the PGA season-ending Tour Championship, his first tournament in five years.

Now, some good news. Let’s call it “Five for Smiling!” or something.

–“North Carolina’s Famous Wild Horses Emerge from Hurricane Florence Unscathed”

–“California nonprofit turns discarded restaurant crayons into new ones for children’s hospitals”

–“Blazer boss gives $30 mil to house homeless and low-income families.”

–“Bullied autistic student gets asked to Prom By local pageant winner.”

–“Good dog patiently holds a hot dog in its mouth while its owner takes a picture”


Time to test our shake-it-off skills! All of Oregon’s major teams whiffed on the weekend: the Ducks collapsed in epic fashion in their prime-time debut, the Thorns were pruned in their own garden, the Beavers got rolled, the Vikings sank, the Timbers fell, the Winterhawks played twice and lost both…but hey: we expect our teams to show their character and come back strong, right? We can’t expect any less from ourselves! In the case of the Ducks, I predict that we will come to love them. They will earn it. These Ducks were by far the better team on Saturday night, and hopefully they now have the wisdom that only failure can teach. (Despite the late-game crumble, Oregon gained ground in the polls. The Ducks are #19).

OK! Monday! Fresh start, beautiful week, can’t lose!