Sunday, December 24, 2017

Morning friends! Let’s open a general all-purpose Christmas Eve thread here. We’re going to have some weather issues here, and their severity is the big question. At the moment (0730) there’s light freezing rain edging toward Portland from the south. It’s been falling in Salem and the Valley. Who’s had issues? The Winter Weather Watch linked below indicates another round could arrive late in the day, but the TV weather people on duty today seem to think that Portland (unlike the Gorge) will rise above freezing. Let’s share our observations–be sure to give your location, because we don’t know where “here” is–and let’s share our questions, too, like: how’s the drive from Seattle?
And also: general Christmassing things. Who’s doing what? Cheryl and I (her knee is much better, and my cold is all but gone, by the way, and thanks for asking!) did errands last night and found ourselves driving through neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights, and loving the displays. Our own neighborhood has much less illumination than past years. One of our errands was a trip to Tigard to give a present to the Walkers….and Craig and I found ourselves playing and singing Beatles songs out of this great chord book I found. Fab Fouring it! So much fun. No video, glad to say. We’re blown away and grateful, by the way, for the thousands of views and comments on Friday’s Mele Kalikimaka video. if it seemed rushed it was–I had to do a newscast two minutes later. Yikes!
Happy Christmas to all!

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