A third of a century on K103?

Today…December 1…is my 33rd anniversary at K103.

I dreamed, as a long-haired, John Lennon-glasses-wearing young radio guy for whom doors seemed to keep swinging open, of a career in which I would hone my craft in various big markets,  with the ultimate goal of settling down when it was time to have a family, and I would come to Portland for good, the city I’d fallen in love with, to be part of a rock-solid morning show where I could be deeply involved in the community and do well for decades, while my kids would enjoy a stable childhood with loving parental involvement and, please God, they would stay here and have children of their own, and we’d see each other all the time and be in each others’ lives, and Thanksgivings and Christmases would be, for us, what they used to be for everyone, before American became so far-flung and mobile….what a dreamer…
But that’s what happened! I was lucky and smart enough, when I was at a crossroads in 1985,  to pick the right station, in a city I would never leave, with profoundly talented on-air partners beginning with Craig Walker and continuing with Bruce Murdock and Janine Wolf, and wonderfully supportive management people who understand what I bring to the table.
It would be nothing, though, without generations of listeners, and now readers of my side experiment, the Daily Drip. All I have to say is a sincere and hearty Thank You!
Let’s just keep rolling!

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A friendly family guy recently retired from K103fm radio, writer of The Daily Drip. Find me on Facebook to comment and interact, unless you're into hate memes from troll farms, in which case, please go fascinate somebody else.

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