Friday, May 24, 2019

Here we are, about to shove off onto the long Memorial Day weekend! Welcome to Portland’s Daily Drip for Friday, May 24, 2019. Today will be sharply cooler than yesterday’s surprise 81, with a high only around 60, amid scattered light showers. Tomorrow looks cool and wetter, and folks who are tent-camping in the mountains will find their teeth chattering as snow falls as low as Timberline. Then Sunday and Monday look warmer with sunshine and 75 degrees, but still a slight chance of showers spilling off the Cascades into the valley. Sunrise 5:31 AM, sunset 8:44 PM.

Latest in the search for missing mom Karissa Fretwell & her 3-year old son Billy, who haven’t been seen since she didn’t show up for work eleven days ago: authorities have been searching rural properties including one near Gaston belonging the child’s biological father, who was recently ordered to pay $900 per month child support. His name is Michael J. Wolfe, he’s 52, and anyone who knows where he is is asked to contact Salem Police.

A cantankerous Portland City Council OK’d on a 4-1 vote the mayor’s 5.5 billion dollar budget, including major cuts to parks, but not including Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty’s attempts to dissolve the Gun Violence Reduction Team and freeze the salaries of city workers making 80K+.

A new audit says Portland’s public golf courses have become a money-loser in need of bailouts from taxpayers, with revenues in decline and expenses on the climb. Supporters say public links give lower-income folks a chance to develop a useful skill for networking in the business world.

Big news from Britain…coincidentally on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria…Theresa May announced her resignation effective June 7, a casualty of the Brexit train wreck.


So much is happening this weekend! Rose Festival launches its 2019 version with the opening of CityFair at 5 PM today, with fireworks blossoming into the waterfront sky at 9:50 PM. This will be the first of three weekends of rides and concerts on the waterfront as good old Rose Festival rolls around again. I need to see if my tuxedo still fits. Otherwise, who will admonish the next Queen of Rosaria to rule wisely and well?

Soccer fans will witness their first action in the revamped Providence Park this weekend as the Timbers’ farm team, T2, takes on El Paso Locomotive FC tomorrow night at 7. The big club makes its home season debut one week later.

Cinetopia’s dine-in theaters have been sold to the AMC chain and will be reopened as AMC theaters. The AMC web site indicates that only the Progress Ridge location in Beaverton will serve you dinner with the show. And if you have a gift card, you can transfer the balance to an AMC account.

Fun fact from Clark County Vector Control: a recent sample of wetlands shows the potential of 8 million mosquitos per acre! Call in the SWAT team!

It’s commencement weekend at Linfield College. Others, too?

Look who all is playing tomorrow night at Ilani! Ambrosia, Gary Wright, John Ford Coley and Stephen Bishop…on what they call the Rock the Yacht Tour.

You’ve been waiting for this, I know…the announcement of where this year’s Naked Bike Ride will commence. It’s….drum roll…Laurelhurst Park! June 29. Not sure what side, but I’m betting Stark Street.

Today’s birthday trio is Bob Dylan, Priscilla Presley, and Gary Burghoff–you know, the only actor to play a regular role in both the movie and TV versions of M*A*S*H!

What’s on your radar this weekend?


Good news? Coming up!

–“‘The baby isn’t crying!’ Pregnant woman gave birth on street, this veterinarian came to the rescue and saved her baby’s life”

–“Orlando’s own Batman rescues cats and dogs”

–“A DC-3 from the Aurora Airport in Oregon leaves today to join a D-Day reenactment over Normandy!”

–“This Airport Made Fence Holes for Planespotting Photographers”

–“Mama Dog Shares Shelter in the Rain with Mama Cat” (video)

Details in the Coffee Cup!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, friends!

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