Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Morning friends! It’s Wednesday, December 12, 2018, and we’re shaking off like a big ol’ wet dog after the downpour yesterday and last night. Today’s weather is still showery, just not as heavy, with highs of 48. We’ve had heavy snow and high winds in the Cascades overnight, where they’re waking up to snow-covered roads and a snow level of just 3000 feet, easily covering the mountain passes. Sunrise 7:41 AM, sunset’s still stuck at that latest-of-the-year 4:27 PM. There are 19 days left in 2018.

I’m sure you had the sense to come in, but I lowered my head and splashed for three miles as the rain came through before dinner last night. My clothes are tumbling in the dryer now. Some trees fell and lights flickered, much of Sandy was out of power, but as of 0330 were have just 227 in the dark because of a tree down near Estacada.

The Portland School Board voted last night to pay for a greater Portland Police presence in the schools. There was pushback from some students who said police with guns make them feel less safe, rather than more, but in the end, the only “no” vote on the board came from the single student representative.

Portland got a reality check from city economists, who say the city’s budget is so reliant on business and hotel taxes that even a slight recession could mean millions of dollars in cuts and wholesale elimination of programs. The city economy is strong right now, but there are signs that the exuberance may fade: building permits are down this year, which means construction will be down next year.

The Oregon Christmas Tree industry is disputing a report in Fortune Magazine that some tree farmers have switched to growing pot instead. Forbes says Christmas trees are in short supply, because of “the economy, bad weather, and farmers shifting to more lucrative crops, in some instances marijuana in the Pacific Northwest.” But an OSU expert told Willamette Week: “I have no idea where the marijuana idea came from, and I don’t know any Christmas tree growers who have switched to grow it. A few growers have switched to growing hazelnuts, largely because they require less labor, I’m told.”

There’s joy at Mt. Ashland, where a 27-year-old snowboarder who vanished on Sunday was found alive and smiling Tuesday morning.

The USGS says a magnitude 4.4 earthquake struck eastern Tennessee and could be felt as far away as Atlanta.

NOAA’s 2018 Arctic Report Card says Arctic surface air temperatures are warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet, while reindeer and caribou populations are half what they were 20 years ago.

A tank broke at a chocolate factory in Germany, spilling an enormous amount of chocolate that flowed into the town’s streets and immediately hardened into a frozen chocolate river. Firefighters used blowtorches and shovels to clean it up.

Security is high in France following a terrorist shooting at a Christmas market in the Rhine River city of Strasbourg. Three people were killed, more were wounded, and the 29-year-old suspect has not been caught.

British PM Theresa May faces a no-confidence vote today in Parliament.


There’s a new sushi spot opening in Lake Oswego next month: it’s Bamboo Sushi, part of the successful Japanese chain, opening January 9. It’s at 380 1st St…right next to Salt and Straw.

It’s Frank Sinatra’s birthday (1915-1998, although the lifespan of his influence is 1940s-to-forever).

The sarcastic Sacramento alt-rock band Cake plays at the Doug Fir Lounge tonight. I’ve liked these guys since their debut hit, “How Do You Afford Your Rock and Roll Lifestyle,” which features this lyric: “Excess ain’t rebellion… you’re buying what they’re selling!” This is a sold-out fundraiser performance benefiting The Giving Tree.

The indie-pop band Death Cab for Cutie is at the Crystal Ballroom tonight. Founded in Bellingham and taking its odd name from an obscure Beatles lyric, they’ve been putting out totally listenable alt-rock hit albums for 20 years. A bit of a Coldplay-meets-U2 vibe.

Let’s dry out and warm up to some good news!

–“New Jersey officer climbs burning building to help save family”

–“Police Officers Buy Shoplifter The Boots He Was Trying To Steal”

–“A 101-year-old man who credits daily Coors Light intake to long life scores free beer, brewery trip”

–“Volkswagen restores cancer worker’s 350,000-mile Beetle”

–“Time’s running out to enroll in health care for 2019…share this link for anyone in need”

Check these out by clicking on the Coffee Cup at!


Well, it’s time to saddle up and see if any trees fell on my road. That’s already happened once this year. If there’s nothing in the way, I’ll join Bruce and Janine for a morning of good times and Christmas music on 103.3 from 5 AM on. BTW if you’re buying Michelle Obama tickets through Ticketmaster, they have a pre-registration on their website that ends at 10 AM today, aimed at thwarting bots and scalpers. Have a wonderful day!

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