Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Hi there, friends! Time for your morning Daily Drip update for Wednesday, April 24, 2019, a beautiful Spring day with sun outlasting the clouds, and highs of 65. Tomorrow will be a peachy warm 72! Sunrise 6:10 AM, sunset 8:08 PM.

OK, let’s start with the Portland Trail Blazers!

So the Blazers were down 15 midway through the fourth, but then a special cheerleader showed up on the Jumbotron: a wounded Jusif Nurkic walked in on crutches. The house went nuts. And soon the game was tied at 115 with the clock draining down when Damian Lillard calmly dribbled off the last 15 seconds and made a shot from 37 feet out that swished through the net and sent the Moda Center into an are-you-kidding-me, he-did-it-again frenzy. A series-winning bomb from downtown, just like he did to the Houston Rockets in 2014. Damian’s 50 points is a franchise playoff record. The Blazers took Game Five 118-115, waving bye-bye to the Thunder, and propelling themselves to the next playoff round against either Denver or San Antonio, date and time TBD. Tickets go on sale at noon today.


The memorial for Cowlitz County Deputy Justin DeRosier will be held today at the University of Portland. Television channels will carry live coverage of the procession through Kelso and Longview as well as the service at the Chiles Center.


You know the bill to impose a first-in-the-country statewide ban on Styrofoam takeout containers that failed on a tie vote in the Oregon House on Monday? Well, a couple of folks had a change of heart, and the bill passed narrowly on a revote yesterday. It heads next to the Senate.

We’ve seen what happens when kids don’t get their shots…and now a bill that would eliminate non-medical exemptions from mandatory vaccinations comes up for a hearing in Salem this morning.

There’s a bill in the Oregon House (HB 2191) that would recognize mental health issues as a legitimate reason to stay home from school.

The “Daylight Time, All the Time” bill has now passed the Washington legislature and requires the following steps before we can ditch the switch: Governor Inslee has to sign it; Oregon’s House needs to pass it (it’s in the Rules committee); California’s legislature needs to pass it (the state’s voters already have); and Congress must authorize it, following by a presidential signature. And Trump says he likes it.

The Amber Alert that sent phones buzzing across the Northwest was canceled about 6 hours after it went out yesterday morning; the shocking events that led to it are that a man in the Spokane area stabbed his wife who’d just served him with divorce papers, and he took off with their five-year-old son. The woman should survive, the boy is safe, and the man was found deceased after a standoff.

Friday is the day the scooters return to Portland streets. “Some,” is all the city will say when asked for a number. But the current pilot program calls for 2,500 in the first few months–and as many as 15,000 by January. This time, the city promises they really will enforce the rules against riding on sidewalks, etc. Really.

Let’s wish a continuous recovery to Odin, a German Shepherd member of the Coos County Sheriffs Department, who was in pursuit of a suspect when he was confronted by a porcupine….which launched over 200 quills into the poor dog’s face. Latest word is that Odin’s feeling much better, will be back at work soon, and appreciates everyone’s thoughts and cookies.

Joe Biden will launch his candidacy tomorrow.

Stories of positive and uplifting nature, to nudge us over the hump….

–“Colts linebacker changes woman’s tire on Easter Sunday morning…and it’s his former teacher”

–“Firefighters Free Fifi the Dog with Jaws of Life”

–“Woman wakes up after 27 years in a coma”

–“Hiker discovers cute ‘abandoned puppy,’ gets big surprise”

(I had another one, but the link was bad).


That’s what’s a-happening! Have an excellent day!

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