Thursday, October 18, 2018

Happy Thursday! It’s October 18, 2018, another perfect day in paradise, with highs in the 70’s and no rain ’til Tuesday. And that could be a fair dunking, in the half-inch-plus range. Sunrise 7:31 AM, sunset 6:19 PM.

Classes are back on schedule in Kelso today after somebody reported a gun in a locker at Huntington Middle School yesterday. The school was evacuated, frightening students and parents who thought the worst–but it was a false alarm.

Didja get your ballot? We didn’t. Watching the box, though.

A few days ago, we reported on The Oregonian’s endorsement of Knute Buehler in the gubernatorial (funny word, when you think of it) election; today it’s Willamette Week’s turn. They pick Kate Brown. The headline summarizes WW’s view: “GOP candidate Knute Buehler is running on not being Kate Brown. She, in turn, is running on not being Donald Trump. We find her argument more compelling.”

The president thinks otherwise, but US intelligence officials say they have growing circumstantial evidence that powerful Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia was behind the murder of the dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

It’s the Great American Shakeout, today, when you are invited to drop, cover, and hang on for dear life at 10:18 AM. Just about every school around here is part of the occasion; every classroom in Portland has a bucket of emergency supplies, and every teacher has a designated spot on the playground or football field where their class is expected to gather after the shaking is done.

“The best thing we can do is play in his honor.” With those words, star Damian Lillard will lead the Portland Trail Blazers into the 2018-19 NBA season tonight at home against LeBron James and the LA Lakers, just three days after the death of owner Paul Allen. You can bet PA announcer Mark Mason–my colleague at iHeart Radio’s 1190 KEX–will use those mighty pipes on a wonderful pregame tribute to Paul. Then let’s get red hot and rolling, guys. Tipoff at 7:30 on TNT and Rip City Radio 620. (Dripster Bette saw the Lakers helping the Portland economy last night by chowing down at The Ringside).

Something new, to us, this coming ski season: Mt. Hood Meadows will vary its lift fees according to demand. “Dynamic Pricing” is what it’s called. It’s what airlines do.

Say, the campaign to bring big-league baseball to Portland just picked up another pro: former Cub, Beaver, Southridge Skyhawk, and current free-agent Darwin Barney has signed on to the Portland Diamond Project as both an investor and an advisor. Dale Murphy’s one, too.

KGW’s new anchor Dan Haggerty makes his debut tonight, alongside Laurel Porter, who spent the day yesterday touring him around Portland, helping him with difficult pronunciations, such as “WILLA-met.” She’s one of the most gracious people you’ll meet, and will help him enormously.

Let’s hear it for neighbors taking it to the streets…and cleaning them up! I spotted this post on Portland Reddit: “On my drive home the other day there was a guy on Belmont, in the 20’s somewhere, with an industrial-sized bag STUFFED with trash and a grabber arm thing and he just had a huge smile on his face, After that, so did I.” Others say they’ve seen people doing that on 82nd, and there’s a Monday night ad hoc cleanup on Sunnyside, just neighborhood folks pitching in, to the trash, all the fast food wrappers and random junk that people toss out in the window.

Fifty years ago today the U.S. Olympic Committee suspended two American sprinters, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, for delivering a fist-high Black Power salute during a medal ceremony in Mexico City.

On this day in 1775, King George’s Royal Navy burned down the New England port town of Falmouth as punishment for the locals’ revolutionary activities. Following the war, the town was rebuilt–and named Portland. Maine.

France, at the vanguard of the space race, launched the first cat into space, and returned her safely to earth, on this day in 1963. She was a black and white stray named Félicette.

Tell me something tasty?

–“Mmmmmm. Doughnuts. Clearwater police find stolen Krispy Kreme van, doughnate contents to homeless”

–“Zimbabwean Waiter Uses His Tips To Run A Free Soccer Academy That Helps Kids Get Off The Street”

–“Mystery donor gives £100,000 so a four-year-old boy can to go to the US for potentially life-saving treatment”

–“Supermarket shopper saved a total stranger’s life. Facebook helped the two women connect”


–“Radio Daddio gives in to Dripster demands and posts super-top-secret recipe for Bacon (actually BLT) Tacos” We liked it! It was a little labor-intensive, by my culinary standards anyway. It involved more than one pan.


Heading out the door, now, and hoping to see you on radio 103.3. Thanks!

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